PixaStudio Review – Create Stunning Designs, Grabs More Eyeballs

PixaStudio Review

PixaStudio Review

Did you know the brains of humans are designed to process images 60,000X faster than texts? Yes, it’s true.

Over 94% of the visitors leave the website if there are no images/graphics on it. As a serious marketer, you know how important is to have a wide pool of versatile images for marketing your products and services.

The need for high-quality, customized images is vital in today’s competitive world of business. An image is the most powerful way to express your thoughts and allure your audience. The more flexible and creative it is, the better will be the output in terms of conversion rates.

And it’s not just about creating a single image. The process of repurposing it into multiple formats for different platforms is equally important to maximize its visibility.

So there is no doubt that a strong, versatile, and easy-to-use design tool is a must-have for businesses nowadays.

To save you some time from searching the web for hours to find the best solution, I have some great news for you. There is an amazing drag & drop app called “PixaStudio” that lets you create any image with minimum effort and maximum flexibility.

Read the rest of my PixaStudio review to know more.

PixaStudio Review – The Brand Overview

  • Product Name: PixaStudio
  • Product Creator: IMReviewSquad
  • Launch Date: 2021-Oct-11
  • Launch Time: 11.00 EDT
  • Front End Price: $47
  • Bonus: YES
  • Refund: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Official Site: https://www.pixastudio.io/
  • Product Type: Software & Tools
  • Recommendation: Highly Recommended

What Is PixaStudio?

PixaStudio Review - What Is PixaStudio?

PixaStudio is a powerful yet easy-to-use design app with a very clean and intuitive interface. It is packed with over more than 15 million high-definition royalty-free images, graphics, vectors, illustrations, icons, and many other multimedia assets to choose from. You can use them for both personal and commercial purposes without worrying about copyright infringement because everything is royalty-free.

The Key Features:

[+] 12 Million+ Searchable Images
[+] Over 1Million+ Searchable GIFs and Memes
[+] 2 Million+ Searchable Stock Videos
[+] Over 20K Searchable icons and stickers
[+] 200K+ Hi-Def Stock Images
[+] Over 15K Vector Graphics
[+] Over 10K Downloadable Animated Gifs
[+] Easy To Photoshop Like Image Editor
[+] Download files in desirable formats (JPG, PNG, JPEG, GIF)
[+] 1-Click Social Sharing
[+] 10GB Cloud Storage to upload and edit your own images and videos
[+] Viral Quotes Collection
[+] Step By Step Training
[+] Cloud Based and Newby Friendly

About The Creators

PixaStudio Review - The Creators

IMReviewSquad is a marketing professional team that has been working with affiliate marketing and video production for years. They launched HostSquad, AgencySquad, DigiSquad, AnimateSquad, SlideStudio, and many more successful products to come in the future. These products have received high praises from experts as well as users alike.

After delivering huge success in the software industry for years, they are now creating this incredible product with a vision to make it the best design app available in today’s market.

Why PixaStudio?

An image worth a thousand words. It is one of the most powerful ways to express your thoughts and convey messages that appeal to people’s emotions, which consequently leads to an increased sales conversion rate.

However, creating unique design assets for marketing purposes is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are several complicated tools like Photoshop with a steep learning curve that make it tough for beginners to create professional graphics and images.

So, this is how PixaStudio comes into the picture. It is a simple design tool that lets you effortlessly work with a huge collection of versatile images to create amazing graphics and edit them as per your requirements.

With PixaStudio, you can:

[+] Easily create stunning designs with zero technical skills.

[+] Use over 15 million high-definition images, icons, and vectors.

[+] Share your final design to social media platform with just a click of a button.

[+] Make viral quotes with the built-in quote maker and more.

PixaStudio Review - Use case 1
PixaStudio Review - use case 2
PixaStudio Review - use case 3

How Does PixaStudio Work?

PixaStudio works in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: First, type in a keyword search in search of an image, or anything else from the PixaStudio library.

PixaStudio Review - step 1

Step 2: It’s time to go through your idea and modify it to fit your requirements by using an integrated Image & Video Editor.

PixaStudio Review - step 2

Step 3: You’re done! Save and download your file in a format that you can save as a file or at the resolution you prefer, or share it on social media platforms via the dashboard.

PixaStudio Review - step 3

If you don’t know how PixaStudio works, watch this video to get a better understanding.

