Funnelz Review: Is It The Best AI-Powered Funnel Builder?

Funnelz Review

Funnelz Review – Introduction

Hey all welcome to my Funnelz review.

You may be wondering why traditional methods for lead generation no longer work.

This is because, in today’s competitive market, there are so many businesses vying for customers that users are less likely to fill out long contact forms or pop-up forms that suddenly appear on web pages.

Additionally, users find these forms annoying and are more likely to close them or abandon the page entirely. This means that all your effort in gathering leads is wasted!

It looks like Funnelz is a solution that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help you build successful sales funnels solving the “problems” of traditional forms and other lead generation methods. Now let’s look at how it works.

In this Funnelz review, I will show you exactly what it is, how it works, and if Funnelz is worth your time and money.

Before we start, let me introduce myself… I’m Partha, I am a full-time blogger and software tester who loves to explore and discover awesome stuff. So I decided to create this blog where I can share what I learn.

The question today is that many people who want to get the Funnelz software asked is “Is Funnelz really worth it?” Well, I did find the answer.

However, to get that answer, I had to spend some time with the Funnelz software. And that is what I am going to share with you in this honest Funnelz review.

What Is Funnelz?

Funnelz is an AI-enabled interactive bot that creates highly-converting funnels for any niche and runs profit forecasting simulations within minutes! Funnelz is the first-to-market AI-assisted funnel builder that builds mobile responsive funnels with AMP tech and gives funnel success projection through AI simulation. Loaded with high-converting DFY funnels and templates, Funnelz is 100% newbie compatible – no prior tech skills required! Unlike other tools, you only need to make a one-time investment and there are no monthly fees.

In the next part of my Funnelz review, I will show you how it works step by step.

Funnelz Review: The Brand Overview

Product NameFunnelz
Product CreatorMadhav Dutta
Launch Date2022-Feb-14
Launch Time11.00 EDT
Refund30-day refund policy
Official Website
Product CategorySoftware
RecommendationHighly Recommended

Funnelz Review: How Does It Work?

Funnelz works in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Choose the funnel you want to create. You can choose from a variety of templates on the dashboard.

Funnelz review: step 1

Step 2: Choose the goal you want to achieve using the funnel, like hosting a webinar that will help you sell products.

Funnelz review: step 2

Step 3: Click on the button that says “Create Funnel.” You are ready to go.

Funnelz review: step 3

If you don’t know how Funnelz works, watch this video to get a better understanding.

How Much Does Funnelz Cost?

In this section of my Funnelz review, I am going to talk about the price of Funnelz.

Funnelz’s price starts at $47. You have two payment options on the front-end version. The first one is “Gold Edition” and another one is “Platinum Edition”.

The “Funnelz Gold” costs $47 and gives you access to 5 custom sales pages, 50 custom landing pages, 50 custom menus, an in-built checkout process, stripe integration, users management, notifications, custom SMTP setup, multiple currency support, and multilingual support.

The second payment option of the front-end version is the “Platinum” option which costs $67 and gives you access to all the features of “Funnelz Gold” but extra resources such as 10 custom AMP sales pages, 100 custom AMP landing pages, and 100 custom navigation – menus. You have some optional upsells as well. Scroll down below and learn more about them.

Funnelz Review: What Are The Upsells/OTOs?

In this section of my review of Funnelz, I’m going to show you the different upsells that are available with Funnelz.

Please check out front end offer details and all the upsells of Funnelz:

You must buy the Front End offer of Funnelz before selecting the OTO’s. Otherwise, your account may not be created properly and you will not get your refund as well.

Funnelz Upsell 1: Funnelz Unlimited ($197)

This is the upgrade for those who want unlimited everything. You’ll get unlimited funnels, unlimited visitors and page views, and no file storage limit. This is perfect for businesses who are looking to use profitable funnels to grow their business long term. Recommended for businesses and advanced marketers (or those aspiring to get to the advanced level).

Funnelz Upsell 2: Agency PRO & Lite ($67-$97)

OTO #2 is an offer for Funnelz Agency Lite/Pro. The Agency Lite level provides agency level access to its buyers and includes the possibility of creating 5 accounts, which means agencies can manage their customers and create a separate account for each for 5 customers. The Agency Pro level provides not only agency-level access but also more accounts compared to the Agency Lite level.

Funnelz Upsell 3: Reseller ($97-$197)

There are three different levels of reseller license that you can buy: Reseller Lite, Reseller Pro, and Reseller Ninja. The Lite level lets you create and sell 50 accounts to your customers. The Pro level lets you create and sell 100 accounts to your customers. The Ninja level lets you create and sell 50 accounts to your customers. Each account can be of any of the three levels: Gold, Platinum, or Unlimited. You can control the level of each account in the Reseller Dashboard that comes with this account.

Funnelz Upsell 4: Academy ($197)

The Funnelz Academy offers exclusive access to special training that will show you how to use Funnelz to create your own Software and Digital products business that makes 6 to 7 figures.

