AICoaches Review – Clone Anyone into an AI Avatar to Grow Your Business

AICoaches Review:

Running a business or managing clients can be extremely time consuming. There’s only so many hours in the day, yet it seems there’s an endless stream of tasks to handle. What if you could clone yourself to take care of the more tedious work? Or have access to an expert’s knowledge whenever you needed it?

Introducing AICoaches, an exciting new app that allows you to create customizable AI chatbot avatars. These bots can interact with customers, provide support, generate leads, and automate parts of your business 24/7, like having a clone of yourself!

In this review, we’ll cover how AICoaches works, its standout features, pricing, and whether it’s worth investing in. You’ll learn how it compares to hiring staff, what problems it can solve, and examples of real-world use cases. Let’s dive in to see if this AI clone technology is right for your business.

What is AICoaches?

AICoaches is a cloud-based app that turns real people into AI chatbot avatars. It provides advanced customization beyond typical chatbots, allowing you to train AI with specific knowledge and customize personality and appearance.

With AICoaches, you can:

  • Clone yourself or anyone else into an AI avatar chatbot to mentor clients, generate leads, and increase sales.
  • Clone experts like business owners or public figures into AI avatars to learn from.
  • Use and customize 20+ pre-made AI coach avatars in popular niches.
  • Fully customize knowledge training, personality, look, and more.
  • Generate leads, provide coaching, and accept payments 24/7/365.
  • Run an AI automation agency selling customized AI avatars.

AICoaches isn’t just another chatbot builder. It focuses on customization so AI avatars provide tailored value like a human employee or coach would.

Why AICoaches is Different Than Other AI Chatbots

There are plenty of AI chatbots out there. But most lack advanced customization that AICoaches provides.

With AICoaches, you can:

  • Train AI avatars on specific data like text, videos, PDFs, and more so they share customized knowledge.
  • Customize personality like being more direct vs. gentle or giving more concise vs. detailed responses.
  • Customize appearance with different images, fonts, colors, and more for a humanized experience.
  • Customize coaching style to be more question-driven or advice-focused.

This level of personalization and training ensures your AI avatar acts less like a robot and more like a real human coach or expert tailored to your business.

No more frustrating generic chatbot experiences. AICoaches focuses on creating AI avatars with a specific identity and skills to stand out.

Features and Benefits of AICoaches

AICoaches comes packed with features to customize AI and put it to work generating leads, selling, coaching clients, and more.

Here are some of the key features and benefits AICoaches provides:

Clone Yourself or Anyone into an AI Avatar

Turn yourself, employees, or experts into AI chatbot avatars trained on your specific knowledge and style. Benefits include:

  • 24/7 availability to interact with prospects and clients
  • Capture your unique voice and style
  • Automate lead gen, sales, coaching without you manually working

Use/Sell Pre-Made AI Coach Avatars

Choose from 20+ pre-made AI coach avatars in popular niches like yoga, finance, marketing, and more. You can use them or sell them to clients.

Customize Knowledge Training

Train your AI avatars by copy/pasting text, adding video links, PDFs, and more. This ensures it shares knowledge tailored to your business.

Customize Personality and Style

Make your AI avatar direct or empathetic, give short or detailed answers, be more question-driven or advice-focused, and more to match your brand.

Customize Appearance

Upload your own images, tweak fonts and colors, and more so your AI chatbot avatar looks less robotic and more human.

Lead Generation Technology

Capture leads from your AI chatbot by adding forms and connect it to your CRM.

Accept Payments

Let your AI avatar take payments for coaching or products via Stripe, PayPal, etc.

Embed AI Avatar Chatbots Anywhere

Embed AI chatbots on your website via popups, inline embeds, and more. They work great on all devices.

Commercial License Included

AICoaches includes commercial rights so you can sell AI avatars to clients for hefty fees.

As you can see, AICoaches provides serious customization beyond typical chatbots along with technology to put your AI avatar bots to work generating leads, coaching clients, accepting payments, and more all on autopilot.

What Level of Customization is Possible with AICoaches?

One of the biggest differentiators of AICoaches vs other chatbot tools is the level of personalization and customization available when creating your AI avatars. But what exactly can you customize?

