YT Marketer Review: Want to Become a YouTube Legend?

YT Marketer Review

YT Marketer Review

If you are on this page I am sure you want to start a YouTube channel and make money through its partner program.

Know that this is a common goal for anyone starting a YouTube channel, but the main problem is that the majority of new YouTubers are not monetized simply because they do not know what to do.

But what if I told you that there is a way to get your YouTube channel monetized in less than 30 days and start generating a passive income from it?

Yes, it is possible.

Today I am going to show you how to shortcut getting your YouTube channel monetized and start making money through the YouTube Partner Program by sharing with you a new course called YT Marketer.

YT Marketer is the course that guides you on exactly what you need to do to get your YouTube channel monetized in less than 30 days.

In fact, people who followed the steps outlined in this course had their channels monetized within 9 days.

Let’s go through my complete YT Marketer review so that you can learn everything you need to know about this course.

What Is YT Marketer Exactly?

YT Marketer is a new course by Chris Derenberger that is helping new YouTubers get their channels monetized in a quick and easy way.

The course is divided into two parts, the first one deals with specific techniques that can get your YouTube channel monetized faster than most people.

The second part of the course focuses on ranking your videos above your competition so that you get more views and ultimately more money.

Part 1: YouTube Monetization Training

In this first section of the course, Chris Derenberger shares with you techniques for getting your YouTube channel monetized.

He will show you how to get 1k subscribers and 4000 watch hours fast so that you can monetize your channel within 30 days!

Part 2: Video Ranking Training

The second part of the course focuses on ranking your videos above your competition so that you get more views and ultimately more money.

In this section of the course, Chris Derenberger will show you how to rank videos in less than 24 hours and start generating money through affiliate marketing.

The course is filled with content, tips, and tricks to help you shortcut getting your YouTube channel monetized and ranking your videos #1 on Google even if you have zero authority.

Also, you have two real-life case studies where you can see what is going on with Chris Deerenberger’s channels.

He shows you his own channels’ YouTube ad revenue and affiliate commissions using this method.

He is also setting up a second brand new YouTube channel from scratch and he is proving to you that it is possible to monetize a YouTube channel in as little as 30 days.

YT Marketer (Launch Week Only)

SAVE $500

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YT Marketer Review – An Overview

Product NameYT Marketer
Product CreatorChris Derenberger
Launch Date2022-Jan-04
Launch Time11.00 EDT
RefundAction Based Refund Policy
Official Website
Product TypeTraining & Course
RecommendationHighly Recommended

Who Created YT Marketer?

YT Marketer Review: The Creator

YT Marketer is created by Chris Derenberger. He is the founder of TubeZe and VidSociety.

He is a 6-figure affiliate marketer who made his first fortune doing affiliate marketing with YouTube as the primary traffic source.

Previously, he was only making money through affiliate marketing with YouTube.

But after realizing the potential of Adsense, he is now making over 7-figures a year from his YouTube channel both from affiliate marketing and Adsense earnings combined.

He is one of the most successful full-time affiliates and YouTube marketers. So if you want to know how to create your online empire with videos then he’s your guy.

And now he wants to help anyone who is struggling to make money online and start generating targeted leads and sales from YouTube.

YT Marketer By Chris Derenberger – The Course Plan

As I said earlier, YT Marketer training course consists of two parts. First, you have Youtube monetization training, secondly, you have YouTube ranking training.

1. YouTube Monetization Training

  • YouTube Channel Setup: In this video you will learn the steps which will help you to setup your YouTube channel. A properly setup is going to help YouTube to understand about your channel.
  • Customizing Your Channel: This video teaches you how to customize your channel. How to design logo, channel art by yourself and he is also showing you how to outsource your YouTube design job.
  • Creating Videos: In this video Chris is showing you how to create videos quickly and easily, what type of video content to consider, and he is also revealing some tips on finding ideas for your next video.
  • Outsourcing Videos: In this video he is teaching how to outsource videos, who to hire for your next video, and how much you should pay them.
  • Gettting 4000 hours Watch Time: In order to get monetized by YouTube you need 4000 hours watch time or 1000 subscribers. Chris is sharing his strategies with you on how to get 4000 hours within a few days.
  • Getting 1000 Subcribers: How to get 1000 subscribers is another important factor for monetization. So in this video Chris has revealed how to get 1000 subscribers quickly and easily.
  • 2nd YouTube Channel: In this video Chris is setting up a whole new second YouTube channel and showing you all steps once again.
  • Updates: In this video he is sharing his results of his channels.
  • Getting Approved: In this video you will see how to get approved for monetization.
  • 3 Week Results: After the monetization Chris will show you his results, how much he got paid and what is going on with the his YouTube Channels.
  • Analytics & Ad Types: Learn about YouTube analytic tools. What type of ads appear on your channel and how to select the best ones for you.
  • Recommended Niches: In this video you will see some of the high CPM (cost per mille) niches that pay anywhere from $10 to $150 per 1000 views. This is gold!

