FlipSpeed Review – Flip Like A Pro Course With Case Studies

FlipSpeed Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to my honest FlipSpeed review. If you are looking for digital product reviews, this is the most reliable place on the internet.

Through my FlipSpeed review, you will know what it is, how it works, what the features and benefits are, the pros, cons, OTO’s & its pricing, and more. So that you can make a good decision if you want to buy it or not.

In case if you decide to buy this product after reading my review, make sure you don’t forgot to check out my FlipSpeed bonuses below. These bonuses will help you get results fast. Without any further delay, lets get started.

What Is FlipSpeed Exactly?

FlipSpeed is a new training program that teaches you how to buy and sell products locally, nationally, and online. There’s a lot of info on the internet about arbitrage but FlipSpeed is different.

FlipSpeed Review by ProFlipperz - Real Income Proof 1

The author will show you how to use his method, teach you what to do, and show you how to use his system in the most efficient way.

The creator of FlipSpeed course is aiming to take the pain out of flipping goods for a profit so that users can focus on what they enjoy most. He has developed a software (selling as an upsell – see below) it works great with this system.

Key Features

  • Fast money when you know how
  • Start with zero money (no bankroll needed)
  • Mega successes! Regardless of age or ability
  • The creator is already making over $500.00 per hour & you can too
  • No need for coding/web-design or anything techy
  • Their students already making $10.000+ a month
  • Beginners are banking thousands per month with this
FlipSpeed Review By ProFlipperz

FlipSpeed Rating

I think that FlipSpeed is a valuable course. The training is very comprehensive and easy to understand, making it reasonably priced.

The videos are short and sweet which makes them perfect for concentrating on the lesson, unlike some other lengthy training courses that I have taken.

The course also includes an online community (Facebook) with people who are eager to offer help with any problems you may have encountered.

The only drawback of FlipSpeed is that there are not many teaching videos or tutorials to introduce newbies to basic concepts in eCommerce.

The Bottom Line: FlipSpeed isn’t a perfect course but, I would definitely recommend purchasing it. It’s better to have an imperfect product than not having one at all. 






OVERALL: 4.5/5

FlipSpeed Review – The Brand Overview

  • Product Name: FlipSpeed
  • Product Creator: David Kirby
  • Launch Date: 2021-Aug-07
  • Launch Time: 11.00 EDT
  • Front End Price: $47
  • Bonus: YES
  • Refund: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Official Site: https://proflipperz.com/flipspeed
  • Product Type: Software & Training
  • Recommendation: Highly Recommended

About The Creator

FlipSpeed Review - About The Author ProFlipperz

Steve Hitson is a full-time working dad with a kick-ass part time hobby which he can use whenever he needs extra cash.

He knows the pain of feeling stuck in a dead end job without enough time for his family and created ProFlipperz to help others avoid that fate.

Steve’s wife is an accountant, so there’s no way he could cheat on her!

Steve has been successful in helping many students make money flipping products online; most of these students have made their first profit within just one month of taking action!

FlipSpeed Review – What It Can Do For You?

  • Find the most viable products to trade 
  • Shows the apps & marketplaces to use
  • Gives you tools to spot emerging trends & increase profits
  • Shows you how to get started with little or zero capital 
  • Teaches you how to close the deals for maximum return

FlipSpeed Review – What You Will Get Inside?

The Course Features & Plan

FlipSpeed Review - Inside Member Area of ProFlipperz
  • Introduction: All members Facebook group, author email, and an overview of flipping
  • Setting up and navigating each market: creating accounts and navigating Facebook, eBay, and Craigslist
  • How to Start with $0 and No Automobile: Free stuff, look around and work with others
  • Deciding which items to flip and how you find them: where to start flipping the first using search & filters, price research, product & pricing research, the center for influence, and auctions
  • Negotiating and closing the deal is a skill that requires communication, clarity, customer service, speed, and a low-ball approach.
  • How to sell on every marketplace: Selling on Facebook, eBay, and craigslist.
  • How to manage your flipping business. Bankroll Management, Space/Time/Money
  • Advanced selling techniques (bonus !!!)). Amazon store basics: Post items before possession, selling bulk vs. single, knowing when it is time to trade
  • Flipping has its downsides – rude customers are not to be trusted! Don’t rush to scammers!
  • Conclusion – Recap, Feedback, What’s Next?

