Top 10 Video Editing Tools to Promote Your Gym

What does your gym offer? Yes, you have the equipment and an awesome facility but what stops your competitors from marginalizing you? These days, competition is fierce for everyone. That’s why we need to think more creatively when promoting our businesses. Moreover, social media is driving a need for community and connection. What better way to do that than through your gym? Make people feel like they belong to something greater by posting fun and unique video clips. Check this site for the perfect online video editor to get started. 

Top 10 Video Editing Tools 

A quick Google search on your browser will show you just how many video editors are out there. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming though. 

First, think about whether you want to prioritize ease of use over the number of features. That then allows you to focus on free online video editors. You’ll then be able to access the library of templates and music files from the video maker option to make your job easier. 

Secondly, you’ll want to check the format requirements for when you edit videos as well as how straightforward it is to post your final video clips directly to social media. Finally, have a look at how many features you can include, although remember that simplicity is often best. You generally don’t want to overdo editing effects when you create videos with an online video editor. 

Lastly, check out this list to get started: 

1- Promo 

You can’t go wrong with this online video editor. They have a huge library of templates and music files for you to easily download to your video clips. Moreover, it’s a very intuitive platform to use, the easiest on the market in fact, and most of its features come for free. The best part is that you can download it straight to social media.

2- Filmora

Another free platform with in-app purchases for further features. It has all the basic editing tools you need although you’ll quickly realize that you’ll probably prefer paying the subscription fee. You’ll just get better options for your video creation process. 

3- Quik 

This online video editor has some unique features such as being able to automatically sync music with your video clips. It’s also pretty handy for social media because it can analyze your images and videos to find the best moments to use. You will need to subscribe to this online video editor though at $1.99 per month or $9.99 per year. 

4- Vizmato 

You can make a video when using the app or you can of course download video clips into the online video editor interface. If you’re an Instagram user then you’ll also appreciate their specially designed features. However, you can download it onto any social media platform with just one click on this online video editor. 

This editor tool starts free but again, you’ll soon wish you had the extra features at $9.99 per year. 

5- Canva 

Millions of users enjoy Canva for free along with free templates, photos, and design types such as social media posts. It’s also very popular because it offers a simplified approach to photoshop and is very intuitive to use. 

6- Lightworks 

Another great video editor to get started on creating videos. The free options have lots of images and all the basic editing settings you need. However, you might find the interface a bit daunting. 

7- Blender 

Some video editors are specifically designed with certain social media platforms in mind. So, for example, this one works well when you make video clips for YouTube. This is thanks to its inbuilt video sequence editor. 

Essentially, they’ve made it easier for you to do basic editing like cuts as well as more advanced techniques such as color grading. Moreover, it’s free to use. 

8- WeVideo 

This video editor is also easy to use for anyone and has lots of media, music, videos and images to choose from for your free video. Again, you can instantly publish straight to social media. You don’t have a free option though but subscription fees start from $4.99.  

9- Typito 

This video editor is now at the higher end of the scale with fees starting at $29 per month although you can try it for free. For this price though, you get to optimize your video format specifically for your social media channels along with motion graphic templates. All of these are particularly good for creating Instagram style photos and videos. 

10- Adobe Premiere Rush  

No list can be completed without at least one of Adobe’s products. The Rush video editor is a free option, although you can pay for more features. Overall, you can expect all your basic editing needs along with the ability to upload your video clips straight to social media. 

Final Recommendations for Promoting your Gym with an Online Video Editor 

Finding the right video editor is a personal choice, but all of them guarantee top-quality video clips, including customer testimonials and employee gym usage tips. This list gives you the best on the market today, but have a look at their websites and get a feel for yourself as to what might work for your gym. Remember that your decision doesn’t have to be final. So, play around with some trial and error and have fun making videos. 



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