AI-Powered Mobile App Development for Crafting Smart Apps

Artificial intelligence has become an essential and inevitable part of our daily lives in recent years.

We don’t even realize how much of our lives are absolutely, totally driven by AI.

For example, the moment we type a search term, Google throws up accurate search results in a fraction of a second. Or, when we surf any social media site, only those feeds in sync with our previous search show up, isn’t it?

Nowadays, appliances and gadgets like smart assistants, autonomous cars, and personalized learning apps use AI-driven devices.

The point is: We live in a world where AI has penetrated our lives in the unlikeliest and most unprecedented ways.

In 2021, the artificial intelligence marketplace was estimated to be worth $58.3 billion. The number is expected to reach a whopping $309,6 billion by 2026 – almost a tenfold rise.

So, in one sense, it was just a matter of time before this brilliant, futuristic technology made its way into the mobile app development arena. 

Today, the Implementation of AI in mobile apps has spurred the creation of smart apps that aid industries and users alike in many aspects.

Day by day as the user experience and industry requirements evolve the demand for smarter mobile apps is growing.

Even with the accelerated use of smartphones globally, AI-powered apps are sure to leave a mark on human lives, let alone the app development arena. 

Before we dive deep into how AI is being leveraged to craft smart apps for different sectors, let’s first understand what AI is. 

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What is AI?

AI is now one of the top buzzwords of 2022. AI refers to “the computer technology that gives machines the ability to act and behave like human beings.”

Over the past few years, AI has become so ubiquitous and commonplace that most mobile companies are ready to invest vast sums to ensure that their mobile apps are AI-based.

The major reason is the catalytic nature of AI apps assists humans in a wide range of fields, including robotics, business analytics, marketing, and many more.

How AI Technology is Powering Mobile App Development

AI, tempered with an array of features such as automation, machine vision, machine learning, and so much more is powering mobile app development. Here, we run through some of the top features of AI in mobile app development.


Mobile App development is generally a tedious and time-consuming task that involves a long process and hiring costs. AI-driven mobile app development has become more efficient and error-free with less investment.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a technology in which a machine doesn’t require any programming to act.

This technology is generally used for prediction or forecasting related businesses like the stock market and weather forecast because it works on analysis based on previous experiences.

  • Machine vision 

AI in mobile apps gives the machine the ability to analyze visual information like facial features to understand human expression better.

AI enables the app to behave like a human. These AI-powered apps analyze and react accordingly.


Chatbots have been widely used in mobile devices, especially business apps. This AI technology seems to be very helpful for efficient communication between the mobile app and the user. LivePerson, botsify, Swelly, and Lyft are some famous AI-Powered chatbots.

Voice recognition

Voice recognition is also an important technology of AI, which creates the ability to recognize the human voice. Voice or speech recognition is swift to use in mobile app development.

Most mobile companies are now incorporating this technology into their mobile app development.

Why Use AI In Mobile App Development?

To begin with, the power and uses of AI are increasing with time, and there are some legit reasons to use AI in mobile app development. 

With the evolution of smartphones, smart wear, and smart devices, people search for a great user experience.

AI empowers mobile apps to learn the pattern of human activities such as understanding, predicting, reasoning, planning, and many more. This need helps AI to complete monotonous tasks quickly. 

Another reason is that AI-powered mobile apps are more secure, authentic, and accurate, which reduces the risk of any cybercrime. And for this reason, most mobile companies are ready to incorporate AI-based smart features on their mobile apps to ensure some advanced user engagement. 

If you want to give the best user experience for your mobile app, consider using AI for Mobile app development due to its high processing power, huge application availability, and robust app authentication.

How AI Apps are Powering Different Sectors  

As already mentioned, AI has a significant impact on the mobile application industry, and it is continually improving, empowering, and enhancing customers’ experiences.

AI-enabled mobile apps are not just limited to adults but have been making a way into children’s lives through their speech recognition and other features. And children have highly benefited from this advanced level of mobile apps. 

AI can be used in different industries for advanced purposes and automation. AI expansions are becoming more prominent in social media, eCommerce, education, and other sectors. Some of the industries where AI is making a significant impact include: 

Health care: AI has made it easy for doctors to detect diseases accurately and quickly to ensure better treatment.

Education: The learning process is now easily accessible and interestingly engaging for kids with newly designed AI-packed apps with lots of features. 

E-commerce: Implementing AI in e-commerce can enhance the sales process and accelerate marketing. Voice and image recognition are the most promising technologies used in E-commerce.

Social media: social media continues to gather our data, but collecting that data manually is unthinkable. However, AI-powered applications can analyze social data to extract insight into that information.

There is a long robust use of AI in other fields also for instance in, Gaming, Agriculture, Navigation, Human resource, Lifestyle, Marketing, Finance, Automobiles, Manufacturing, Businesses, Security, Supply chain, and transportation. In fact, AI’s role in marketing and sales is considered crucial as opposed to other departments in an enterprise. 

Top AI-based Mobile app

There are many AI-based mobile apps that are sweeping the mobile app development industry. Let’s check out some of the best AI-based apps in the market.


This AI-powered mobile app is an intelligent virtual assistant acquired by Apple. The essential features of Siri are calling, providing information, texting, emailing, and setting reminders. This app is available on almost every platform Apple. 


Developed by Microsoft, this virtual assistant is available on windows mobile, Android, iOS, Xbox One, and Amazon Alexa. This AI-driven app uses the Bing search engine and can do complex tasks. Some basic features include monitoring schedules, sending reminders, maintaining notes, and finding files and other information.


Amazon developed this cloud-based voice assistant app. This app efficiently manages your smart home appliances and works on natural language processing (NLP). Users can listen to their favorite music, ask about the weather, set an alarm, make a shopping list, etc. Alexa can convert speech into text. Nowadays, people use this app as their assistant for their routine tasks. 

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a voice-powered virtual assistant launched by Google in 2016. It allows you to set up reminders and search on the web through voice and other cool features. This app is compatible with google assistant’s compatible devices such as headphones, smartphones, and cars. 


This AI-enabled learning app is for kids who find difficulty in solving problems in math, science, or any homework-related queries.

Socratic is a text and speech recognition processing program. It is available on iOS and Android mobile. In this app, one needs to add only a picture of the problem from the camera available on the app, and then it will answer.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

There is no doubt that Artificial intelligence is aggressively growing in different sectors. One of the primary reasons for the proliferation of AI-Powered smart apps is their convenience of use. The modern-day features of AI and its requirements have taken both mobile app development companies and their users by surprise.

There are many reasons to embrace AI in mobile app development. Customers expect a more personalized experience which is possible only by implementing AI in Mobile apps. AI can adjust the interfaces and functionality of an app depending on users’ experience. Users are now expecting more information from their mobile apps according to their preferences and interests.   

In the future, we will have more and more new technology-related inventions, as machines replace many tasks at home and at work. Implementing Artificial intelligence in mobile apps will benefit users and bring several perks to app development companies


We’d expect the AI trend to evolve and become famous in the coming years. The future may usher in new versions of this technology with unique features. 

To sum up, the use of AI in mobile app development is rapidly progressing to improve the user experience. The next stage would be to create apps that can manage all our activities like automatic reply function, high productivity, advanced-level security features, etc. 



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