7 Pragmatic Strategies to Merge SMS And Email Marketing

7 Pragmatic Strategies to Merge SMS And Email Marketing

Consumers today are short on time and attention and have high expectations. You know it.

If you can’t meet them where they are, and if they want to hear you, they’ll just shake. 

If you want to keep them locked in your message, you need to communicate with them more on the device they use most – their mobile phones.

Drawing a direct connection to the world is powerful and presence is a must. This is a strong reason to add SMS marketing to your campaign mix. 

While it seems like almost everyone uses their phone to send text messages (because they do), nothing has gotten more attention than SMS marketing.

With 83.72% of the world’s population owning a smartphone, it’s easy to understand why. Of course, email marketing is a classic with over 4 billion daily users.

It’s affordable and easy to use, making it irreplaceable. But the start of SMS marketing is still rising – only 39% of businesses use this, compared to the 90% of marketers that use email to share content.

You might think I don’t need SMS. My email marketing is fine on its own.

The combination of SMS marketing and e-mail campaigns will ensure full stadiums, sales areas, and record hits.

This is every manager’s dream, and answers the question why integrate SMS marketing into emails, and more importantly, how do I link text messages to email?

7 Pragmatic Strategies to Merge SMS And Email Marketing
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The Benefits of Merging SMS And Email Marketing

The good news is that you don’t need to go with only SMS or only with email marketing. For best results, use them together.

It’s no longer a matter of SMS vs email marketing Instead, it’s about letting your SMS marketing efforts fill the gaps in your email marketing and vice versa. 

Development of basic metrics 

A combination of text and email marketing campaigns can help you improve all the metrics that matter most.

This is because both types of marketing can come with robust analytics and reports that say you are using the service they are offering.

In addition to analytics, you can use SMS and email marketing to encourage survey responses and surveys.

You can also play with the strengths of each method and improve your metrics if you know what you need to improve. 

Cross-channel marketing

Using email and SMS marketing also allows you to take advantage of cross-channel marketing.

The idea is to sell across multiple channels with the idea that the more potential customers see your brand, the more they will move down the sales funnel.

This strategy gives you multiple customer touchpoints. 

In turn, it can improve brand recognition and your relationship with customers.

Also, if you can build excitement about an upcoming email through text messages, people will be more likely to open the email. This allows you to use text open rates to increase email open rates. 

This is ideal for content like blog updates, monthly newsletters, and even time-sensitive things like flash sales.

To take full advantage of cross-channel marketing, you need to integrate your SMS and email marketing campaigns with other marketing channels.

This includes social media, SEO, paid advertising and other technology updates, like the impact of iOS 15 on email marketing.

Low cart abandonment rate

Emails are often used to reduce unsubscribe rates, but you can also include text messages in this strategy for better results.

Most opt-out campaigns automatically send emails a few hours, a few days, and a week or so after customers leave the site. 

However, the problem with opportunity emails is low open rates. If you include SMS marketing in your strategy, you can use a much higher open rate to spread your message. 

Make sure you follow anti-spam laws 

Both text and email marketing are permission-based and companies using these marketing channels must comply with specific regulations. 

By choosing a reputable third-party email and SMS marketing service, you can ensure that your business complies with anti-spam laws. This protects your business from heavy fines.

Asking yourself “How do I combine email and SMS marketing?” Keep reading to find out!

7 Strategies to Merge SMS And Email Marketing

Now that you know and understand the benefits of merging the two-marketing format, let’s look at a few ways that you can unleash their true potential.  

Customize your messages 

The benefits of email personalization are well documented. For example, an Experion study found that personalized emails yield 6x higher transaction rates than non-personalized emails.

Marketers have become accustomed to using email marketing platforms like Pardot to automatically add each recipient’s name to multiple email lists.

In many ways, personalization is more important in business SMS. Fortunately, business copy can be personalized just as easily as business emails. 

Segment your subscriber list 

Segmentation, or sharing recipient lists based on specific qualifications, is great in email marketing.

This technique allows marketing teams to deliver relevant content to people who are likely to be interested. 

This way, recipients who opt-in to email will feel that the content they receive is useful. This is a successful strategy; a study by Lyric Inc. from eMarketer found that 39% of marketers who share their email lists saw higher open rates, 28% saw lower unsubscribe rates, and 24% saw better deliverability and increased revenue.

Sharing is also possible for business texts. 

Like email marketing, SMS marketing requires an opt-in process that requires companies to ensure proper permissions, provide a quick opt-out process, and only send valuable content. 

Automate your campaigns 

Drop-off campaigns sometimes called “trigger campaigns,” are also popular in email marketing.

These automated campaigns send batches of emails based on specific behavior, such as when a recipient clicks on the first email. 

Forrester found that trigger-based email marketing campaigns can generate 4x the revenue and 18x the profits of regular emails.

SMS marketing offers the same automation. Some platforms offer drip campaign options unlike email marketing drip campaigns – but much easier to use.

SMS delivery campaigns can be triggered when contacts send an SMS to a number, select text services, or are automatically added to a list as part of an opt-out campaign. 

Do A/B tests 

Marketers rely on constant A/B testing to improve their email marketing strategies.

This process involves creating two identical emails but customizing something in one of the emails for testing, such as the subject line.

Half of the recipients then sent version A and the rest sent version B. 

After reviewing the analysis, the marketers determined which email was the most successful and used this technique in the future.

According to Campaign Monitor, successful marketing programs are 70.2% more likely than less successful A/B programs to A/B test their automated email at least once a year and 94.7% more likely to test their transactional email submission. to A/B test at least once. year.

Track overall results 

In the world of marketing, nothing is more important than tracking and analyzing campaigns and then refining strategies based on the results of the insights.

Any email marketing platform worth its salt offers marketers analytics capabilities. 

Business texting is no different. Reporting and analysis are essential for teams looking to continue to improve their SMS marketing and SMS customer service strategies each year.

While measuring the success of business SMS is a bit different than measuring the success of email, the basic principles are the same. 

Treat SMS in the same way as managing e-mails 

First, your customers to allow your business to send them SMS messages, as is usually required to send emails.

In the United States, the FCC requires written permission to send commercial texts, which you can manage by asking for phone numbers and then sending people a text message asking them to answer “yes” or some other form of consent to receive future messages.

However, as always, check the laws that apply to you and consult your company’s legal counsel if necessary. 

You can send trigger, transactional and promotional SMS messages

Don’t forget to send different types of communication via SMS, just like you do with email: Triggered alerts alert customers to events such as order shipments, suspicious account login attempts, upcoming payment deadlines, and monthly reports. 

Transactional messages are sent in response to customer actions such as purchase, bill payment, account re-creation, and password reset.

Promotional messages inform customers about new products, special offers, rewards based on their activity, and other ways you can increase sales.

It’s Time to Merge the Best of Both Worlds

It’s clear to see that both email and SMS marketing are beneficial, however, the potential when combined is certainly worth taking note of. If you haven’t already, it may be time to join these two powerful marketing sources.

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