Review (Wait!): Is It The Best Design Software? Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to my honest review (Not sponsored). My name is Partha a full-time blogger and software tester.

Through my review, you will know exactly what Design Beast is, how it works, what the features and benefits are, the pros, cons, OTO’s & its pricing, and more. So that you can make a good decision if you want to buy it or not.

In case you decide to buy Design Beast after reading my review, don’t forget to claim my free Design Beast bonuses below. My bonuses will help you get results fast. Alright, let’s get started.

What Is Review: All-in-One Design App

Design Beast is the first-to-market design suite powered by artificial intelligence. The Design Beast software provides six different types of design apps in a single dashboard for you to use and create exceptional designs for your needs: dream, design, publish high impact visuals for all marketing goals, designs for social media, designs for the website, designs for eCommerce stores, designs for local businesses and designs for product promos.

These are the 6 apps inside design beast:

  • All-In-One Mockup Engine & Design: One-stop shop for all your graphic needs, with over 7,000 ready-to-use templates and a blank canvas.
  • Slick Image Editor: Use this powerful Image editor to retouch and adjust your images with auto face detection included.
  • 1-Click Background Removal: AI-powered one-click Auto-Background removing tool. Who needs photoshop anymore.
  • AI Logo Maker: A powerful, all-in-one tool that generates intelligent logos. Make the logo you want.
  • 3D Live Motion Photos: Make static images come to life with 3D Live Motion Photos. Add 3D effects to your images.
  • Magic Object Removal: Remove unwanted objects and people from images.

The above is just a quick overview of all 6 tools. I will explain everything in detail in the upcoming parts.

Good News: Want to generate graphics with just a text? Check out my Graiphics review to learn more.

Design Beast Review – The Brand Overview

  • Product Name:
  • Product Creators: Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar
  • Launch Date: 24-Aug-2021
  • Launch Time: 11.00 EDT
  • Front End Price: $49-$67
  • Bonus: YES
  • Coupon Code: YES, $18 OFF
  • Refund: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Official Site:
  • Product Category: Software & Tools
  • Recommendation: Highly Recommended

What You Will Get Inside Design Beast Software?

  • In one dashboard, you have 6-in-1 access to world-class design apps
  • Get access to more than 7000+ design templates for any niche
  • A blank canvas to make any custom design
  • Access to thousands of premium vectors and fonts, effects stock images, stickers, and more.
  • You can easily resize images to any size you need for social media use
  • Multilingual support is available to help you design in your native language
  • Video training that shows you how to use the software step-by-step
  • Unlimited commercial license – You can create as many designs and sell them on whatever marketplace you choose
  • Design Beast users have access to a private Facebook group and can communicate directly with others via this channel
  • Skype Mentorship Group Access – Get help from Skype group in real-time

Meet The Creators

Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar - Review

Paul Ponna is a marketing professional who is innovative. His 20-years of experience in digital marketing and the internet means that he understands what it takes for success online.

He is a standout among the crowd because of his talent and skill. He is sensitive to people’s needs. Paul Ponna created DesignBeast, a new innovation this year.

Sid Diwar, his partner in marketing is also well-known and has worked with Paul for many years.

These two men have created many popular software, including ChatterPal, AvatarBuilder, and VideoCreator. Read the review for more information! Features Review

Six Designs App For Price of One

Design Beast gives you access to six apps in one dashboard: All-in-One Design and Mockup Engine, Background Removal, AI Logo Maker, 3D Live Motion Photos, Magic Object Remover, and Slick Image Editor.

This will help you save time and money. Design Beast is the only design suite that can be used for multiple purposes.

Design Beast is powered with artificial intelligence (AI), giving it an edge over similar software.

7000+ Ready-to-Use Templates

Are you lacking creativity or knowledge when it comes to designing? It’s not a problem! Design Beast offers over 7000 fully customizable templates that you can edit for your design needs. You also have access to thousands of fonts.

Powerful Image Resizer

There are many social media channels, and each one has different formats and image sizes that you must adhere to when uploading images.

Design Beast offers an image resizer that makes it simple to create the right-sized image.

Millions of Royalty-Free Images

Design Beast offers an integrated visual search that allows you to add images seamlessly to your designs. These images are 100% free from copyrights.

Design Beast offers hundreds of thousands of icon and vector assets for copyright fees that you can use in any design..

Hundreds of Fonts

Fonts can add style and flair to your designs. Design Beast offers hundreds of high-quality fonts you can use in all your projects.

