Minute Pop Review – AI Newsletter System that Automatically Grows Your List

Minute Pop Review:

Welcome to my in-depth Minute Pop review!

In this post, I’ll be taking an honest, hype-free look at this new AI-powered newsletter system to see if it really can help you grow your email list and make money with affiliate marketing on autopilot.

Minute Pop just launched on December 10th, 2023 – and it’s already getting a lot of buzz in the online business space.

The creators claim it can help you:

  • ✅ Quickly build a targeted subscriber list
  • ✅ Send out done-for-you newsletters each week
  • ✅ Monetize your list by promoting affiliate offers
  • ✅ Automate 90% of the newsletter process

It sounds promising, but does Minute Pop really live up to the hype?

That’s exactly what I’ll cover in this review today.

By the end, you’ll know whether Minute Pop is worth buying or not.

Let’s get started!

👋 Overview: What Exactly is Minute Pop?

Minute Pop Review - What Exactly is Minute Pop

Minute Pop is a cloud-based software that lets you easily create, publish and monetize weekly niche newsletters.

It uses artificial intelligence to automate up to 90% of the newsletter creation process for you.

Here are the key features Minute Pop offers:

  • 💌 5 Done-For-You Newsletter Topics to Choose From
  • 🤖 AI-Written Newsletter Content Published Each Week
  • 📈 Drag & Drop Opt-In Popup Builder
  • 💰 Built-In Affiliate Monetization Tools
  • 🔐 Cloud-Based Software, Nothing to Install
  • 🚀 Fast Setup – Lists Ready in Under 1 Minute

The goal with Minute Pop is simple:

Help people with no tech skills or writing ability grow targeted email lists and profit from affiliate marketing.

It gives you done-for-you newsletters created with AI, opt-in popups to capture leads, and affiliate links to monetize your audience.

You just add your logo, pick a niche, and promote your popup. The software handles the rest.

Next, let’s look at who created this newsletter builder software and why.

🧑‍💻 Who’s Behind Minute Pop?

Minute Pop was created by Cindy Donovan – a well known product launch marketer and software developer.

She’s been running an online business since 2006 and is the creator of several popular digital marketing tools.

Some of Cindy’s other products include:

  • 🏆 FunnelMates – Funnel builder software
  • 📊 Leadster – Lead generation platform
  • 📩 eComily – Email marketing service

The goal with Minute Pop was to create a beginner-friendly way to tap into the power of email marketing.

Cindy noticed many people struggle with the technical side of building opt-in forms, setting up email lists, writing engaging content, and driving traffic.

So she decided to automate most of that process with Minute Pop’s done-for-you newsletter system.

This allows complete newbies to get into affiliate marketing without needing to be great writers or coders.

Next, let’s look at who Minute Pop is designed for.

🎯 Who Is Minute Pop Designed For?

Minute Pop is built for two types of users:

1. Affiliate Marketers

The #1 goal of Minute Pop is to help affiliate marketers quickly build targeted email lists in any niche and promote offers to them.

It automates the three key parts of affiliate promotions:

  • Building a subscriber list
  • Sending regular content via email
  • Monetizing that list with affiliate link

So if you want an easy way to tap into recurring affiliate commissions, Minute Pop delivers.

2. List Building Newbies

Minute Pop is also great for newbies who want to start building an email list but lack the skills or time to do it themselves.

No technical ability is required. The software handles all the complex parts for you.

And because it’s cloud-based, there’s nothing to install or configure.

In just minutes, a complete beginner can have a professional looking opt-in popup and newsletter system.

So if you’re new to email marketing and affiliate promotions, Minute Pop makes it simple.

Now let’s take a look at the key features and benefits inside…

🚀 Minute Pop Features & Benefits

Here are the main features you get access to with Minute Pop:

💌 5 Done-For-You Newsletters

Minute Pop Review - DFY Email Newsletter

The foundation of Minute Pop is the done-for-you newsletter system.

It provides professionally written newsletters on 5 popular niches:

  • Family & Parenting
  • Health & Fitness
  • AI Tech & Gadgets
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cooking & Food

Each niche gets a new 700-1,000 word newsletter emailed to your list automatically every week.

The content covers trending topics and news for that niche. It’s informative, useful, and designed to keep your audience engaged.

This saves you the effort of researching topics, writing content, and building out email sequences. Minute Pop automates the entire process.

And the newsletters also integrate affiliate offers and ads seamlessly. More on that benefit next.

💰 Built-In Affiliate Monetization

Monetizing your list is made easy with Minute Pop.

