ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Review – Worth It For $79?


In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are constantly looking for ways to automate repetitive and mundane tasks. This not only saves time and money but also allows employees to focus on more important work that requires human intelligence and creativity.

One software that is gaining popularity for its easy-to-use automation capabilities is ZeroWork. It lets you create no-code automation workflows called TaskBots to eliminate grunt work.

Recently, ZeroWork launched an exciting lifetime deal on AppSumo that gives you access to the tool’s powerful features for a one-time payment. 🎉

In this detailed review, we will dive into all aspects of the ZeroWork lifetime deal to help you make an informed buying decision. Stick around to learn everything about ZeroWork, its key features, use cases, AppSumo offer details, pricing, and more. 👇

What is ZeroWork?

ZeroWork Lifetime Deal

ZeroWork is a no-code RPA (robotic process automation) tool that allows you to automate repetitive tasks on websites and social media platforms.

With an easy drag-and-drop interface, you can build automation workflows called TaskBots without writing any code. These TaskBots can replicate human actions like visiting links, filling forms, sending messages, scraping data, and more.

Once created, you can schedule your TaskBots to run automatically on a set time and frequency. This frees you up to focus on other important tasks that require human ingenuity.

Some key highlights of ZeroWork:

  • No-code automation: Visually build automations without coding
  • Works on any site: Automate tasks on any website or social media
  • AI capabilities: Integrate GPT-3 for personalized, human-like actions
  • Anti-bot protection: Avoid getting flagged for automation
  • Use existing accounts: Automate through your own social media and website accounts
  • Desktop app: Local agent runs automations in the background
  • Generous limits: Unlimited tasks, runs, API calls, webhooks, etc.
  • Active community: Get help through Discord group and Facebook
  • Regular updates: New features and fixes added frequently

Overall, ZeroWork removes the need for repetitive manual work and lets you scale your business exponentially. 🚀

ZeroWork Features

Let’s look at some of the key features that make ZeroWork a versatile automation tool:

🤖 No-Code Automation

ZeroWork has an easy drag-and-drop builder that lets anyone create complex automation workflows without coding.

Simply drag building blocks like “Open Link”, “Send Keys”, “Insert Text”, ” loops” etc and connect them visually to build a TaskBot.

🌐 Works on Any Website

Automate tasks on any website or social media platform like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc.

ZeroWork can replicate human actions like visiting links, filling forms, clicking buttons, messaging, commenting, posting, and more.

💬 AI Capabilities

Easily integrate ChatGPT into your workflows to add a layer of artificial intelligence.

Use it to auto-generate content, personalized replies, creative ideas, and more. The possibilities are endless!

🛡️ Anti-Bot Protection

ZeroWork has built-in capabilities to avoid getting detected and banned by anti-bot systems.

It can mimic human-like actions, add delays, limit actions per hour, and more to fly under the radar.

👤 Use Existing Accounts

Automate through your own existing social media and website accounts.

ZeroWork doesn’t need separate login credentials but works seamlessly with accounts you already own and manage.

💻 Desktop App

It uses a lightweight desktop app to run the automations securely in the background.

The desktop agent can be installed on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

⚡ Generous Limits

Get unlimited tasks, runs, API calls, webhooks, scheduling frequency (as fast as every 5 mins), and more with ZeroWork.

This gives you incredible flexibility to build complex automatons at scale.

👥 Active Community Support

Leverage the active Discord community and Facebook group to get help, share learnings and give product feedback.

The founder herself is very involved in these communities.

🔨 Regular Feature Updates

ZeroWork pushes out new features, upgrades and fixes regularly based on user feedback.

You can be assured of getting an ever-evolving product.

With its versatile features, ZeroWork can automate almost any repetitive digital task to free up your time and energy.

ZeroWork Use Cases

Here are some popular use cases and automation ideas for ZeroWork:

  • Data Extraction – Scrape data from websites like Google Maps, Amazon, YouTube etc.
  • Lead Generation – Automate finding and engaging leads on LinkedIn.
  • Email Marketing – Send personalized emails using MailChimp automation.
  • Social Media Marketing – Schedule posts, engage followers, respond to comments.
  • Content Creation – Use AI to auto-generate blog posts and social media content.
  • Customer Support – Automate responses by integrating chatbot AI.
  • Web Scraping – Build price comparison sites, lead lists, research tools.
  • Data Entry – Populate CRM and databases without manual work.
  • Monitoring – Get notified when site content or prices change.
  • Testing – Automate regression testing by simulating user actions.
  • Personal Use – Schedule birthday wishes, auto-respond to emails, automate daily tasks.

The possibilities are truly endless when you leverage ZeroWork’s capabilities. It can help automate part (or all) of almost any manual repetitive digital task.

ZeroWork Reviews

With over 93 reviews and a stellar 4.9/5 average rating on AppSumo, ZeroWork comes highly recommended by users.

Let’s glance through some of the positive feedback shared by buyers:

“ZeroWork is by far the easiest RPA tool I have tried, while still being extremely robust. I have built so many automations with it, saving me countless hours.”