Multi-Lingual Support

Design Beast offers multilingual support. To ensure that your work is accurate, you can save it in the language of your choice.

Step-by-Step Video Training

These tutorial videos show you how to create stunning designs that stand out.

Commercial License

Design Beast’s commercial license permits you to create and sell whatever you like.

Facebook Group Access

You can connect to other Design Beast users via Facebook and ask questions.

Skype Mentorship Group Access

Access to Design Beast’s mentorship group via Skype is available. You can be one step ahead of your peers in your field with live sessions and direct communications.

8 Week Training Webinars

Design Beast is a powerful tool that can help you build a sustainable business. Design Beast is a powerful tool for graphic design, but it’s only the beginning. You will learn everything you need to create unique designs that are different from others in the 8-week training webinars.

My Personal Experience In Using

Using The All-in-one Design & Mockup Engine

Step 1: Log in

You will receive your login information after you have purchased Design Beast. You will be taken to this login page when you click the link. To log in, simply copy and paste your login data. Review - Login to your design beast dashboard

Step 2: Choose The Option

Design Beast includes 6 apps, as I have already mentioned. Select an app that you would like to use. Click on the app that has the blue arrow. I am going to choose the All-in-1 Design & Mockup app. Review: choose an app from the list of 6 to start work

Step 3: Search & Select

This is the best app on this list. This app can be used to create any type of design (website banner, logos, posts, covers, and ebook covers). There are already over 7000+ templates that can be used in all niches. These templates can be customized in any way you like.

Design Beast’s best feature is the ability to search for ready-to-use templates using keywords. To find a design, simply search for a keyword. I’m going to search for “Brochure”.

There are many brochure templates available. Any template can be customized with your text, message, or logo. Review: templates library

This is only one example of a design template search keyword. You can search for any keyword, such as Instagram cover, eBook cover, or T-shirt mockup. I hope that you understand my point. You can make

  • T-shirt & Product mockups
  • Facebook Cover Photos
  • Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Posts
  • Infographics
  • Letterheads
  • Resumes
  • Web Banners
  • Flyers
  • Invitation Cards
  • Book Covers
  • Facebook Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Twitter Posts
  • Posters
  • Certificates
  • YouTube Thumbnails
  • Invoice
  • Coupons & more.

Step 4: Customize & Download

The editor interface will open after you have chosen a design. Simply click on an element to edit it, or delete it if it doesn’t suit you. Review:  Customize and download your design

Take a look at the menu on the left. There are hundreds of high-quality fonts available to you! You can change the font’s size, color, effect, and many other settings.

Although the interface appears simple, there are hundreds of thousands of assets. Simply type in a keyword to find relevant assets. It’s much simpler than searching for assets via Google.

DesignBeast Review: Customize the fonts

Search a keyword to add an image. Three stock media integrations are available: Pexels and Pixabay. You have millions of stock photos in every niche for your design projects. Review: Search stock images

You have an object library as well. You can drag objects to the canvas or use them in your designs. Review: Search icons & graphics

There are vectors, PNGs, and stickers available. You can drag and drop any image from this library. It is organized in a way that makes it easy to find the right image quickly and easily within your projects.

Design Beast Review: Search vectors

After you are done editing, you can download your entire design and all of your work will be saved to your dashboard.

Using The Background Remover

Step 1: Upload

Design Beast Review: Upload an image to remove the background

Step 2: Remove Background & Download

Design Beast Review: Download Background Removed Image

Using The Logo Factory

Step 1: Give Your Company Name

Design Beast Review - Give Your Company Name

Step 2: Choose a Logo Type

DesignBeast Review: Choose a Logo Type

Step 3: Choose a Category

DesignBeast Review: Choose a Logo Category

Step 4: Download Logos Review: Download Logo

Using The Magic Object Remover

Magic object remover is one of my favorite tools in the app. As mentioned in its name it works like a magic. Using this magic remover tool you can now disappear any element on a photo you have right now. This is really useful for editing pictures. 

Imagine you need to remove someone from a group photo or you have an unwanted label in your product photos. Try this magic tool now and enjoy the result!

Here is how it works. You just need to upload a photo to the app and then select the area or object you need. Then hit the magic button, it will remove that unwanted element from your photos within a few seconds.

Step 1: Upload Review: Magic object remover tool Review: Magic object remover upload an image

Step 2: Mark The Area You Want To Remove

Design Beast io Review: Magic object remover tool mark the area that you want to be removed

Step 3: Download Review: Magic object remover tool download your final image

There are two more apps to be discussed.

