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We're going talk about two tools. One helps you create text-generated text with artificial intelligence and the other allows you to create videos that can also be automatically generated by AI. I used the first tool to generate all the text.Ai allows us to create videos around our new seo cloud and our automation classes.

You’re going to be amazed at this.

It’s amazing that this works so well.

I am sold on both these platforms.

All right, guys, welcome back today.

We’re going talk about two tools.

One helps you create text-generated text with artificial intelligence and the other allows you to create videos that can also be automatically generated by AI.

In the description of the video, I will include links to both these tools.

Both tools come with free trials.

You can access the links to see them all.

If you’re interested in automating your life, there will be live classes beginning Tuesday.

I’m giving away 1000 dollars to 10 people, so each class has 100 participants.

Let me show you a real case study.

I used the first tool to generate all the text.

Then I used vidnami generated to create a video with the text.

I was then able upload the video to my youtube channel.

It got over 20,000 views.

If you don’t have the time or interest to do video, don’t bother.

Talking is not your thing.

Robots can do almost everything, so I’ll show what it looks like.

Let’s go!

Take a look at it now.

You can use robots to create the text, video and voiceover.

I discovered recently and vidnami.

Use the links to get free trials of both and vidnami.

You get my point.

But the main reason I wanted to share this with you is that it’s so cool.

This video got 533 views.

I also found it to be more enjoyable than other videos I have created.

I will show you how I did it.

First, we’ll create all the text using

Next, we’ll plug it into Vidnami and then we’ll build our video.

You can create videos like these in five minutes.

And now, there’s no excuse not to post content on Youtube, tick-tock, or anywhere else.

Let’s get to the first tool,

To support the channel, click the link in the description.

I also have a spreadsheet on chaser.

com with every tool I use.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these tools, or if I have tutorials, please visit my tutorials page.

You can check them out here and support the channel. With Vinami

I usually use the long-form assistant.

You can do whatever you like, but this tool is the best.

There’s so much to choose from and I haven’t spent too much time looking through them all.

From the ones I’ve used, this long-form assistant is the best.

I’ll click this to create whatever content I want.

We can create a video to convert.

Ai allows us to create videos around our new SEO cloud and our automation classes.

If we want content about TikTok then it doesn’t matter.

Vidnami automatically creates the content through

Once it plugs it into vidnami, vidnami will match the music, transitions, photos, and slideshows based on the text.

We’re just going to type something.

Let’s just talk about it guys.

I would love to see you try it with this video.

Because crypto is a topic that many people are discussing right now, I like it.

What we will do is describe the content that we are going to create.

We’ll say, “Please make an article about crypto in 2021.

Also, please consider whether it’s worth the investment. now has a cool feature that allows you to put any keywords you like and it will help.

If you want to rank that post, make sure the keywords are there.

We’ll make one more cryptocurrency and another bitcoin, then another one in 2021.

We’ll create our own ideas.

I don’t like the idea of titles, crypto 2021, good investments, or scam.

So we’ll use this and generate some ideas.

The value of crypto has skyrocketed over the past five years.

Bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have experienced a meteoric rise as more people say yes.

This is great, so let’s use the open editor to generate long-form text.

Press compose and then um.

You can use the surfer extension if you have it enabled.

It’s amazing.

I won’t do that, but I will show you an example.

We won’t spend too much time on it so I’m going to copy the above and then we’ll move to Vidnami.

This is the best thing about vidnami.

You can do it!

There are many formats you can use.

If you’re looking to make an Instagram video or a YouTube video, there are many options.

We’ll simply create a Youtube video.

If we wanted, we could also have one video as an Instagram video.

We could create two videos, or even a Facebook ad.

You can choose the color and type of video that you like.

We’ll only do content.

You can see the different types of video in this section.

We’ll be using ruby red.

You can select from many different formats and colors by using this template.

This template is going to blow your mind.

It’s amazing that this works.

I am sold on both these platforms.

It doesn’t cost that much.’s basic plans cost around 20 dollars per month, i believe.

Vidnami, for 30 dollars per month, is i believe, its full plan.

So we’re going to go and we’re just going to paste.

Scenes are created by our content in here press.

This is how it will look.

You can edit the slides, add video clips and add more.

Scroll down to add a voice track.

I will now tell you about the voice track.

You can also create auto-generated voice tracks.

You can also create a robot voice.

However, you should be cautious because the robot voice and some of the testing i’ve done on YouTube are super against AI.

Many platforms are.

They want their content unique.

They don’t like people who create content that is auto-generated, just like robots.

I’ll show how to use an auto voice.

The video cannot be monetized because it is against the terms and conditions that google uses right now.

Youtube will detect that the video is an ai voice, and won’t distribute it to as many people.

This is why it won’t reach as many people.

I did this test when i made it.

Although it received a lot of views, i believe it would have gotten a lot more if I recorded my voice track.

There are two options.

You can do either the auto voice or the no voice track.

There are two options: you can either record your voice track yourself or upload it.

Do it with someone else?

You might find it easier to have someone else do it.

You can either do it yourself or record your own.

But if you are really lazy like me, there are many robots that you could use.

You can have someone from Australia, either a man or a woman.

If you’re looking for somebody from the US, we’ll do it with a jack.

Then, we’ll play a sample to demonstrate how the voice sounds.

Hi, my name’s Jack and I would love to read your script for your video.

So relax, and let me do the hard work.

We’ll hire jack today.

I guess that means we’ll press preview on your video.

You can see the music, and if you hover over it, it will give you different options.

But for now, I’m going to just do the basic music.

We can also put a watermark to it and change the volume and voice track.

Let’s press play to see how it has changed over the past five years.

As more people invest in crypto, their value has risen dramatically.

This includes bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

Many people believe this is a scam as crypto isn’t backed by any financial institution or government and exists only online.

But is that really the case?

But what if crypto is here to stay?

What will crypto look like in 2021 It is still a good investment.

But what about those who oppose crypto in 2021?

They have had the time to create their own alternative like PayPal coin.

So we will see more competition between currencies.

You’re well on your way to becoming a professional writer.

It’s easy not to feel confident that it will continue to function in five years.

Please complete.

Please finish writing these sentences.

Jarvis is like a robot.

Gpd3 can get sassy, and will tell you what.

You absolutely must.

Write more, or you’ll be lazy.

I wouldn’t have known about these tools if I didn’t know.

That video was created by AI.

It would have been a surprise to me.

It’s amazing what you can do now.

The tools will only get better and more powerful.

If you aren’t ready to jump on the robot automation train now, I wouldn’t wait.

I believe that a robot is a must-have in 2021.

So i conducted a poll on Facebook and found that almost half of the respondents said they do not have a robot.

Nearly half of those polled said no.

It was more than half of the people who said they didn’t.

This link will be left in the description.

We’re taking these classes.

I will show you how to setup a crazy amount automation with integral, with Phantom Buster, with and with the use of uh premier.

You can learn all kinds of things in our private group.

It only costs one dollar to join and is an amazing place.

I hope to see you there.

The offer will be available for just a few more days.

If you are interested in getting in, now is the time.

Once enrollment closes, you won’t be able to apply.

We’ll see everyone very soon, until we have happy, automated see you again.




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