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How to start a blog with Yesterday’s changes at were called Jarvis. One of the major changes was boss mode. If you are looking for a review go here. Boss mode allows you to write more copy quicker, so I had the brilliant idea to make a 100-page blog using and Surfer SEO.

You will see how I picked a blog. I don’t know much about content domain names and all the rest. This will be the entire process. I don’t want this to be the niche I choose. But I do have one in my mind.

I’m going use Jarvis to do everything. I’m going for 95 hands and I’ll show you results in about a month. Let’s get to it. What is it? Is it that I’m going over to Amazon? I’m an amazon associates affiliate.

What I would do is just go through the site and quickly find a niche. So what I will do is go down to the department. You can go down to view all the information now. Amazon is not the best way to make money. But I will show you how to get started. Let’s start with grilling. Then we can move on to tools and home protection. Next, we could work on storage and organization in the kitchen and dining room. 

There are many options. Let’s start with the kitchen and dining. We can sort of see where we want to go, but I really wanted to make grills for my girls. So what are we going to do? I’m going to show you how you can find keywords using this tool. This isn’t just my idea. Marcus, who is known as the affiliate marketing dude, taught me a lot about how to set up a blog. I’m going just to use keywords explorer to enter the outdoor grill. 

I typed outdoor grille. It’s the keyword, as you can see. The difficulty is now ranked as difficult. The keyword difficulty scale is a sliding scale, with 100 being the most difficult. 100 being the easiest. 100 is the least difficult. The more difficult it is, the better. 58 is not bad considering that we are in 2021 and almost everyone has a blog. If we move on to matching terms, it is easy to see that there are many numbers. A six-uh outdoor grill station could offer a great opportunity up to 58

One thing is right: That’s mark zero outdoor barbecue table. I’m just going to copy that. Although I can click on the link or copy it, it still says the keyword. It is easy to create a new blog or website. The difficulty is zero. You can learn more about blogging by looking for websites with an ar greater than a million. This website has 56 5.6million. 1.2.7 million

It should give you an idea of how to rank. We’ll click on this site and we’ll see the keywords they use. Now, we will just copy the URL and go to keywords everywhere. Once we are inside site explorer, we’ll copy and paste the domain name and delete it. We are trying to find keywords they rank for since they have low domain authority. It might be possible to rank quickly for certain words. We’re looking for keyword ideas and writing down 30 keywords.

Then we move to the next step which is to give everything to and to serve SEO. We’re going to click on organic keywords. This will reduce the difficulty of the keyword to five or less. This should make it relatively simple for new blogs to rank. Then you’ll see all the words we could possibly use to create content for the best smoker grill combination. It has a keyword with a difficulty of four um, and it states that it gets about 1700 searches per month.

This could make it a great opportunity to create content for the best smoker grill combo. We could also copy the text and paste it into Google to see how difficult it would take to rank. I’m going to click on “Bake lighter” or “Burger Press” and see if it ranks. The search volume for barbecue lighters is 1100, and the keyword difficulty is zero. 

We’re going to just paste this in here, and let us have a look at the top results:, again home depot. Um, six of the best barbecue lighters. This could be a great opportunity. Affiliates try to do everything possible. You should get to amazon. People tend to shop for more than one item when they are satisfied with their purchase from amazon. 

These lighters cost less than $20, but you could make a lot of money if you purchase toilet paper and a lighter, then buy pens, and so on. Amazon is still popular. But if you scroll down, you’ll see the number of keywords and words on this page. There are 3000 words, almost 3500 words. This will require at least 4000 words in order to have any chance of being published. I want to go back and pick the one that I like best.

 Let’s take a look at the best burger press. I’m going to close this once more and copy it here. This can be done with any niche. It doesn’t necessarily have to include amazon products. Here are 17 of the best burger presses to make perfect patties. 

This interesting February 2021 has approximately 2500 words. These are all available on Amazon, most likely. This is the only problem. Let’s go up again, and we’ll get an idea of how many words this page word counter has: okay. 2500.

I would not recommend this again, but you can still see the process of starting. So we’re going just to copy this and then go over to keyword, Explorer, where we’ll paste it in and hit enter. It tells us it’s simple. We’ll go to matching terms, then go to questions. There are some questions: How to refill a barbecue lighter. Let’s say that we want to write about this one. I want to gather 30 keywords or keyword phrases because that is what I wanted. I would like to have 30 keywords or keyword phrases for my blog.

The next step would be to search for domain names uh. There are many domain name generators out there. You should definitely buy a domain. This is related to the topic at hand. We could use gas, grills, or other gas grills. Or we could say, grill man.

Then we’d search for another This one is not my favorite. The other one gives you lots of ideas, I like it. is my favorite. I’m gonna type in Gillman again, and what did you just do? Here we are Gillman, uh? Someone owns it. The cool thing about this is that it is actually uh. This website offers a lot of options. We could have a grill man shop, web-Gillman, or Gillman design.

All of these could be purchased for less than 10, 15, or even 10. Now that you have done that, it is time to get web hosting. Godaddy offers web hosting. Bluehost is another option. I would recommend buying web hosting. 

I would then install WordPress if I don’t have it. WordPress is a layer that sits over your web hosting. It controls your website’s content and style until you move on to the next step. It’s real! There are both premium and free themes available. 

