10xHostings Review – Is This Good or Bad?


In this review, I am going to share with you my real-life experience with some of the other hosting companies and also, I will suggest you some really useful information about 10xHostings.I will explain to you everything I know about 10xHostings and also I am going to offer you some relevant bonuses if you have decided to purchase this 10xHostings through this page.

What is 10xHostings?

10xHosting is a new Lifetime Hosting package for all your websites, blogs, and e-commerce sites… That is going to releasing on 09th Apr 2029. Unlike other hosting providers, 10xHosting provides you a completely customized hosting package(unlimited domain usage, DNS setting option, CDN networks, malware scanning, auto backup and much more) for life.

About the 10xHosting Authors:

Jai Sharma and Ankit Mehta are 6-figure marketers on the JV space. They have made many best selling software tools in the market place.

Jai Sharma is one of my favorite marketers, he always thinks bigger and smarter. That is why he released lifetime email autoresponder called “Xmails” for a one time fee. I have included the screenshots of his previously launched software products.

Now he made a new product that will definitely be going to rock on 09th Apr 2019 called 10xHostings.

10xHostings-Who Should Buy It?

Anyone looking to build a website or blog, you need to have a good hosting package.

If anyone has a website already with a poor hosting package, and if you looking to transfer that to a new server then this is for you.

If anyone wants to use or test some automated WordPress plugins to grow social media followers like WPTweetMachine, WPFanMachine, etc. you have to have good WordPress hosting.

How Does it Work?

Step1: Click the big blue button to purchase 10xHostings through this page.

Step2: The vendor will send you an email with all the access details.

Step3: Connect your domain name with the 10xHostings servers(that is shown in the member’s area)

Step4: Go to control panel(cPanel) and install any one of the software from the collection of 400+(that is also shown in the member’s area).

I prefer to install WordPress because it is very easy to use and build a website.

Here Are The 18 Main Features of 10xHostings (Other Hosting Companies are Doesn’t Offer):

1.Host Unlimited Domains

I have used many hosting companies in the past. What they offered is, they just allow me to use 1 or 3 domains with their hosting package.

That is also a monthly payment. Now we have unlimited domain hosting opportunity with this 10xHostings.

2.Free SSL Certificate

10xHosting offers free SSL license to all your sites and stores.

Google rewards SSL(Secure Site License) enabled sites rather than other sites. You need to have an (https://) if you do any payment integration on your site. SSL covers all.

Some of the domain name registering sites will ask you to pay in order to enable the SSL certificate.

3.cPanel Control

All your files and scripts will be accessed here. You can able to edit, delete, add files here. You can set cron jobs, create an email and manage everything from this cPanel.

cPanel shows you the amount of space that you used for each one of your sites. If any site loads slower, then you can come here to see what heavy file that you are using. After that, you can delete those heavy files.

4.Unlimited Bandwidth

Which means your site can able to handle unlimited traffic.

5.Premium DNS

Copy and paste 10xHostings domain name server details to your domain setting. That is how your domain names will be pointing to 10xHosting’s managed servers.

6.Free High-Speed Global CDN

CDN(Content Distribution Network) used to reduce your server usage. You can outsource CDN services from third party sites like CloudFlare, BunnyCDN, KeyCDN, etc.

What CDN does? It takes a copy of all your site’s files to their server and serves through CDN whenever a visitor comes to your site. Which means that your actual hosting’s workload will be reduced. So the site loads fast.

7.Cloud Storage

All your data and files will be stored securely on the cloud platform. Whenever a hosting company says the word cloud storage which means that you can host unlimited files. Some of the hosting company may limit your usage. But most of the cases you will not have any restrictions.

8.Four Hundred Plus Website Apps (1 click install)

PHP, Drupal, Joomla, Html, Java, and all other website apps have been included.

Use any one of the known apps to build websites.

9.Completely managed hosting

Which means you can create and manage any type of sites like WordPress, e-commerce site, membership sites, viral video sites, viral news sites, etc.

10.Auto-Updating OS and Server

Automatically update your scripts and server’s operating system. The 10xHostings system does this job automatically.

11.Dedicated Support

Submit a ticket to their support staffs if you have an issue.

