CreateStudio vs CreateStudio Pro – Which One to Choose?

CreateStudio vs CreateStudio Pro – A Quick Comparison

FeatureCreateStudioCreateStudio Pro
PricingOne-time payment of $67 for lifetime access to the standard version. A subscription fee is required for add-ons.One-time payment of $67 for lifetime access to the standard version. A subscription fee is required for add-ons.
User InterfacePolished and professional interface, but not as responsive as the Pro version.Much more polished and professional interface. More responsive than the standard version.
IntegrationsPixels and Pixabay only.Pixels, Pixabay, Unsplash, Jiffy, and Cover.
CharactersLimited variety of characters.Extra categories of characters, including bobblehead characters.
Download SpeedAssets used to take a long time to download from the cloud.The download speed is much faster.
Components and EffectsLimited assets are available.More animated elements, backgrounds, and transitions. Components act like presets for your projects, including the carousel effect, typewriter effect, button spotlight, camera pan, infinite scroll, and more. The effects section contains glitches, a green screen, clip speed, filters, color correction, blur, lens turbulence, hue rotation, and more.
Credit SystemAvailable for purchasing additional assets from within the software.Removed from the Pro version. Additional assets can only be accessed through the all-access membership for a monthly payment of $37.

As you can see, CreateStudio Pro offers several additional features and improvements over the standard version, including a more polished user interface, more integrations, a wider variety of characters, faster download speeds, and more components and effects to choose from.

However, both versions have the same pricing model and require a subscription fee for add-ons.

Ultimately, the decision to upgrade to CreateStudio Pro will depend on whether the additional features and improvements are important to your video editing needs.

Explanation of CreateStudio and CreateStudio Pro

CreateStudio is a video animation software that allows users to create professional-quality animated videos for marketing, training, or entertainment purposes. It comes in two versions: CreateStudio and CreateStudio Pro.

CreateStudio is the standard version of the software and offers a range of features for creating animated videos. With this version, users can create 2D and 3D animations, explainer videos, whiteboard videos, logo animations, and more. It also includes a library of pre-made assets like characters, backgrounds, and sound effects that users can use to create their videos.

CreateStudio Pro, on the other hand, is the advanced version of the software and offers more features than the standard version. It includes everything that CreateStudio offers plus additional features like advanced keyframe animation, green screen support, live-action footage editing, and more.

It’s important to choose the right version of CreateStudio depending on your needs and the complexity of your project. While CreateStudio is a great tool for basic animations, if you need more advanced features or want to create more complex animations, then CreateStudio Pro may be the better choice.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the differences between CreateStudio and CreateStudio Pro in detail, so you can make an informed decision when choosing the right version of the software for your needs. We’ll be covering everything from the features included in each version to the pricing and licensing options available.


The pricing of CreateStudio is one of its most attractive features. It has always been a one-time payment of $67 for lifetime access to the software, with no additional fees for monthly or annual subscriptions. This makes it an ideal product for those looking for value for money when purchasing video editor software.

CreateStudio Pro has kept the same pricing model as its predecessor but offers additional features and add-ons that require a subscription fee. This allows users to access more advanced editing tools, with the ability to customize their projects without having to purchase expensive video software packages.

User Interface

When comparing the user interface of CreateStudio and CreateStudio Pro, it is clear that the Pro version has a much more polished look and feel. The new software has a professional design with all the controls and elements placed in an intuitive way so that users can quickly find what they are looking for.


When it comes to comparing the integration options between CreateStudio and CreateStudioPro, there is no doubt that the pro version offers more. In the earlier version, users had access to just two integrations: Pixels and Pixabay.

In comparison, create studio pro provides five integrations – Pixels, Pixabay, Unsplash, Jiffy, and Cover. Having multiple integration options makes it easier for you to find the right type of media for your project.

Creating content with CreateStudio Pro is an easy and efficient process, thanks to its wide range of integrations. These integrations allow for the inclusion of external media into projects without having to use other software or platforms.


When it comes to characters, one of the biggest differences between CreateStudio and CreateStudio Pro is the sheer variety of characters available.

In the earlier version of Create Studio, users had access to limited categories of character models that were useful for basic projects but lacking in more detailed design possibilities.

The new version of CreateStudio Pro now features bobblehead characters among its library of character models, allowing for more intricate and detailed projects.

Download Speed

When it comes to downloading assets from the cloud, there is a noticeable improvement in speed with CreateStudio Pro.

In the earlier version of CreateStudio, users often had to wait a considerable amount of time for their assets to be downloaded onto their devices.

However, users of the new CreateStudio Pro have reported that they experience significantly faster download speeds.

This is likely because the new version of the software contains improved algorithms and code that expedite the downloading process.

Components and Effects

When it comes to the components and effects of CreateStudio and CreateStudio Pro, there are several differences between the two versions.

In the older version of CreateStudio, users had access to a limited number of characters as well as animations, backgrounds, and transitions with which to work on their projects.

However, in the new CreateStudio Pro, they have added an entire category of bobblehead characters, giving users more options to choose from.

Also, the effects section has been changed in the new version. Instead of having the effects scattered throughout different places, they have now been moved to one place called ‘effects’.

Some new effects have been added to the section, such as glitch, carousel effect, typewriter effect, and button spotlight.

Credit System

In the earlier version of CreateStudio, there was a credit system in place that allowed users to purchase additional assets from within the software.

However, with the new CreateStudio Pro version, this feature has been removed and users now have to subscribe to the All Access membership.

This subscription comes with access to all of the library’s assets for a monthly fee of $37.

The subscription also comes with additional assets each month that you do not have to pay for.

This is one of the key differences between the CreateStudio and CreateStudio Pro versions, as users no longer have access to the credit system within the software.

Users must now purchase a monthly subscription in order to gain access to additional assets.

While this could come as an inconvenience to some, the subscription does provide users with access to a larger library of assets which can help them create more creative and professional videos.

CreateStudio vs CreateStudio Pro – Which One to Choose?

Overall, CreateStudio Pro is a major upgrade from the old version of CreateStudio.

It features faster download speeds, more components, and effects to choose from, as well as an all-access membership option for additional assets.

With its new features and improvements, it’s definitely worth upgrading if you haven’t already done so.

If you’re still on the fence about getting upgraded then make sure to check with their support team in case you are eligible for a free upgrade!

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