Clide Review [~100% SCAM] Don’t Get This Software

Clide Review – 

Brand New App Lets You Ethically Start “Hijacking” Free Traffic From YouTube, Wiki, Quora, Reddit And More By Finding The Best Expired Domains. Clide Review Scam

Clide Review – What Exactly Is “Clide”?

Did you know that? There are thousands of expired domains / links receiving boatloads of traffic? I ‘m sure we’ve all been faced with the same problem at one time while using the internet, we’re visiting a link, just to see an expired domain like this:

Clide Review - Expired Domain Example

It ‘s certainly annoying, but what if there was a way you could capitalize on it? You see, every single expired domain receiving traffic is untapped with a goldmine that you could be profiting from. So instead of seeing an error, they get to see your affiliate links, opt-in pages, and offers.

Sound cool already, huh? Then pay close attention for the next 2 minutes, because I’m about to show you how you (yes you) can start to get the traffic out of this craze. There’s software on the internet today to do all the work for you, called Clide.

What Is Clide?

Clide is a brand new software that lets you find high traffic-profitable expired domains having backlinks from high authority sites such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Quora, Reddit, Medium ect. Build amazing websites on these expired domains and flip them for easy profits.

Clide Works In 4 Simple Steps:

  • Step # 1: Enter your target keyword. The built-in keyword engine will let you turn that single keyword into dozens of additional keywords that you may not have thought about.
  • Step # 2: Choose whether you want to get traffic from YouTube or Wikipedia.
  • Step # 3: “Start” hit. Clide will search your chosen sites to find available domains that you can register for less than $10.
  • Step # 4: Enter domains and redirect traffic. Send your traffic to any of your niche sites or offers.

Clide Review – The Product Overview

Product NameClide
CreatorAmit Gaikwad
Launch Date[2020-Nov-11] @ 11:00 EDT
BonusYes, Quality Bonuses
Official Site
Product TypeExpired Domain Finder
SkillAll Levels
SuggestionNot Recommended – There Is An Alternative

Clide Product Rating From Me


About The Creator

Clide - The Creators

This product has been brought to you by Anirudh Baavra and Amit Gaikwad. These two guys names are once famous in the field of online marketing. Over the years of work and research, they have gained valuable experience.

For their previous marketing experience, several websites, enclosures, blogs and customer management have been run for different requirements. In fact, they diversified their business models, from blogging to local business.

In particular, Amit and Anirudh have worked together many times before and launched a number of reliable and high-quality products such as NewsBuilder 2.0, Adsense Lab, Vid Popups, TrafficMax, Amingo, Adsense Lab, VidBlooks and more.

Features of Clide – According To The Vendor

  • Find highly profitable offers-you’ve found a killer domain to get traffic. But you’re like a deer caught in the headlights, and you don’t know what to do next. Where are you sending the traffic? rWell, don’t worry, because with Clide, we’ve built a feature where you can instantly find the most profitable offers tailored to the traffic coming from the domain you just got.
  • Tap Google for traffic without knowing SEO-thousands of expired domains are still ranked high on google, and you can buy them and start getting traffic to your links.
  • Get traffic from Quora without writing a word-you’d think you’re going to have to write a fancy article to get traffic from Quora, right? Think about it again. There’s no shortage of expired domains, and Clide shows you the hottest domains.
  • Siphon traffic from Wikipedia-hundreds of millions of people visit Wikipedia every single day, clicking through links. They’re expired sometimes. This is where you’ve got a chance to go in and buy and syphon traffic on your own.
  • Leverage YouTube for traffic without making videos-I know it’s going crazy. YouTube is a video hosting site, after all. But getting free traffic from YouTube is now a reality thanks to the clide, as we’re going to show you expired domains.
  • Get high-level domains that rank # 1 on google-this is completely optional, but you could instantly start ranking high on google, as the domains you’re getting have a high level of authority that Google’s algorithm loves.
  • 1 click Domain Purchase-there is a feature where you can instantly purchase a domain directly from the Clide Dashboard. Just hook up your Namecheap or Godaddy account, and you’re good to go!
  • Find juicy keywords-to take your Clide experience to the next level, we’ve added a free feature that lets you find the best keywords for domain names. All you need to do is enter the starting keyword, and we’re going to give you a lot of different suggestions.
  • Domain expiry reminders-in the event that a domain has not yet expired, you can let the client notify you when the domain is about to expire. This is incredibly helpful as it allows you to get your hands on the domain before anyone else does it.
  • Works in any niche-you’ll be able to find the hottest domains in any niche you can think of, all you need to do is enter a keyword, and we’ll show you the best domains.
  • Automated, self-updating websites included-let users find, create content, monetize high-traffic domains. The software pulls profitable expired domains in different niches that your customers can use to have traffic pulling websites or to flip them for big profit. It also creates automated fresh content for you and gives users an unfair advantage of achieving high PR and DR levels for their target websites.
  • Built into a traffic system-optimized for SEO and social sharing. The software integrates with a variety of services to make your customers a real passive solution. For an even greater boost in rankings.