Watch This Demo Video to See How It Works

My opinion

Design Beast has been a great tool that I have used for many different projects. It’s always available when I need it, whether I am working on my blog, designing graphics for the website, or making images for social media.

When I first started out with Design Beast, it took me some time to learn how to use all of the features and find the ones that were best for what I was doing. But with step-by-step video tutorials and help from the Facebook group, I quickly got up to speed on using Design Beast.

Now, Design Beast is one of my go-to design tools because the interface is easy to use and there are so many features that make it versatile.

My experience with Design Beast software is great so far. I am sure you will also experience the same if you use it.

Who Is For? is for people who work online, freelancers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who need a great design for their projects.

  • Designers: Design Beast is the perfect tool for designers looking to create professional and unique designs.
  • Freelancers: Design Beast is a great tool for freelancers and those who work on a lot of projects. It will help you save a lot of time, which you can then use to grow your business.
  • Marketers: Design Beast is a great resource for marketing professionals looking to create creative and engaging social media posts, emails, or other marketing materials.
  • Bloggers: If you are a blogger or a website owner you can make killer designs and banners using Design Beast.
  • Entrepreneurs: You can make your business more profitable by designing appealing logos and posts on social media that have an impact on the perceptions of your company. You can use the power of Design Beast to take your business to new heights.

[review] Pros

  • All-in-one design suite
  • DFY templates are great
  • Complete control over customization
  • No design experience & technical skills
  • No expensive freelancers
  • No graphics that cost a lot
  • No need to learn complex design apps
  • No need to spend hours searching for design talent
  • Extremely simple to use for both beginners & advanced
  • No monthly or yearly fee
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Priority support

Design Beast io Cons

  • Design beast has few other upsells in the back end
  • Sometimes the app stuck (when I was using it before the launch)

The Benefits Of Using DesignBeast Software

  • Can create eye-catching designs quickly

Unlike other complicated design apps, Design Beast takes just one click to get the design you are looking for. You can create a unique banner design, social media post, website or app layout, or any other graphics that require high attention in just minutes! Can create social media posts in less than 30 seconds or less!

  • Reach the global audience

Design Beast does support multiple languages which means you can develop your business in other languages and reach more customers.

  • 7000+ DFY templates with full customization

With over 7000+ professionally designed design templates that you can use for your online presence, you will never have to worry about having a design that grabs the attention of your followers. You simply choose the type of template that you need and customize it in just minutes!

  • No need to learn complex design apps

Design Beast is extremely easy-to-use design software that you can figure out in a matter of minutes. You don’t need to spend years learning how to use complicated design tools when you have everything you could ever want and more with Design Beast!

  • Design Beast run smoothly in the regular system

Since Design Beast is fully cloud-based software, It does not matter if you have a laptop or a powerful desktop PC, Design Beast will run smoothly and output high-quality graphics that will help you stand out from the competition.

  • Forgot to hire expensive freelancers

If you are actively hiring expensive freelancers for design jobs, you are spending too much and getting sub-par quality to boot. With DesignBeast software now you can create spectacular designs by yourself in just minutes.

  • Extremely simple to use for both beginners & advanced

No matter if you are a beginner or expert in design, Design Beast is extremely easy to use and you will love the convenience of having everything you need in one program. You won’t have to jump from app to app just trying to figure out how to do what you want!

  • Free lifetime updates

DesignBeast costs $47 one-time but it does come with lifetime updates, unlike other software tools that make you pay every time there is a major update to the program. This means additional features added on and additional templates from Design Beast’s constantly growing collection!

  • Friendly customer support

I personally used a lot of software from the same producer (Paul Ponna). So you will never worry about the customer service because it’s fast and friendly.

Design Beast Pricing

DesignBeast Commercial ($47-$67)

  • Six designs app for price of one
  • Mockup designer app
  • Ai logo maker app
  • 1-click background removal app
  • Live motion photos app
  • Multi-purpose image editor app
  • Magic object removal app
  • 7000+ ready-to-use templates
  • Millions of royalty-free images
  • Copyright-free vectors & icons
  • Hundreds of fonts
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Step-by-step video training
  • Commercial license
  • Sell the designs for profit
  • Facebook group access
  • Skype mentorship group access
  • 8 week training webinars

Upgrade 1: Elite ($49)

  • Unlock 2,000 additional ready-to-use templates
  • Get 80 new templates added to your account each month for 1 year. (no monthly or yearly fees.)
  • Thousands of premium text effects and animations
  • Millions of premium royalty free design assets, icons and vectors.
  • Millions of copyright-free image
  • Priority future software updates

Upgrade 2: Agency ($67)

  • 5 sub accounts
  • Agency marketing package
  • Done-for-you agency marketing bundle
  • Done-for-you legal client contracts
  • Done-for-you agency website

Upgrade 3: 4-in-1 Bundle ($39)

Customers get access to FOUR additional apps as part of this upgrade.

