Niche Reaper Review-Is It Worth To Invest?

What is Niche Reaper?

Niche Reaper is a collection of 2.2 million+ low competition keywords that you can use to build niche specific websites and blogs to get instant rankings and profits. Niche Reaper also has data like CPC, The average search volume for each keyword, Competition range for all those 2.2 million keywords.

Who needs this Niche Reaper?

Ranking on Google’s first page is very difficult nowadays. There are lots and lots of blog sites are growing every single day.

You have to focus on low competition keywords rather than competing with hard keywords. How can you get those low competition keywords? Well, that is why this niche reaper has been developed.

Rankings can be easy when you focus on low competition keywords. If you want to effortless Google page #1 rankings, then you can use this niche reaper software.

How does this Niche Reaper work?

Niche reaper finds you the low competition keywords from its growing database in any niche. You have to enter the main keyword and click search. The niche reaper will go and finds you the all relevant and low competition keywords for you.

Also, it shows you the average CPC values of each keyword, Difficulty score of each keyword, AdSense value of each keyword and even it checks you the availability of .com domain names for those keywords.

You have to simply extract all those keywords in your desktop and start building a niche specific blog site to get fast rankings to your contents.

Get maximum results with niche reaper using my strategy

Niche reaper pulls keywords if the keywords are having very low competition. Thought it does its job, you have to always make sure the keyword difficulty score in real-time.

Go to Google and search for the keywords that the niche reaper has given to you. Once you search the keywords on Google, you will be able to see the number of results that the keyword has already on Google.

And look at the top ranking blog posts and check its domain authority using Moz chrome extension. Lower the domain authority a better chance of getting ranked on Google.

Also, read all those top ranking blog posts and recall yourself to write great content out of it in your own way. That’s how you can get maximum results using niche reaper software.

What do i like about Niche Reaper?

It shows the hidden low competition keywords. That is a good job of this niche reaper software.

Also, it analysis the AdSense value for each keyword. This is the feature I saw on most of the software products. Check out the Adsense value for the keywords and its cost per click value and start building a blog.

The commercial price of this software is $147/month. Why because they are continuously adding 25,000 keywords to this niche reaper software every single day. But you are going to get it for $147 one of payment.

My final thoughts

Niche reaper shows you the difficulty score for each keyword and its real-time Adsense values. You have to follow some best practice to get the best results with this software.

Like, Creating better content over your competitors, building some decent amount of Backlinks to your posts, etc.

Higher search volume +Higher Cost Per Click+ Low Ranking Difficulty = Good and Profitable Keywords.

Apply my formula to research keywords and then start producing blog contents out of it.


The commercial price of this niche reaper software was $147/month. But now they are re-launching to the public via JvZoo platform for just onetime fee. You don’t want to pay a monthly price for this product. I recommend you to pick up this as soon as today.

Also, they have a special 30-day money back guarantee for their customers. so that you can get back your money anytime within the 30 day period.


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