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ContentGenie Review

Hello there, and welcome to my ContentGenie review.

My name is Partha. On this page, I will be doing an in-depth, unbiased review of ContentGenie.

ContentGenie is brought to you by Kelechi Mmonu and he is the creator of some of the popular products such as VidScripto, MailConversio and many more.

But the question is…

Is ContentGenie actually worth buying?

Does it really work the way it promised on the sales page?

Let’s find out the answers through my honest ContentGenie review below.

What Exactly Is ContentGenie?

ContentGenie is a content creation and social media management suite that creates, plans and publishes original content across multiple social media platforms using AI technology. With the help of ContentGenie, you can easily create 100% original content and publish it to your preferred social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) or website in under 60 seconds.

What ContentGenie Can Do For You?

  • Create original content that will drive traffic to your social media and website.
  • Quickly post content to all of your favorite social media platforms, including Facebook (pages and groups), Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Medium, and WordPress.
  • You can quickly find and reuse the most popular videos and articles from around the internet.
  • Transcribe your Live speech into usable Social media or blog content to improve your online presence.
  • Transform your Ebook into content that can be utilized for Social Media & blogs.
  • Have your content professionally translated into over 30 languages.
  • Keep your social media followers engaged by using its in-built Viral Quote Discovery Tool.
  • You can use its interactive content planner to schedule three years’ worth of content right inside ContentGenie.
  • ContentGenie makes it easy to find content creation and social media management gigs that pay well.

Why ContentGenie and What Problem Does it Solve?

According to statistics, almost half the world’s population uses social media. The average person spends two hours a day on social media. The biggest challenge is creating content that attracts and converts this audience.

Creating content used to be really hard. You had to do a lot of research, spend a lot of time and money creating it, and then have someone else look over it for mistakes. But now there are easier ways to do it.

You can hire freelancers who will create content for you, but you need to be careful. Make sure you ask for samples of their work before hiring them and chase them near deadlines so they know you’re serious. And be prepared to pay through your nose for mediocre content.

If you’re not careful, you can easily spend hours upon hours creating content that no one will ever see. So how do you make sure your content is seen by your target audience? That’s where ContentGenie comes in.

ContentGenie is a tool that allows you to quickly create and publish original content across multiple social media platforms using AI technology.

That’s all about the features of ContentGenie. In the next section of my ContentGenie review, we will see how much it costs and what upsells are available.

ContentGenie Pricing and Evaluation

ContentGenie Agency is the front-end version it costs $47. This software will help you create high-quality, original content for your social media and blog posts. You can find viral videos and articles to use, and translate your live speech into text. You can also customize your content for blog posts or social media using the included editors. The software will publish your content to all of your social media profiles, as well as WordPress and Medium. You can also generate analytics and reports on post impressions and engagement.

ContentGenie Bundle Deals & OTOs

ContentGenie OTOs/upgrades are 100% optional, and you don’t have to get them to use the main features of ContentGenie that I mentioned before. But these upsell have some advanced features that might be useful for you.

When it comes to buying ContentGenie upsells, you have two options. Either you can buy ContentGenie one by one after you purchase the front-end offer or you can can get all of the upsells at once by getting the ContentGenie bundle deal.

ContentGenie Bundle is a special one-time offer costs $397 which includes both front-end and all the upsells of ContentGenie.

Let’s take a look at all the upgrades and their features one by one.

OTO1: ContentGenie Unlimited (Price: $97/year)

With this upgrade, you get rid of any limits on the number of AI-generated words, article and video discovery, automated content planner tool, social media and blog publishing, job search and clients finder, and viral quotes finder. You also unlock the premium content designer tool.

OTO2: ContentGenie Pro (Price: $97)

Get access to 8 additional tools that will help you create and manage high quality content. These tools include a plagiarism checker, email swipe writer, social media & blog post idea creator, content paraphraser, grammar & punctuation checker, content expander, e-book & article summarizer, and multi-language translator.

OTO3: ContentGenie Consultancy (Price: $67)

They will set up your copywriting agency for you without any work from you. This includes a client attraction marketing kit, unlimited workspaces, professional website, high converting presentation, commercial graphics pack, done for you Facebook ads creative, and an attorney-drawn contract agreement.

OTO4: ContentGenie Reseller (Price: $297)

If you get this upgrade, you can resell ContentGenie and keep all the profits. It’s a very easy way to make money. You get 50 reseller accounts, a custom reseller dashboard, instant account creation, and marketing assets like sales pages, ads, and email swipes. You also get commercial graphics packs, Facebook ad images, business cards, letterhead, and receipts. Plus you get customer support for life!

ContentGenie Review – My Ratings

In this next topic of my ContentGenie review, I will give you an overview of this product.

