How to Improve Your Editing Skills Using InVideo

With the constant popularity of video content, it has become mandatory to have video making and editing as a must-have skill.

Whether your job is related to influencing people or product selling online, you must possess fantastic video editing skills to improve your content visibility and earn expected benefits.

When it comes to video creation and editing, things might seem easy. But, it can be a bit intimidating if you lack the right skills and techniques.

To make your content stand out in the hustle and bustle of already existing online content, you need to have some excellent editing tools by your side so that your videos can outshine and deliver exponentially.

When you opt for the right video editing software, you can easily reach the editing goals and reveal your creativity.

There are many video editors in the market. But, we suggest choosing the user-oriented one that comes with an endless feature range and produces high-quality content.

The best tool for editing we can recommend is the InVideo video editor, which is suitable for beginners and advanced users and presents several tutorials to allow easy editing.

The InVideo video editor can transform your videos by adding attractive templates, videos, and sound effects.

It also features animation and other special effects while allowing your text-based content to be converted into appealing videos. That’s not it!

This video editor does not require any in-depth technical expertise, and any person with basic computer knowledge can efficiently use it.

This incredible video editor can be accessed via various devices and is freely available online.

So, if you want to get the most out of your videos without putting too much effort, consider having a look at this post which brings to the parameters of the InVideo video editor, the best choice!


This easy to learn and use video editor. InVideo is compatible with smartphones, laptops, and computers. It works with both Android and Apple devices to let you edit smoothly.

What videos can be made with InVideo?

When it is about making videos with InVideo, the options are endless. Using this video maker, you can make plenty of videos such as introductory, demos, reels, stories, etc. for the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

It also offers a great variety of video formats to cater to all your needs for supporting a wide array of social media sites. With the numerous range of InVideo templates, you are never out of options.

Plus, it also features a blank template to let you put forward your own choice. All the templates are integrated on its homepage.

Additionally, you can use the search bar to quickly search templates with the keywords as per your need and choice.

With this feature-filled video editor, you get options for templates such as invitations, testimonials, products, snackable videos, pandemics, ads, listicles, and so on.

Now, if you are tense about finding the right kind of audience, InVideo is there to help. With the innovative feature of this editor, you do not need to panic about whether you are creating the apt content or not.

Its homepage has all the suggestions and ideas which might be required to produce eye-catching content. Its templates can also be modified as per your subject or theme.

Besides, if you do not find any template suitable for your project, create your unique template from scratch.

The template options on InVideo are impressive and time-saving. Additionally, they eliminate the stress of content originality with the massive availability of options, each unique in its own way.

The other elements of InVideo, such as voiceovers, fonts, sound and audio effects, pictures, etc., also assure success in quality and enhancive functionalities.

All in all, InVideo is all you will need to create magic with your videos online!

Step by step guide to editing videos using InVideo:

To begin editing, create your account on InVideo for free. After this, select the brand presets to type your brand name, add a logo, choose colors for branding, etc. then, tap on the save option to apply these changes to all your videos.

You will have different ways of editing on InVideo, such as basic editing with a blank canvas to make a video from the beginning. Then, you can use templates or else transform your blogs into creative-video content.

Basic editing with a blank canvas:

Step 1: After creating your account with InVideo, tap on the blank canvas and choose the aspect ratio based on the video platforms. Then, hit on the Make a Video button to begin.

Step 2: Now, you need to add a video file. You can do this by clicking on uploads from the left. Also, you can select videos and images using the stock media library of InVideo by tapping on video from the left panel.

Step 3: For adding media to the editing timeline, just drag and drop it into the canvas. After doing this, a pop-up will appear for video trimming or using the complete clip. Select the option accordingly. Then, if the InVideo is set to the Second timeline view, click on All Scenes to easily see everything.

If you want to add another video clip, click on the +Scene and decide the Blank Scene. After this, drag and drop the clip to the new blank scene. You can also choose to crop or trim the clip.

Step 4: To crop the video, tap the canvas again to find the crop option from the top left side. Click on this crop option and then click on Done.

Step 5: To add a voiceover, you can add a voiceover or record the voiceover within the tool. For recording from within, select the voiceover option from above the timeline and then choose the Record voiceover option, followed by clicking on Record to start recording.