2. YouTube Ranking Training

  • Understanding YouTube: In this video Chris did his best to teach you how YouTube ranking algorithm works such as what are all the factors that come into play when YouTube decides to rank your video on SERP, what type of videos are ranking well, how to optimize for this algorithm etc.
  • Video optimization: In this video he is showing you how to optimize your videos, what types of tags to use, and how to give the best title for SEO purposes.
  • Boost Your Rankings: In this video he is teaching you how to boost your ranking within days by doing some simple steps.
  • Adding CTR: This is one of the most powerful strategy he reveals in the training. CTR means click through rate. He is showing you how to increase CTR very quickly and he is also showing you the resources.
  • Case Study #2: Watch another real-life case study and its results in live.

Chris will also be adding another section to the course in the next couple of months that goes into depth on affiliate marketing with YouTube and how he dominates with promotions and launch jacking.

This course will be replacing ALL of my other YouTube courses and will continue to be updated and new videos added.

Watch this video for a better understanding:

Is YT Marketer Scam?

No, this course is not a scam! It is based on real strategies that will help you shortcut your way to success.

There are a lot of tricks and tips mentioned in this course that will help you get your YouTube channel monetized and rank videos above your competition.

This is an excellent way to learn how to build a passive income business from YouTube and start making money fast.

You will also see some real-life case studies where you can see how much money Chris is generating from his YouTube channels.

So there is nothing hidden in this course, everything is open and honest.

Why YT Marketer? Is There Any Good?

Making money with the YouTube partner program is not an easy task.  

You can make money with YouTube by uploading videos and getting people to watch them, but you need views and subscribers to monetize your channel.

It takes time to build up a subscriber base and it is also difficult to get views on each video that you upload. So how do you shortcut the process of making money on YouTube channels?

This is where YT Marketer comes into the picture. It is an excellent way to shortcut your way to success.

You will learn how to get 1k subscribers, 4k watch hours, and ultimately money from your videos… all within 30 days.

The good thing about this course is that it also teaches you how to promote affiliate products through your videos and make affiliate commissions. So you will gain income from two sources – YouTube and affiliate marketing.

So if you are looking to start a business online, YT Marketer is probably the best way to get started.

YT Marketer (Launch Week Only)

SAVE $500

Coupon Code: YTM500

How YT Marketer Is Better?

  • You’ll learn how to get your YouTube channel monetized within 30 days so you can start earning from YouTube ads.
  • You’ll learn how to properly optimize for SEO, and use advanced methods some would consider black hat to outrank your competition.
  • You get 2 full YouTube channel case studies where Chris reveals his videos and step-by-step progress from beginning to end for growing and ranking.
  • Maximize the earning potential of YouTube adsense and affiliate sales while getting more views on videos.

Is There Any Proof?

People follow this training and get success in a few days. Here are some peoples, who applied this secret strategy and got success.

Marty Englander says that he created his YouTube channel on 04/11/2021. On 10/11/2021, he had 4,000 watch hours of videos. On 12/11/2021, he got 1,000 subscribers. He was approved for monetization on 15/11/2021 and only uploaded 6 videos. Marty said that there were no edits to those videos and that they were recorded and uploaded with basic descriptions and canvas-style thumbnails.

YT Marketer Review: Proof 1

Kristy Michael Nash says, Awesome, after applying to the YouTube Partnership Program, I was approved. I watched the YouTube Marketer course and took action by approving my channel for partnership. Chris has helped me along the way to my first channel being approved for the YouTube Partnership Program on 11/16/2021. I applied for monetization on 11/17/2021 and was approved for monetization on 11/18/2021.