Almost every aspect of your AI coach can be tailored, including:

  • Appearance – Upload own avatar image, modify colors, fonts, themes
  • Knowledge – Train with your own content via text, video, audio, docs
  • Personality – Adjust tone, language style, empathy, energy
  • Coaching Style – Make more question-driven vs. directive with advice
  • Interactions – Customize chat responses and workflows
  • Offerings – Enable AI to recommend/sell products personalized to each visitor
  • Integration – Connect AI to your CRM, email, calendars, and more

This degree of customization means your AI coach can replicate your branding, voice, style, and offerings in a way no other automation tool allows. Instead of a one-size-fits-all chatbot, your AI coach will feel like a natural extension of your business.

Who is AICoaches For?

AICoaches is flexible enough to work for many different business types and use cases.

Here are some examples of who can benefit:

  • Agencies – Create and sell customized AI avatars for clients.
  • Coaches & Consultants – Provide 24/7/365 access to your expertise via an AI avatar clone.
  • eCommerce Stores – Drive leads and sales with AI product recommendations and offers.
  • SaaS Companies – Reduce customer support tickets with helpful AI chatbots.
  • Bloggers – Embed AI avatars on your site to engage visitors and capture more email subscribers.
  • Freelancers – Outsource tiresome work like content creation to your AI clone.
  • Entrepreneurs – Automate lead gen and sales so you can focus on big picture strategies.

If you want to provide clients access to your expertise around the clock, reduce workload, automate lead generation, or scale revenue, AICoaches can help.

AICoaches Demo and Examples

The best way to understand AICoaches is to see it in action.

Here is a demo showing how you can easily create a customized AI avatar chatbot:

As you can see, you can choose an avatar, customize the look, brand it, train it on specific data, and customize the personality in minutes without any technical skills needed.

The end result is an AI chatbot that provides value tailored to your business and goals vs a generic chatbot experience.

Here are some examples of customized AI avatars you can create:

AICoaches Review OTO Bundle - Example
  • Clone yourself to generate leads while you sleep.
  • Create an AI copy of a hiring manager to automatically screen candidates.
  • Clone a sales rep to qualify leads and send to demos with real staff.
  • Make AI versions of support staff to handle common questions.
  • Clone an industry expert and charge others for access to pick their brain.

The possibilities are endless when you can create AI avatars with this level of customization!

Customizable Bot Appearance for More Engagement

One unique aspect of AICoaches is the ability to fully customize the look and feel of your AI chatbot avatars. You’re not stuck with a boring, robotic interface.

You can upload your own images, customize fonts, colors, and more. This allows you to humanize your AI bots for a more engaging, fun experience.

Having an avatar that aligns with your brand builds trust and interest. Customers will enjoy chatting with an AI coach or assistant that feels like an extension of your company, not a sterile third-party bot.

Mobile-Optimized for Use On Any Device

AICoaches is built as a cloud-based, mobile-optimized web app. This means your AI chatbots will work flawlessly on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

You don’t need to build different versions for different platforms. The AI assistant interface automatically adapts for optimal viewing and functionality across all screen sizes.

This flexibility allows you to deploy AI bots on your website, in popups, and on sales funnels with ease. No compatibility issues or extra development work required.

Mobile optimization also expands the ways customers can interact with your brand on-the-go.

Security Features for Responsible Use

While AI automation provides exciting opportunities, ethical usage and privacy are also important considerations when implementing chatbots.

AICoaches has built-in security features to encourage responsible use, including:

  • Conversation history tracking – Monitor all AI interactions for quality assurance.
  • Usage analytics – Identify which bots perform best to optimize performance.
  • Data encryption – Protects customer information for privacy.
  • Access controls – Limit internal access to only authorized users.
  • On/off profanity filter – Keep chatbot language appropriate.

Adhering to security best practices helps future-proof your investment in AI technology.

Onboard Clients Seamlessly with DFY Templates

If providing AI assistant services to clients, AICoaches makes the onboarding process seamless with done-for-you (DFY) templates.

You get access to:

  • Pre-written service contracts to solidify deals
  • Pricing guides to clearly communicate options
  • Marketing materials to introduce your services
  • Onboarding checklists to smoothly integrate AI bots

With these DFY resources, you can scale your agency efficiently. They reduce the need for extra admin work or legal/marketing expenses.

Comparison to Hiring Full-Time Staff

Implementing 24/7 AI chatbots via AICoaches provides tremendous value compared to hiring full-time staff.

Let’s compare costs over 1 year for a single role like customer support.

With AICoaches, you pay a single fee of $97 for unlimited AI chatbots.

