Online Note Taking Tools vs. Traditional Paper: Comparison & Contrast


Online Note Taking Tools vs Traditional Paper Comparison & Contrast – An Introduction

Paper has been around for centuries.

With a 2,000-year-old history, paper had changed the way that people recorded information.

As the world revolutionized and entered into the digital era, many things and processes started to become automatic with the help of Digitization. 

Nowadays, we use modern digital document formats to record and convey information. 

The biggest impact on the comprehensive digitization of the educational process has been due to the COVID pandemic.

Due to this worldwide change, there has been an extensive demand for online tools that can ease academic and even other tasks at home. 

One such method of recording information digitally is with the help of an online notepad tool. 

An online notepad is a free tool that helps to note text online, save it make it easy to access.

This article will take you through all the information on both alternatives so that you can choose for yourself. 

Online Notepad vs. Traditional Paper Notepad

This heading will state the comparison/similarities and contrast/differences between the online notepad and a traditional paper notebook. 

“According to the latest data collated by the National Center for Education Statistics, as of 2017, 90.8% of U.S. households have members who own a computing device, including desktops, laptops, and smartphone (NCES, 2017).”

“Meanwhile, a study of community college students conducted by ECAR in 2019 revealed that 91% of the respondents have access to a laptop, and 97% of them personally own the device (Gierdowski, 2019).

“(Digital Notes Vs. Paper Notes: Benefits of Taking Notes by Hand, 2021)”

The facts noted above clearly states that most students and even household members own devices, thus performing the majority of their digital tasks with the help of those devices.

The statement proves that the majority of the population around the world relies on such devices for their digital tasks, whereas the use of traditional paper has significantly decreased.

This is where tools like the online notepad come into play. 


The only similarity in comparing both online note-taking and traditional paper notepads is that both are used for keeping and taking notes.

Advantages of Online Note Taking Tools and Traditional Paper Notepads

Online Notepad

Free of CostAlong with a number of features an online notepads do not cost even a single penny and are completely free to use. 
Easy to Use The tools use a simple UI and are very easy to use for any user. 
Simple DesignNotepads online also have a clean design, making them more visually appealing than paper notebooks.
Accessible on any DeviceThey are digitally accessible and can be used anywhere, so you can easily use them on any device with an internet connection.
Easily EditableAny content written within the free notepad is completely editable and the user can revise anything as per their desire. 
Text formattingOnline notepads offer a whole selection of text formatting options that you can use to change the text and write how you want.  
Password ProtectionAny content that you keep on the online notepad is completely safe and secure as the user can easily lock the note. 
Different modes for different notesThe majority of the online notepads have different modes that can be used for different notes, such as “Task List”, “Simple Text”, or a “Rich Text Mode” (with advanced text formatting options).
Easy Share abilityBecause notes are written online, they can easily be shared with anyone and can be saved in different formats. 

Paper Notepads

Quick Note TakingAnyone can just use a simple paper notepad to write and keep notes as they like. 
No eye fatigueA paper notepad is a simple object that does not use any screens or lights that will hurt your eyes. 
PortableA simple paper notepad can be carried anywhere.

Disadvantages of Online Note Taking Tools and Traditional Paper Notepads

Paper is indeed paper, but paper notepads are not perfect and have many downsides in this digital age.  

Online Notepads 

Only Available OnlineThe tool is only digitally accessible. It can only be a problem in countries or areas where the internet is scarce. 
Features may be OverwhelmingIt may be overwhelming for new users to adapt and shift to the online notepad. 

Paper Notepads

They cost moneyYou will have to pay for paper notepads or notebooks even though it may just be a few cents or a dollar, but that will add up if you use them a lot. 

They are not as durable
If you purchase one of these products, be sure it is reliable and durable enough for daily use.If your notepad pages tear or get damaged, do not be surprised if you lose important information because of it!
It is not easy to revise contentWith a paper notepad, you cannot update or revise content, let alone erase it, especially when you are using a pen and hundreds of pages filled with text.
Content is never safeA paper notepad has no privacy, as, of course, it is just a physical notebook that can be accessed by anyone when they get a hold of it.

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Effects of Paper on the Environment, an Insight on Paper’s Carbon Footprint

As per the statistics stated on the ( website, the average amount of carbon dioxide emissions per tonne of paper is 27–29 kg.

The production of specific chemicals causes a significant portion of carbon dioxide emissions.

Emissions can range from 15 kg to 63 kg per tonne of paper, depending on the chemicals used to bleach the paper.

As per the ( website, deforestation, massive energy usage, water consumption, air pollution, and waste issues are just a few of the negative environmental effects of paper production.

Another study states that between 2006 and 2009, North American paper consumption fell by 24% and is still decreasing. 

Around 26% of all waste at landfills is made up of paper.


Paper has been around for centuries.

As the world revolutionized and entered into the digital era, many things and processes started to become automatic with the help of digitization. 

The biggest impact on the wide digitization of the academic process has been due to the COVID pandemic.

One such method of recording information digitally is with the help of an online notepad tool.

Many studies show that devices are now commonplace in both academic and corporate sectors, and other such areas are also moving towards digitizing their processes.

While paper is one of the leading causes of pollution and harm to the environment, the online versions, such as the Online Notepad, are much more friendly and modern. 

The final verdict is that the advantages of an online notepad tool far outweigh those of traditional paper notepads.

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