Funnelz Bundle Deal ($297)

When it comes to Funnelz, there are a lot of different upsells and upgrades available. So, what’s the best way to go about things? Let’s take a look at the Funnelz Bundle. This is a one-time offer that gives buyers access to all the products in the funnel. This includes Funnelz Platinum, Unlimited, Agency Pro, Reseller Lite, and Academy.

As far as value goes, the Funnelz Bundle is hard to beat. You’re getting access to all these products for a fraction of the price (only $297) you would pay if you bought them individually. And that’s not even counting the massive amount of value you’re getting with the Academy product.

With Funnelz Bundle, you only have to go through the buying process once, which means there’s only one place to update your information, and it makes it easier to add more products later on. With the Funnelz Platinum product, you get everything you need to generate leads with high-converting funnels for your business.

Funnelz Review: About The Authors

The creator of Funnelz AI

The Mintware team, which includes Madhav Dutta, Yogesh Bhatt, and Dr. Sameer Joshi, is well-known and successful.

They have created and launched a variety of products. Until now, their combinations always keep users waiting; it often takes them a long time to come up with a product, but the quality is totally worth it.

To let you know more about their previous launches, I will let you know some of their successful launches such as Mailzapp, Social Suite, Vidify, AppsKitPro, CoachZip, and many more.

What Funnelz Can Do For You?

With Funnelz, you can create all these types of funnels.

Create Sales Funnels: A sales funnel is a way to guide your customers through the buying process. This type of funnel is best for selling different products.

Funnelz review: you can create sales funnels

Create Lead Funnels: The lead magnet funnel lets you get the contact details of people who are interested in buying property. When you offer deals to people, they can provide their contact details through the funnel in order to learn more. The purpose of the funnel is to capture leads and convert them into customers.

Funnelz review: you can create lead funnels

Create Optin Funnels: An opt-in funnel is a process where you get people to sign up for your service or product. Once they sign up, you can email them to try and convince them to become paying customers.

Funnelz review: you can create optin funnels

Create Webinar Funnel: This type of funnel is used to create events. It is often used for advertising and marketing purposes.

Funnelz review: you can create webinar funnels

Create Landing Pages: A landing page is a special website that has the sole purpose of encouraging users to fill out forms. For example, one might create a landing page where people can sign up for information about buying property.

Funnelz review: you can create landing pages

Create Live Demo Funnel: A live demo funnel is typically used to show how a product works. It’s an effective way of demonstrating the value of your product without saying anything.

Funnelz review: you can create live demo funnels

Create Membership Funnel: A membership funnel is designed to retain customers and make money over a long period of time. It enables you to offer content to users for free (or paid), such as eBooks or online classes.

Funnelz review: you can create membership funnels

Create Video Funnel: A video funnel is a great way to sell anything. It includes order forms to make it easy for people to buy what you’re selling. You can create a video funnel quickly and easily.

Funnelz review: you can create video funnels

Create Drip Funnel: A drip funnel is a set of automated emails that are sent in response to user actions or specific timelines. They help you connect with customers and keep them engaged. Funnelz makes creating a drip funnel easy.

Funnelz review: you can create drip funnels

Funnelz Review: The Best Features

  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): AMP is a technology that helps web pages load quickly on mobile devices. AMP pages are designed to look good and be easy to read, even on small screens.
  • Integration With Autoresponder: This app lets you integrate easily with autoresponders like MailChimp and more without having to do it all manually.
  • File Storage: You can store the pages, images, and funnel-based content you use on this app’s ample file storage.
  • A/B Testing: This is a way to compare different versions of a web page to see which is better for your needs. You can increase your conversions if you use the best version.
  • Custom Domain: This feature makes it easier for you to create your campaigns on your own domain. This way, your customers will recognize your website and be more likely to engage with you.
  • The AI-Powered Voice Narrator: This feature will help you read out pages made with Funnelz to your users. In turn, it will make the experience of your users more interesting and interactive than if they were to read a boring, static page.
  • Built-in Hosting: With free hosting, you can avoid paying to host your web pages or funnels. This means that you will not need to have your own domain name.
  • Alert-Bars: An alert bar is a thin banner that grabs the attention of your users. This way, you can capture their attention without getting in the way of the content appearing first.
  • DFY Funnels: You can use 8 different types of funnels for your business. These are called DFY funnels. They will be pre-populated for you, so you just have to pick one and get started.
  • Bot integration: This feature lets you decide how many interactions you want between your users and the bot. You can choose to have 5 or 10 questions between them, with a preset outcome, like funneling users.
  • The Futuristic AI-Funnel Simulator: With this feature, you can easily see how your funnel will convert before sending any traffic to it. You can then tweak your funnels based on real traffic data and get even better results.
  • AI-Powered Logic Engine: This app is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This means that the app works through a bot, which does all the hard work for you. The bot will create funnels without any issues.
  • Notifications For Everything: You will continue to get notifications when someone takes an action that you are interested in.
  • Custom SMTP: You can use this feature to send messages from your own domain. This will help your users easily recognize your brand and engage without any spam doubts.
  • Users Roles Management: You can use this facility to control what level of access you want to give your users, like viewing, editing, and more.