Select Music to access InVideos’ free music library for royalty-free sounds if you wish to add background music. You can look for your choice of music. And then move the mouse on your choice of song, then press the +sign to add the song to your video.

Step 6: From the left, choose the Text option and then tap on the +sign near the add heading option. For editing the placeholder text, tap on the text box from the canvas, followed by changing the type in your text.

Step 7: For syncing the video with the audio track. You can play the unfinished video while adjusting the scene duration as per the music timings. You can do this by dragging the selected scene from the right or left side to increase or reduce the time accordingly.

Step 8: Now, if you want to add transitions in the scenes, navigate to the small box with the line passing through it and click on it. It will show all the transition options. You can then hover on these options to see what they offer. After this, click the option you want and add it to your video.

Step 9: To add more glam to your video, use overlays, and stickers. Start by clicking the stickers option and looking for various stickers using keywords. Then, click the one you like in your video. You can also move it on the screen to where you want it to be.

For overlays, tap the overlay option from the left side menu. Then, search for an overlay you need. To use, you can hover on the overlays and see how it will look on your video. To see various elements of the scene, all you need to do is tap on the timeline, which will launch the advanced timeline to reveal all the video layers. Then, adjust the elements for more precise editing.

Step 10: After your video is synced properly, preview it to check for any editing or errors. If it seems perfectly fine, tap on export, and soon it will be ready for download. Once you tap on export, the video will render. After this, click on download for saving the video to your device or share it on social media sites.

Editing with the premade template:

You can make your video come alive with premade templates. These fully customizable templates feature several effects, making a smart choice to save effort and time.

Step 1: After login into your InVideo account, select a premade template from the home screen. Then, select the aspect ratio as per the platform on which you want to post the video. Then, look for your choice of template. Then, tap on the Use this template option, after which you will be landed on the editor for editing.

Step 2: On the editor, you will find the template on the timeline; after this, you have to change the videos and images from your own. You can upload your media or select from the stock library of InVideo. You can choose any clip with your video and drag and drop it to the canvas. After this, click on Replace for the clip to be added to the template.

Step 3: Now, to trim the video, you need to use the trimmer by bringing it to the line, followed by selecting a trim video to fit the scene. Then, repeat steps 2 and 3 for replacing as many clips as you like.

Step 4: For changing music in your template, you first have to remove the existing track, then add the music of your choice from the stock library of the editing tool. For deleting the audio, hover on the same and then choose edit, followed by finally deleting.

To add a new track, go to Music to set from the royalty-free music. You can also search the tracks based on different genres, moods, etc. then, select the track of your choice, and then hover on the selected song and tap on the +sign to add it to your video.

Step 5: After your video is synced, you can preview it to check for any changes. If it looks fine, click on export; soon after, your video will be ready to download.

Once you tap on export, the video will be rendered. Then, click on the download option to save the video to your device or share it on any social media website.


Some of the features provided by the InVideo editing tool are:

  • More than 5000 premade templates
  • Provides voiceover support
  • Allows importing of images and videos
  • Conversion of text to video
  • Theme based visual effects and special effects with speed merging
  • Intelligent video assistant
  • Visual and text enhancement features
  • 24*7 live support


This editing tool provides three buyers options: free, business, and unlimited. The free version is available at no cost with basic features like access to 5000+ templates, auto text to speech conversion, video duration of 15 minutes, etc.

Its business plan comes at $15 monthly, billed at $180 annually, including no watermarking on videos, access to premium media, monthly 60 video exports, and all that is included in the free version.

Lastly, the unlimited plan of InVideo can be availed at $30 per month, billed at $360 annually. This plan includes unlimited import and export options along with 120 iStock media monthly 1m+ premium media with no watermarking on videos.

Tips for improving editing skills

After learning how you can be a pro in editing with InVideo, it is time to take note of the tips that will help you do editing flawlessly.

  • Have a goal in mind
  • Tell a story via your video
  • Learn keyboard shortcuts
  • Opt for the best video editor
  • Lay stress on colour correction
  • Opt for a suitable music
  • Avoid overdoing effects
  • Stabilise your footage


The essence of video editing lies in small details. To get the best out of your video, it is recommended to opt for a video editor that can make the job easy. With the above-given video editor, you get easy functionality and a wide range of premade templates, audio and visual effects, and many other benefits. We hope you shall be able to brace your editing skills and create visually enhanced videos every time with this post.



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