ContentGenie Review – A Quick Overview

Product NameContentGenie
Product Creator2022-Nov-05
Release Date2022-Apr-19
Release Time11.00 EDT
Front-end Price$47
Money Back GuaranteeYes, Up to 30-days
Official Website
Product CategorySoftware
Recommended or NotRecommended

That’s all about the overview. In the next section of my ContentGenie review, I will explain how ContentGenie works. That way, you will understand it better.

ContentGenie Review – How Does It Work?

ContentGenie is the solution for anyone who wants to create original content quickly and publish it easily.

Just enter your keyword or phrase, and ContentGenie will generate original content in 30 seconds.

Once you’re happy with your content, simply connect your social media or blog account(s) and hit publish.

Your content will be published instantly or you can schedule it for later.

With ContentGenie, there’s no need to hire an expensive writer or spend hours creating content yourself.

Let ContentGenie handle all your content needs so you can focus on what you do best.

I hope now you understand how ContentGenie works. Now let’s see what bonuses you will get if you become a user of ContentGenie today!

ContentGenie Bonuses

Bonus Logo, Bonus Button, Take Action, Wait

If you get your copy of ContentGenie through any one of the links on this page, I will support you whenever you want (just add my skype sarathi2405partha). Seriously, I’ll be your go-to guide when it comes to ContentGenie. You can ask me any doubts related to ContentGenie and I will give you a hand whenever necessary! Plus, you’ll have secure access to all the premium bonuses that are listed below.

ContentGenie Bonus #1

ContentGenie Review - Bonus 1

ContentGenie Bonus #2

ContentGenie Review - Bonus 2

ContentGenie Bonus #3

ContentGenie Review - Bonus 3

ContentGenie Bonus #4

ContentGenie Review - Bonus 4

ContentGenie Bonus #5

ContentGenie Review - Bonus 5

ContentGenie Bonus #6

ContentGenie Review - Bonus 6

Note: To claim all the above bonuses, you just email me your Content Genie purchase receipt to and i will send you instructions on how to access these bonuses.

To learn more about ContentGenie, read the next part of my ContentGenie review below. This includes information on some of the notable features and how they can be used.

ContentGenie Review – The Features and Benefits

Siri Style Content Writing:

ContentGenie Review - Siri Style Content Creator

Unlike other content creation apps that use outdated spinners, ContentGenie built and trained this AI assistant to create high-quality content from just a keyword.

Video Discovery:

ContentGenie Review - Video Discovery

With this app, you can explore the most popular YouTube videos by keywords or URL and convert the video content to a social media post or blog entry.

Article Discovery:

ContentGenie Review - Article Discovery

With ContentGenie software, you can quickly find the most popular articles using keyword searches or by entering an article URL. You can then convert the content of that article into a social media post or blog entry.

Ebook Converter:

ContentGenie Review - Ebook Converter

Convert the content of any Ebook or PDF File to more interesting and interactive social media posts or blog posts.

Speech to Text AI:

ContentGenie Review - Speech to Text AI

With the Speech Recognition AI, you can turn live speech into text content for social media posts and blog articles.

Quote Discovery: Keep your social media engagement high by posting relatable quotes on trending topics. 

Blog Post Editor:

ContentGenie Review - Blog Post Editor

With the custom Blogpost Editor, you can easily add images, videos, text, and much more to your blog content in just a few clicks.

Social Media Post Editor: Use the custom Social Media post Editor to make your content more personal. Add emojis, adjust text, etc.

Social Media publisher: Immediately post your content on all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Blog/medium Publisher: Easily post content to all your WordPress blogs and Medium accounts in one go.

Content Planner:

ContentGenie's Content Planner

The Social Media and Blog Content Planner allows you to plan and schedule posts for the next three years so that you can organize your content goals with greater effectiveness. You can view the planner calendar by day, month, or year.

Job/Client Finder:

ContentGenie's Job/Client Finder

You can find the most recent and best paying jobs and clients for content creation and social media management inside your ContentGenie account.

Plagiarism Checker:

ContentGenie's Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is not only illegal, but it can also get your website blacklisted by Google. This AI Plagiarism Checker scans any text to see if any part of it was copied from another source without giving credit. This includes content published on the web, in books, research papers, or news sources.

Content Paraphraser: Use this tool to rewrite text, Ebook content or articles in a variety of ways so that it is 100% original. With this feature, your fluency will improve while also ensuring you have the appropriate vocabulary for any occasion.

Content Summarizer:

ContentGenie's Content Summarizer

With this AI, you can quickly and easily convert any article, eBook, or text into key points while still maintaining the original context.

Grammar & Punctuation Checker:

ContentGenie's Grammar & Punctuation Checker

Writing can be tough, but making sure your work is perfect is easy with our grammar and sentence checker. With this AI Content Grammar checker, you can scan any Ebook, article or Text for grammatical errors so that it reads perfectly.

