VideoCreator Review – All-in-One Animated Video Creation Software 2021

VideoCreator review

Welcome to my VideoCreator review ( by Paul Ponna).

When thinking about video creation, you might feel like there are so many options that it is hard to know which software to choose.

There are hundreds of video creation software out there but they all just create a few types of videos, or you’ll have to buy them individually.

What if I told you that there is one app in your hand that can create almost any type of marketing video for any goal?

It’s called VideoCreator and this video creator will cost you zero dollars monthly thanks to its one-time pricing.

Through my VideoCreator review, you could learn – what it is, how it works, its features, benefits, pros & cons, pricing and upsells, etc. So you can make a more informed decision about purchasing it and if it’s right for you.

What Is VideoCreator?

VideoCreator is an all-in-one video creation software that creates almost all types of marketing videos for any goal, objective, topic & language all from one centralized dashboard.

Unlike other apps, VideoCreator lets you create all types of videos including Scroll Stoppers, 3D Product Demo, Ecommerce Videos, Motion Tracking Videos, Explainer Videos, Animated Videos, Live-Action, Whiteboard videos, and much more.

Whatever type of video you can imagine – VideoCreator has got it covered. And remember these videos are short, professional, and high converting that you can use for your business or your client’s business.

VideoCreator Review – The Product Overview

Product NameVideoCreator
Product CreatorPaul Ponna
Launch Date2021-Apr-13
Launch Time11.00 EDT
Front-end Price$49 One-time
Refund Period30-days
Product CategorySoftware
Recommended or NotRecommended

About The Creators (Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar)

Paul Ponna is a well-known online entrepreneur who has been in the industry for over 20 years and he boasts of being one of JVZOO’s top affiliates. He also founded several million-dollar SAAS products, which proves his expertise online!

Sid Diwar is also an experienced tech entrepreneur, software developer, and marketing consultant from Canada. He always loves working with Paul Ponna.

Both these guys launched a variety of software products online, especially for video marketing.

Here are some of their previous products that I reviewed recently… DoodleMaker, AvatarBuilder, ChatterPal, VideoAppSuite, VideoDashboard, and so on.

VideoCreator Commercial


Regular Price: $67

VideoCreator Review – What Type of Videos It Can Make For You?

I’m going to go over what kind of videos this software is capable of making with some helpful walkthroughs and samples.

Logo Motion Tracking Technology

VideoCreator’s new logo motion tracking technology allows you to add your logos and branding to real-life moving objects and scenes. It is new. This software lets you make logos move with the object in motion. It will look like they are part of the original scene. You can use this for any type of business-retail store, restaurant, or hotel. It’s perfect for businesses that need more people to come or who want to make more sales.

Scroll Stopper Videos

Scroll stopper videos are a new trend that will help you to get more people on your website. Scroll stoppers will make videos stop when you scroll down the video. VideoCreator is the only software that offers a First To Market Sizzling Hot Scroll Stopper Videos feature. It can be used on any social media platform and if you use it, it will give you boosts in engagement, click-through rates, and slashed advertising costs.

Live-action Videos

VideoCreator’s live-action videos module helps you make a professional-looking video. You can use it for any type of business. It has actors dressed as doctors, real estate agents, handymen, and more. You can tell your story in an exciting way so that people will want to buy your product. You can choose what type of professional you want to be and the software will suggest an actor for your company or your client’s business to look like. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for Doctors, Real Estate Agents, handymen, or Construction – they’ve got what you need!

Ecommerce & 3D Product Demo

You can use ViddeoCreator to make 3D product demo videos. You can show what the products look like. This will help people know if they want them before they buy them. You can show your e-commerce products with these templates. These videos are perfect for showcasing your products and eCommerce brands on social media, YouTube, or any other video platform. You can use the templates as they are or customize them by adding text and graphics of your own design.

Photo Realistic 3D Animation Videos

VideoCreator is the easiest way to create professional photo-realistic 3D animation videos. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, anyone can make high-quality photo-realistic 3D videos in minutes. You don’t have to be an expert animator or graphic designer. Whether you are looking for a marketing tool, educational resource, or just want something fun to do on your lunch break – VideoCreator has you covered.