PixaStudio Review – The Best Features

12 million+ searchable images: A huge library of more than 12 million searchable images, representing every lucrative sector on earth All searchable with keywords. Boost your marketing efforts with the millions of images available you can access.

1 Million+ GIFs Memes: You are able to browse a huge collection of more than 10L GIFs and memes – searchable by keywords, and can help you increase your game. This is not the case previously.

PixaStudio Review - feature 1

2 Million+ Searchable Stock Videos: Search for top-quality stock videos has come close. Instead, you’ll be able to access over 2 million stock videos by search using keywords.

PixaStudio Review - feature 2

More than 20K searchable icons As Well As Stickers: Shape your marketing strategies by using our extensive selection of 20K stickers and icons which are all accessible through the internet with a simple search by keywords.

PixaStudio Review - feature 3 stickers

200K+ Hi-Definition Stock Photos: Unseen collections of 200K+ High Definition stock photos are to be yours.

PixaStudio Review - feature 4 stock photos

The Over 15K vector Graphics: Don’t look back for a vector graphic that is expensive and wastes your time and effort. You own the exclusive rights to over 15K vector graphics, perfect for any areas.

PixaStudio Review - feature 5 vectors

Over 10K Downloadable animated GIFs: Do not pay again to download animated GIFs to your business. A huge collection of 10K captivating and downloadable GIFs are ready for use today.

PixaStudio Review - feature 6 animated GIFs

Photoshop Like Image Editor: The built-in Photoshop Like Image Editor lets you modify images according to your preferences. It also lets you use them to serve your needs the best.

PixaStudio Review - feature 7 image editor and designer

Download Files: In desired formats (JPG/PNG/JPEG/GIF Don’t waste your time changing downloaded files to formats that you like. You can download files in the formats that you prefer, such as JPG, PNG, JPEG, and GIF. No additional work or expertise is required. Everything is extremely easy for you!

PixaStudio Review - feature 8 download formats

Viral Quotes Collection: Here you have access to an assortment of quotes that are viral All in one location!

PixaStudio Review - feature 9 viral quotes

1-Click Social Sharing: After the image is downloaded, and then altered it to match your advertising campaigns You will have the ability to share it on the most popular social media platforms with just one click.

10GB Cloud Storage: is Available Also, you receive a massive 10GB cloud storage that lets you upload as well as edit pictures and videos with no hassle.

PixaStudio Commercial License: With the PixaStudio commercial license in your arsenal, you can sell over 15 million multimedia assets to your customers at any price, you want to command & keep 100% of the profits for yourself. Plus, sell the designs to your customers that you have created using Pixa studio’s drag-n-drop design editing app & keep the 100% of the profits for yourself.

Who Is PixaStudio For?

PixaStudio is for anyone who wants to speed up their creative process.

  • Freelancers: If you are a freelancer, then you know that the most profitable campaigns are those that involve creativity. PixaStudio will give you all of the amazing tools and resources that you need to create incredible designs in minutes!
  • Website Owners: Whether you own a blog or an eCommerce store, we have got graphics, banners, and other types of images for your content. If this sounds like something that might interest you, then PixaStudio is just what you need.
  • Business Owners: If you are a business owner, then you know that having professional-looking images for your website is crucial. Let’s face it… images = traffic! With our massive library of designs, high-definition assets, and digital assets available for use, you’ll never have to worry about creating your own designs ever again.
  • Advertisers: If you are advertising on social media, then you know how important it is to create attention-grabbing images and videos. PixaStudio will give you all of the tools and resources that you need to make your ad campaigns a success.
  • Video Creators: If you are creating videos for YouTube or Vimeo, then having the best content is of paramount importance. With PixaStudio now you can create amazing visuals for your videos with just a few clicks.
  • eCommerce Store Owners: If you own an eCommerce store, then it’s vital that you stand out from the crowd in order to succeed in this cutthroat industry! PixaStudio will give your online business a leg-up on your competition by giving you powerful design and marketing tools at the click of a button.

How PixaStudio Is Better?

There are many software, apps, software, and tools currently on the market. How is PixaStudio any different?

What separates PixaStudio from all of the other similar software tools out there is that it offers a wide range of features which are sure to help you increase your productivity. With PixaStudio, not only can you create amazing designs super fast, but you can also do lots of other amazing stuff in a matter of minutes.