“Zerowork is an excellent product. I was able to automate my web tasks without any problem and plan to use it more and more.”

“If you are willing to spend a little time going over the tutorials, this tool is one of the best purchases you will ever make.”

“ZeroWork has transformed my hours or days of work into mere minutes. Despite being a non-coder, I was able to learn the necessary skills in just one week!”

“I’ve been using ZeroWork to automate my social media outreach and lead generation. It has empowered me in more ways than I would have imagined.”

“Solid tool with great support. ZeroWork has left no stone unturned with their detailed documentation and tutorials.”

“In constant awe of how much this software has grown in capabilities and features within a short time. Kudos to the founder and team!”

The consistent 5-star ratings and raving reviews validate that ZeroWork delivers on its promise of easy and powerful automation for businesses and individuals.

ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Overview

ZeroWork recently launched a special lifetime deal for AppSumo users that lets you access their software forever for a one-time payment.

This is an excellent opportunity to get ZeroWork at a heavily discounted price compared to their regular monthly plans.

Here’s an overview of the lifetime deal:

  • Pricing – Available at $79 and $189 price points
  • Features – Same features as monthly Starter and Pro plans
  • Updates – Get all feature updates within plan tiers
  • Support – Full email support included
  • Limits – Based on plan tier chosen
  • Access – Lifetime license to ZeroWork

Overall, you get full access to ZeroWork and all its powerful automation capabilities for a single upfront fee. The deal offers incredible long-term value for money.

ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Benefits

Here are some of the biggest benefits of grabbing the ZeroWork lifetime deal:

💰 Cost Savings

You get to avoidrecurring monthly fees by paying once. This results in huge long-term savings.

🚀 Increased Value

You will keep getting all new features and updates released within your plan tier for life. The value of your purchase will keep increasing over time.

⚡ Unlimited Use

With lifetime access, you don’t need to limit your usage or automations. Go crazy with workflows and TaskBots!

🎁 Exclusive Pricing

The AppSumo deal offers exclusive discounts not available directly through ZeroWork’s website.

🏆 Ownership

You own the license permanently without worrying about cancellation, renewal or payments.

💎No Risk

AppSumo provides a 60-day money-back guarantee allowing you to get a refund if unsatisfied.

Clearly, the lifetime deal offers tremendous long-term value and savings compared to paying monthly. It’s a smart investment for serious users.

ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Plans

The lifetime deal is available in 2 subscription tiers:

1. Starter Plan

  • $79 lifetime payment
  • 75 TaskBots limit
  • Unlimited runs
  • All standard features

2. Pro Plan

  • $189 lifetime payment
  • Unlimited TaskBots
  • Unlimited runs
  • All standard features

The Pro plan with unlimited TaskBots is best suited for larger businesses and advanced users with complex automation needs.

For smaller usage, the Starter plan provides ample limits at a lower price point. You can always upgrade later if needed.

ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Features

Some of the key features available in both lifetime deal plans:

  • 🤖 No-code TaskBot builder
  • 🌐 Automate any website or social media
  • 💬 Native ChatGPT integration
  • 🛡️ Built-in anti-bot detection avoidance
  • 👤 Use your own existing accounts
  • 💻 Cross-platform desktop agent
  • ⚡ Unlimited runs and executions
  • 🗃️ Unlimited data tables
  • 📈 Data manipulation and calculations
  • 🔄 API and webhook integration
  • 🕰️ Schedule automations frequently
  • 👥 Access community support

You get the full power of ZeroWork to eliminate repetitive tasks and scale your business with automation.

Both plans receive all standard features and updates, just with different TaskBot limits.

ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Pricing

Here is an overview of the lifetime deal pricing:

PlanRegular PriceAppSumo PriceSavings
Starter$480$7984% OFF
Pro$1,188$18984% OFF

You save a massive 84% compared to buying at full price!

Considering you get lifetime access, the deal pricing is super affordable and lucrative for serious users.

Comparing ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Plans

Here is a quick comparison between the Starter and Pro lifetime plans:

Starter PlanPro Plan
TaskBot Limit75Unlimited
One-time Price$79$189
Savings vs. Regular Price84%84%
All Standard Features
Free Updates Within Tier
Best ForIndividuals, Small TeamsLarge Teams, Agencies

The Pro plan is ideal for larger businesses with bigger automation needs. For smaller usage, the Starter plan should suffice.

You can always upgrade from Starter to Pro later if required.

Should You Buy ZeroWork Lifetime Deal?

ZeroWork’s lifetime deal offers a great opportunity to access this nifty automation tool at a discounted one-time price.

Here are some key reasons to buy:

  • Generates huge savings compared to monthly plans
  • Locks in access and features forever
  • Allows unlimited use without constraints
  • AppSumo’s 60-day refund policy offers no risk
  • Excellent for serious users with large automation needs
  • Easy way to eliminate laborious repetitive tasks
  • Integrates AI for next-level automated workflows
  • Avoids the chore of manual social media engagement
  • Lets you focus energy on higher value tasks
  • Regularly updated with new features
  • Vibrant community for discussions and help

However, the lifetime deal may NOT be for you if:

  • You only need basic automation occasionally
  • Don’t want to pay a large upfront cost
  • Prefer having the latest features immediately
  • Not committed to long-term extensive usage
  • Have a limited budget

Take the plunge only if you have an existing high workload or ambitious plans to automate extensively. For modest needs, a monthly plan may be preferable.