Explainer & Whiteboard Videos

VideoCreator also creates whiteboard videos as well. Templates are optimized to make the videos more engaging. You can modify them to match your brand, and if you are not a professional at editing, it is easy with VideoCreator software. Have you ever wanted to make a Video Explainer, but thought it was hard? Well, VideoCreator can be the best choice. It can make you Video Explainers too.

Beautiful Video Ads

Video marketing is a powerful way to advertise your business and generate more revenue. But, it can be difficult to create video ads without the right tools. The VideoCreator was made for people who want to have a video ad campaign but don’t know how to start. It is easy to use and will help you make high-quality video ads in minutes.

3D Flipbook Videos

3D flipbook videos are a unique way to tell your story. They have the power to grab and keep viewers’ attention, even if you can’t afford expensive animation software or a team of animators. VideoCreator makes it easy for anyone to create 3D flipbooks easily.

360 Degree Animation Videos

VideoCreator is proud to present you with new technology in 360 videos. These animations make it possible for your viewers to see all around them, and will put your marketing on steroids! Immersive 360-degree animation videos are one of the newest trends in video marketing, so jump ahead of your competition by ordering yours today.

Corporate Style Videos

Big companies and startups can make these videos. Fortune 500 companies spend thousands of dollars on actors, animators, and freelancers. But you do not need to do that! You can make these videos with VideoCreator for no editing, expensive freelancers, or complicated video equipment. You can use this to promote your product or organization to grow your business.

Not only the above video types but Video Creator can create way more than that.

  • Whiteboard Videos
  • 360 Degree Videos
  • Intro Videos
  • Video Ads
  • Video Explainer
  • Promo Videos
  • Instagram and Facebook Stories
  • Live-Action Videos
  • eCommerce Videos
  • Facebook Cover Videos
  • Slideshow Videos
  • 3D Product Demos
  • Food Video
  • Health and Wellness Videos
  • Fashion and Style Videos
  • Special Events
  • Local Business Videos
  • Marketing Commercials
  • Motion Tracking Videos
  • Neon Sign Videos
  • Corporate Commercials
  • Real Estate Videos
  • Scroll Stoppers
  • 3D Video Flipbooks

VideoCreator Commercial


Regular Price: $67

Who Is VideoCreator For?

In my opinion, this Paul Ponna’s VideoCreator is the perfect solution for anyone aiming to better their video marketing. Especially if you appear on the following list, you should think about it:

  • Video Marketers: VideoCreator is the perfect video creation software for marketers in any niche. It helps you create stunning, engaging marketing videos that are sure to convert viewers into customers.
  • Agencies & Local Marketers: One of the most effective strategies for local/agency marketers is to create engaging animated videos and promote them on social media. You can charge a lot per ad too, so this could be an excellent opportunity if you’re struggling with finding clients in your geographical area or want more work hours!
  • eCom Owners: eCommerce store owners can effortlessly make professional product explainer videos in a few simple clicks. 30 Second product promo video can cost you more than $100 on freelancing sites.
  • Social Media Marketers: VideoCreator’s videos can then be shared across social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, or even uploaded onto Youtube where they will become searchable (If you optimize properly) by keyword through the site’s search engine making them easier for potential viewers.
  • Affiliate Marketers: With VideoCreator, marketers can create great videos from scratch in a matter of minutes. It’s perfect for generating more traffic to your affiliate offers by sharing on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram!
  • For Newbies: With VideoCreator, even newbies can quickly and easily create their first stunning-looking animated video to promote services, offers, or websites. All you need is a few minutes of your time! These videos can be easily sold for huge dollars on freelancing sites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

VideoCreator Review: [The Complete Features Breakdown]

  • 650+ Pro-quality Video Templates

VideoCreator includes over 650+ professional and conversion-tested ready-to-use video templates in almost all kinds of use. They are designed to make high-quality videos without any skills or previous experience in video making.