PixaStudio is simple to use! This design tool was designed with the end-user in mind. No matter if you’re looking for attacking social media posts or amazing graphics to decorate your website or any other kind of graphic, this easy-to-use yet powerful web app will let you create stunning designs for almost any purpose.

No more having multiple browser tabs opened to access all of your favorite resources! PixaStudio has over 15 Million unique designs, pictures, vectors, videos, audios, and more.

Rating Of PixaStudio

Pixa Studio Review

PixaStudio Rating

PixaStudio is a cloud-based design app that offers over 15 Million multimedia assets. PixaStudio has been designed to offer the end-user a number of different features that will help them increase their productivity. With PixaStudio, you can easily create stunning designs whether it be for social media posts or something to decorate your website with just by using the easy-to-use but powerful web app. PixaStudio also offers designers the ability to create videos for YouTube and Vimeo with just one click.






OVERALL: 4.5/5

What Do I like About PixaStudio?

Drag-And-Drop Editor: This is one of my favorite features about PixaStudio. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to easily place videos, images, and text into your design with just a few clicks of your mouse or touch on mobile devices.

Training Materials: I got the chance to go through the Pixastudio training materials and I can tell you that they will help you get started with this app in no time.

Commercial Rights: With PixaStudio, you can make as many projects as per your needs and even for your clients without any restrictions.

Fast-Action Bonuses: If you purchase Pixastudio before the launch day ends, then you will get all of the fast action bonuses that are included to help you reap more out of your marketing campaigns and get more out of Pixastudio.

What Do Other Users Say About PixaStudio?

Many people are using PixaStudio and they left positive reviews. Take a look at the image below.

PixaStudio Review - from real user 1
PixaStudio Review - from real user 2
PixaStudio Review - from real user 3

The Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • 15Million searchable stock media
  • No monthly fee
  • No ads
  • Can be used for commercial projects and sites
  • Newbie friendly


  • You can’t edit any of the images or videos after downloading them. You’ll need to do so before importing them into your design file.

PixaStudio Upgrades & Pricing Details

The Front End: PixaStudio ($47)

[+] 12 Million+ Searchable Images
[+] Over 1Million+ Searchable GIFs and Memes
[+] 2 Million+ Searchable Stock Videos
[+] Over 20K Searchable icons and stickers
[+] 200K+ Hi-Def Stock Images
[+] Over 15K Vector Graphics
[+] Over 10K Downloadable Animated Gifs
[+] Photoshop Like Image Editor

Upgrade 1: PixaStudio PRO Version ($47-$67)

[+] 2 Million+ Additional Searchable Stock Videos (Multiple Size & Resolutions)
[+] Over 10K Downloadable HD and 4K Videos
[+] 500+ Motion Background Videos
[+] Animated Characters
[+] Live Video Editor for creating Video Memes
[+] Green Screen Videos
[+] Animated Backgrounds
[+] PPT Templates
[+] Motion Backgrounds
[+] In-Built Meme Editor
[+] Voice Replacement in Videos
[+] Put Your own logo/watermark on videos
[+] Commercial License to Serve Your Clients

Upgrade 2: PixaStudio Audio Version ($37-$47)

[+] Over 150K Searchable Stock Audios
[+] Over 3K Downloadable Stock Audio Assets
[+] Thousands of Sound Effects
[+] Commercial License to Serve Your Clients

Upgrade 3: PixaStudio Reseller ($197-$297)

[+] Exclusive Reseller License
[+] 100 and Unlimited PixaStudio Accounts
[+] DFY Sales Material
[+] Sell PixaStudio to Your Clients and Keep ALL the Profits
[+] DFY Tech Set-up Saving You Thousands of Dollars
[+] 24*7 Software Membership and Customer Support
[+] 100% Hands-Free Income

Upgrade 4: PixaStudio Voice Maker ($47-67)

[+] A Smart AI Based Text-To-Speech Software That Creates Realistic Human Sounding Voice Overs
[+] Commercial License Included

Note: Front end is compulsory. Once you get the front end offer you will see all the upgrade links of PixaStudio one by one.

PixaStudio Review – Does It Worth To Buy?

PixaStudio Review - all in one suite

Stock media assets are sold for prices that are usually in the hundreds to thousands of dollars. With PixaStudio, you’ll get access to over 15 Million stock media assets for just one low price! There’s no monthly fee, so it’s easy on your wallet too.