Email Writer: Get creative and write high-converting emails right from your ContentGenie Dashboard. Some examples of what you can use this tool for include: Welcome Emails, Cold Emails, Follow Up Emails, Confirmation Email Subject Lines etc.

Multi Language Translator:

ContentGenie's Multi Language Translator

Using a Translation tool allows you to share your content with more people by translating it into over 40 languages in just 1 minute.

Ideas Creator:

ContentGenie's Ideas Creator

If you’re stuck on what topics to write about for your social media or blog, ContentGenie is here to help! With this tool, you’ll be able to create content that is trending and relevant.


  • Quick and easy content generation
  • High-quality content
  • Variety of content types
  • Content is SEO-friendly
  • Publishes to multiple platforms
  • Content is updated regularly
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Excellent customer service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free trial available


  • Limited customization options for social media posts
  • No Free Trial

Now let’s talk about who would be the best audience for ContentGenie through the next section of my ContentGenie review.

Who Is ContentGenie For?

  • Social media managers who need content for their profiles but don’t have the time to create it themselves.
  • Businesses who want to increase their online presence with fresh, original content.
  • Bloggers who want to publish more articles without having to write them all themselves.
  • Students and professionals who need high-quality content for their resumes or portfolios.
  • Authors and journalists who are looking for new ways to distribute their work.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to create more engaging social media posts without spending a lot of money.
  • Marketers who need SEO-friendly content that will help them rank higher in Google search results.
  • Website owners who want more traffic from social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Freelance writers and copywriters looking for additional sources of income.
  • Anyone who wants an easier way to create high-quality content quickly and easily

How Is ContentGenie Better?

There are many things that make ContentGenie a better product. Here are just a few:

First, ContentGenie is one of the only tools that allow you to quickly create and publish original content across multiple social media platforms using AI technology. This means that you can easily create high-quality content without having to spend hours upon hours researching and writing it yourself.

Second, ContentGenie allows you to explore the most popular YouTube videos, articles, and ebooks by keyword or URL. This means that you can quickly find high-quality content to publish on your social media profiles or blog without having to spend hours searching for it yourself.

Third, ContentGenie comes with a built-in Social Media and Blog Post Editor that allows you to easily add images, videos, text, and more to your posts. This means that you can quickly create and publish high-quality content without having to hire a designer or developer.

Fourth, ContentGenie allows you to immediately post your content on all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest. This means that you can quickly and easily reach a larger audience with your content.

Finally, ContentGenie comes with a built-in Social Media and Blog Post Planner that allows you to plan and schedule posts for the next three years. This means that you can easily organize your content goals and publish content on a regular basis.

Does ContentGenie Really Work The Way It Promised on The Sale Page?

ContentGenie sold me on the sale page. I am not disappointed with my purchase. The software is easy to use and delivers on its promise to create original content quickly and easily.

Also, the features they offer are really good, especially for the price. I would definitely recommend ContentGenie to anyone who needs a content creation tool.

It is easy to use and delivers on its promise to create original content quickly and easily. I would also recommend it to anyone who is looking for an affordable content creation tool.

The software is easy to use and the content is high quality. The customer service is excellent and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase from ContentGenie.

Keep reading my ContentGenie review to learn more about ContentGenie through the FAQ.

ContentGenie Review – FAQ About ContentGenie

What kind of content can I create with ContentGenie?

With ContentGenie, you can create social media posts, blog articles, eBooks, and more. You can also convert content from YouTube videos, popular articles, and more into interactive social media posts or blog articles.

Is there a limit to the amount of content I can create with ContentGeniue?

No, there is no limit to the amount of content you can create with ContentGenie. You need to make sure to get the unlimited upgrade after the front-end version.

Can I use my own images and videos with my content?

Yes! You can use your own images and videos with your content as long as they comply with the terms of use of the respective social media platforms.

What type of devices do I need to use ContentGenie?

ContentGenie is available on both Android and iOS devices. So whether you’re on the go or chilling at home, you can always create original content with ContentGenie!

Can I use ContentGenie for business purposes?

Yes! You can use Content Genie for business purposes by connecting your business’s social media accounts or creating blog articles about your products/services.

ContentGenie Review: The Verdict

Come to the end of my ContentGenie review, I think it’s a great tool that can help you save time by creating original content quickly and easily.

However, if you’re looking for something more comprehensive, such as an AI-powered content generator, then I suggest checking out other options.

Nonetheless, ContentGenie is a great tool for anyone who wants to create social media posts or blog articles without spending hours on content creation.

I believe it’s worth the price and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a content generator tool.

I hope you enjoyed my review of ContentGenie.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below! I will be happy to answer them.

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