  • Pixel Perfect
  • Animated Ads Builder
  • Video Resizer
  • Video Survey Pro

Upgrade 4: Unlimited ($97)

  • You can use Design Beast to create unlimited designs for a monthly fee
  • When you upgrade to the Unlimited option, there are no limits or restrictions in any of our UI apps and technologies

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Is Any Good?

First of it is not just a regular design app but it is powered by artificial intelligence. It is all about speed, power, and efficiency. It does support languages, has copyright fee vector and icon assets that you can use, hundreds of fonts, and step-by-step video training with the opportunity to have Skype mentorship group access as well. also has a commercial license so you can sell whatever design work you create. In addition, you have access to a private Facebook community where users review their designs and leave helpful feedback for each other.

Design Beast is not a regular software that launches every day. The developers of Design Beast software are always open to hearing their customer’s feedback and implementing them in future updates which is a really good thing since that’s the reason why they have new features implemented every few months.

Design Beast also offers step-by-step training and instruction. This includes how to use it, the best practices and how Design Beast customers make money.

And finally, their one-time pricing is much cheaper than Canva. Design Beast is by far the best design software I have used.

The Conclusion

Thank you for reading my review! I hope you have found it helpful. If I helped you, please click the button below to purchase your own copy of Design Beast – and get started in making money online with this powerful theme software package!

If you have any questions about Design Beast, please write your comment below or contact at I am always here to help you.

Design Beast Bonuses

Bonus Logo, Bonus Button, Take Action, Wait

NOTE: This is a special deal from me: If you get this Design Beast through my link, I will support you whenever you want (just add my skype sarathi2405partha). Seriously, I’ll be your go-to guide when it comes to this product. You can ask me anything and I will give you a hand whenever necessary!

You can get the following bonuses for free. Just do this two steps.

  • Step 2: Simply forward your payment receipt to my email ID ( Or you can contact me via Skype (sarathi2405partha). You will get my Bonuses within 12-24 hours.

Ultimate Bonuses (Never Seen)

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Bonus #3

Bonus #4

Bonus #5

Bonus #6

Bonus #7

Bonus #8

Bonus #9

Bonus #10

Bonus #11

Bonus #12

Bonus #13

Bonus #14

Bonus #15

Bonus #16

Bonus #17

Bonus #18

Bonus #19

Bonus #20

Bonus #21

High Value Bonus Also For Free (Value $1997)

Traffic Apps & Courses (Value $5000)

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Bonus #3

Bonus #4

Bonus #5

Bonus #6

Here are some bonuses that vendors give me. I will give them to you if you use my link to buy Design Beast. Below, I have some more premium bonuses for you.

Exclusive Bonus #1: Neon Video Maker App ($197 Value)

With ready-to-use templates, you can create eye-catching, engaging, and fresh “Neon” videos for businesses that cost as little as $100 to $500. To maximize your revenues, create unlimited videos for unlimited clients.

Exclusive Bonus #2: VidCompass App Commercial ($197 Value)

VidCompass is an innovative app that instantly converts your video descriptions into different languages, resulting in page #1 rankings around the world.

Only 20% of online searches are in English. If you don’t translate your videos, you will be missing out on millions of potential visitors.

Design Beast is a powerful app that allows you to instantly get more traffic, leads, and sales.

Exclusive Bonus #3: VidRank Engine Commercial ($197 Value)

Discover the keywords that influencer videos get millions of views in just minutes. The same keywords can be used in your videos to rank on YouTube and Google page one!

Don’t waste your time searching for high-ranking keywords. Simply copy what is working and you will get thousands of views on your videos.

You can use the included “agency license” to rank videos and charge your clients for your services.

Exclusive Bonus #4: Campaign Cloner App Commercial ($197 Value)

In seconds, you can instantly find the most lucrative FB image ads or video campaigns from your newsfeed. You can clone them to get the best results, without having to spend hours researching or writing copy.

The app puts you on the right track to success instantly. This app is a huge time-saver when it comes creating high-converting FB ads or video ads.