Plus, this app is perfect for both beginners and experienced graphic designers because even though it has a user-friendly interface, it still offers all of the features that you would expect from a professional design tool.

PixaStudio is the best deal for graphic designers because you will get access to even more stock media assets that can save your clients time and also increase their productivity. You can easily create stunning designs in just minutes and at an affordable price. PixaStudio truly is the most powerful and one of the best web apps for creating designs.

The Top 6 Benefits of Using PixaStudio

  • Tweak your design & make it professional! Have you ever wanted to tweak an image to make it look a little more professional? Maybe you’ve wanted to make a design unique by adding your own text, inserting a logo, or modifying the image in some other way. PixaStudio has been designed with this use in mind.
  • Sick and tired of overpaying for marketing content? Searching for images can be really tedious, time-consuming, and also an energy-draining process. In addition to this, it can become really expensive as you have to pay a fee for every image you discover. With the 15 million designs library, you will never have to worry about spending your money on royalty-free images again!
  • Can’t design? PixaStudio was designed for you! If you can’t design, don’t worry! Because PixaStudio was designed with the end-user in mind. No matter if you’re looking for attacking social media posts or amazing graphics to decorate your website or any other kind of graphic, this easy-to-use yet powerful web app will let you create stunning designs for almost any purpose.
  • You and your company should be represented online! Don’t you think that any company should have a nice-looking banner? If you’re running a business, I’m sure that there is no question about it! Well, if this sounds like something that might interest you, then PixaStudio has got what you need.
  • You don’t know how to use sophisticated software! Say bye-bye to Photoshop! You don’t have the time or money to invest in expensive design software. If this sounds like you, then PixaStudio is just what you need!

The Conclusion Of PixaStudio Review

This is the conclusion of my PixaStudio review. I hope that you have enjoyed learning about this design app and that it will help your business in the future.

Remember, there is a bonus for everyone who purchases before the launch day ends!

I hope that I’ve helped you tap into the potential of PixaStudio. If you’re interested in creating designs with stock media assets without paying too much money for it, then this app is perfect for you.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving PixaStudio a try. Learn more about it today and enjoy everything that Pixastudio has to offer!

PixaStudio FAQ

Do I Really Need PixaStudio?

That’s up to you because you have to understand that PixaStudio is a Commercial License, and with it, You can earn between $3k & $5k per month, That’s a massive sum for most entrepreneurs.

What Does The PixaStudio Do?

It gives you access to over 15 million unique items, all unique to PixaStudio itself. It also gives you access to the most powerful drag-n-drop editing App for videos of images that is accessible today.

What computer skills are required of me?

All of our tutorials include step-by-step instructions on how you can get started using PixaStudio. All the computer skills that are required is your ability to access Google Chrome and download items onto your device, this is something that practically everyone can accomplish.

Is there any monthly recurring fee or any hidden costs included?

No. it’s a one-time payment of $47 and you’re free to use it on as many projects as you can work on with no additional monthly fees or hidden costs.

Are multimedia assets being offered under PixaStudio compatible with all leading software?

A5: Yes, no matter what business you’re in, PixaStudio’s multimedia assets will be compatible with all major software that you use.

How much does it cost to receive the PixaStudio commercial license?

The Pixastudio Commercial License can be yours for a one-time payment of $47.

How Much Does PixaStudio Bundle Cost?

It costs between $199 to $299 but depending on the sale, there might be a discount of up to 80% on its price.

PixaStudio Bonuses

Bonus Logo, Bonus Button, Take Action, Wait

NOTE: This is the special deal from me: If you get this PixaStudio through my link, I will support you whenever you want (just add my skype sarathi2405partha). Seriously, I’ll be your go-to guide when it comes to this product. You can ask me anything and I will give you a hand whenever necessary!

You can get the following bonuses for free. Just do this two steps.

  • Step 2: Simply forward your payment receipt to my email ID (bonus.spsreviews@gmail.com). Or you can contact me via Skype (sarathi2405partha). You will get my Bonuses within 12-24 hours.

High Value Bonus Also For Free (Value $1997)

Traffic Apps & Courses (Value $5000)

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Ultimate Bonuses (Never Seen)

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Bonus #21

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