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bizVideo Review – 

The World’s First Business Video Production Marketing Tool To Harness The True Power Of Video Marketing



Investing in video marketing?

Are you already using a tool to make your videos?

What do you do for videos like that?

Do you have more leads, opt-ins, subscribers and sales of your video campaigns than you can handle? If not, then with those videos you need to start creating successful campaigns.

Why not you invest all the time, energy and money on videos? Make them the stars of your campaigns on bizVideo so they can begin delivering the results you need to grow your business.

You made your videos, now it’s time to make your video marketing.

bizVideo Review – The Product Overview

Product Name bizVideo
Product Creator Ajay Sagar
Launch Date & Time [2020-Sep-16] @ 03:00 EDT
Price $67 to $150
Bonus Yes, Good Bonuses Available
Refund Period 30-Days
Official Site
Product Type Video Software
Skill All Levels
Recommended Highly Recommended

What Exactly Is bizVideo?

“BizVideo” is a groundbreaking platform that solves the real-world problems that video marketing is facing. You can convert T-Shirts, Jackets, Mugs and hundreds of promotional items into immersive video campaigns using bizVideo. For the first time, you can sell your online video campaign with offline items such as posters, mailers, jackets and coffee mugs.

Example: Recently, a vendor has sent me a very good promotional coffee mug. I took a video from their website, set up a campaign for them, and put the QR code campaign on their mug. Then I scanned the link to my mobile phone and watched the video campaign. I converted their static promotional item into a video campaign in less than 10 minutes.

The bizVideo campaign includes a video, promo text, call-to – action, sharing buttons, media picture, media text, your signature information, and a contact form. Depending on how many campaigns you buy, you can create and run those campaigns at the same time. However, there is no limit to the videos or any other element (up to your maximum storage capacity) of the campaign. Any part of the plan can be changed at any time and as many times as you want. The viewers are still going to see the new.



Features of bizVideo

[+] bizVideo’s Coherent Campaign Interface
[+] Use any video (YouTube, pre-recorded, record on the fly from your cell phone)
[+] Access video campaigns on any device (cell phone, laptop, desktop, tablet etc.)
[+] Real time capture of contact data on screen
[+] All campaign content is reusable – maintained in your bizVideo galleries
[+] Link to order forms, store fronts or any web page for direct sales
[+] Mobile ready – view campaigns on any device
[+] Build entire campaigns from your cell
[+] Your contact info automatically added to your campaign
[+] Simple copy/paste social media posting
[+] Unlimited concurrent videos – you can update as often as you like
[+] Acquire viewers’ contact data at anytime, even while video is playing
[+] Acquire names, email addresses, phone and inquiry of interested buyers
[+] No links, no clicks, no distractions, your viewer stays focused
[+] Track leads on your phone, tablet and laptop in real time
[+] Automated List building for each campaign in real time
[+] Automatic list segmentation
[+] List is fully opted in
[+] Call on the go feature makes your leads available on your cell phone (and other devices) in real time
[+] One touch dialing or texting for following up
[+] Quick response (in less than 1 minute)
[+] Text messaging and text chat
[+] One link and one QR Code. Print QR Codes on business cards and flyers and never need to reprint
[+] Viewers will always see the latest content
[+] Update any element of your campaign at any time
[+] Linking of campaigns with your bizVideo partners (power team)
[+] Embed a link to your promos, sales pages, landing pages, websites, events etc.
[+] Built-in SEO with geo location
[+] Built in share buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
[+] Simple copy and paste social media posting and check mark under bizVideo
[+] Actionable analytics, measure viewer engagement
[+] Real time stats for views and leads easily viewed on dashboard
[+] Built in CRM
[+] Make notes as you talk to your clients and retrieve them later
[+] Fully compatible with bizMail, bizMail+, bizLead, and bizEvent for marketing & events

About The Creators

Founded in Virginia, Pixl Inc. (dba bizApps) has a rich and diverse background in developing software and IT solutions. From multi-million dollar federal contracts to commercial services, bizApps has been providing customised solutions to businesses for over 25 years.