12.Three Global data centers

Which means that all your sites will be live at 3 different locations. If anyone of the location’s server is down, then the remaining two servers will host your sites.

13.One- Click Hosting Migration

10xHostings offers you to migrate your site from your old hosting servers to 10xHostings servers in just one click.


Backup and store your website database for every week, every month. So if you attain any problem in the future, you can able to republish your website from that backup files.

15.Unlimited Email Accounts

Create professional email accounts for your site and maintain professionalism in your business. Instead of creating a Gmail or Yahoo mail address, you can go and create “name@yourdomain.com” like this email addresses.

16.Wordpress Hosting

You can host any other type of websites with 10xHostings. But they have specifically mentioned that you can have managed host for WordPress. Which means you can install and use any WordPress plugins and themes on your by without having any restrictions.

17.Site Caching

Any website that made by WordPress that requires caching. If you do not enable caching on your site, then the website bandwidth will be easily burned. Lagging in bandwidth causes “site can’t be reached” error fro your visitors. 10xHostings has a built-in caching system.

18.Hosting’s Uptime:

You will get a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

19.Site Security:

  • Health monitoring
  • PCI scanning
  • Malware and Spam monitoring

20. Lifetime Hosting:

10xHosting offers unlimited hosting for life. No need to pay a fee again for your hosting package.

10xHostings Upsells (OTOs) and its Features:

10xHostings Front End Offer ($47–97)

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Cpanel/WHM
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Premium DNS
  • Cloud Storage
  • 450+ Website Apps (1 click install)
  • Completely managed hosting
  • 100% Secure
  • Superfast uplink
  • Auto-Updating OS and Server
  • Dedicated Support
  • 3 Global data centers
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Weekly/monthly backups
  • Fastest website speed load
  • Full MySQL and PHP support
  • WordPress Hosting
  • 256bit encryption
  • Health monitoring
  • PCI scanning
  • Cacheboost
  • Malware and Spam monitoring
  • 10xHostings Trust Seal
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee

10xHostings Pro ($67–97)

  • Drag and Drop landing page builder
  • High-Speed Funnels
  • Searchable Stock Media Website
  • 1 Million+ Stock Footages
  • 1 Million+ Stock Images
  • 10000+ Vectors
  • 500+ Audio Tracks

Xlinks ($67)

  • Link Cloaking
  • High Inboxbing
  • Fb Remarketing
  • Geotargeting
  • Device Targetting
  • CTA Overlays
  • Email timer
  • Webinar Integration
  • detailed reports
  • CRM integration
  • Advanced message management
  • Adding images from the media library
  • file attachments
  • custom domain
  • Social media integration
  • Lead analytics
  • Link Expiration
  • Password Protection
  • Mass Cloaking

Reseller License ($67)

  • Your Each Client Will Have Access To Features Of xFunnels + xFunnels Pro
  • 500 Account License
  • With Our Sales Material For Best Conversions
  • Create Accounts for your Clients Using your Own Dashboard in 1 Click
  • We’ll Handle Support Of Your All Clients
  • Accept Payments From Clients In Your Paypal or Anywhere
  • Create Accounts In 1 Click
  • Low One Time Investment On Untapped New Technology

Pros and Cons of 10xHostings:

10xHostings- Pros:

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Managed hosting
  • Free CDN
  • cPanel access
  • 24/7 Site Monitoring feature
  • Lifetime Updates

xHostings- Cons:

  • You have to pay $97 or $197 once the launch period is over.
  • If you are a newbie, you have to learn every step before going to build a site. It can take some time.

My Final Thoughts about 10xHostings:

Everything looks good. I believe this 10xHostings will definitely going to rock on the market place.

If you ask “10xHostings is recommended or not”?

10xHosting is highly recommended. Especially if you are a beginner and just starting to make money online, then this is a good choice for you!

Don’t go for any high-cost servers at the beginner level. Instead, invest less money and make a good profit out of that and then move on to the advance packages.


I have explained everything I know about 10xHostings. If you have any doubts regarding 10xHosting, you can contact me sps.marketingservices@gmail.com or you can ask any presale question from the 10xHosting vendor through their support email.


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