The ProFlipperz Software Features (Upsell – Check Below)

FlipSpeed Review - The Instructions On How to Use ProFlipperz Mobile App

Proflipperz is an app that has many features that works perfectly with this course but this is an upsell (see the pricing section). The features are as follows:

  • It allows you to list your items for sale on major marketplaces in one click.
  • There is an autofill barcode scanner that pulls up information from the database and pre-fills the form for you, so you don’t have to do this manually.
  • There is a mobile app for this as well, which saves time by allowing you to do research while on the go. This includes being able to scan barcodes with the mobile device and connect back to previous scans when scanning the same item (this worked for me when I was scanning books).
  • You can also search the database for your item.
  • You can also search the marketplace to see if there is already an entry that matches the barcode you scanned.

FlipSpeed Review – How Does It Work? Watch The Demo

  • The first thing that you have to do to get started with the FlipSpeed system sign up. After you create your account, you’ll want to explore the training.
  • The next step is finding a product to flip. If you’re not sure what products are good investments, the author will show you the list of ways/places where he finds profitable items.
  • Once you’ve found an item that looks good, it’s time to do some price-checking and negotiating with the seller and reselling it on different marketplaces.

Their app works on both Android as well as iOS.

FlipSpeed Review - ProFlipperz App Works On Android - Download From Play Store.
FlipSpeed Review - ProFlipperz App Also Works On iOS - Download From iOS Store.

Watch This FlipSpeed Demo Video to See How It Works

  • Why not give FlipSpeed ProFlipperz Course a try yourself and see how good it is? Take advantage of its 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee today!

Who FlipSpeed Is For?

  • For anyone who looking to make some extra cash, live a more flexible lifestyle and work from home
  • For those who want to find the best products that they can sell from local stores for higher profits
  • For people with little or no capital but looking to earn money online in a simple way
  • For those who want to stay at home and work from anywhere with an internet connection 

Who FlipSpeed Is Not For?

  • FlipSpeed is not for people who are looking for a short-term quick cash solution to earn money online.
  • FlipSpeed focuses on teaching how to make more money and live a more flexible lifestyle.
  • Flipping is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a way to buy something at a lower price and sell it at a higher margin, FlipSpeed may be just what you’re looking for.

FlipSpeed Review – How Is FlipSpeed Better?

FlipSpeed is better because it teaches you about the most profitable products to buy and sell, the different markets, and how to do transactions for maximum return.

It also teaches you how to make “smart” decisions when buying from retail stores. You can find all of this information on FlipSpeed’s website or in the training program.

The training is based on real life experience. The author shares with you what he’s learned over time from meeting people, working on his own businesses, and sharing with other people in the industry.

And finally, you will see live case studies and income proof of the author and his students that prove how effective FlipSpeed is.

FlipSpeed Review – The Pros and Cons


  • Find the most viable products to trade
  • Shows the apps & marketplaces to use
  • Gives you tools to spot emerging trends & increase profits
  • Shows you how to get started with little or zero capital
  • Teaches you how to close the deals for maximum return
  • The training is based on real-life experience


  • The cons of FlipSpeed is that it’s not good for people who are looking to make some quick money. The FlipSpeed system teaches you how to make a sustainable lifestyle and earn more profits.
  • Why not give FlipSpeed ProFlipperz Course a try yourself and see how good it is? Take advantage of its 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee today!

The Benefits of Using FlipSpeed

  • Earn money online from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Learn how to make money from home and live a more flexible lifestyle.
  • Discover the most trending products that you can sell locally, nationally, or online for higher profits.
  • Get access to tools that will help you spot emerging trends in your industry and increase your profitability.
  • Be able to start making profits immediately by taking advantage of the information shared in FlipSpeed’s training program.
  • Increase your self-confidence as you learn new skills and see results quickly.
  • Become more knowledgeable about what items are worth buying at a lower price and selling for higher margins.
  • You will have more control over your own life and become more independent by learning how to work from home.

FlipSpeed OTO’s & Pricing Details

The Front End: FlipSpeed ProFlipperz Course ($47)

With the front end offer you have the complete training. It covers

  • Introduction – getting started
  • Creating accounts & navigating each marketplace
  • How to start flipping with $0 and no automobile
  • Deciding what items to flip and how to find them
  • The art of negotiation and closing the deal
  • How to sell your items on each marketplace
  • Managing your flipping business
  • Advanced selling
  • Downsides to flipping
  • Conclusion

OTO1: FlipSpeed ProFlippez Mobile App ($9.95 to $97)

ProFlipperz Mobile App is a mobile device app & training on how to acquire the right goods at the right prices ready for quick profits.

