Pro Marketer App Review – Is It Worth To Buy?

What is Pro Marketer App?

Pro Marketer App is a new cloud-based software product that allows anyone to create any kind of marketing pages in just a few clicks.

Pro Marketer App is fully cloud-based so that you can get free hosting for all your pages.

Who should consider buying Pro Marketer App?

This app helps to build amazing looking sales pages with simplified drag and drop page builder.

If anyone struggles to create sales pages, landing pages or any kind of marketing pages, they can use this software.

If you already have a site and don’t and struggling to build professional pages on your site, you can have this software. I will show you why in this review.

In a simple line, Pro Marketer App is suitable for,

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Local business
  • Product launchers
  • Website owners
  • Bloggers

How does Pro Marketer App work?

Step1: Login to you Pro Marketer App dashboard.

Step2: Click the pages menu

Step3: Type your page name and sludge(URL structure) and click save.

Step4: Go to pages section and select the page that you just named. Choose any one of the templates from the app.

Step5: Customize the page according to your need with simple to use drag and drop page builder.

Step6: Once you finished the editing process, then click publish. Now your page is live on Pro Marketer App.

Step7: This is an optional step. If you want to host the page on your own hosting/domain, you can able to copy the code from the Pro Marketer App and paste it to your own hosting domain (Process shown in the Members area). Your page will be instantly live on your hosting domain.

What do I like about Pro Marketer App?

I like the interface of this software. There is no complected menus and other things.

I like their drag and drop page builder that is built-in with the app. The page builder has all the options to properly edit the pages. Page builder separates each element of the page and gives us the option to customize the page accordingly.

Blank canvas feature: The blank canvas feature is to create pages on your own style. You have to start from scratch. This is useful to completely customize the page in our own way.

By using this blank canvas feature, you can able to create any kind of marketing pages, product and service pages using the built-in page builder/editor.

What do I don’t like about it?

You can able to create pages with their own platform. Your pages will be this (

They don’t have any option to integrate our own custom domain names. If you guys request this feature the developer may add this custom domain integration feature.

However, you can edit the page in your way and copy the page code that the (Pro Marketer App gave), paste it to your own web hosting to make it live.


  • Beginner friendly page builder
  • No hosting required
  • Automated code generation for each page
  • SEO friendly URL structure for every page
  • 30-Days money back guarantee


  • Price of Pro Marketer App will get increased once if the launch period is over.
  • You need a small amount of money for buying hosting for your own domain if want to host the pages on your own domain names.

My final thought about Pro Marketer App

Let say you are in a bakery and looking into all verities of cakes. What will be your choice? or which cake will you choose to order?

First, you will see the appearance of that cake, Right? This is applicable to all type of marketing. Having a high-quality product or offer is not a matter. You should have good looking marketing/sales page to convert visitors into buyers.

That is I recommend a good page builder to your online business. If you go for ClickFunnels and other page builder platforms, they will charge you anywhere between $49/month to 297/month. Which is huge money if you are at the beginner level.

So, spend a little bit of money at the beginning of your online business. Once if you see some success, then go for high-end products and services.


Pro Marketer App gives you 30-Days money back guarantee. Which means you can use to create marketing pages for up to 30-days in the risk-free mood. If you don’t like this app within 30-days you can contact their support staffs to get back your money.

I hope you enjoyed my Pro Marketer App review today. If you like my review please comment on this page.

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