Profilemate Bundle Deal – Should I Buy This Deal?

Product NameProfilemate Bundle
Product CreatorLuke Maguire
Release Date & Time2023-Mar-07 at 09.00 EDT
Bundle Price$397
Discount/Coupon CodeYes
Free BonusesYes
Money Back Guarantee30-day
Bundle Deal Link
Product CategorySoftware/Instagram Growth Tool
RecommendationHighly Recommended

What is Profilemate Bundle?

Profilemate Bundle Deal - Should I Buy This Deal in 2023?

Profilemate Bundle is a package deal that includes both the front-end and all the upsells in Profilemate’s funnel.

So basically, Profilemate is a tool that helps users find targeted leads on Instagram by searching for profiles based on specific criteria.

Here is what you will get with the Profilemate Bundle deal:

Funnel StageDescriptionRegular Price
Front-EndAllows users to search 2-3k users per day and get details such as emails (50-150 per day on average)$47
OTO1VIP Training and Webinar series on how to use Profilemate in e-commerce, local marketing, affiliate marketing, and offline business$47
OTO2Supercharged Searches which increases the daily search limit and allows users to search locations and hashtags in addition to profiles, with the potential to increase monthly emails to 8-15k. Includes a recurring fee$47/m
OTO3Unbranded Version which offers 10 or 50 unbranded license keys for Profilemate, allowing users to resell them to clients. Each license key delivers around 5k targeted user emails per month$197-497
Bundle DealIncludes all of the above$397

Profilemate Bundle includes all of the above for just $397. This deal makes it easy for users to get the most out of Profilemate and can be a great asset for businesses looking to expand their reach.

What Is The Best Choice? Profilemate Bundle Deal or Buying OTOs One-By-One?

The Profilemate Bundle deal is the best choice in terms of cost savings when compared to buying the OTOs one by one.

The bundle costs $397, which is considerably less than the individual prices of all the upsells – $188 ($47 + $47 + $47/month) plus a one-time payment of $197 or $497 for the unbranded version.

The bundle also saves time, since it’s a one-time purchase and doesn’t require managing multiple orders.

Also, if you purchase the bundle, you have access to all the upsells immediately, while individual purchases they can take longer to process.

Overall, the Profilemate Bundle is a great deal and offers significant savings compared to buying all the upsells individually. It’s also an easy way to get access to all of Profilemate’s features in one purchase. With the bundle, users can maximize their reach and start getting more targeted leads quickly.

Who is Profilemate Bundle For?

Profilemate has many different use cases. Here are a few:

  • E-commerce Businesses: Profilemate Bundle can help e-commerce businesses find new customers and target their ideal audiences with ease.
  • Local Marketers: Profilemate Bundle provides comprehensive training on how to use the tool in local marketing, giving marketers access to valuable details such as emails of potential customers in a specific area or niche.
  • Affiliate Marketers: With Profilemate, affiliate marketers can easily search for profiles based on criteria and quickly get details about these users that they can use for outreach campaigns.
  • Offline Businesses: The VIP Training included in the bundle gives offline businesses an edge by providing detailed instructions on how to maximize profits by using this tool effectively.
  • Resellers/Freelancers: The Unbranded Version upsell allows users to purchase 10 or 50 unbranded license keys which have great potential for high ROI if used correctly – perfect for freelancers looking for clients, or entrepreneurs searching for opportunities to resell them at a profit!
  • Social Media Managers/Agencies: Social media managers and agencies can make full use of all the features provided in the Profilemate Bundle – from finding targeted leads on Instagram with Supercharged Searches to obtaining valuable details such as emails, to reselling Profilemate licenses.
  • Any Business: Ultimately, any business can use Profilemate Bundle to expand its reach and target the right people with ease. The bundle provides users with all the benefits of Profilemate in one easy-to-access package, making it a great asset for businesses looking to make the most of this powerful tool.

How to Use Profilemate Bundle to Make Money?