About five years ago, bizApps turned its attention to developing cloud-based marketing solutions. In 2017, bizApps introduced the first of its bizApps marketing tools line. The latest product to be rolled out, bizVideo, joins the line of integrated marketing products including bizMail, bizMail+, bizPage, bizClean, bizLead and more.

By 2020, bizApps will begin to roll out a full line of bizApps marketing tools across multiple affiliate networks and through direct sales to businesses.

bizVideo App Review – How Does It Work?

The strength of video is its potential to capture and hold the attention of peoples. But your video can not capture your email addresses or their names. For your bizVideo campaign, inviting your prospects to share their contact data and collecting that data is a job.


BizVideo aligns the invitation form to the video on the same screen. No need to connect to a different web page or screen. There are no links, there are no clicks to enter a question, or reply. You never risk not getting back to your campaign, and they never have to quit. Your viewers can share their contact details at any time, including during playing of your video.


After they submit their contact data or query, the bizVideo built in CRM takes over. Every new lead is added to the “My Call List” BizVideo will automatically build your mailing list for you, and each lead will be selected for you. This means My Call List is ready to be used as My Email List.

You can access My Call List from a tablet , laptop or cell phone. Using bizVideo’s “Call On Go” features, you can send them a text message or give them a call. It’s all going to happen in real time so you can actually call them before they even finish watching your video.

Quick response is the key to opening a dialogue and establishing a relationship. In fact, you have a 400 percent better chance of qualifying for a lead if you contact them within five minutes. Speedy ‘s response is how you can nurture your leads and close more sales.


It couldn’t be easier to launch your bizVideo campaign. You can record a video, build and launch your campaign using your phone. You can update your video at any time, in real time.

BizVideo is the first marketing tool to harness the true power of video marketing.

bizVideo campaigns are accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime on any device.

bizVideo Review - Campaigns can be accessed anywhere

What bizVideo Can Do For You?

[+] Build your own campaigns to generate high-quality sales leads and grow your business. Each lead is your own, not shared or sold to four other people. Every lead is a motivated buyer. Every lead clearly wants and/or needs your product or service. These are the leads that you can convert to sales.

[+] Increase your direct sales by linking your order form or front-end store to your campaign. To get the order while they’re excited, please place your order form link right below your video. You make it easy for them to buy at their peak interest point.

[+] Make money to build bizVideo campaigns for clients. Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to build video marketing campaigns with less than half of the bizVideo coverage. You can offer them more channels and add them to offline sources at a fraction of that cost. It’s a very profitable win.

[+] Too many videos are left to languish on a website with little or no traffic. Very little traffic means very few views, and that means very few results.

[+] Most small businesses are putting their new video in a single email blast. Small scale one and finished email marketing simply can not produce the views needed for a successful campaign.

[+] It’s common practise these days to post your new video on your Facebook page. But how many people are going to see it there? According to Facebook, the average account has only 338 followers. So, just posting your video on Facebook isn’t going to produce thousands of views.

[+] You need to talk about YouTube if you’re talking about video marketing. Everyone seems to be posting their videos on YouTube. But on average, most YouTube channels generate only 50-150 views per month. Even if all of those views were the same video, it’s not enough to build your business.

Who “bizVideo” is For?

BizVideo combines your campaign building platform with a multi-channel delivery and tracking system including data capture, CRM, and more (see table above). To build a product with all of the features and capabilities of bizVideo, you would need to hire a team of:

[+] Marketing product designers
[+] Systems architects
[+] Programmers
[+] Testing engineers
[+] UI designers
[+] Wrap programmers
[+] Procure development hardware systems
[+] Procure platform hosting

and a lot more…

Top 8 Reasons Why You Need To Buy bizVideo


A lot of products are there to help you create your video. But when it is finished what do you do with your video? Video can’t market itself, after all. All those manufacturing products end where MARKETING begins video. The problem is your video is not being able to market itself magically. To get your video out there where people can see it you have to create a marketing campaign. BizVideo can put your campaign to millions of worldwide screens. Getting your video seen is your video marketing campaign’s first job Nothing gets more people viewing your video than bizVideo.