Clide Review – Who All Can Use?

  • Affiliate Marketing – One way you could potentially make a profit within 24 hours from now is by redirecting traffic to your affiliate links and paying a commission. This is perfect if you don’t have a product of your own.
  • SEO & Backlink Building – Are you interested in boosting your money site rankings in search engines like Google? You can use this expired domain and build sites, link it to the URL of your money site. It is going to boost your rankings very well.
  • Domain Flipping-  Do you want to make a quick buck instead of using free traffic? No problem, because you can easily flip these domains over hundreds, if not thousands, of sites like Flippa.
  • Sell It On WarriorPlus – Yes, find expired domains, register these domains and create a sales page listing your domain names as products. People are doing this. This is a very good strategy.
  • List Building – Do you love to build email lists and see their value? We’re doing that, too, and our users are building monster-sized lists, thanks to all the free visitors they get from C.
  • ECommerce – Do you have an eCommerce store, but you can’t seem to get traffic going? It’s certainly frustrating, but thanks to Clide, those days are over. Now, you can start flooding your store with new, targeted customers interested in what you’re selling.
  • High Ticket Sales – Do you enjoy the thrill of high ticket sales? Look no further, as Clide has the power to supply all the leads you’re going to need to start selling high tickets consistently.
  • Offline Marketing – Are you more profitable by helping local businesses? Well, with Clide, you can either sell the domains to businesses or sell the traffic on your own. Businesses need customers, and with Clide, you can get them.

Is Clide Worth Buying? The Upsell Info & Their Pricing Plan

Clide – the Front End costs only $22 one-time. Originally these type of software charged anywhere between $27/month to $47/month. But to celebrate this Clide’s birthday, you are gonna pay only $22 one-time and get unlimited profit potential. I really appreciate their one-time pricing. You also have 30-day money back guarantee! So investing $22 is not a big money for lot of people. Lets see the pricing and upgrade details.

Clide: The Front End ($22 One-time)

  • Search expired domains upto 20 keywords per day
  • 10+ authority sites research included
  • Includes list-building functionality with opt-in forms that sync to any autoresponder from expired domain
  • Includes lander page, affiliate link, ads optimization
  • Step-by-step video training on how to get started and maximize profits
  • 5 sites license

Clide OTO1: Unlimited ($37 One-time)

  • Unlimited site license – users can create as many passive income sites as they want
  • Unlimited keyword/niche research- users can search unlimited expired domains
  • Includes commercial rights – users can create & sell sites to client

Clide OTO2: Evergreen ($47 One-time)

  • Content builder included
  • Content spinner integration
  • Auto search as per your set keyword or niche
  • Reminder feature that will remind you about expiring domain.
  • Search domains with google trends
  • Spy on YouTube channels those are not having domains, acquire there domain and get instant profit

Clide OTO3: DFY Sites ($67 One-time)

  • 5 complete DFY domain research with automated content or video websites on them
  • The fastest way for anyone to make passive income – they can instantly launch up to 5 high traffic websites
  • Fully customizable so users can monetize with their own links & add leads to their own autoresponder
  • Incredible value – 5 stunning sites set-up & ready to profit for a single low price

Clide OTO4: Agency ($97 One-time)

  • Fully functional clide software for your customers. Sell at your own pricing.
  • Software updates included.
  • Unlimited usage of all enterprise features.
  • Agency dashboard with 250 clide sub-accounts of FE+OTO1+OTO2 features.

The Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend Clide & Suggesting An Alternative To Clide

After using Clide, i have identified a bunch of issues in it. Let me explain.

First, it does not bring any data for multi keywords like this. I have only entered the term “Keto Diet” but Clide does not finds domains for it. Where in My Traffic Jacker 2.0 PRO, it can be possible to find expired domains for longer tile keywords such like “Keto Diet For Men”, “Dog Training Tips” ect.

Clide Review - No Results

Also Clide does not show the exact data of the expired domain such as the number of backlinks, how many YT videos has a particular domain name ect. But My Traffic Jacker 2.0 PRO shows exactly what you need to know.

Clide Review - No Data

Clide is a WordPress plugin. So you need to have a self hosted WordPress sites to install this software(Plugin). Otherwise you cannot use it.

Also My Traffic Jacker 2.0 PRO is a cloud based product. It works smoothly, i never seen any lag in it. The product creator (Joshua Zamora) is doing continues updates on this product as well. So you will never get disappointed.

Clide Review – The Pros and Cons


  • Start siphoning free traffic from sites like YouTube, Quora, Wikipedia, and more by
  • finding expired domains receiving visitors
  • Instantly redirect traffic to your links
  • Create websites on them in a click choosing different niches
  • Instantly Find Domains having thousands of Backlinks and make them yours. Direct them anywhere
  • Works in any niche imaginable, simply enter a keyword
  • No technical skills or experience required, Clide simplifies everything for you
  • Zero monthly fees, just a one-time investment during the launch period
  • The hands-down easiest way to start driving traffic to any link of your choice
  • Web-based software that works on any device


  • They didn’t talk about the product instead they talk about the benefits
  • I tried searching some multi-keyword (only 2 words like affiliate marketing, dog training). It does not bring any expired domains
  • After using this product, I did not see any value from it (personally)
  • It has the same feature as the previous product (see below)

F.A.Q. About Clide

  1. What’s the Clide? In a nutshell, Clide finds expired domains in live time that are getting traffic, and has high authority on google. This will allow you to snatch these domains at a low price and redirect traffic to your links. Yes, it’s that simple, really.
  2. Is that legal? It’s true, and nothing is illegal or unethical about it. You’re simply leveraging expired domains that still get traffic and use them to your advantage.
  3. How many searches am I supposed to get? How is the credit system working? 1 credit gives you a keyword search within the software, and the amount of credit depends on the plan you choose. Once you’ve run out of credits, there’s a way to buy more.
  4. Do I need to invest in anything else? Apart from buying domains that will only give you ten dollars or so, there’s nothing more you need to invest in. No website, no hosting, no traffic charges. No nonsense, no.
  5. What are the best ways to profit? Profit from Warriorplus offers, Flip the traffic, Earn from JvZoo offers, Bank Clickbank commissions, Pocket high ticket sales, Build an email list, Send traffic to CPA campaigns and many more.

Clide Review – My Final Thoughts

Clide claims that the software also builds you self updating sites. Actually, the News Builder 2.0 is their own product. So you can use that to build sites.

The creator of Clide software is a legit guy. But this time, I am very much disappointed with their product. Previously they have launched News Builder 2.o software. I really loved it.

I suggest you go for MTJ 2.0 instead of wasting your investment on Clide. It will be one of the best alternatives to Clide.

You can checkout my full My Traffic Jacker 2.0 PRO review here.

First you need to find a very good expired domain. To do that, i highly recommend you go with MTJ 2.0 instead of Clide.

If you get a good expired domain name, then build a self updating site using News Builder 2.o. I am sure you will not get disappointed with News Builder 2.0 software. It’s a WP plugin that only works on self hosted WordPress. That’s for today.

*Thank you for investing your time in my Clide review. Please visit my website for daily reviews. I hope you like it.

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