5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Never Make

5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Never Make - SPSReviews

If you use social media at all – either in a business or personal capacity – you’ll find that some of your posts simply do better than others. They get more likes, comments, engagement in general. 

Have you ever wondered what you’re doing wrong when your carefully crafted social media update gets only two likes, one of which is from your intern? Even if your intern isn’t the one to be blamed, have you ever taken a step back and contemplated on what exactly you are missing ? What may be the possible reasons that have been hindering your efforts? 

Even though the other party may work in the same sector as you, what are they doing that you aren’t doing, or at least not as well?

The thing is, in such a matter, a lot of things depend on how creatively you’re able to utilize the latest trends. The reasons why certain posts fail to stand out is because they made an inadequate use of the ongoing trend. Or maybe, you may not have been communicating better with your audience? These factors are minute but are worth considering at every step- especially when you’re in the digital sphere where trends simply happen to change within a blink of an eye- no exaggeration!

However, a digital marketing agency can help you figure out the kinks in your systems quickly; if you want to go the DIY way, here’s a few things you should know about social media mistakes you should avoid like the plague!

5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Never Make | Learn from the mistakes of others and save yourself time, money, and a lot of stress with these social media marketing tips.

Cross-posting: posting the same content across all social media channels.

If you’re a social media user yourself, you already know that different social media platforms have different cultures and trends. What works on Twitter won’t work on Facebook, and that viral post on Instagram may only get a handful of bites on Tumblr. 

Why, then, would you post the same content across all your social media profiles

Keep in mind that the people that follow you on Instagram may as well follow you on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t subject them to the same content thrice in a row! Try applying certain variations in your content/posts that allure new audience to watch you and be curious to see what all you’ve got in store for them!

Tailor your content to the channel you’re posting on. Keep your reels for Instagram and share that long text post on LinkedIn or Facebook! You’ll find your reach increasing slowly but surely with the right content at the right place. 

Feeling the need to maintain an active presence on every social media platform. 

This is closely related to the first mistake. Don’t feel pressured to make an account on every new and passing social media platform you encounter. 

Not all businesses are well-suited to all social media platforms. If you’re a jewellery story or a local bakery, it just makes more sense for you to focus on visual platforms to mark your presence. If you run a cool independent press, on the other hand, a thread of tweets may be just what you need to go viral!

The key is of course to stay consistent for constant engagement but remember that it shouldn’t hamper your performance. 

Posting all day every day without regard for quality. 

People constantly talk about posting schedules and the importance of posting every day to play nice with social media algorithms. Whenever you try to talk to machines rather than your target audience, you’ll find your reach inevitably plummeting. Choose to focus on creating good quality content tailored to a handful of social media channels and watch the magic happen. 

Your audience would always prefer to witness quality over quantity. Quality always adds on to your popularity and overall liking. So, even if you prefer to post 3-4 days a week, make those 3-4 days demonstrate quality and stay memorable to your audience.

Ignoring user generated content.

Once you reach a certain threshold of popularity, you’ll find your audience doing the work for you – by creating content related to what you do. Hit the repost button – always with due credit, of course. This not only lets you create some authentic connections within the communities you’re active in, but it also allows you to engage with the community at large.

That’s why it is best advised to give your one hundred percent initially. Once you reach the zenith of your popularity, your efforts would not be required every time.

Ignoring comments and questions on your posts.

You might think the cool and aloof persona is a good brand strategy to appear interesting. However, replying for engagement with respect to your content is a much better strategy: your target audience will appreciate being seen and heard, and you can clarify anything that’s not too clear about your brand or products! You see, two birds, one stone!

The Upshot

Social media marketing can be incredibly powerful when conducted under the guidance of a digital marketing agency. It can exponentially boost your reach and help you reach people you might never have through traditional marketing. It is literally these small details that either save you or fail you. Therefore, you’ve to keep your eyes open all the time in case you really want to stand out and become an opponent that is constant in the game. It is also understandable how we can not always stay this attentive and keep track about the ongoing trends and the little details to add on in our content/posts, that is when the expertise of a digital marketing agency comes in handy!

However, it’s also a tricky thing to get right: people are finicky, and what draws in some people might unexpectedly turn away others. A keen eye on the pulse of what’s working combined with flexibility, however, can help you turn around even these mistakes! If you find yourself balking at the thought of diving into the world of social media marketing, consider calling on an experienced agency like AdLift to make the journey smoother!



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