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Welcome to my thumbnail blaster review page. In this review, I am going to share with you my real review about this Thumbnail Blaster product. Keep reading this review until the end because I a gonna offer a special bonus package for you on this page.

What is Thumbnail Blaster?

Thumbnail blaster is a new cloud-based software that allows you to create beautiful looking thumbnails for your youtube videos by using its built-in templates with its powerful custom editor. Thumbnail blaster can post thumbnails directly into your video or it gives you the option to manually download your thumbnails in png or jpeg formats.

Thumbnail Blaster data updates:

  • 2123 thumbnail created
  • 6 months in development
  • 253 templates in total
  • 12 million views

The Creators of Thumbnail Blaster software:

Vlad and Stoika are the creators of this thumbnail blaster software. People also called their name using this word “Blaster God”

They are excellent product creators that I have ever seen. You may know about blaster software. You can use BlasterSuite to automate your entire video marketing business.

Customer of BlasterSuite has made over 6-figure income purely by using those software products. Why I am telling is, Vlad and Stoika products are great and they are continuously updating their products every single day.

Now they are releasing their new Thumbnail Blaster software to the market on 29th April 2019. I sure this launch will be record-breaking.

Why thumbnails are so important?

Think about this way… if you went to a textile bakery and looking for a cake. What will be your selection? It depends on your visual prospects, right? The visual appearance of a product can attract more. That is also applicable for online marketing.

People will not click your videos if it doesn’t have a good looking thumbnail. You need to edit and customize a nice thumbnail to your videos to get more click through rate when YouTube recommending your videos to more people. Without thumbnails, your videos may get a low click-through rate.

Who should buy Thumbnail Blaster?

Well, if you not getting enough views to your videos, then you have to have a good looking thumbnail to attract YouTube audience. You need this tool.

Running a business with local clients? You can use this tool to attract your clients by providing thumbnail creation services to them.

  • Want to Improve your video click-through rate?
  • Want more views to your videos?
  • Want to get more video traffic?
  • Want to reach out to more audience through YouTube(by recommending your videos)?
  • Want a single payment thumbnail creator?

Then you need this thumbnail blaster.

How does it work?

Step 1: Connect your YouTube channels to this Thumbnail Blaster software.

Step 2: Select any one of the videos from your connected channels(Or even you can click the “Start from Scratch” button to create thumbnail and you can manually your thumbnails).

Step 3: Thumbnail Blaster will go and analyze your video details and then it recommends you suitable thumbnails using its AI technology.

Step 4: Pick any one the thumbnail and start editing it if you want.

Step 5: You can click publish thumbnail directly to your videos from the thumbnail bladder or you can download your thumbnails and manually upload to YouTube if you want.

What this short demo video of Thumbnail Blaster to see how it works

Thumbnail Blaster Upsells or OTOs:

OTO1: Pro Upgrade

  • Multiple Account Support
  • Extended License Support
  • Save Your Own Template
  • Image Analysis

OTO2: Agency Upgrade

  • Agency Rights
  • Agency Website
  • Outsource Cheatsheet

OTO4: Lingo Blaster

  • Translate your video titles and descriptions in 100+ languages

Feature and Benefits of Thumbnail Blaster:

1. Cloud-based:

Vlad and Stoica have hosted this thumbnail blaster software on a reliable cloud platform. So that you don’t need to download or install this software.

You only need a good internet connection to access this software. Thumbnail blaster also works with tablets and mobile devices.

2. Built-in templates:

They have over 253+ thumbnail templates ready for you in all categories. You can pick any one of them, edit them and publish on your videos.

3. No skills required:

I saw that the built-in templates are amazing done well. I never used this type of thumbnails in my videos.

Thumbnail blaster suggests you the suitable templates according to your video using its AI feature. So you can your thumbnails in minutes.

4. Just 60 seconds:

No more complications to get a YouTube thumbnail. You just need to select your video from your channel. Thumbnail blaster will auto-fill your video title in that selected templates and it shows you the finished thumbnails. You can publish them right away.

Some people are editing thumbnails for days and weeks. You can use this smart thumbnail creator to save massive time

5. Built-in editor:

I never thought anything about this thumbnail editor. But it is very powerful and simple to use.

Just click a text element and that text will be shown on the left side box. You can write whatever text you want in that text box. Also, you can add the backgrounds of your own images from your pc.

6. Split testing:

If you have two thumbnails, and if don’t know which one can perform better then leave the performance analyzing job to this software. Create two different thumbnails for video and add those two thumbnails to a single video.

Say if you want to split test the thumbnails for the next 10 days, this software will change the first thumbnail to the second thumbnail for 5 days each.

The more view means the better thumbnail. That thumbnail will bet set it as default one. You can change it anytime you want.

7. Connect multiple channels:

They have given an option to connect one YouTube channel for the front end offer. Still, you can edit and download thumbnails manually from thumbnail blaster. But if you want to split test the thumbnails for multiple YouTube channels, then you need to upgrade to the pro plan. Which is not too much cost. But it is at a reasonable price.

8. AI image analysis:

Most of your thumbnails consist of images, right? How do you know which images are safe to use with YouTube videos? This is important because YouTube knows all about your thumbnails before it going to recommending your videos to new people.

You should avoid using images related to this topic like sexy content, pornography, harassment, etc. So the Thumbnail Blaster will give the good and bad ratings in % when you upload and analyze an image.

9. Low onetime fee:

There are over 100s of free thumbnail sites. I used a lot from them. The quality of the thumbnail is not good. Also, some of the paid thumbnail services are there. They charge monthly $27 or $37 to create thumbnails.

I have compared the thumbnails of these monthly services with Thumbnail Blaster thumbnails. Thumbnail Blaster thumbnails are very clean and professional same like other services. Also, there is no split testing option in monthly packages of other thumbnail platforms.

10. Free Lifetime updates:

When you are a thumbnail blaster member, you will receive all the future updates for free.

My Final Thoughts:

Anyone can create a YouTube channel. But maintaining it to look professional will take time and effort. If a new viewer comes to your channel and scrolling across all your videos(say if don’t have thumbnails on it) how they will prefer to click your videos?

Think from the audience side instead of thinking about your workload and time consumption. A good visual appearance will attract more audience to click your videos. Without clicks without views, without views without traffic and leads to your business.

One of the prime factors of ranking page #1 on YouTube is to have a better click-through rate of the videos. YouTube is not just like that picking your videos and push it to the number 1, 2, 3 positions. It all depends on the quality and performance of the videos. I hope you understand the importance of thumbnails.


There is no risk involved with this thumbnail blaster purchase because you will have 30 days money back guarantee. You can use this thumbnail blaster for the next 30 days for risk-free. If you don’t like this thumbnail blaster within 30 days of time, you can reach out their customer support and request a refund.

Generally requesting a refund will not happen with Blaster products. Because of they all well-made software products.

Thank you for reading my thumbnail blaster review and we will see you on the next review.

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