Affiliate Suite Review – Software That Researches, Creates, Optimizes Fully Fledged Unique Affiliate Campaigns

Affiliate Suite Review: The Brand Overview

“Affiliate Suite is the only web-based software that researches, creates, optimizes, monetizes, and builds you fully fledged unique affiliate campaigns that crush it at will every single time. In simple words, the Affiliate Suite is a 3-in-1 affiliate marketing tool that writes your emails, creates high-converting review video scripts, and makes it even easier than ever before to build stunning bonus pages to boost your affiliate conversions and sales.”

Now you can inject yourself straight into a booming $6.8 billion industry by helping desperate affiliate marketers with their email promotional copy, bonus review pages & product video reviews without any experience in copywriting, page design, or video skills!

And by leveraging Affiliate Suite, you’re going to soon have the ultimate advantage going into 2021… so not only can you start crushing it as an affiliate yourself… Now you can start the new year with a bang creating an entirely new income source by helping others to do the same!

Affiliate Suite Review

Affiliate Suite Review – How It Can Help You Succeed With Affiliate Marketing?

With the Affiliate Suite, you can FINALLY create a hands-free passive income… without having to be a web design wizard, HTML guru, or coding genius. You can even sell this to clients too and make an absolute killing…

Here is how Affiliate Suite gives everything you need to succeed online with affiliate marketing.

  • Instantly builds premium affiliate campaigns that could each makeup to 4-5 figures in a single month: the affiliate suite will give you amazing affiliate campaigns quickly and easily with just a few clicks you can now get unique relevant high converting content for your emails and bonus pages (not spun or hogwash, just proven unique content that works every single time), add the hottest selling bonus products, build, optimize, add insane FOMO and scarcity tactics, and a whole lot more. There’s no guesswork or manual work needed, it’s all done for you with just a few clicks.
  • Create 100% unique content for your emails and videos: never worry about what to say anymore to create affiliate review videos, or high converting email swipes. Just fill out a simple form and the review scriptwriter does all the work for you for both email and video!
  • Fill your bonus site up with the hottest, most best-selling bonus products: you never have to worry about spending hours and hours of your valuable time trying to find hot relevant bonuses for your affiliate campaign. The system will reveal all the highest converting, best selling, most profitable bonus products to add to your bonus page with just a few clicks. Affiliate Suite gives you 100 % free!
  • Hosts your bonus pages: once your page is almost instantly built, the affiliate suite will host this all for you on your domain or our custom one, saving you lifetime monthly costs and the headaches of hosting it elsewhere. It also gives you 100% flexibility to host it elsewhere if you wanted to.
  • An affiliate marketing Jumpstart eBook is written for complete newbies who want to understand the most basic to advanced concepts of affiliate marketing. I wrote the book with my old newbie-self in mind… so I made sure to start from absolute scratch and make it super easy to understand.
  • An easy-to-follow step-by-step affiliate marketing video training program anyone can follow to start seeing results from affiliate marketing as soon as today. This is the step-by-step video training I wish I had when I started affiliate marketing. Newbie-friendly concepts, easy to implement tips & tricks, and damn right fluff cutting gold!
  • Affiliate Suite also has step-by-step walkthrough training videos on how to effectively use AffiliateSuite… so no one is left holding the bag on their investment.

Affiliate Suite Review – How Does Affiliate Suite Work?

For both new marketers and existing affiliates, the Affiliate Suite System is a game-changer as it eliminates competition and makes it easy to press a button to deposit hundreds per transaction without paid traffic. In 4 easy steps, this method enables us to get results.

  • Step 1: use the affiliate email sequence writer: Click a few buttons and get all the incredible high-converting emails written for you… Doing research or writing them yourself without having to waste any time.
  • Step 2: destroy the competition with their affiliate video review scriptwriter: The video review scriptwriter, which works similar to the email sequence writer, allows anyone to quickly and easily review the affiliate products on Youtube and make a nice review video for your bonus page…
  • Step 3: leverage their commission-boosting drag & drop bonus review page builder: You can create the most relevant, buyer-related, high-converting mind-blowing bonus pages with their affiliate suite intelligence technology. You can then use any of their unique done-for-you high-quality bonuses once you have created your bonus page with their drag and drop builder!
  • Step 4: run your campaigns: You are now ready to blast out your emails, as well as immediately share your bonus page on the top social traffic sites. Follow their lead and start cashing in, week after week, month after month, on the most recent digital marketing products.

