bCast Suite Review – First To Market App For Audio and Podcast Marketing

bCast Suite Review

bCast Suite Review

Podcasting is a great way to make money online, but it’s hard to do if you don’t use the right tools.

Most podcasters are using free podcasting software and giving away their content for free. They never make any money.

bCast suite is a revolutionary new podcast marketing tool that lets you create, distribute (over 20 sites) and monetize your podcasts with ease.

You can now start making money from your podcasts today if you go through my complete bCast Suite review on this page. Let’s get started.

What Is bCast Suite?

bCast Suite is an easy-to-use software for podcasting, it has three different tools, these tools are designed to create podcasts quickly from scratch. Content, Audio(voice), and Syndication are all done by bCast Suite. In just three simple steps from start to finish, bCast lets you create and publish your podcasts to over top 20 sites in just one click. Whether it’s for yourself or someone else – this software has everything covered.

With bCast Suite You Can:

  • Create original podcasts to be shared on top 20 platforms
  • Record voice-overs or use AI voice-over technology for quick and easy content creation
  • Share your podcast with your audience in minutes, not hours
  • Start a podcast without any previous experience.

bCast Suite Rating


About The Creators – Neil Napier & Abhi Dwivedi

Abhi Dwivedi has been an accomplished online marketer and software developer for over 16 years now, having done multiple six-figure product launches, webinar promos, and running several successful online SAAS businesses. In the past few years alone, Abhi has had 36 best-selling products with 10s of thousands of users actively using their services to benefit from them – making him one seriously impressive entrepreneur.

This time, Abhi Dwivedi teams up with Neil Napier who is also a respected internet marketer to create a cutting-edge product – bCast Suite. This app will be no exception and it’s going to do wonders for you.

How Does bCast Suite Work?

  • Step1: Generate Content (Script)

First off, there’s the content creator called bContent which allows you to create content for your episodes quickly and easily – without having any technical knowledge about how podcasts work.

  • Step 2: Record or Generate Voice Using The AI Voice Engine

Next up is the voiceover recording tool (bVoice) which lets you record professional voiceovers(includes AI voice engine as well) using state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Step 3: Submit Your Podcasts to Over Top 20 Networks

And finally, syndicate your podcast to the top 20 podcast sites through the bCast Suite app in one click.

bContent, bVoice & bCast – These are the three different tools that are included inside bcast Suite. Let’s see what each tool offers.

Flexible Search 107 Different LanguagesAudio Inserts
Deep Search Filters Over 461 VoiceoversAuto Optin
Quick ConvertNo API NeededTranscription
Correct Grammar MistakesNo Credit SystemOne-Click Submission
Auto PunctuatorVoice CustomizationEmail Notifications
Find & Replace Create Voice That Sounds Like YouPodcast Website
Content SpinnerSave Voice CustomisationPublish To YouTube 
Download VoicesIntegrated Affiliate Link 
Merge Voiceovers That You CreatedEmail Optin Forms 
Edit themHeadliner Integration
Private Podcasts

Watch This bCast Suite Demo Video to See How It Works

bCast Suite Review – The Features

  • Search/edit your podcast content in 107 languages
  • Auto-create SEO-friendly podcast website
  • Structured training videos for step-by-step instructions
  • Unlimited storage space for your production needs.
  • 1-click podcast syndication
  • 100% beginner-friendly
  • ZERO speaking/content creation skills required
  • 20 directories for traffic generation
  • Auto-post your podcast onto YouTube Playlist
  • Generate Audio With Text-To-Speech Converter using bVoice
  • Publish content and podcasts all on one platform
  • Make 500 hours of script per week with bContent
  • Create 500 voice-overs per week with bVoice
  • Automated marketing for your business
  • Growth features built-in that help you market yourself

bCast Suite Review – My Experience in Using it And How To Use It?

This is the member area of bCast Suite, it looks very neat and clean. The very first thing you need to is to create a new podcast. I am gonna create a new podcast now.

I just named this podcast as “Online Marketing”. Then choose a category and sub-category, enter your name (author name), put your contact email – if everything entered correctly on the respective fields, just scroll down to the bottom and look for more options.

If you have integrated your email autoresponder services (such as GetResponse, Aweber) with bCast Suite, you can simply choose it here. The purpose of this to collect email leads from your podcast page. Basically bCast Suite will create a small podcast info website page for you.

In case if you have a professionally designed podcast page somewhere else, you can redirect to that page using 301 redirections. I am just gonna leave this field empty for now and save it.