ZeroWork Regular Monthly Plans

For those looking for flexibility, ZeroWork does offer regular monthly subscriptions outside of AppSumo as well.

Here is an overview:

1. Starter Plan

  • $40 per month
  • 50 TaskBots limit
  • All standard features

2. Pro Plan

  • $100 per month
  • Unlimited TaskBots
  • All standard features

3. Enterprise Plan

  • Custom pricing
  • Unlimited TaskBots
  • Priority support
  • Custom SLAs and security
  • Additional features like white labeling

The monthly plans allow you to get started easily and scale up as needed. But you pay recurring fees.

ZeroWork Monthly Plan Features

The monthly Starter and Pro plans have the same features as the lifetime deal:

  • 🤖 No-code TaskBot builder
  • 🌐 Automate any website or social media
  • 🛡️ Built-in anti-bot detection avoidance
  • 👤 Use your own existing accounts
  • 💻 Cross-platform desktop agent
  • 📈 Data manipulation and calculations
  • 🔄 API and webhook integration
  • 🕰️ Schedule automations frequently
  • 👥 Access community support
  • ➕ All new features and updates

The Enterprise plan further builds on these with priority support, security compliance, white labeling and more benefits.

ZeroWork Monthly Plan Pricing

Here is an overview of ZeroWork’s regular monthly pricing:

PlanMonthly Price

These plans allow you to get started for as low as $40/month. But you pay recurring fees versus the one-time cost of the lifetime deal.

Monthly vs Lifetime Deal Comparison

Here is a summary of key differences between the monthly subscriptions vs lifetime deal:

FactorMonthly PlansLifetime Deal
PricingFrom $40/monthOne-time fee
CommitmentMonth-to-monthLifetime access
CostsRecurringOne-time payment
OwnershipRentalOwn license
FeaturesGet new updates immediatelyGet updates within plan tier
CancellationFlexibleNot possible
Best ForTemporary or starter useLong-term intensive use

The lifetime deal makes the most sense financially if you need ZeroWork long term. For short-term use, a monthly plan offers more flexibility.

Who Should Buy ZeroWork Lifetime?

The ZeroWork lifetime deal is best suited for:

👉 Businesses with large automation needs

👉 Teams and individuals managing multiple social media accounts

👉 Marketing agencies and freelancers with many clients

👉 Startups wanting to automate and scale processes

👉 Developers needing a RPA tool for clients

👉 Anyone with ambitious plans to leverage automation extensively in their business or personal workflows

For such users, the lifetime access and one-time pricing unlock tremendous value.

Who Should Buy ZeroWork Monthly?

The monthly plans may be better for:

👉 Anyone with limited or occasional automation needs

👉 Those wanting to try ZeroWork risk-free before committing

👉 Budget-conscious users

👉 People needing the flexibility of month-to-month payments

👉 Beginners who are just exploring automation

For modest or short-term needs, the monthly plans provide good flexibility.

Final Verdict on ZeroWork Lifetime Deal

ZeroWork makes it dead simple to build no-code automation workflows that eliminate tedious manual processes.

The AppSumo lifetime deal offers a lucrative one-time price for serious users to permanently access this powerful RPA tool.

You avoid recurring fees and get thousands of dollars worth of savings compared to paying monthly. It’s a no brainer for established businesses or ambitious startups wanting to scale growth through automation.

However, occasional users may be better off with flexible monthly plans.

Overall, ZeroWork enables you to work smarter by automating repetitive tasks on websites and social media platforms. The lifetime deal is a gem for unlocking long-term value out of this nifty piece of software!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does the lifetime deal have any hidden charges?

No, it is a one-time payment. There are no recurring fees or hidden costs.

Q2: What happens if I cancel my AppSumo account?

Your ZeroWork lifetime license will remain unaffected and work independently.

Q3: Can I use ZeroWork on multiple computers?

Yes, you can install the ZeroWork desktop agent on unlimited computers.

Q4: Is there a time limit to claim the AppSumo deal?

Yes, the deal will expire after a certain date. You must purchase before then.

Q5: Does the lifetime deal come with a money-back guarantee?

Yes, AppSumo provides a 60-day refund period in case you are unsatisfied.

Q6: How do I get updates after purchasing the lifetime deal?

You will receive all standard feature updates released within your plan tier.

Q7: Can I upgrade my lifetime deal later?

Yes, you can upgrade anytime from Starter to Pro by paying the difference.

Q8: Does the Pro plan have all features?

Yes, Pro has everything, including unlimited TaskBots. Enterprise plan has some additional perks.

Q9: Is it hard to create automations on ZeroWork?

No, the drag-and-drop builder is designed to be super user-friendly even for non-coders.

Q10: Does ZeroWork integrate with Zapier and other apps?

Yes, it allows webhooks and API integration to connect with other platforms.

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