Each newsletter contains integrated affiliate promotions and recommended product ads.

All you do is enter your ClickBank ID during setup. Minute Pop inserts relevant affiliate offers from the marketplace into your emails.

When subscribers purchase, you collect the commission.

You can also add any other affiliate links or offers you want to promote.

This ensures your newsletter won’t just build a list, but also generate recurring affiliate income each month.

📈 Drag & Drop Opt-In Popup Builder

To grow your subscriber list, Minute Pop provides a customizable opt-in popup builder.

You can use the drag and drop editor to create high-converting opt-in forms in minutes.

Easily customize colors, fonts, fields and more to match your brand.

The popups integrate with your newsletter seamlessly. Any email signed up via the popup gets added to the broadcast list for your niche.

And you can embed the popup on your website, blogs, or anywhere else online with just a few clicks.

🔐 Cloud-Based Software

Minute Pop is 100% cloud-based software. There’s nothing to download or install.

It runs on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

You simply login to your Minute Pop dashboard to access the interface and tools.

This makes it fast and easy to get started. No technical skills needed.

🚀 Fast Setup – Lists Ready in Under 1 Minute

Here’s the real power of Minute Pop – insanely fast setup.

The creators designed it to get your newsletter and list building system live in under one minute.

Just login, enter your logo and Clickbank ID, select a niche, and copy/paste the opt-in code.

Within 60 seconds your automated newsletter system is ready to go!

This allows absolute beginners to start list building and making money with their first email list in no time.

🔧 No Coding or Writing Required

As you can see, Minute Pop handles all the complex, technical aspects of email marketing for you.

That includes:

  • Writing engaging newsletter content
  • Designing the opt-in forms and pages
  • Building the email sequences
  • Sending out scheduled broadcasts
  • Managing subscriber data

So you don’t need any coding skills or writing ability to run this done-for-you newsletter system.

Just focus on driving traffic to your opt-in popup. Minute Pop automates the rest.

Overall, it provides immense value by saving you enormous amounts of time and effort with newsletter creation.

Next, let’s take a look at some of the special launch discounts…

💰 Minute Pop Pricing & Discounts

During the initial launch period from December 10-15th, 2023, Minute Pop is available at a heavily discounted price.

Here are the pricing options:

  • Minute Pop LITE – $27 (regular $67)
  • Minute Pop PRO – $36 (regular $97)
  • Minute Pop Unlimited – $47 (regular $197)

The PRO plan seems to offer the best value, with unlimited emails and full access for just $36.

But all plans include the core software, DFY newsletters, popup builder, and affiliate tools.

You also get some nice bonuses:

  • Fast Start Setup Training
  • Custom AI Content Generator
  • 15 Done-For-You Lead Funnels
  • Access to FunnelMates Software
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

So during the launch period, you can get Minute Pop for up to 80% off the regular pricing.

This discount won’t last forever though. The price will increase after launch ends.

Next, let’s take a look at the OTOs and upgrades…

💳 Minute Pop OTOs & Upgrades

In addition to the front-end offer, there are several optional upgrades available:

OTO #1 – Minute Pop BOOST

The first OTO is Minute Pop BOOST which gives you:

  • 15 Additional Done-For-You Lead Funnels
  • 5 Extra Niche Newsletters
  • Advanced Training Series
  • Fast Start Checklist & Planner

Normally $47, it’s discounted to $27 during launch.

This is a nice upgrade if you want more pre-made funnels and newsletters. But not 100% necessary.

OTO #2 – Minute Pop AGENCY

OTO #2 is the Agency version. This lets you create client accounts within Minute Pop and sell newsletter services.

You can set up and manage niche newsletters for your clients. And charge them a monthly fee that you keep.

If you want to leverage Minute Pop as a business, the Agency version can help you profit in multiple ways.

It’s normally $197, but discounted to $67 during launch.

OTO #3 – Minute Pop WEBINARS

OTO #3 provides done-for-you webinars you can use to complement your newsletters.

These are automated pre-recorded webinars that help warm up subscribers and drive them into your affiliate promotions.

It’s a clever way Minute Pop does the selling for you through video.

Normally $47, discounted to $27 during launch.

Thoughts on the OTOs:

The upsells provide some nice added value, but they aren’t essential purchases in my opinion.

Even just the front-end software contains more than enough to build, grow and monetize your email lists in any niche.

So your decision on the OTOs will come down to your budget and needs.

But the core newsletter builder software is very complete all
on its own.