  • Flexible Customization

If you want to make your videos look professional, you need a program that will let you customize every aspect of the video. This is what VideoCreator does. You can change the background color, text onscreen, subtitle font style, and caption colors with this software. It also has an easy-to-use interface that will help guide you through each step.

  • Multi-lingual Support

You can use VideoCreator to make videos in any language. It is perfect for businesses who want to sell their products and services internationally, but do not know how to translate their videos into a different language or hire someone who does. We don’t need to know the languages.

  • Upload Your Own Media

VideoCreator is a platform that lets you upload your own backgrounds, logos, and audio so that people can see them. Uploading your own logo will make it easier for you to impress whoever watches.

  • All Dimensional Video

VideoCreator will help you make videos of any size or shape. You can use it for social media. This is important to do if you want to grow your audience and people want to see high-quality content on their news feeds every day. Inside VideoCreator, you have Instagram Story Resizer, TikTok Video Resizer, Facebook Story Resizer, Snapchat Resizer, IGTV Resizer, Instagram Story Resizer (No Cropping), TikTok Video Resizer (No Cropping), Facebook Story Resizer (No Cropping), Snapchat Resizer (No Cropping) and IGTV Resizer (No Cropping).

  • Access Using Any Device (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Laptop)

Most video creation software has always been difficult to use on any device other than your desktop or laptop. But with the new VideoCreator platform, you can create videos from anywhere! This is a kind of cloud-based video creator. You can access it on any device that has an internet connection so you never have to worry about being stuck in front of your computer again.

  • Massive Library of Stock Footages

When you’re working on a project, it can be hard to find the right image or video clip for the project. You may not know where to find them or they might cost money. But VideoCreator has a large library of free images and videos that you can use for your project without breaking any rules. Just search for what you need from the VideoCreator dashboard and download what you want!

  • Premium Music Library

VideoCreator has thousands of copyright-free soundtracks for your video production. You can use them in videos, and they are free. The music is perfect for all types of videos, whether you need a business video, an emotional advertisement, or anything in between.

  • Unlimited Video Renders With HD Quality

VideoCreator makes HD videos. They can attract your viewers. You can also render unlimited videos.

  • Work on Next Video Project While The Previous Projects Render

If you are a video creator, it is important to have software that can handle all of your needs. With VideoCreator, you don’t need to wait for one project to finish before starting the next one because the software will do both at once.

  • Video Rendering Email Notification

You don’t need to wait for the video to be done rendering anymore. You can start working on a new project and your previous projects will be rendered automatically in the background. It’s cloud-based, so it renders videos online too. You’ll get an email once any of your projects are finished rendering so that you can go edit them as necessary.

  • Step-by-step Tutorial & Customer Support

Many people want step-by-step tutorials for the tools in our member area. We have videos now! You can watch them all. All you need to do is log in with your username and password, and click on the “Tutorials” tab at the top of any page. If you have any questions, we’ll answer them right away.

VideoCreator Commercial


Regular Price: $67

How is VideoCreator Different From Other Apps?

  • All-in-One Video Creation Platform

When it comes to making videos, you need a good video creation tool. Most of the video creation tools out there can only create a particular type of video for a particular use. This will end up subscribing to lots of different types of video services like “one software to make slideshow videos and another software to make explainer videos and so on”.

If each tool costs $27/month then you would need to pay that for every month. This problem has been solved by the VideoCreator tool. The VideoCreator can make all of the types of videos that you might think of.

  • First-to-Market Features

VideoCreator is an app that has many innovative features. It also has a user-friendly interface. VideoCreator offers a library with 650+ pro-quality ready-to-use video templates, and honestly, it offers features I have never seen in any other video creation app.

  • Designed With Simplicity

I know Paul Ponna since 2018. He always listens to his customer’s feedback. He designed this app with simplicity in mind, and it can be accessed through any device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop).

