Article Rewriter Review: The Best AI-Rewriting Tool

Article Rewriter Review: The Best AI-Rewriting Tool is an AI-based tool used to rewrite content for achieving uniqueness. Basically, this is an automated web-based application, developed on the algorithms of NLP (natural language processing).

NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with the understanding of languages and the tone of speech. It has evolved tremendously in the recent few years and helped out humans in the most effective ways. The article rewriter is a perfect example of utilizing NLP for human welfare.

In this post, we have reviewed Article Rewriter by highlighting its features, specifications, and functionalists. Moreover, guide you about its usage.

So let’s dive into the detailed review of “Article Rewriter”.

Article Rewriter Review: The Best AI-Rewriting Tool

Few Overwhelming Attributes of Article Rewriter

The Article rewriter is a complete tool to assist writers. It provides A to Z solutions for creating high quality and unique content. Below are the few features of the Article Rewriter mentioned.

  • Multiple Upload Options

The article rewriter offers two options for providing the text.

  • Directly paste the content into the text box.
  • Attaching a Word or PDF file through the upload button.

The second option saves you from copying the text from the source and pasting it into the input box.

  • Rewriting Modes

There are three rewriting modes available in Article Rewriter. All of these modes rewrite content in different ways.

Article Rewriter Review: The Best AI-Rewriting Tool

Word Changer: The word changer switches the words with their appropriate synonyms by finding them from the vast database of NLP.

Sentence Changer: In the sentence-changing mode, the Article rewriter changes the structure of the sentence without disturbing the intent. 

Plagiarism Remover: In plagiarism removal mode, the Article rewriter alters the words with synonyms as well as changes the sentence structure. Performing both tasks simultaneously removes all plagiarism.

  • Freely Available

The article rewriter is freely available on the internet. Everyone can use it, no matter a student, writer, or publisher. The majority of quality rewriting tools are very expensive and students cannot afford them with their little pocket money.

  • Easy to Use

This article rewriter is available for free as well as it is very handy to use. A student from school can also use this rewriter easily for his academic work. The language used in this tool is simple and the user interface is very interactive. 

  • Free and Easy Export

You can export the rewritten content freely and easily from the article rewriter. There are two options for exporting content.

  • First is to copy it directly to the clipboard with a click of a button. 
  • Secondly, you can also download the rewritten content in a word document by clicking the download button on the output box.
  • Plagiarism Checking Option

The article rewriter provides you with an option of plagiarism checking in the rewritten content. However, you can also check for plagiarism in any piece of content. Plagiarism is illegal and unethical as it is the theft of someone’s intellectual property. Plagiarism can damage your reputation as well as your SERP rankings, so checking for plagiarism before publishing is necessary.

  • Paraphrasing Option

Article rewriter also gives the flexibility of rephrasing content along with rewriting. Paraphrasing and rewriting are two different things used to make the content unique. Rewriting can be defined as the changing of words with synonyms without mainly changing the sentences as a whole.

While paraphrasing is related to breaking, rearranging, and merging sentences that give the same intent. If you want to state someone’s content in your text, then paraphrasing is a good option.

  • Grammatical Mistakes Removal

It is also a worthy feature of the article rewriter. It can accurately point out grammatical mistakes in any content by using NLP algorithms. You can instantly check the grammatical mistakes in the rewritten content. 

Having grammar errors in your content can disturb readers and may cause them to leave. Hence, make sure to check the grammatical errors in your content before publishing it online.

Article Rewriter Review: The Best AI-Rewriting Tool
  • Text Summarizing Option

Text summarizers are used to shorten the text, or eliminate unnecessary text. The article rewriter has the option to summarize any text you want. You can also summarize the rewritten content with this tool. Text summarizers can be very handy as readers do not like to read lengthy content these days.

Article Rewriter Review: The Best AI-Rewriting Tool

Pros and Cons of Using Article Rewriter

Here are the pros and cons of Article Rewriter.


  • Easy to use.
  • No rewrite limit. 
  • Freely available.
  • No word count limit.


  • It contains ads.
  • Might hurt SEO if not used properly. 

How to Use this Article Rewriter?

While reviewing the article rewriter, it is necessary to guide you about its usage method. Below are a few easiest steps to use the article rewriter.

Step 1:

Go to your browser and search for “”, make sure your device is connected to the internet.

Step 2:

Paste the text you want to rewrite in the input box or attach a Word, text, or PDF file with the help of the upload button down there.

Step 3:

Select your required language to rewrite content in. After language selection, hit the “Rewrite Now” button. It will rewrite the provided content within seconds and show it in the output box.

Step 4: 

You can easily copy or export the rewritten content now. Moreover, you are getting four different options after rewriting the content.

  • Paraphrase: You can paraphrase the rewritten content.
  • Grammar error removal: You can remove the grammatical mistakes in the rewritten content.
  • Check for plagiarism: You can determine the similarity index of rewritten content.
  • Text summarizer: You have the option to summarize the rewritten content.


Article Rewriter Review: The Best AI-Rewriting Tool

The Article rewriter is an extensive tool for writers to play with the content. You can use this tool to make your content engaging, unique, and catchy. You can also take assistance from an article rewriter application for the usage on android, but the overall purpose of content is to catch the audience and retain them, and the article rewriter is helping a lot in this regard. 


Still, having some confusion? Hope these FAQs will figure it out.

Is Rewriting content illegal?

No, rewriting content is not illegal, however, using plagiarized content is intellectual theft and illegal too.

Is the best AI-rewriting tool?

The article rewriter provides you with the best features for rewriting content, moreover, it is efficient, fast, and free to use. Considering the facts, we can say that the article rewriter is the best AI-Rewriting tool.

Which one is better “Paraphrasing” or “Rewriting”?

It depends, if you want to restate or emphasize some content, paraphrasing is better. But if you want to change the wording of content for uniqueness, rewriting is better.

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