Our first podcast has been created. Next, click on the three dot icon to see more options. Where we can able to add episodes to this podcast.

I am gonna add a new episode to this podcast now.

I just named this episode as Episode 1. If you already have an audio file, you can able to choose and upload it directly or you can create an audio file completely from scratch using bContent & bVoice tools.

If you didn’t watch the bCast Suite demo video, you can’t know how to create a unique script & audio for the podcast without doing it yourself. Please scroll to the above section and watch the demo.

Once you have uploaded your audio file, the Episode 1 is ready to be published on top 20 podcasting networks.

Yes, In just 1-click by enabling the “Auto-submit to directories” your podcast will be submitted to all the popular platforms including Spotify.

That’s how simple it is. To promote your offer through these podcasts, you need to put a CTA (call-to-action) when recording your audio.

If you have no idea, no problem. Becasue, Inside bCast Suite member area, there is a dedicated tutorial section to teach you everything about the software and how to use it properly.

My Opinion

Honestly, I didn’t know a lot about podcasts. I set up my first podcast through bCast Suite. I was shy, but it helped me make my own show without any skills.

The first thing to know about podcasting is that it’s not as hard as you might think. Podcasts are a great way to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences with the world without even showing your face to the world. With bCast Suite software, you can create your own podcasts in just minutes. bCast Suite is a user-friendly, beginner-level software for podcasting.

I was impressed with how intuitive it was to use and that my podcasts were so good.

One thing I really don’t like in bCast Suite is the text-to-speech voice. People won’t listen to text-speech voices anymore. If you are looking to buy this software purely to make text-to-speech voices for your podcasts then, this is not so good. But, if you want to record your own voices then, it will be very effective because it will submit your podcasts to over 20 sites in one click. And other cool features make your work simpler.

BCast Suite makes the process of recording, editing, and publishing podcasts so easy. It’s really like you don’t even have to know anything about podcasting to make one with this software. All-in-all bCast Suite is an excellent choice for anyone looking to start their own podcast.

How bCast Suite Is Different From Other Apps?

  • 3-in-1 Podcasting Suite

Podcasting has become the latest media sensation. It’s a great way to make money and grow your business from anywhere in the world, but running podcasting software isn’t always easy. This bCast Suite includes all the necessary tools for successful podcasting online: content/script creation, recording audio using an AI voice engine, and publishing on top 20 Podcast sites worldwide – everything is already included.

  • Beginner to Expert Friendly

bCast is revolutionary because it’s so simple to use, even for beginners. Other podcasting apps can be clunky and complicated, but bCast has been designed specifically with simplicity in mind – something that will work well not only for experienced podcasters who are used to the old-fashioned way of recording their shows on a computer or laptop screen, but also newcomers who might find other options too daunting.

  • bCast Suite Can be Accessed From Anywhere in The World

bCast Suite is 100% cloud-based and works on any operating system, on any internet-connected device. So you do not need to bring your laptop in case if you move somewhere else or change what country or location you are in. This is not a kind of desktop software.

  • Auto Syndicates Your Podcasts To Over Top 20 Sites

There are a lot of great podcasting apps out there, but none of them really make it easy to publish your podcasts to the most popular sites like Spotify. That’s why we created bCast Suite – a podcasting app that publishes podcasts in one click to 20 different sites!

  • You Can Have Access For Life With Only One-time Fee

bCast Suite is the perfect tool for new podcasters or experienced ones looking to make their show more professional. And best of all, with bCast Suite’s affordable $37 one-time fee, you can stop paying monthly fees for other podcasting apps and just use this one instead.

  • bCast Suite Works in Any Niche

bCast Suite works in any niche. Whether it be online marketing or health and fitness, the system can help you become more successful by boosting your business to new heights with its innovative features.

The Benefits of Using bCast Suite

  • Post podcasts to 20 top podcast sites with one click of a button
  • Multiply traffic and reach by leveraging audio.
  • Get a custom website for your podcast, no coding required
  • Grow your email list with proven conversion rates
  • Keep subscribers for years to come and reliably monetize from them
  • Begin using bCast Suite in less than 5 minutes.
  • Spend less time on marketing tasks, more time on the things that matter most.
  • Connect your autoresponder to bCast for increased conversions
  • Increase your email list by making it effortless for subscribers to join
  • Discover which categories, products, or campaigns are the best converting with built-in analytics
  • Add paid ads and CTAs with “Dynamic Content Insertion”
  • Automatically create a custom podcast page
  • Build your following and earn without even lifting a finger
  • Integrate with Google & Facebook Pixels for targeted traffic
  • Easily highlight content and share with potential followers

Pros and Cons

Who Should Buy This?