Unlike other video apps that I used in the past, VideoCreator is very easy to use. Honestly, I just followed these steps in VideoCreator and made my first video: 1) Choose one of the 650+ video templates, 2) Add your own media, text, and music 3) Share your masterpiece!

  • Cuts The Cost of Multiple Apps

There are many video apps that can be used to create videos for a marketing campaign, but some of them have hefty price tags. You might think it’s worth the cost because you need just one type of video, but what if you need more than one? With this app, you can make almost any type of video as well as edit it in different ways.

No matter what your needs are for your next marketing campaign, VideoCreator should be included in your arsenal so that you never have to spend another dime on a separate app again(even if you can replace your Camtasia software – check the upsells)! Even does come with millions of royalty-free stock footage.

Update: Are you looking for a way to fire your freelance video creator? Then check out AI video creation platform.

An Inside Tour Of VideoCreator

VideoCreator works in 3-simple steps.

  • Step 1: Choose a template

First, you have to choose a video template from the library. There are over 700+ video templates available for any type of marketing purpose. Whether you are an e-Com store owner, agency/local marketer, or affiliate marketer, or Youtuber – VideoCreator has covered everything in one place.

The only thing you need to worry about is what video template will best fit your needs. If that’s a problem, then VideoCreator has the perfect solution. With an easy-to-use filter option and a search bar for finding templates based on specific keywords like “animated” or “product demo,” and so on.

  • Step 2: Customize

With VideoCreator’s free-to-use editor, you can completely customize the selected template. You can adjust the font, change the image, upload your company or brand logo, and anything you want to change in that pre-made template.

If you want to put your company or your client’s business logo, you can do that.

VideoCreator is already connected with websites where you can find copyright-free videos and images. There are millions of videos and pictures that you can use for free.

When you choose an image, the image editor will open. The best part is you can remove the image backgrounds in one click using the background removal feature. You can also crop the image if you want.

You can edit the text and change its font as well.

Note: Depending on the template you choose, you have different fields to edit. I have been showing you the Motion Tracking template for this walkthrough.

  • Step 3: Personalize

Tick the “Send an email notification after the video render” to receive a personal email if needed.

  • Step 4: Render, Download and Publish

Simply render the videos, download them to your computer, and share them on the internet to generate maximum traffic, leads, and sales.

Once if the video is finished rendering it will look like this (below image). You can download and upload it to your social media or send it to your clients.

Watch This Quick VideoCreator Demo Video to See What’s Inside:

The Benefits of Using VideoCreator

  • Be able to create almost any type of video you need in minutes from one dashboard
  • Get a professional-looking video with just the touch of your finger.
  • Create a professional video to attract more customers.
  • Get your videos created fast and with the tools you need. No need to pay/wait for freelancers.
  • Stop wasting time searching for professional video templates online
  • Easy to work with 3D animated characters inside VideoCreator. There is no learning curve.
  • Don’t take days or weeks to get stock footage. VideoCreator has a massive library of stock footage.
  • Full access to 650+ video templates for faster video production
  • Increase ROI on your advertising campaigns
  • Get results with 4x the speed and efficiency with videos created by VideoCreator
  • Never pay for an expensive video app again

Pros and Cons

VideoCreator Upsells & It’s Pricing

Let me discuss the VideoCreator OTO/Upsells and its pricing details.

Warning! You must buy the Front End offer before purchasing any upsells. Otherwise, your VideoCreator account will not be created and you can’t get refund. FE is must. If you already have the FE offer, you can proceed to buy upsells using the links below.

VideoCreator Commercial ($47-$67 One-time)

All-in-one video creation app with never seen before technologies such as Motion Tracking, Logo Mapping, Scroll Stoppers, Neon Videos, 3D visuals, and live-action videos, etc.

Also, you have 650+ ready-made (Done-For-You) templates included. You can make your own custom videos using the blank canvas feature as well.

UPSELL 1: VideoCreator Deluxe ($67 One-time)

This is one of my favorite upgrades. With the VideoCreator Deluxe version, you can create and export videos at full HD 1080p.