YT Marketer Review: Proof 2

Anna Chala Kaci says, “Hi everyone! My YouTube channel has been approved!” Anna started uploading videos on September 11th. She applied for monetization late Sunday night and was approved Tuesday morning. Anna is not sure how much she will make because she does not understand what CPM or RPM is. Experienced YouTubers, what do you think about her stats? “I’m still waiting on the other 3 channels’ stats to update,” Anna said in her message to us, “so I can apply as well.” Good luck to all of you, according to Anna!

YT Marketer Review: Proof 3

There are so many proofs that this method works. People are getting their channels monetized very quickly. Visit the official website of Chris and see the proof yourself.

Rating Of YT Marketer

YT Marketer Pros

  • Never seen strategies, advanced tips & tricks
  • New YouTubers are making it big with these strategies
  • Nothing is hidden, everything is open
  • The training is very clear and easy to understand
  • Everything was prepared to step by step with a video tutorial
  • This is a business model that can be replicated successfully with a little effort
  • YT Marketer is a great value for the money
  • You have an action-based money-back guarantee
  • Ongoing support and updates for the upcoming years

YT Marketer Cons And Complients

  • Usually, Chris Derenberger (the creator) makes his product pricing between $27 – $197. But this course is a little bit expensive because this course is more premium. It is based on his 10 years of experience. It’s not possible to get all of this knowledge in $27 or $47, so Chris charges $1497.
  • You need some small investment if you outsource all the work
  • This method may not work for you if you do not take action

Who Should You Grab This?

There are people who have been doing YouTube for years, but they haven’t mastered these strategies yet. So if you follow this training step by step, there is no doubt that you will succeed in days.

  • YT Marketer is a great course for people who are new to YouTube and want to monetize the channels very quickly!
  • This training would be great for anyone without an established channel.
  • YouTubers who are interested in increasing their revenue and views
  • Anyone wanting to take their YouTube channel/business to the next level
  • If you are looking for a course that shows how to shortcut your way into getting your channel monetized and ranking videos above your competition in record time? Then YouTuber Marketer is for you!
  • People wanting to make money online but don’t know where to start, definitely this course is for you!

YT Marketer Pricing

YT Marketer has two pricing options. You can pay $1495.00 (launch special price = $997) all at once or pay $599.00 in three payments.

If you decide to go with the split payment option, you will pay $599.00 at first, then another payment of $599.00 in 30 days, and the last one is for $599.00 in 30 days later.

The split payment can help if you can not afford to pay all this money at once because the course price is definitely high.

The payment is processed by Warriorplus which means it’s a safe and secure way to purchase this course.

Until now I don’t see any upsells but if I find any, I will update this article and let you know.

Does YT Marketer Worth Buying?

Since the course costs $997 (launch special) you may be thinking if YT Marketer is worth buying.

I have found many positive reviews about this course, and lots of people said their experience was great.

So it really depends if you want to learn the advanced YouTube strategies and how to promote your videos properly and rank them above your competition.

The price for this course may be expensive for some people who want to try it out, but you’ll get a 30 days action-based money-back guarantee.

So you can check the course for yourself and see if it’s worth buying or not.

If you find this course interesting and useful I think it is a good idea to join YT Marketer right now.

But I can assure you that you can not find this many values in any other YouTube course under $1500.

You can look for it on Google or any other search engine.

I think the only thing you should consider before buying this course is that can you implement all these strategies into your channel?

If yes, then I highly recommend you to buy YT Marketer right now.

YT Marketer (Launch Week Only)

SAVE $500

Coupon Code: YTM500

My Final Thoughts On YT Marketer

I know the creator of the YT Marketer course Chris Derenberger for more than two years.

I have been following his YouTube channel, website, and Facebook group daily.

I’ve seen him publish an amazing piece of content on daily basis.

He’s a very transparent and honest person. This is why I trust his work.

Before YT Marketer he has made many products such as WP Affiliate Suite, WP Bonus Suite, YT Supremacy, YT Evolution, and more.

I have learned so much from his products, and now this.

If you want to learn how to properly promote your YouTube videos, then YT Marketer is a good choice for you.

I highly recommend you to buy this course as it has helped me tons of times.

YT Marketer Bonus

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You can get the following bonuses for free. Just do these two steps.

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