Funnelz Review Ratings

Funnelz Pros

  • Funnelz is easy to use and helps you create funnels in just three simple steps.
  • Funnelz integrates easily with autoresponders like MailChimp and more.
  • You can use A/B testing with Funnelz to increase your conversions.
  • Funnelz offers ample file storage for your pages, images, and funnel-based content.
  • You can use Funnelz with your own domain name to increase brand recognition.
  • The Futuristic AI-Funnel Simulator lets you see how your funnel will convert before sending any traffic to it.
  • Funnelz is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), meaning that the app works through a bot, which does all the hard work for you.
  • You can use Funnelz notifications to get help with everything you do.
  • With Custom SMTP, you can send messages from your own domain and increase user engagement easily.
  • Funnelz users roles management helps you control what level of access you want to give your users.

Funnelz Cons And Complaints

  • Funnelz does not have a free trial.
  • Funnelz does not support some popular autoresponders
  • There are only 8 out-of-the-box templates for you to choose from with Funnelz

Who Should You Grab Funnelz?

Funnelz is a really useful software for marketers and business owners who want to create and simulate funnels. These are some of the people who will get the most out of Funnelz AI:

  • If you are an email marketer looking to increase your conversions, Funnelz is the solution for you.
  • If you are an online marketer who wants to start using A/B testing with autoresponders like MailChimp, Funnelz provides an easy way to do so.
  • If you are an agency owner who wants to use funnel-building software that is easy to use and does not cost anything, Funnelz is the solution you need.
  • If you are a lead gen expert looking to increase the engagement of your users, Funnelz offers a bot that will help you engage with them.
  • If you are a business owner who wants to use an app that is customizable and a customized tool for your needs, Funnelz can provide everything you need.

How Is Funnelz Better?

There are many reasons why Funnelz is better compared to other competitor apps it offers a lot of features that the other apps do not offer.

First of all its A.I. assisted funnel building which no other app has. Also, it offers a wide range of integrations with different autoresponders, A/B testing, file storage, and more.

Additionally, Funnelz offers a Futuristic AI-Funnel Simulator so you can see how your funnel will convert before sending any traffic to it.

You have a wide range of DFY funnels inside Funnelz that you can use for your business and 8 different types of funnels with full customization.

Finally, Funnelz offers a lot of alerts for everything so you are always in the know about what is happening in your funnel.

These are just some of the reasons Funnelz is better than the other competitor apps. Try Funnelz and see for yourself how it can help you take your business to the next level.

Funnelz Review: Conclusion

Come to the conclusion of my Funnelz review.

These days email marketing is about engagement. The more engaged your list, the better conversion you will get. With Funnelz, you can create specific types of funnels to enhance your email marketing.

I like that this software creates high-converting lead capture and sales pages. There is no limit to the number of funnels or domains Funnelz users can build using it.

Moreover, there are a lot of templates that you can use for your business. The only shortcoming I can find is that Funnelz cannot be connected with all the autoresponders.

If you’re looking to increase email conversions quickly and easily, Funnelz might just do the trick.

I hope my Funnelz review helped you a lot. If you have any questions or queries regarding my Funnelz review or you want to know something else feel free to reach out to me (

Funnelz FAQ

What Is Funnelz?

Funnelz is an app that helps you create pages and funnels for your marketing goals. It’s a unique app that is powered by AI. This means that it is easy for you to create pages and funnels for any niche in just a few minutes. You can also see how successful your funnel will be before you drive traffic to

Do I Have To Download Or Install It?

No, the app is cloud-hosted and requires no installs or downloads. The best part about it is that you can access Funnelz from anywhere.

Do I Need To Have Prior Tech Skills To Use This Tool?

This tool is newbie-compatible, which means that everyone can use it. It comes with step-by-step training material and DFY templates, so it’s easy to build a funnel or landing page without any tech skills.

Can I A/B Test With Funnelz?

Yes, you can A/B test with Funnelz by using autoresponders like MailChimp. This means that you can use it as a lead gen tool or to increase conversions for your sales funnel.

Do I Need To Pay For Updates And Support?

No, all updates and support are free. You can contact the Funnelz support team for any help via Funnelz’s member’s area or a ticket

What Is The Difference Between Funnels And Landing Pages?

A landing page is a page on your site that you build with the goal of getting people to take a specific action, like filling out a form or clicking on a button. A funnel is a series of pages that you build to first get people on your list, then convince them to buy from you.

Do I NEED Funnelz?

Not at all! Funnelz offers an easy way to create funnels and pages quickly. If you want a simple solution for creating landing pages and funnels, Funnelz is the solution for you.

Funnelz Bonus:

You can get the following bonuses for free. Just do these two steps.

  • Step 1: Get Funnelz by clicking the link below.
  • Step 2: Simply forward your purchase receipt to my email ID ( Or you can contact me via Skype (sarathi2405partha). You will get all my bonuses within 12-24 hours.


Here is how you can claim my bonuses:

Step 1: CLICK HERE or any one of the above/below buttons to get Funnelz from the official website (If you have already ordered skip this step).

Step 2: Submit your payment receipt to my email id ( You will get all my bonuses to your email id within 12 hours.

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