YIVE Review | Your Instant Video Empire Review From a Real User

YIVE Introduction:

Welcome to my YIVE review. In this YIVE – Your instant video empire review I am going to share with you my real experience with this software and then I am going to offer you some relevant bonuses if you decide to buy this software through our website.

What is YIVE?

YIVE (Your Instant Video empire) is a new automated video software that creates videos automatically and uploads them to youtube on its own. In a short, Your instant video empire is a completely automated system for video marketing.

YIVE has three different versions in it. I have reviewved each and every one of the YIVE apps in this page. So keep reading till the end.

The creator of YIVE Software:

Marcus Cudd is the creator of  “Your Instant Video Empire” software. He is smart. He made this software privately for his online business. But, he has launched this YIVE system to the public in March 2019.

What is YIVE SMB?

Your Instant Video Empire Small & Medium Business (YIVE SMB) is a NEW, just-launched for 2019, automated system to produce multiple keyword videos for anything you want to promote. You enter a URL, or manually add your images or video content, and YIVE does the rest, pulling page data and images, generating the text-to-speech audio, creating a unique video for each keyword and uploading it to YouTube on its own. These videos are found in search engines and drive prospects to your offers.

What is YIVE Caster?

Your Instant Video Empire Caster (YIVECaster) is a NEW, automated system to automate the production and publishing of videos each and every day to build an authority youtube channel. Add your RSS Feed or your niche keywords and YIVE does the rest, pulling article data and images, generating the text-to-speech audio, creating unique videos and uploading them to YouTube. Additionally, YIVECaster lets you easily add your own optional pre-roll videos to make sure your customers see your offer. These videos are found in search engines, YouTube related videos, and Topic playlists and drive prospects to your offers.

Who can use YIVE?

If you are a newbie and if you want to make money from youtube with affiliate marketing then I highly recommend this software for you.

If you are a local video marketer then this software is highly helpful to you. I know this YIVE software will be your local lead generation ultra weapon.

In general, anyone who wants to make money from online, you need this software system.

Why do you want to target Youtube?

Youtube is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world.

Did you know that?

Youtube promotes your videos to the huge audience if you upload videos on a consistent basis.

There is no doubt… The future of online traffic is video content. In fact, some of the top blogging sites have told more than 80% of the online traffic will be coming from videos after 2019.

Nowadays, People are converting their blog content into video content actively using apps like YIVE and Content Samurai.

If you are not publishing videos online, you will struggle to get traffic in the future. As you can see, videos rank easily over authority type websites.

10 Reasons Why You Need YIVE software

1.Cloud-based software:

YIVE is cloud-based software. So that we can able to use this software on any devices like smartphone, tablet, and PC.

2.Fully automated:

This software creates videos automatically and uploads all of them on its own. In my own experience, this software works fine with a minimum of 200 to 300kb per second internet speed.

3. Build an authority channel:

YIVE caster upgrade will allow us to build authority type youtube channels without doing any manual work. So that we can able to dominate google and youtube without doing any manual work. This YIVE caster software runs with RSS feed and keywords feature.

4. Use your own videos:

They have included build in pre-roll video option. By using this feature you can able to upload our own strong call to action at the beginning of the videos automatically. This way we have a maximum number of clicks to our links and we can expect more leads and sales.

5. Built-in Proxies:

The YIVE developer has made this software with built-in proxy settings. This YIVE software has well over 1000 rotating proxies. You will not have an issue with IP when uploading mass videos to youtube. Each video will be uploaded from a unique IP address.

6. Connect unlimited Youtube Channels:

You can connect multiple youtube channels with this YIVE software. If you don’t have 10 or 20 youtube channels no problem you can buy phone number verified youtube channels from the PVP zone website. Uploading videos to multiple youtube channel can improve authority to our business website.

7. Use Spintax feature:

YIVE has built-in spintax feature. Each video will be uploaded with a unique title, a unique description, and unique tags. You will not have any duplicate content issues.

8. Keyword swapping technology:

YIVE turns one video into 100s of unique videos with keyword swapping technology. YiVE uses your entered keywords and produced 100% unique videos using this keyword swapping feature.

9. Easy Interface:

Simple to use interface throughout the software.

10. One time Payment:

Some of the video production tools I used in the past. they have charged 100s of dollars for creating a few videos. But this YIVE offers a one-time payment system to use this system. There are no monthly charges at all.


  • Cloud-based software. Nothing to download or install.
  • Minimum internet speed is enough (200 to 309kb per second).
  • Don’t require a powerful PC.
  • Low one-time fee.


  • You have to learn the basic keyword optimization technique for youtube videos.
  • You have to research and collect keyword lists in order to use YIVE SMB.

Final Thoughts:

This YIVE software is helped a lot to me. Though the software has simple to use features, you have to put some work to get acceptable results(like keyword research and video optimization). It’s just simple. Watch some tutorial videos on youtube to learn how to properly keyword optimize a youtube video like that.

Apart from that, you have to spend anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes every day to set up a proper campaign with the YIVE system. There is no push button software on the market right now to automate your entire online business to get money in your pocket. You should understand that.

All the internet marketing tools will be helpful to save your time and effort. But you should be able to operate those tools properly to get the best results. I hope you understand.


In my own youtube channel, I have published 143 Amazon review videos in the past and 15 videos are ranked page #1 on Google out of 143 published videos. More video8s you put out there you will make more profits.

I am offering a huge bonus package for you if you decided to purchase this YIVE software through my link. Check out the bonuses that I am going to offer today.

What are the bonuses I am offering for this YIVE?

Note: Send your purchase receipt to “sps.marketingservices@gmail.com“. We will deliver your bonuses within 4 hours.

Bonus #1:

A Case Study to Show You how I Made My First $9000 Online With 100% Free Traffic Source.

Bonus #2:

Premium Video syndication software. Connect multiple youtube accounts and syndicate videos to all your channel all at once to get more exposure.

Bonus #3:

Rank any videos in 24 hours or less using My VidRankBeast Software.

Bonus #4:

Local Video Profits Course, I will show you how to get paid 500 bucks per client each month.

Bonus #5:

WP video site building software- Build Video site to get organic traffic from Google.

Bonus #6:

CreatVid- Professional video creator.

Bonus #7:

Viral video commissions course Make money with viral videos. The course shows you how to find copyright-free videos on the web and shows you how to make them go viral.

Bonus #8:

Don’t have time to download, edit and upload videos? Make money on other people’s videos legally using my VideoGeniePro Software.

Bonus #9:

5 Minute Money Machines course. New Passive income method that shows you how to build passive income streams working just 5-min each day.

Bonus #10:

WordPress Autoblogging Software.


WordPress Social Traffic Plugin.

Note: Send your purchase receipt to “sps.marketingservices@gmail.com“. We will deliver your bonuses within 4 hours.

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