Profilemate Bundle deals can be used in a variety of ways to earn money. Let me explain the ways I know to make money online using the Profilemate bundle deal.

  • Instagram Influencer Marketing: Using Profilemate Bundle to identify influencers in a particular niche and partner with them for sponsored content or promotions.
  • Dropshipping: Finding potential customers on Instagram using Profilemate, then selling products to those customers through dropshipping services like Shopify or Oberlo. (50 words)
  • Niche Affiliate Marketing: Identifying people who fit the profile of your target audience and promoting products related to their interests via affiliate links.
  • Local Business Lead Generation: Utilizing Profilemate Bundle’s location search feature to find local businesses that may need additional marketing help and offering it as a service at an affordable price point.
  • Social Media Consultancy Service: Offering social media consultancy services such as setting up, managing, and optimizing accounts for clients by utilizing data from Profilemate Bundle’s targeted lead search engine results.
  • Email List Building & Selling Leads: Collecting email addresses of targeted leads found with Profilemate Bundle’s email scraper feature and either building an email list or directly selling these leads to other businesses at a profit.
  • Digital Coaching: Helping entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their goals with the help of Profilemate Bundle tools.
  • Social Media Ads: Utilizing targeted leads found in Profilemate Bundle to create customized, highly-targeted ad campaigns on social media.
  • Instagram Story Promotion: Creating engaging stories and promoting them on Instagram using data from Profilemate Bundle’s targeted search results.
  • Offering a SaaS Product for Targeted Lead Generation: Offering software as a service product that helps businesses generate more targeted leads using Profilemate Bundle’s search feature.

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Get the Profilemate Bundle Deal

  • Step 1: Visit Profilemate’s bundle deal page,, to get access to the Profilemate Bundle deal.
  • Step 2: Once on the above page, navigate to the “Pricing” page for more information about the bundle options.
  • Step 3: Click on “Get Profilemate Bundle” which is listed at a one-time price of $397 for all features included in the deal.
  • Step 4: When ready to purchase, select “Add to Cart” and follow the checkout process. This will include entering your payment information and any relevant billing or shipping details.
  • Step 5: After completing your purchase, you will receive an email confirmation with Login information for your Profilemate Dashboard.
  • Step 6: Log in to your dashboard, where you’ll find everything you need to get started with Profilemate Bundle and start finding targeted leads for your business. Enjoy!
  • Step 7: If at any time you experience difficulties or have questions about the service, feel free to reach out to their customer support team via email or live chat. They are available 24/7 and happy to assist.

Profilemate Demo:

The Best Practices to Get the Most out Of Profilemate Bundle

  • Research your target audience: Before starting, take time to research the needs and interests of your target audience so you can better tailor Profilemate searches for them.
  • Set clear goals: It’s important to have a goal in mind before using Profilemate Bundle so that it is easier to measure success down the line.
  • Use profile data wisely: Collected data from user profiles should be used responsibly and only for positive purposes such as providing helpful content or valuable services/products rather than spammy messages or ads without permission.
  • Monitor hashtag trends regularly: Make sure to keep tabs on popular hashtags related to your target market which can provide insight into what topics they engage with most often; this makes it easier to tailor searches and get better results with Profilemate Bundle.
  • Test different search criteria: Experimenting with different search criteria when using Profilemate Bundle can yield valuable information about how well specific keywords or hashtags work for finding relevant leads in your niche.

Profilemate Bundle Deal – The Verdict

In conclusion, Profilemate Bundle deal is an amazing package deal for businesses looking to expand their reach. With the front-end and upsells included in this bundle, users can get a lot of mileage out of Profilemate with potential for high ROI if used correctly.

If you’re serious about leveraging Instagram leads as part of your marketing strategy, then investing in the Profilemate Bundle could be one of the best decisions you make all year.

You’ll have access to thousands of targeted emails each month along with comprehensive training on how to use it effectively so that you can take advantage of every lead opportunity available.

Don’t wait any longer – start taking control over your business’s success today!

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