Hiring one full-time support rep at $15/hour equals:

  • Annual salary: $31,200
  • Benefits, taxes, insurance: $10,000
  • Total cost: $41,200

The savings and scalability with AI are clear. Plus you avoid turnover, sick days, training, etc.

Use AI to Streamline Internal Processes Too

AICoaches isn’t just for external customer interactions. You can also utilize AI bots to streamline internal processes.

Some examples include:

  • HR assistant for onboarding and recruiting
  • IT help desk for technical support
  • Finance bot for billing and reporting
  • Inventory or supply chain bot

Consolidating repetitive tasks to AI chatbots frees up employees for more strategic roles. It also reduces human error and speeds up internal operations.

No Experience Required – Even Beginners Can Succeed

AICoaches is designed for anyone to use, even total beginners. You don’t need any prior AI, chatbot, or tech experience.

The web app has an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface. All the complex machine learning and NLP engine powering your AI bots happens behind the scenes.

Plus, built-in tutorials, 24/7 customer support, and an active user community ensure you can succeed. There’s no knowledge barrier to benefit from AI automation.

This opens up the technology to solopreneurs, small business owners, and marketers who lack big budgets and tech teams.

In summary, AICoaches provides a feature-packed AI chatbot builder optimized for usability. The customization settings allow anyone to leverage the power of AI to unlock new revenue channels and automate repetitive tasks.

How Much Does AICoaches Cost?

AICoaches is currently available at a special launch discount. Here are the pricing options:

  • AICoaches Starter – $47 one-time payment. Includes core features to customize 1 AI avatar chatbot.
  • AICoaches Gold – $97 one-time payment. Unlimited AI avatars, leads, and more advanced features.
  • OTOs – Additional OTOs like reseller rights, templates, and integrated payment processing are available ranging from $27 to $197.

Considering you can generate leads, sales, and automation worth thousands per month with AICoaches, the investment is very reasonable compared to hiring a team of employees.

For the launch period, AICoaches is only charging a one-time fee. After launch, it will convert to a monthly subscription likely starting at $97-197 per month.

So the launch discount offers huge savings and allows you to keep full access for a single low payment.

Here is the detailed breakdown of everything you you will be getting:

Frontend – AICoaches Premium

The frontend product is called AICoaches Premium. It allows you to create customized AI avatar chatbots and has a special launch price of $37.

With AICoaches Premium you get:

  • Customize avatar appearance, personality, knowledge training
  • Generate leads, provide coaching, accept payments 24/7
  • Commercial license to sell AI chatbots to clients
  • Access to done-for-you AI coach avatars
  • Lead generation, appointment booking, and sales technology
  • Embed on website via popups or inline
  • Works on all devices

This is the core offer that unlocks all the main features to leverage AI avatar chatbots in your business or agency.

OTO1 – Fast Pass Bundle

The first OTO is called Fast Pass. It packages together all the main upgrade offers at a discounted bundled price of $230.

It includes:

  • AICoaches Gold
  • AICoaches Platinum
  • AICoaches Enterprise
  • Rewardsly 2.0
  • Forrk
  • JusTap

This bundle provides all the upgrades you need to maximize results from AICoaches for your business.

OTO2 – AICoaches Gold

AICoaches Gold is the first standalone OTO offer. It provides additional features like:

  • Unlimited workspaces, coaches, leads
  • Advanced customization
  • More done-for-you AI coaches
  • Review and feedback features

It’s priced at $97 and unlocks more advanced capabilities.

OTO3 – AICoaches Platinum

AICoaches Platinum includes features to expand globally like:

  • Make AI chatbots in any language
  • Remove branding
  • New templates each month
  • Agency site to sell services
  • Integrated payment processing

It’s available for a one-time price of $197.

OTO4 – AICoaches Enterprise

AICoaches Enterprise provides white-label and agency-focused features such as:

  • Completely rebrand the software
  • Unlimited team members
  • Integrate unlimited clients
  • Legal contracts and proposals

Enterprise is priced at $127 as a one-time offer.

OTO5 – Rewardsly 2.0

Rewardsly 2.0 is a separate app for loyalty and rewards programs priced at $37.

OTO6 – Forrk

Forrk helps create online ordering for restaurants priced at $37.

OTO7 – JusTap

JusTap transforms business cards into lead generation tools for $37.

AICoaches Bundle

There is also a Mega Bundle one-time offer that packages the main FE offer with all upgrades.