It is so we can go to ThemeForest to look for different themes. You want to ensure that your themes are lightweight. This is very important for Google. We’re trying to rank our website with only free traffic. So we would do a search and say “blog here” and hit enter. It will recommend several themes. 

A lightweight theme is what you want. Let’s not forget to ask questions. Logging in is urgent. I’m going in, and then I’m heading to boss mode. Clicking on long-form assistant will take me to the beginning.

Seo – I’m going to tell you that I don’t have an account. Let me quickly refresh this all right great. It tells me that I am backlogged in, which is great. However, we can still view some other features while it’s working. But, it seems like we are up and running. 

I’m going just to type in my keyword which is how to fill a barbecue lighter, and then click on create content. A surfer SEO will spend some time trying to figure out what to do. We can’t do it all, but we can look at other things that we might be able to promote. With Surfer SEO

Our niche is now grilled. You can think of all the possibilities for grills charcoal gas grills. If we were to venture out, smokers could be an option. Talk about cooking and cooking techniques, not recipes. But how long it takes to cook. 

That’s a pretty low competition question. I was curious about how long it takes to smoke salmon, brisket, and other such things. It’s pretty low competition. We can also look at accessories. Spatulas with a sports logo are one of the coolest things you could promote. 

Spatulas with a sports logo can be promoted if you are a fan of the NFL or you target the NFL market. It looks like surfer seo still works, so we are good to go. The interesting thing is that if you click on the brief surfer, you will get h2s and h3s which you can paste into your text document. After that, you can let do the rest. I’m going to use four tools. I will use, surfer SEO, and Grammarly. I’m not going to refill bbq lighters or refill them. The only problem is that if there’s nothing online for you to use, it might take some extra work. But this is gonna be 100 hands-off and we’ll see the results. This should load fairly quickly.

I’ll return to the loading time and whether it loads. You can see that surfer created some h1, H2, H3, and h4 tags. We’re going to do this or we can copy them over here. These are h1s, but we’re going to copy them and paste them in. 

These are H1s but they can be used as H2s if you want. We’re going to just do a few go down to h2. These are subheadings. We can copy them and we’re not going to do all of them. Let’s just say that we don’t have enough here. How do you find out if a lighter can be recharged? This is a great question that’s relevant to our interest. 

This could be used to show that we are going to paste it in, and then we can see the h3s. Let’s see how you can shine your light. I don’t know what that means. We’ll get a can of quality butane and paste it in here. I don’t know how to refill my long lighter.

But if, or surfer, says that it’s essential, then it is. Then we’ll do the same with h4, if necessary before we start watching. I’m going to add two hashtags or pounds signs depending on your age.

This will let know that these are heading so it’s one of the benefits. has additional benefits. He can now look back further, or should I say, he should be able to look back further than before. Before that, it was limited to 600 words and 600 characters. It’s now 2 000

Now that we have done some work but not too much, I will hit enter. Next, I will change the content to long-form. Then, I will click on compose. After that, the program would type all the text. This makes typing look a lot better. I used to get frustrated when I got blah-blah-blah. I used to get annoyed at articles and people telling me to call random number things. Although it looks much better, there were some limitations after the work was done. 

To write, you’d need to put in around 10 characters to get it to pick up again. But, what can we do? Well, it is actually suggesting headings to me right now. It will tell us if we go back to the surfer. To rank the headings, images, and paragraphs we are unable to do right now, we need to target the appropriate number of words. 

I’m currently ranking at 60 written words out of 100. There are still some words to go, but we can keep watching the writing progress. 

What would it be like to hire a VA? Perhaps a friend who is not working. It’s not clear why it’s numbering. But how cool would that be? To hire someone to sit here and create these all day on a topic they don’t know a lot about. Although you may want to tidy this up a bit, we are already at 800 words. I’ve only typed in maybe four or five entries and my score is 61.

Surfers recommend that you use these words. These are the target keywords you should hit when they turn orange. When they turn orange, it means that you have met all requirements. It can mean that you are either over or just below the requirements when they are red. 

This means that you haven’t hit them at all. We could just hit compose again, which will take us to almost a thousand words. But we haven’t done any. I’m sure I will. 

I would tidy this up. If I were you, I would clean it up. It looks like it started all over again. We can move on to the next one. We want to get to the end. Let’s say that I have completed my work in letting write this.

I’ll put it on my blog so you can see it. My final step is to visit Grammarly which is a Chrome extension. I’m going to click. There are two versions of Grammarly. Grammarly will make suggestions for improving my writing without me even reading it. 

I’m just going through it and I will. Let Grammarly, surfer, and Jarvis do the hard work. To see if I can rank for words and phrases, this is how I will set up 30 blog posts on a new domain. Then, I’ll add affiliate links to amazon and report back to you on my findings. That is going to be my process. As you can see, you should have seen what um. 

You should have seen the rating before I made any changes. But 80 is a good number for copywriting content. I would add that it isn’t 100 times plagiarized. 

It’s probably at a 96, and I haven’t typed anything. I’ll just clean it up. But, as you can see I have used Ahrefs to do keyword research. 

I used a combination of Surfer SEO and Jarvis. These are my main points. Oh, and Grammarly has helped me write a blog post of 1600 words in 20 minutes. 

I recommend you purchase a generous. I’m just curious to see how it goes and what others are doing. There are hundreds of thousands of people doing the exact same thing. I hope you like it. Have great day!



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