Top Tips For Video Marketing On Social Networks In 2021

Betting on the video marketing on social networks can be a success. However, you have to do it deliberately.

Nowadays, if your company does not have social networks, it simply DOES NOT EXIST. It does not exist for many users who use them every day to find out before making their purchases or to know all the information about a brand or a product. In recent years, users, and especially millennials, are much more critical when making their purchases.

So they usually carry out previous work to learn about new brands, how they work, what their values are, what is their relationship with your customers, what promotions you offer, what are the characteristics of your products, what do other users think about them. And where do they look for all this information?

In addition, although textual content continues to be very successful, the truth is that it has been shown that visual content reaches the audience much better. Videos on social networks manage to capture attention and improve brand engagement, and for this reason, it is one of the favorites of frequent users of social networks.

As a user, how many times have you discovered new videos on Instagram before going to sleep? Have you ever looked for an unboxing or a review of a technological product? Have you consumed fashionable hauls on YouTube? Looking for tutorials to find out if a tool offers you what you are looking for?

For all these reasons, you should start doing video marketing in your company, but before getting down to work, we will give you a series of tips that you should take into account.

Tips for making your video marketing strategy

Before starting to make videos for your company of any content, you must consider certain things in order to develop a good video marketing strategy. Therefore, we recommend that you take the time to put all your ideas and objectives on paper or online.

1. Choose the right platform for video marketing

video marketing

Today there are countless social networks, so it is essential that you stop and think carefully about where your target audience is. Some companies decide that it is better to invest all their forces in one or two networks. Others that it is better to appear in the maximum possible.

This decision depends on your type of company and your objectives in the content strategy. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the leading platforms where users prefer to consume this type of video, but you can also choose others.

YouTube: It is the video platform par excellence. Today’s age range is quite extensive since it ranges from 16 to 35 years old. Regarding this platform, you should know that more than 1,000 million hours of video are viewed every day and that it is present in 90 countries, and users spend an average of 8 minutes and 41 seconds a day.

Facebook:  Although in recent times it has received criticism, it has had to make changes, and it seems that users are less active, the truth is that Facebook is THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Every day it continues to receive millions of visits, and video marketing is gaining popularity, so there is a good niche here.

In addition, videos are one of the most shared content on Facebook, with more than 80% probability of being shared than photographs, for example. Regarding the age group of users, this is also very wide, from 25 to 34 years old.

Finally, it should be noted that Facebook allows you to upload the videos themselves, make direct or share links from another platform, although the Native Facebook videos always have a greater reach.

Instagram: The social network of the moment! It was designed for photography and video, and also the stories and TV Instagram create new ways to generate video content format. And keep in touch and closely with users and potential customers.

Twitter: Video is not very abundant on this platform, so betting on it can be taking a step away from the competition if it is done correctly.

2. From which device is the content consumed

Taking into account from which device the videos are to be viewed is very important for several reasons:

The export format: you must take the size into account. If you publish the same video on different social networks, it is recommended that you make specific exports for each of them.

The size of the screens: it is not the same to watch a video from a smartphone as from a computer. Especially if you are going to add texts to the video or you want the viewer to notice small details.

Duration of the video: keep in mind that today most users access the phone from their smartphone at times when they have nothing to do (subway trips, lunch breaks). These are ideal spaces in the than consuming short videos. Also, remember that not everyone has a great data rate or Wi-Fi constantly, so if it is short, concise, and engaging, all the better!

3. Would you share it on your networks

This is a question that content creators continually ask themselves. At the end of a piece, whatever it is, that is going to be shared on social networks, think about whether it is a type of content that you would share, either on your wall or if you would send it to someone you know.

Herein lies the key! Think about creating videos that are easy to share and that incite, as well as generate interactions. I know this is something difficult, but if you always have this in mind, you already have a step done.

4. Emotions

Do you know what type of videos are the most shared on social networks? Those that appeal to emotions. It is clear that this type of video cannot always be created, but they are ideal videos to talk about our company, its values, its history.

Try to make videos for social networks that touch the potato that is not empty of content. And watch out! A video that is emotional does not mean that it is sad or sensitive. I am not talking about being here creating videos of nougat at Christmas! There are many emotions, and the key is to make the user feel them.

5. Tell a story

Well, more of a story. It is widely used in marketing to connect with users through the message being transmitted technique. It was connecting emotionally (yes, emotions again) through the story!

Emotions are difficult to forget, so it is very important to transmit and take care of how it is said. In addition, there are many types of storytelling, so this gives you different options.

6. Don’t forget SEO

Video marketing and SEO go hand in hand. Keep in mind that you are constantly uploading a file to the Internet so that you can use its data to your advantage. In addition, if you decide to use YouTube as a platform, it will be essential to get a good position in the video search engine. Optimize videos by description, tags, file names. It is a mandatory task in the queen of video platforms.

But each social network has its own video positioning strategies, so I recommend that you do not put it aside, do not simply upload the video, and dedicate time to research prior to  SEO positioning in videos. In time you will appreciate this advice!

7. Branding

Videos show much more than you think. The audiovisual format gives a glimpse of much more than words—the framing, the body language, the tone, the enthusiasm, the editing, the typography. EVERYTHING COUNTS! That is why we recommend that you work the brand image well in them.

Do not forget the identity of your company and try that everything is related. Each video must perfectly reflect the values, modus operandi, style, and personality of your company. It must be a video that is immediately related to your brand name. Think about how big brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, Dove do it. And try to see how to apply it to your creations.

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