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Motvio OTO or Upgrades

Front End (Commercial):
=>> Motvio

Upgrade 1 (Motvio PRO):
=>> Motvio Upgrade 1

Upgrade 2 (Motvio GOLD):
=>> Motvio Upgrade 2

Upgrade 3 (Motvio PLATINUM):
=>> Motvio Upgrade 3

Upgrade 4 (Motvio ENTERPRISE):
=>> Motvio Upgrade 4

Upgrade 5 (Motvio Agency):

=>> Motvio Upgrade 5

Note: This is not a full review of “Motvio”. Here you can go through my full “Motvio review”.

OTO #1: Motvio PRO ($47 one-time)

  • Rapidly grow your business & scale your profits with custom video controls and interactive CTAs (call-to-action)
  • Playbar-Allow or disallow the playbar & keep the anticipation of your audience high during the video or help them to scroll forward.
  • Volume Controls-Select or deselect the controls for your volume.
  • Share & Embed-Insert buttons for social networking! For your videos, optimise exposure and make them go viral. Without writing a single line of code, simply add a video to your homepage, blog, or anywhere across the internet.
  • Play Speed Monitor – Monitor your videos’ speed! Enable your audience to raise or decrease the speed of playback according to their desired levels. This helps to keep viewers engaged and active with varying degrees of emphasis.
  • Fullscreen Add or disable full-screen mode.
  • Increase the audience’s interaction level by enabling them to rewind the video back to 10 seconds ago! Offer viewers the opportunity to revisit the previous section of the video to search out information that are important to them again or maybe even press the CTA.
  • Convert the video to 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and other resolutions. Using the built-in technology of “transcoding.”
  • By making the video resume from where your audience left off and watching your conversions soar, encourage your viewers to take a break and return to your video and continue watching.
  • It gives you a clear view of the whole page from the match! This helps eliminate distractions and improves conversions for your audience.
  • When communicating with other sites or applications, let your audience watch videos in a floating window and make your video abandonment rate drop like a rock.
  • To better rate them, simply add subtitles to your videos. Also, get better conversions from those without sound who watch your video.
  • In your video, insert custom text! Invite your audience to register or subscribe and see the skyrocket of your list and sales.
  • Would you like to advertise an on-going discount or a promotional promotion that is about to expire? To make more money, insert a picture or a banner to be displayed at a particular time.
  • Use your videos to insert a custom HTML code or theme.
  • No need to scroll down your audience and click on a link to take them to your landing / sales page, and risk dropping out or getting distracted from them! By just clicking on a button, make your audience take action when and when you want them to right inside the video.
  • Enable 1-Click video sharing (FB, Twitter , Instagram, etc.) through social networks. Let your videos go viral and get lots of free sales and traffic for you.
  • Display and sell your new items in your video right from inside! Your conversions are bound to go up, because after showing them some part of your video-that can serve as a presell-you can now introduce your product list to your viewers.
  • To view a carousel of your products, just enter your Amazon product URL. No need to redirect your viewers to a store page and run the risk of them dropping out.
  • To view a carousel of your items, just enter the URL of your Shopify product. Allow further sales quicker.
  • Motvio is highly user-friendly & incredibly simple to use! To be 100 percent sure that you can understand and implement everything we have to say, we have put together a range of easy to follow informative .training videos.
  • Priority support for PRO customers.

OTO #2: Motvio GOLD ($47 one-time)

  • Unlock video monetization & list building features inside your motvio dashboard & rapidly scale your business.
  • Generate Leads: Insert in your videos an email capture form and compel your viewers to subscribe.
  • Integration of Autoresponder: Integrates seamlessly with big autoresponders to capture all your leads
  • Monetize Your Videos: Run picture and video advertising for others and make big profits
  • No required technical skills or previous experience
  • With Motvio Gold, by having other companies run advertisements in your videos, you get the unique opportunity to make money.
  • For 1 ad on 1 video, you can earn good cash per month. Imagine running just 10 of these advertisements on 10 separate videos now. The benefits you can make are nuts.
  • For your customers, overlay an ad while your video plays uninterrupted! These are pictures / banners in which your customers advertise and market their products / services
  • While playing your video, you can view titles or long headings with the image logo at the top. You will let viewers or subscribers know about something when watching your videos.
  • Stop the video at a certain time and encourage the user to take certain acts, such as making him watch a portion and then asking him to subscribe, buy or update, display him a message, etc.
  • Redirect your viewers to your product page, funnel page or sales page at the end of the video. You may also opt to repeat the same video in a loop again.
  • To be 100 percent confident that you are able to grasp and implement everything we have to say, they have put together a series of easy to follow informative training videos.

OTO #3: Motvio PLATINUM ($37/Month)

  • Super-charge your videos using deep analytics & easy-to – understand video success reports for more conversions & profits.
  • See amazing advanced analytics on all your videos and collections, access dashboard traffic, statistics, interaction graphs, and unlock features such as adding pixels to FB and Google, plus split testing for A / B.
  • Get information about the cumulative amount of time all viewers have viewed the video.
  • This shows the percentage of individuals after landing on the page that actually went ahead to play the video.
  • And the real special values of the values
  • To measure your benefit potential better, get the real unique values.
  • Take a look at each day’s new leads and even copy them to a separate list to give them a welcome note.
  • Get insights into how profoundly the audience communicates with the funnel.
  • Get a comprehensive performance analysis of your video that shows you the entire timeline of the video at which points your viewers have fallen.

OTO #4: Motvio ENTERPRISE ($67 one-time)

  • Add Sub-Users To Your Account-With Motvio ENTERPRISE, you can now scale up your business. You can add additional users to your account in seconds. Have your team support you handle your ever-growing company & run it.
  • Develop accounts for outsourcers-Hire outsourcers to help you build the best video content for you, outsource ad management or expand your ads.
  • Company faster by connecting to your account a few additional hands from outside your company.
  • Add Clients Access Account-Build your clients with special VIEW-ONLY access so that you can give them access to Motvio.
  • Create & Handle Client Projects-This makes it easier to control the accounts of many clients at once.
  • Step-by – Step Video Sale Training-You get access to complete video training with the Motvio ENTERPRISE edition, showing you how you can easily add, delete & restrict access for various teams. The simple stuff!

OTO #5 :Motvio Agency

UNLIMITED Videos: Post as many videos of your organisation and of your clients as you want.
UNLIMITED storage: On our stable servers, we host ALL the videos and take care of all the costs.
Your Own Full-Blown Agency: Set up and handle your clients’ accounts easily…
Fast Billing: Build invoices within your Client Panel for your customers
Priority Support: A dedicated support desk for quicker customer service for Agency members
100 Templates: Get access to a pack of 100 video templates created professionally.
MORE Templates: Have 5 Brand-New Templates added to your account each month for your videos
VIP Access: Unlock access to your videos and advertisements for our Premium Fonts Pack
Do More With Motvio: Make Boomerang Images, Make Storyboards for Images
Inclusive Tutorials!
Sale Motvio Agency packs, i.e. you can charge what you want to your clients and suppliers, customise them in the dash and send them their own login information.
Market Motvio Videos, i.e. build and sell top-dollar Boomerang Videos and Video Storyboards to your clients
We have agreed to send you both, so you’ve got two ways to profit from MOTVIO. (cf. below)


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