Video can not grab anybody’s attention unless they watch. If there are no viewers, video can not drive traffic, or generate leads. Video is powerless when no-one ever sees it.


Why limit your campaign to a single social media platform, if you can use all of them? Go ahead and post your campaigns on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap, TikTok and more on bizVideo. BizVideo is an agnostic platform so your campaigns work on all social media platforms.


We all live in the physical world but in the virtual world, we work and we play. So why not extend your video marketing to both? You can place your bizVideo campaign anywhere on the Internet, on any channel online. But then bizVideo bridges the gap and allows you to expand your physical world marketing. They can use physical collateral such as a brochure, sign or T shirt to access your campaign. No other marketing product, like bizVideo, can do this.


Imagine that, in your video campaign, you invite people to an event. You posted your campaign on Facebook, submitted your list by e-mail and put it on your website. But then something happens, and the event needs to be rescheduled to a different date. With the evergreen ties of bizVideo this is by no means a concern. You simply change the date in your post, update your campaign, and now everybody is seeing your content updated. They see the new date when they open the text, when they look at your facebook posting and when they click on the link in your website. You can alter any aspect of your campaign with bizVideo, and you never have to replicate or republish any links to campaigns.


A video can’t collect the data from the audience by itself, but bizVideo can. It’s so quick and straight-in built. No special formatting or player media required. No special mobile Applications or Extensions. No links to other website. Capture is built right into any campaign on bizVideo.


Every lead from bizVideo is of high quality, chosen as lead. You know they saw your ad, and they were inspired to share their contact details with you. There are certain leads of the highest quality. There are leads you should convert from.


If you respond to the lead within one hour, your chance of turning a lead to a sale is seven times higher. * bizVideo makes it easy to response in seconds. Get them while hot.

bizVideo Review – The Pricing & Evaluation

bizVideo FE (Price $69.95 – $149.85)

[+] Additional 750 views** makes a total of 1000 views
[+] Additional 1 campaign** makes a total of 2 campaigns
[+] Additional 5 GB Storage** makes unlimited video gallery***
[+] unlimited media image gallery***
[+] unlimited promo text storage
[+] unlimited social media postings
[+] unlimited use of online and offline (QR Code) campaign links
[+] store up to 250,000 opt in prospect records
[+] unlimited campaign changes/updates
[+] unlimited software (bizVideo) enhancements and updates
[+] 1 campaign**
[+] 500 views per month (1500 total)**
[+] 5 GB storage**
[+] Duration 3 month
[+] Technical support
[+] Online help and tutorials
[+] *** subject to storage limits
[+] a total of 10 GB storage

OTO #1: bizVideo Double Punch (Price $40)

Double Punch lets you run two campaigns instead of one at your Simple account. You can capture the opt-ins twice with two campaigns, and build your list twice as easy. But you won’t pay the price twice, because you get a 35 percent discount from Double Hit.

Also, Double Punch adds 750 more views, meaning 1,000 potential prospects will watch your video this month! Double Punch adds 5 GB of storage, so all the video, sales copy, links and media images you need can be stored easily.

[+] Additional 750 views** makes a total of 1000 views
[+] Additional 1 campaign** makes a total of 2 campaigns
[+] Additional 5 GB Storage** makes a total of 10 GB storage

OTO #2: bizVideo Delux (Price $20)

If you post your campaign on social media, add it to your website or blog page and email it to a few hundred people, you can surpass the 250 views in your Simple account. But the Deluxe OTO adds 500 more views to ensure you ‘re not losing a single lead or opting in. These additional views also indicate that 750 new prospects will watch your video campaign in the next 30 days. With Deluxe you get all this and still save 35 percent. Deluxe also doubles 5 GB of storage or additional memory. For just 20 dollars you can store loads of videos, more sales copies, more media images, and links.

OTO #3: bizVideo Triple Punch (Price $144)

Your bizVideo Advantage account supports a single initiative, kind of like a one-screen movie theatre. Triple Punch provides funding to two campaigns. Three promotions are going to deliver a lot of views and you don’t want to run out. But Triple Punch adds more than 2000 views. In twelve weeks, there could be 7500 new prospects watching your campaigns.