Affiliate Suite Review – The Features of Affiliate Suite

  • Lifetime access to the affiliate suite cloud-based platform
  • Email Sequence Writer (unrestricted lifetime access)
  • Bonus Page Builder (unrestricted lifetime access)
  • Video Review Script Writer (unrestricted lifetime access)
  • 1-Click social sharing of bonus review pages on 21 social media platforms for FREE Viral Traffic
  • Real-time traffic statistics on the bonus page
  • 1-click autoresponder integration
  • Step by step training videos on how to navigate affiliate suite and use the app effectively
  • Done for you HQ bonuses x50
  • Export email sequence in PDF, Docx, and TXT formats and deliver to clients
  • Ability to download bonus pages and upload them to your client’s cPanel, should you want it under a custom domain.
  • VIP Facebook Group (share ideas with other marketers using Affiliate suite)
  • Agency training videos (how to land high-paying clients who need affiliate emails, bonus pages, and review videos every month while you simply deliver with affiliate suite)
  • Agency License (use for an unlimited number of clients)

Affiliate Suite Review – Why Affiliate Suite?

If you were to try to do this all on your own, it’d be painfully tough… You’d have to spend all day researching dozens of products before you found one that you wanted to try to promote… Then you’d have to spend days or even weeks trying to find good relevant bonuses people actually want… Then you’d have to spend many hours on finding good hot products to write high converting emails around… Then you’d have to find a domain name, buy it, and go through the technical process of setting up and hosting your websites, emails, videos, and more… Design the bonus site… Write content from scratch… Build and optimize the bonus site…

Now, could you hire someone to do all of this? Yes, of course… Well, you’d have to hire multiple people… Spending thousands of dollars on outsourcing… You’ll then have to HOPE they’re doing their jobs correctly and just hope it all works… just cross your fingers and hope, and wait for months before you even find out if it does…

Now I want you to picture all of that work shrinking down to a tiny pebble… and then watching all of that hope disappearing for good because that’s what the affiliate suite does…

Make all of that hard work, turning all that hopping into… Thousands of dollars in return on investment and return on your precious time and in fact, make days, weeks, months, or more of effort… Disappear into literal minutes of click-button ease.

Because with the affiliate suite, you’ll finally break down the doors to profitable niche affiliate marketing, without having…

  • To create your own products or bonuses
  • Buy another course
  • To write content yourself
  • Any tech skills or experience
  • To spend a dime on advertising or any other paid method

Affiliate Suite Review – The Pros and Cons


  • 100% Set & Forget: cloud-based Affiliate Suite, simply log in, follow the steps, and let it do the rest for you.
  • Never worry about writing unique content again: for your bonus site, Affiliate Suite will create 100% unique relevant emails and video scripts or launch jack on YouTube.
  • Affiliate Suite will host all of your bonus sites on dedicated servers for you, saving hundreds of dollars in hosting fees. No monthly hosting fees:
  • One-Click Bonus Product Automation: Affiliate Suite will add your site with just a click to the highest converting, best-selling bonus products.
  • In just minutes, it builds profitably proven affiliate campaigns: Instantly, this system creates fully-fledged, optimized, and monetized bonus sites with HQ bonuses at will.
  • At Your Finger Tips: Affiliate Suite gives you on a silver platter the hottest, lucrative & buyer-related bonuses.


  • There is non until now

Is Affiliate Suite Worth Buying?

Look, Affiliate Suite is worth way more than $37. It cost us literally tens of THOUSANDS of dollars to create this affiliate marketing powerhouse…

Compare it to similar apps on the marketplace, and you’ll soon realize not only does the system give everything they do, but Affiliate Suite also fill in all the gaps for a fraction of the price and when you consider that just one site campaign takes minutes to build using the software, that could each generate $200 to $2000+ per week… a small one-time payment of $37 is ridiculous, to say the least.

Would you trade a small one-time payment like this to put an end to the frustration, the stress, and the anxiety that comes from the daily grind and the struggle to make money?

Now the choice is yours, my friend!

Affiliate Suite Review – My Final Thoughts: Should You Get It?

So you’ve probably been banging your head against the wall when it comes to trying to make money online as an affiliate. You’ve tried all the so-called marketing courses… from SEO courses to blogging, to email marketing, to solo ads… used YouTube videos – and maybe you’ve even tried ridiculously priced courses and software to get that much-needed income.

But even after all of this, you still find yourself no further ahead, lost in cyberspace with your mind sitting in cloud 49… Sucks pretty bad right? Well, don’t beat yourself up about it because it’s not your fault.