To maximize your results, you can quickly duplicate and create hot trending ads within Design Beast in just minutes!

Exclusive Bonus #5: Video Thumbnail Maker App ($97 Value)

This app is easy to use and will skyrocket your click-throughs and video views! Boost traffic, leads, and sales by attracting more customers to your videos. This add-on is perfect for Design Beast and allows you to sell more to your clients.

Exclusive Bonus #6: Viral Meme Generator ($47 Value)

You can choose from thousands of popular meme images to increase engagement and sales on your social media posts. 

To enhance your memes and gain more shares/likes, you can upload them to the Design Beast App. This is your secret weapon for boosting your social media traffic and sales.

Exclusive Bonus #7: Traffic & Hashtag Generator App ($49 Value)

Instantly generate traffic using #hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and other major social networks in seconds.

Get more traffic, leads, and sales through your social media posts. You don’t have to pay for advertising.

Exclusive Bonus #8: AI Sales Getting ChatBot Maker ($197 Value)

To convert your subscribers into raving buyers, leads, and customers on Facebook, create engaging chatbots.

After your customers sign up for a mailing list, webinar, or another form of communication, engage them and get on social media.

Exclusive Bonus #9: HD Stock Video Bundle ($147 Value)

HD stock videos are available for $150-$300 each. This huge selection of HD stock videos and backgrounds can be used to create professional-quality videos.

These videos can be uploaded to the Design Beast app, where they can be turned into amazing moving visuals.

Exclusive Bonus #10: Royalty-Free Music Tracks ($147 Value)

Don’t waste your time or money looking for music and pay high fees to get it. You can spice up any video to make it a highly engaging sales tool.

Exclusive Bonus #11: Skype Mentorship Group ($497 Value)

This private mentorship group on Skype allows you to interact, learn, network, and thrive with hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs online who share the same passion for building and growing successful businesses.

You get weekly training, software giveaways, and bonuses worth thousands of dollars when you join this private group on skype!

Exclusive Bonus #12: 10 Day Mentorship Training ($497 Value)

How to sell your videos for top dollar and get more high-profile clients to buy the graphics, animations, and designs.

You will become an expert in 10 days of intensive training workshops. This is an essential tool if you want to see real results with the design you create using Design Beast and any other app.

Design Beast FAQ

What Is Design Beast Exactly?

Design Beast is new software by Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar that allows you to create any designs for social media, websites, and much more with integrated tools.

Does Design Beast Work On Any Device?

Yes, since it is cloud-based, you can access it on any device that has internet connectivity. No matter if you have a windows or Mac computer, and whether you are using a smartphone or tablet, Design Beast always works great.

Can I Use Design Beast Commercial Purpose?

Yes, absolutely! All of the features on Design Beast are available for commercial use. You can make anything from graphics to flyers and even websites, as long as they’re made for commercial purposes.

How Much Does Design Beast Cost?

Design Beast is available for an incredible one-time price of $47. You will pay a fraction of the price compared to other graphic design tools and software!

What Are Some Ways To Use Design Beast?

There are many different ways that you can use this software for creating designs of any type. You can actually use it for things like creating a website, a logo, promotional material, or even an eBook cover! Anything goes with Design Beast.

Does DesignBeast Support My Language?

YES – DesignBeast allows you to create designs, images, and animations in ANY language. The app supports all languages’ text. Create and market designs worldwide with ease!

Can I Upload my own Images & Media?

Yes – You may upload all of your own pictures, logos, and icons to your designs with ease! There are no restrictions to what you can upload. There are even sites out there where you can download free images to use!

Should I Need To Download This Software?

No, Design Beast is a 100% web-based application that works in any modern browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. You do not need to download anything but you will need a working internet connection.

Can I Make Unlimited Designs With Design Beast Software?

Yes. You may do an unlimited number of designs with Design Beast unlimited upgrade. There are no longer any limits on the number of designs and animations you can make. You may create designs, modifications, corrections, and automatic archiving of all your previous versions and projects thanks to the limitless upgrades.

What Are The Charges Of Future Updates?

There is no extra fee for future updates. You just [pay once] to buy the application and then automatically get future updates with no extra charges. Since it is cloud-based software the updates will be automatically done in the cloud.

What Is Design Beast Commercial?

Design Beast Commercial is nothing but is a free license that comes with your purchase that enables you to create and sell designs for other people. Unlike other apps, the commercial license is free of charge – you get to sell your designs with DesignBeast Commercial. You can make products for other people or use them in any business without paying extra fees or royalties!

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