How to Use Social Media for Your Business?

How to use social media for your business

 How many social networks do you use to spread your brand or company? Depending on your answer, we can affirm that you are losing opportunities to be seen and to win over new clients.

 Social networks are normally free to access, intuitive to use and easy to interact with the public… In other words, there are no excuses for leaving them aside in the consolidation of your business. That is why we prepared a small manual on how to use the networks in your favor so as not to have errors:

1. Updates

Updated networks gain prominence on fan pages and are more viewed. In the end, everyone wants to see new content. But it is also necessary to maintain balance so that your publications do not get lost in a sea of ​​daily information.

The ideal is to make one publication per day on each social network, and at least 3 times a week. If your business also has a blog or website, it is recommended to schedule at least two posts per week. Take into account that some networks provide the hours of greatest public access, which varies periodically and it is always good to check.

2. Themes

Use social networks to talk only about your business, but also about related issues so as not to fall into the obvious. People tend to follow pages or profiles that are positive, humorous, creative and different.

How about recommending a movie that has to do with your company? Talk about a recipe, publish an illustration, show a photograph of a place. It is also interesting to indicate external links from sites that have issues in common with your brand. 

3. Originality

In addition to creating interesting and engaging posts, also think about doing something original, different from your competitors. Producing your own illustrations, photographs, infographics and other content, makes your page have something new, and that attracts people’s attention. It is always good to write down the ideas and even put together a spreadsheet with possible posts for the future. Making use of social media marketing in Atlanta or any other part of the country is a great way to spread awareness of the business that you are trying to promote and can help you maintain original and engaging posts for potential clients.

4. Images

Value images when creating a new publication on the networks. They capture the reader’s attention and they are more likely to feel like interacting, entering your page and even starting to follow it.

Publications that only have text and links are less seen and go unnoticed more easily. It is worth remembering that some channels allow the programming of publications, which can facilitate when you need to publish something at a certain time of day.

5. Hashtags

The famous hashtags can help your business to be well positioned in the searches, mainly in the recent searches of the social networks themselves. Therefore, when posting something, remember to put some hashtags at the end with keywords that can drive potential customers to you. But keep in mind to use them sparingly.

6. Interaction

Interact with your followers! Remind them that your page is not just an automatic content generation mechanism.

You need to respond to messages politely and within a certain period of time. This also makes the public feel seen and generates a link with potential customers and opinion makers.

7. Review

This advice is valid for everything in life, and in social networks it could not be different. Before posting something, review it.

Take a good look at the image, check the quality, and the lighting. Review the text, read calmly and make sure there are no writing, spelling or typing errors. Also check the links and tags, because if something is wrong, it could be that your follower is not able to access the content as they should. Remember that another digital communication medium such as a blog, for example, complements digital marketing strategies and gives your brand more credibility.


Social networks are an essential part of any business and it is likely that you have already opened some profiles for your company, but uploading an image or text from time to time is not enough to achieve success.

There’s a lot you can do to put social media to work for you, increase your sales, and grow your business. Here are some useful tips that can help you develop a good social media plan.

  • You have to pay. Even though signing up for a social network is free, the best way to take advantage of its reach is by creating a good social marketing plan and investing in advertising that gives you greater reach.
  • Not all social networks are for your company. Specifically choose the channels where you think you can generate good content and which fit your brand personality.
  • Create a community. The reason why your followers are there is because they want to find out what is happening with your company, give their opinion and be heard.
  • It offers added value. Offer discounts, event invites, exclusive news, and other content your followers find valuable.
  • Find your opinion leaders. Every market has social media opinion leaders and it’s important to find them and start a conversation with them. Interact and let them know about your service or product, this could lead to a good working relationship later.
  • Reply to your followers. If a user takes the time to write to you, reply. Whether it’s a question, an opinion, or especially a complaint, it’s important to respond to your followers to ensure they stay in touch with your business.
  • Do not focus your strategy on selling. Offer content that your customers can relate to and that doesn’t make them feel like your only message is an invitation to buy your product or purchase your services.
  • Generate conversation with other brands. One of the great successes of social networks is that they not only allow you to connect with your customers, but with other brands that could relate to what you are doing.
  • Don’t forget the metrics. All activity on social media can and should be monitored. Use this information to your advantage to generate better strategies.
  • Don’t forget that behind social networks, people expect to talk to a human being, not a robot. This advice will help you give your networks more personality, make them more user-friendly, effective, and functional, and this will, as a consequence, increase your audience and reach.

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