This complete all-in-one package is available for $317 with coupon code provided.

So in summary, AICoaches is launching with a full suite of offers and bundles allowing you to get started low or invest in maximum capabilities. The frontend unlocks the core custom AI avatar chatbot features at a huge discount.

Pros and Cons of AICoaches

Let’s summarize the key pros and cons of AICoaches:


  • Create customized AI avatars beyond typical chatbots
  • Automate lead gen, sales, coaching & support 24/7
  • Reduce workload so you focus on high-level work
  • Commercial license included to sell avatars & services
  • Very affordable compared to hiring staff
  • User-friendly app, no tech skills needed

Potential Cons

  • Requires some trial and error to customize perfectly for your business (but training inside app helps shorten learning curve)
  • AI chatbots work best alongside human touchpoints as well and aren’t a complete replacement for real staff members

Overall though, the pros seem to heavily outweigh any cons, especially at the launch discount pricing.

AICoaches Review Verdict – A Game-Changing AI Assistant for Any Business

After exploring the features and capabilities of AICoaches, it’s clear this platform marks a major step forward in leveraging AI technology for businesses.

The ability to create customized AI avatars that can be trained with specific knowledge sets it apart from generic bots. This personalization can add tremendous value across various use cases.

For solopreneurs, small teams, and bootstrapped startups, AICoaches provides a cost-efficient way to automate tasks and scale impact. Compared to hiring full-time staff, it’s a no-brainer investment.

Even for larger teams, AICoaches can free up employees to focus on high-value activities while AI handles the repetitive work. It enables “cloning” your best talent.

That said, integrating human touchpoints alongside AI bots is still advised when possible. While powerful, AI should complement human capabilities.

However, if you want to delegatetasks, extend availability, reduce costs, and increase efficiency – AICoaches delivers. It’s a forward-thinking automation tool poised to give early adopters an advantage.

For these reasons, AICoaches earns a strong recommendation, especially at the affordable launch price. It’s a wise investment for any business seeking to streamline operations and enhance productivity through AI assistants.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get ahead of the curve with this innovative avatar chatbot technology. The customization capabilities open up limitless possibilities to drive value.


Can Any Business Benefit from AICoaches?

Yes, AICoaches is flexible enough to benefit all types of businesses across any industry. Specific use cases include lead generation, customer support, appointment booking, internal process automation, and more. The customizability makes it a versatile tool.

What Level of Tech Skills Do I Need to Use AICoaches?

None! AICoaches was designed for anyone to use without needing any technical expertise. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that handles all the AI and NLP complexity behind the scenes. The built-in tutorials also make getting started easy for non-techies.

How Quickly Can I Get an AI Chatbot Up and Running?

You can create your first customized AI chatbot avatar in under 10 minutes with AICoaches. It’s a very fast setup process, especially if you use one of the done-for-you templates. After initial creation, you can always continue optimizing and training the AI bot to improve performance.

Can I Create Unlimited AI Chatbots?

With the Pro plan of AICoaches, you get access to create an unlimited number of AI chatbots. This allows you to automate countless business functions and scale your agency services. You’re not artificially limited.

How Are AICoaches Bots Better Than Hiring Virtual Assistants?

AI chatbots can operate 24/7, scale to handle unlimited conversations, and never take a day off. There’s also no turnover or need to manage and train multiple assistants. The consistency and cost savings make AI a more efficient choice over human assistants.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, AICoaches offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. This allows you to try out the app risk-free to see if it solves your business needs. If not, you can simply request a refund within the first month of using the software.

Does AICoaches Integrate With Other Software Tools?

Yes, some of the third-party integrations include payment processors, email/CRM systems, appointment scheduling apps, and more. This allows you to connect your AI bots with the other tools you use to maximize results.

Can I Customize the Appearance of My AI Bots?

Absolutely! You have full customization over the look and feel of your AI avatars in AICoaches. Upload your own branding, images, tweak colors and fonts, and more. This creates a personalized experience aligned with your business.

Is Ongoing Training Required to Improve My AI Bots?

While you can always continue optimizing, minimal training is required after initial setup thanks to the conversational AI technology. The system automatically improves through real customer interactions without needing constant supervision.

What Compliance Features Does AICoaches Offer?

AICoaches was built with responsible AI usage in mind. It includes security features like conversation history tracking, analytics, access controls, and profanity filtering. This ensures ethical usage and protection of customer data.

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