All those campaigns also need storage so Triple Punch adds another 5 GB of memory. Sufficient for you to store video hours, loads of photos and everything else you need for your campaigns on bizVideo. All that marketing power is well worth the standard $390 price. But you get all these extra’s for three months with Triple Hit, and pay only $195.

OTO #4: bizVideo Elite (Price $77)

If you are converting your Advantage account into an Elite Advantage account, you can run two campaigns at once. Two promotions can generate leads twice, and double your opt-in so you can close sales twice. Elite adds another 1000 views to your Advantage account, too. That means that in the next three months 4,500 new prospects will view your campaigns. All these bonuses to the campaign are well worth the standard price of $180. Yet you double your selling power with Elite with a 57 per cent discount.

Good & Bad

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Good” cons_title=”Bad” ][i2pros]Generate and identify highest quality leads and sell them to others
Capitalize on their peak interest and link to your web site
Use bizVideo to get new subscribers, they can subscribe right in your campaign
Design, build and run video marketing campaigns for marketing coaches, consultants and marketing agencies
Sell bizVideo to your customers
Maximum exposure delivers maximum results
More People See Your Campaign when it’s on More Channels and Sources[/i2pros][i2cons]Subscription based product
Limited time special offer[/i2cons][/i2pc]

bizVideo Review – My Opinion

Would you like to focus attention of your prospect on your video? Or do you think you’ll produce better results by tempting them with images of flying turtles, rainbow unicorns and the goods of your competitors?

If your viewers remain focused on your video, we believe you can get better marketing results. Thus they developed the Cohesive Campaign Interface of bizVideo to ensure that no other videos are in sight. Your audience remains focused on your message and the video.

Once your video captures their interest, you want to capitalise on that interest. In fact, their most important point of interest is when they watch your video. So the BizVideo Coherant Campaign Interface allows them to share their contact information, make a comment or submit a question at any time. Even while your video is still being played!

If your prospect has to link to another screen to access your contact form, it may never come back. Why do you take the risk? The bizVideo contact form is right on your video screen. They don’t have to click anywhere to share.

There are no taps, no links and no distractions available with bizVideo. Just your initiative on video and your invitation to share and ask. To optimise your response rate you capitalise on their peak point of interest.

That is how the real power of video marketing can be harnessed.

bizVideo Bonus From Vendor


Inputting prospect data manually is time consuming and prone to errors. You don’t want to risk it now, after all that work to get the lead. BizVideo adds each new lead to your list automatically. All the leads are chosen to make your list clean and ready for you to start building your business.


BizVideo sorts new leads automatically by programme. This automated sorting enables the creation of campaigns that target particular segments of the audience. Marketing segmentation has been shown to increase ROI by 15 percent or more, and is incorporated into your bizVideo account.


Search Engines are automatically designed for bizVideo campaigns. Tags are built in for Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn as well as the geo position. Your SEO on video marketing is done for you. What you save more than pay for bizVideo in the SEO expenses.


You can always keep on top of new leads with this Call List, which leads you to call back, what details they asked, which campaign captured their attention, review callback reminders and much more. Everything that you need to turn into customers and sales is new leads.


As nobody responds in time *, up to 64 percent of all Internet leads are lost. That means you can boost your conversion rate by calling them or quickly sending them a text up to 64 per cent. My Call List contains all the information you need about your leads. Call On The Go makes a slice of cake to follow them up with. You can contact any lead, right from your phone, with Call On The Go.


Direct sales can be only one click away using bizVideo. Insert your order form link into your campaign and start direct sales driving. Keep them focused, keep them involved and make buying simple just one click away with an order.

Special “bizVideo” Bonus From Me

How You Can Claim My Custom Bonuses?

STEP 1: “CLICK HERE” or click on any one of the buttons advertised on this page and it will take you to the official sales page.

STEP 2: Order the product from official website.

STEP 3: Send me you purchase receipt to below email id. You will get your bonuses within 24 hours.


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