This is never done before mobile application that allows people to make money from ANYWHERE and on the move.

Not just make money, but research, track their products and information and generate traffic at he push of a button.

In some simple steps you can acquire product worth selling, use this app to research using our barcode scanner, grab information with pictures by our database of over 255 million plus items which are growing every day then distribute it to marketplaces or your online store in seconds all through an easy click!

  • Monthly & yearly options!
  • Access to the proflipperz mobile app
  • App & flipping mastery

OTO2: FlipSpeed The Ultimate Upgrade ($67)

This makes the most sense for the customers to grab the upgrade. 2500 credit listings per month additionally and also app use on up to ten devices.

OTO3: FlipSpeed ProFlipperz Toolbox ($47)

ProFlipperz toolbox (advanced flip tracker, pre-flip checklist, pre-flip calc)

  • Done for you Proflipperz toolbox
  • Advanced tracking spreadsheet
  • Pre-flip calculator
  • Pre-flip checklist

OTO4: FlipSpeed Mastermind Program ($97)

  • Unlimited access to academy with all additional training & two week bootcamp
  • Advanced store configuration – Woocommerce, Ebay, Amazon & Etsy
  • Market specific videos
  • Niche Training – ProFlipperz Twist/Pallets with Craig & Auto/Motorcycle Parts with Steve

FlipSpeed Review – Is It Worth Buying?

It’s well worth the money to buy FlipSpeed because it will save you time, energy, and money in the long run. You can make a lot of money by using this method and software.

The training alone is well worth more than the actual price. A lot of people are finding out about this system & paying $47 for the training is nothing when you consider how much time, energy, and money they are saving.

If you have ever thought that starting a business was difficult, think again! You can have a profitable business in your spare time with FlipSpeed, which is unlike anything else out there.

FlipSpeed will teach you everything from how to get started with no money or car (so many people say this step was the hardest part), where to find items to flip for a profit, how to negotiate and close the deal, through managing your business.

The author has included real-life case studies to prove how effective it is. There’s also success stories from various people who have joined in with FlipSpeed and are now able to create a second, full-time income for themselves while doing something they love.

FlipSpeed ProFlipperz Review From Real Users

I knew that I’ve flipped some in the past but was hesitant to buy Steve’s course because of how much it cost. But boy am I glad now! With his personal coaching and support, my flipping has been a great success so far. In less than 3 months part-time while not working full time as well, I made over $30K with no risks involved. Now about to open my own shop and take this business up another notch or two – thanks for everything you did coach!

Brian Shearin

I’m always looking for a good side hustle and so glad I found ProFlipperz. Steve, you’re my hero! You’ve helped me make more money than ever before in the shortest amount of time possible because your tips are just that good. Nowadays it feels like anything is achievable with your help; nothing can stop me from doing whatever I want now thanks to this website

Trey Forster

I’ve been following the advice of ProFlipperz and have made over $22,000 because they were able to teach me how. I got lucky with one deal where Steve’s tips helped me make 12 grand in 7 days! For someone who is a military member like myself, this has set up retirement for when my time comes.

Eddie Perez

I’m so glad I found ProFlipperz! Now, I have the freedom to travel and spend time with my grandkids without worrying about mortgage payments. It’s a blessing that Steve had this amazing idea- not only was it an opportunity for me to make some extra cash but also enabled me enough peace of mind that allowed me more opportunities in life.

Lisa Hoard

Ever since taking Steve’s course on flipping I’ve been able to make more money than ever before. In the past year, I made $2000 on my first deal and with COVID-19 it has really become difficult for me as a personal trainer but luckily flipping is still an option that helps me stay afloat financially even if using other people’s cash! Every flip from now until eternity will be blessed because God loves his children when they fight the good fight

Anthony Calhoun

The Conclusion Of FlipSpeed Review

Thank you got reading my complete FlipSpeed review on this page! If you’re looking for a way to get started flipping products locally, nationally, or even from retail arbitrage and want expert training on how to do it the right way with FlipSpeed software and program, I highly recommend checking out their website.

There are plenty of testimonials that prove this method is effective as well as real-life case studies. It will give you lots of super focused information plus everything you need to know about becoming successful in your own business within seconds by following these steps!

It’s worth every penny considering all the time and money saved while getting trained through one simple resource: Flipspeed. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity! The sooner you sign up, the better because you’ll start seeing a profit in no time at all.

  • Why not give FlipSpeed ProFlipperz Course a try yourself and see how good it is? Take advantage of its 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee today!

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