Next, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Minute Pop…

💡 How Minute Pop Compares to Other Options

Minute Pop makes newsletter creation easy compared to other options:

  • Email service providers like AWeber require technical setup, writing content, and list management. Minute Pop automates all of that for you.
  • Hiring writers can get expensive. Minute Pop’s AI writer handles content creation.
  • Learning marketing skills takes time and effort. Minute Pop allows beginners to succeed without a learning curve.

So it stands out by providing done-for-you newsletters and simplifying the entire process.

📈 Performance & Results

While results will vary, Minute Pop’s automation and built-in monetization provide a solid framework to achieve results like:

  • Quickly building an engaged email list
  • Establishing yourself as an authority in your niche
  • Generating recurring commissions from affiliate promotions
  • Leveraging email marketing as reliable passive income

User results will depend on traffic and effort. But Minute Pop does the heavy lifting for you.

🛠 Ease of Use

The drag and drop editor, 1-click setup process, and automation make Minute Pop extremely easy to use.

No learning curve required. The software is intuitive and beginner-friendly.

And because it’s cloud-based, there’s no installation or technical setup needed either.

📚 Ongoing Training & Support

Minute Pop provides onboarding training to get you started quickly.

And you get access to a members’ area with ongoing video tutorials as you scale your newsletters.

The team is very responsive in their private Facebook group for additional questions too.

💰 Price vs Value

Considering the automation it provides, Minute Pop delivers extremely high value.

It can easily take $500+ worth of services to hire writing, developers, funnels etc.

But Minute Pop provides all of that for a fraction of the cost.

So it’s an absolute bargain when you consider the recurring income and commissions it enables.

📝 Minute Pop Pros & Cons

Let’s summarize the key pros and cons:

👍 Minute Pop Pros

  • Automates 90% of newsletter creation
  • Done-for-you content published weekly
  • Built-in monetization with affiliate links
  • Customizable opt-in popup builder
  • Easy drag & drop interface
  • Get started in under 1 minute
  • Great for affiliate marketers
  • Perfect for newbies & non-techies
  • 30 day money back guarantee

👎 Minute Pop Cons

  • Newsletters are limited to 5 niches
  • Additional niche content requires upgrades
  • Need some budget for ads to promote popups
  • OTOs are optional but provide added value

Overall, the PROS far outweigh the cons in my opinion.

Minute Pop delivers tremendous value, especially for the launch discount pricing.

💪 Minute Pop Review Verdict

So, after taking an in-depth look at Minute Pop, here’s my final verdict:

Minute Pop is a game changer for building targeted email lists and monetizing them.

The power comes from fully automating the complex, technical parts of email marketing.

You simply choose a niche, customize your opt-in popup, and Minute Pop handles the rest.

  • The AI writes engaging newsletter content for you
  • The software sends out scheduled broadcasts
  • Built-in tools monetize your list

Within 1 minute, anyone can have an automated newsletter system up and running.

For affiliate marketers, it’s a goldmine for generating commissions month after month.

And for newbies, it makes list building easy without any learning curve.

For the launch discount pricing, Minute Pop absolutely delivers a tremendous return on investment.

The recurring commissions you can generate will quickly surpass the small upfront cost many times over.

If you need an easy way to build and monetize niche email lists, Minute Pop is definitely worth checking out.

Minute Pop Review – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minute Pop?

Minute Pop is a cloud-based software tool that lets you easily create, publish, and monetize weekly newsletters in any niche. It uses AI to automate up to 90% of the newsletter creation process for you.

How does Minute Pop work?

Minute Pop provides done-for-you newsletter content, opt-in popups to capture leads, and built-in affiliate links to monetize your audience. You just add your logo, select a niche, customize the opt-in forms, and promote your popup. The software handles writing and sending the newsletters for you automatically.

What niches are available?

Minute Pop comes with 5 done-for-you newsletter niches – Family & Parenting, Health & Fitness, AI Tech & Gadgets, Digital Marketing, and Cooking & Food. Each niche gets a new 700-1,000 word article emailed to your list weekly.

Do I need writing or technical skills?

No, the software automates the content writing, list management, email broadcasts, and other complex parts of running a newsletter. No writing, design, or technical ability needed.

How much does Minute Pop cost?

During launch, pricing starts at $27 for Minute Pop Lite. The Pro plan is $36 and includes extras like unlimited emails. Regular prices are $67-$197 after launch ends.

What’s included in the front-end offer?

The front-end Minute Pop software includes the 5 done-for-you newsletters, drag & drop popup builder, built-in affiliate links, cloud-based access, fast 1 minute setup, and no coding/writing needed.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, Minute Pop comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. So you can try it risk-free.

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