  • bCast Suite is the perfect tool for local marketers because it will help you reach your customers right in your area. You can also target specific issues and concerns that are unique to a certain region, which helps advertisers find their audience more easily.
  • bCast Suite is perfect for digital marketers who want their podcasts to reach new heights as it allows them to connect with customers and build stronger ties.
  • Freelancers! Did you know that the bCast Suite is a perfect tool for your needs? Connect with potential clients regularly by starting up a podcast focused on understanding their business and industry.
  • The bCast Suite is a perfect tool for agencies to use in order to create great podcasts that their clients can reach out and communicate with more efficiently.
  • The bCast Suite is a PERFECT tool for entrepreneurs. Use podcasts to gauge interest in niche or product. Buyers will be coming to you.
  • bCast suite is the perfect tool for podcasters – all the frustrations you’ve faced trying to create, host, and share your podcasts are solved with bCast studio.
  • bCast Suite is the perfect tool for affiliate marketers to promote their products and services. So, they should use bCast suite and invite their list of subscribers on a weekly basis as well!

bCast Suite OTO’s & Pricing Details

The Front End: bCast Suite Commercial ($77-97)

  • bCast – automatic sites, transcribe, bandwidth
  • bContent – create, retrieve, and spin content
  • bVoice – convert text to normal human speech

==> More Info

OTO1: bCast Suite Unlimited ($197-297)

  • You can easily and quickly create podcasts without budget limitations or time restrictions
  • Upload as many episodes you want, no more worrying about limits
  • Unlimited voices
  • More Bandwidth
  • More Transcription

==> More Info

OTO2: bCast Suite Business ($67)

  • DFY Business Website
  • Lead Finder to get high paying customers
  • Agreements
  • Use promo materials that convert into leads right away

==> More Info

OTO3: bCast Suite Whitelabel ($197)

  • Custom Domains
  • Use your own logo
  • Deliver as a branded service

==> More Info

OTO4: bCast Suite – PodReel ($67)

  • Upload Mp3 files up to 100 MB
  • Resize/Trim Audio file
  • Add Transcribe Caption on the Video Podcast
  • 50+ Languages to choose for the transcribe/captions
  • Add podcast background-color
  • Add custom Waveforms on the Video Podcast
  • Add custom progress bar on the video
  • Add and position an image on the video podcast
  • Add and position text on the video podcast
  • Add Logo on the Podcast
  • Generate mp4 Podcast in different Aspect Ratios

==> More Info

My Final Thoughts

Podcasts are a way to get your message out. People will hear it and know what you say. Podcasts have grown in the last few years. They used to be 376 million downloads per month, but now they are 1.5 billion monthly downloads per month.

The need for a podcast is becoming more and more evident, as mobile technology becomes ever present in society. Podcasting has a great potential for marketers, as it is an excellent way to reach new audiences and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Podcast listeners are more likely to buy products and services than those who don’t listen to podcasts at all. The best part about podcast marketing is that you can do it yourself with minimal budget requirements.

Now, you want to start a podcast, but you don’t know where to begin. You’ve tried using other podcasting software before, but it never worked for you?

Imagine having all the tools and resources needed to create your own professional sounding podcasts in one place.

Yes, with bCast Suite, you can run your own podcasting show directly through your computer or even mobile phone with ease.


The modern world is a noisy place. You have to fight for people’s attention in order to reach them through advertising, and even then the odds are stacked against you. Podcasting offers an excellent opportunity for marketers to connect with their audience and build customer loyalty.

With bCast Suite you can create podcasts easily. This intuitive software is designed for marketers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to make a podcast with no prior knowledge of the process. The suite includes everything that is needed to publish your own audio content including hosting.

This software is lifetime access. The bCast Suite will update automatically in the background, so you don’t have to worry about it. The best thing about bCast Suite is that it’s not just a one-time purchase. It includes full training to help you get started and make insane profits with this product. Get started today.

You can get some amazing bonuses for free by completing just two steps below:

Step 1: Order bCast Suite by Clicking here.

Step 2: You will get all my premium Bonuses that are mentioned BELOW. Please don’t forgot to email me partha@spsreviews.com after you have done step 2. You will get my Bonuses within 12 hours.


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