When I first started out I was in your exact shoes, buying all the latest gimmicks and tricks that claimed to create us an income overnight, only to be left with a gaping wide hole in our wallets. We couldn’t make sense of it all until we realized…

The solution was actually right in front of our faces the whole time! With affiliate marketing, it’s now easier than ever to get insane ROI (Return On Investment)

See, all of these digital products that are continually launched have left a massive loophole wide open that can’t even close. And this means you can literally EXPLOIT this loophole at will for months and years to come… Don’t Overcomplicate Things… The Secret Formula That Works Every Time Is Staring You Flat Bang In The Face!

Look, I know for a fact-based on my own results, as well as the endless results from my marketing friends that to be successful in affiliate marketing you need these things in place…

The Ability to write an entire affiliate email sequence (6 emails in 1 sequence) by filling only 1 form… You can now instantly get a unique pre-launch email, live email, 3 follow-up emails, and closing email of any digital launch in the industry with just 1 click… With one more click, you can get 2 different types of email sequences – short, click-worthy emails and then long + benefit-oriented emails… Now, you need a Drag and drop page builder with affiliate blocks to make designing your bonus pages super fun, fast, and easy. Affiliate Suite has you covered here too, but more importantly…

With Affiliate Suite You also Get:

  • Multiple Variations of DFY drag & drop Bonus blocks allow you to organize how your bonuses look on the page. From text-only bonus blocks to graphics-only blocks, as well as text + graphics bonus blocks. Just drag, fill out your bonus text and you’re done.
  • Add texts, images, videos, call to action buttons on your bonus pages… by simply dragging each block to the editor.
  • Preview page feature so you can take a quick look at how your page is shaping out while working on it.
  • Page import feature… which helps you to import a fully done for you bonus page into your account… by using an import code that each page generates when you save.
  • A unique URL structure with both review page and thank you page URLs created in one shot. Two unique links are generated when you save a new page for both the main bonus review page… and the thank-you page (that you can add directly to your affiliate platform.)
  • A free viral traffic element… to allow you to blast your bonus review page to the 21 top social platforms, especially if you don’t yet have an email list.
  • You can pause, playback, duplicate and delete your pages at anytime
  • You can add 2 different types of scarcity-inducing countdown timers on all of your bonus pages. As well as our unique Fear of missing out on integration, social purchase proof… A dated countdown – and an evergreen countdown timer.
  • You can download your bonus pages and upload them to your cPanel, should you want it under your own custom domain.
  • Done for you drag & drop affiliate blocks including a bonus claim text, affiliate disclaimer text, and legal links on your thank you pages.
  • Ability to customize your thank you page alongside your main bonus page inside the same WYSIWYG editor (without navigating to multiple pages. Saves you a ton of time.)
  • You also have instant access to High quality Done for You bonuses to use on your bonus pages.
  • Special FOMO-inducing social proof on bonus pages. For example, “no of visitors are checking these bonuses right now, x no of people have picked up my bonuses – only 13 left, x no of bonuses left – hurry up, etc”.
  • This is completely customizable by the users under their page settings. They can set the time they want their social proof to appear and disappear from the page, etc. This creates FOMO and helps you to convert traffic into sales!

The Video Review Script Writer, which works similar to the email sequence writer, helps anyone do effective launch-jacking on YouTube reviewing affiliate products. Never worry about what to say anymore to create affiliate review videos. Just fill out a simple form… and the review scriptwriter does all the work for you.

The review scriptwriter comes with the following:

  • Ability to rewrite each review script generated to get different unique variations
  • Ability to save each script generated inside your Saved Emails section for later
  • Ability to edit and make changes to the final output right inside the editor before you export and use it.
  • Ability to export the review script as a
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Ability to customize the script into a full video presentation

Look… When you get all these 3 things working for you, you literally have a 4 to 5 figure online business in your hands. I know that may be hard to believe, and I see where you’re coming from.

Imagine being able to build highly profitable, fully-fledged, 100% unique, affiliate campaigns in just a matter of minutes.

Imagine the ability to uncover the hottest proven niches to sell in, as well as be able to set up these campaigns for clients in mere minutes, as well as have unique relevant content created for your emails, bonus pages, and video reviews… and have the hottest best selling unique bonuses added to your bonus pages at will… Then imagine being able to build these types of campaigns over and over again with just a few clicks of the mouse.

How would it feel to be able to generate 4 to 5 figures per month consistently with these unique affiliate campaigns (without any guesswork or extra work on your end)? Just think… You’d be able to sit back, relax… and watch the avalanche of sales come in, WITHOUT even having to spend another dime on advertising and WITHOUT having to spend days or weeks trying to build these types of campaigns manually…

Affiliate Suite is the ONLY web-based software that researches, creates, optimizes, monetizes, and builds you fully fledged unique affiliate campaigns that crush it at will every single time.
The best Part About All This Is That You Can Be Making Commissions As An Affiliate… Early As Today!

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