AI Client Goldmine Review: Enhancing Local Agency Prospecting with AI Technology

AI Client Goldmine Review:

As the world revolves around digitization, businesses have adapted to the new demands of the market, which include incorporating technology in their operations to remain competitive.

One of the prominent technologies that businesses have embraced is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

While AI may seem complex for small and medium-sized businesses, the Offline Sharks have made it simple with their latest product, AI Client Goldmine.

AI Client Goldmine Review: Enhancing Local Agency Prospecting with AI Technology

AI Client Goldmine Review – A Quick Overview

VendorOffline Sharks
ProductAI Client Goldmine
Launch Date28.04.2023, 11 AM EST
Front End PriceStarts at $27
Launch Ends01.05.2023, Midnight
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Sales Page
Refund30 Days Money Back
NicheClient Prospecting
Upsells1. Sales & Marketing Power Pack $47 2. Special Offer $97 3. Advanced Upgrade $197 4. Shark Alliance $197/m or $997/year
Main Product FeaturesAI Client Goldmine Main Offer: “SiteScanner” Software Absolutely Free

What is AI Client Goldmine?

AI Client Goldmine is a complete, step-by-step video training course and software designed to help local agencies harness AI technology for effective prospecting.

The custom software, “Website Spy,” identifies the perfect target prospects, analyzes crucial data, and generates a list of top prospects worth pursuing. The software then aids in qualifying leads with an automated sales process.

Also, the tool fulfills the ‘audit’ that you will be selling to prospects, schedules strategy sessions, and follows up with the prospects to close deals.

AI Client Goldmine is the product of Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis of Offline Sharks. With the fastest-growing agency in Hawaii, they have used AI tech to build an agency bursting with client and revenue potential.

The Software can be used as a “foot-in-the-door” $400 sale and an ideal tool to “pay it forward” for $1,000+/month recurring sales.

Who is AI Client Goldmine?

AI Client Goldmine is designed for local agencies looking to enhance their prospecting techniques.

The tool is essential for service-based businesses, including digital marketing agencies, social media marketers, SEO experts, lead generation companies, and other similar entities.

Local agencies that have been struggling with prospecting can benefit significantly from this technology to streamline manual work and focus more on other core business operations.

AI Client Goldmine Review – The Features

The software comes packed with features that make it easier for local agencies to prospect for customers. They include:

SiteScanner Software

When you purchase AI Client Goldmine, you also receive the SiteScanner software free of charge. The software is a one-stop shop for running your agency. It enables you to:

  • Identify red-hot and ready-to-buy leads
  • Qualify leads using an automated sales process
  • Fulfill the “audit” you will be selling, which is more about the audit and why it works so well when you click here
  • Schedule a strategy session
  • Follow up with prospects to close the deal.

Custom Software

The custom software – Website Spy – is the main tool for enhancing prospecting with AI technology. The software identifies suitable prospects for your business by analyzing relevant data. Additionally, the software generates a list of top prospects worth pursuing, making the process quick and straightforward.

Step-by-step Video Training Course

In addition to the custom software, AI Client Goldmine comes with a step-by-step video training course. The course is aimed at guiding local agencies through the prospecting process with AI technology, making it easier to use and understand.

The training course and software make prospecting effortless and efficient. You get to spend more time on other important business operations while the software does the heavy lifting for you.

AI Client Goldmine Pricing

The front-end offer for AI Client Goldmine is $27, but the price will increase after the launch period ends on May 1, 2023. You also get to access the software without requiring any upgrades. However, if you opt for the upsells, you can benefit from additional features and functions.

Here are the upsells that come with AI Client Goldmine:

Upsell 1: Sales and Marketing Power Pack ($47)

The Sales and Marketing Power Pack upsell comes packed with tools to enhance your marketing efforts. The features include:

  • Sales scripts that are proven to work
  • Guides for following up on leads efficiently
  • Templates for sending customized emails to prospects
  • Access to Offline Sharks’ marketing library

Upsell 2: Special Offer ($97)

The Special Offer upsell comes with more advanced features aimed at boosting the output of the software. The features include:

  • Exclusive access to the Shark Alliance Facebook group
  • Webinar recordings of previous marketing sessions
  • Bonus training on AI client outreach

Upsell 3: Advanced Upgrade ($197)

The Advanced Upgrade upsell comes with customization features aimed at giving you more control over the software. They include:

  • Custom branding for your agency
  • Customized reports for clients
  • Advanced lead generation features

Upsell 4: Shark Alliance ($197/month or $997/year)

If you opt for the Shark Alliance upsell, you get to be part of a community of like-minded local agencies. You get:

  • Exclusive access to the Shark Alliance coaching network
  • One-on-one Skype sessions with Nick and Tom
  • Discounts on all future products

The upsells add an extra layer of functionality to the custom software, making it flexible and customizable to meet your agency’s specific needs.

AI Client Goldmine Review: Pros and Cons

Like any product, AI Client Goldmine has its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing what they are can help you make an informed decision before making a purchase.


  • Effortless Prospecting – The software makes prospecting easier and more efficient, freeing up time to focus on other business operations.
  • Suitable for Local Agencies – The tool is designed for local agencies in service-based industries such as digital marketing and lead generation.
  • Customizable – The software can be customized to meet your agency’s specific needs.
  • Free Included Software – You get the SiteScanner software for free when you purchase AI Client Goldmine.


  • Additional Upsells – While the main software is cheap, the additional upsells may not be affordable for some small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Learning Curve – While the software makes prospecting easier, there is still a learning curve for people new to AI technology.

AI Client Goldmine Review: Wrap-Up!


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