  • Unlock 200+ Premium Video Templates Immediately
  • 20 New Templates Each Month For 1 Year (no monthly fees)
  • 1080P Video Renders
  • Multi-Thread Video Renders (6 Renders At a Time)
  • Agency Account – 5 Simultaneous Logins Allowed
  • Done-For-You Agency Website To Sell Videos For Top Dollar
  • Agency Marking Package To Automate The Selling Process. Includes Done-for-you Sales Video, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Ready-made Emails, Invoices, Letterheads, Client Contracts, and a whole lot more.
  • Premium Music Tracks To Spice Up Your Videos.
  • VIP Customer Support

UPSELL 2: VidEditor Unlimited ($49 One-time)

This is something like a Camtasia. Create professional-looking videos with no monthly fee or yearly fee! Anyone can make unlimited professional videos with this VidEditor.

  • Create Long Length Videos, Attach Multiple Videos Together, or Edit The Videos You Create Inside VideoCreator With Ease!
  • Camtasia Style Full-Feature Timeline Editor
  • Loom Style Screen Capture App
  • Webcam Recorder
  • Text-To-Speech Built-in
  • In-app Voice Recording
  • 150,000 Ready-made Video Scripts
  • Huge Collection of Motion Text Effects, Lower Thirds & Animations.
  • Unlimited Videos – No Monthly Fees!

UPSELL 3: VoiceSuite Unlimited ($39 One-time)

  • Full-feature text-to-speech voice app with life-like male and female voices.
  • Text-to-Speech in 52 Major Languages
  • 290 Male & Female Voices
  • Largest Collection of Text-To-Speech Voices Available in any ONE app.
  • 1-Click Translation Engine
  • Adjust Speed & Pitch of Your Voice
  • Powered By Amazon, Google & Microsoft Voice Engines
  • Unlimited Usage Forever
  • No Limits or Monthly Fees

UPSELL 4: VideoPlayer Unlimited ($29 One-time)

  • Unique new player to boost video engagement and watch times by over 300%.
  • Remove the branding and related suggestions from any Youtube or Vimeo video. Boost playtimes and engagement with zero distractions.
  • Add new skin over your videos / customize colors to make your videos look professional.
  • Unique technology to autoplay videos on all browsers to boost engagement.
  • Add ‘attention-grabbing effects” over your video player to boost click-through rates.
  • Embed videos anywhere.
  • Create unlimited video players.
  • No video hosting fees.

VideoCreator Review – My Last Thoughts

Thank you for spending your valuable time on my website and reading my honest VideoCreator review today!

Recently, I was looking for some software to help me create videos. After searching through many different options and demos, I found this VideoCreator,

In my opinion, VideoCreator is the most powerful and comprehensive video platform in the market today.

VideoCreator is a great tool for marketers looking to create videos without the need for expensive and time-consuming equipment. The video creator software was created by marketers, so it’s designed with their needs in mind. With just a few clicks, you can have an impressive video that will help you grow your business.

Now, you can create professional-quality videos without any skills, without any expensive subscription costs or monthly fees.

There are no more waiting weeks for edits to be completed because now you can do everything yourself whenever you want.

Plus you have step-by-step tutorials so you’ll know how to use this software before ever making your first project. It has a good support team that is very knowledgeable and easy to reach.

Also, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee as well. You can try this software for 30 days and it doesn’t fulfill your needs, I highly suggest you contact their friendly support team to get your refund. They will not ask you any questions.

Rating Of VideoCreator

VideoCreator is created by the marketers for marketers as a solution to this problem. With its easy to use interface you can create awesome marketing videos such as Scroll Stoppers, 3D Product Features, and more with just the click of a mouse without having to be an expert in video editing or animation software.








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VideoCreator Bonuses

NOTE: THIS IS THE SPECIAL DEAL FROM ME: If you buy this product through my link, I will support you whenever you want (just add my skype sarathi2405partha). Seriously, I’ll be your go-to guide when it comes to this product. You can ask me anything and I will give you a hand whenever necessary!

You can get my bonuses by completing just two steps below:

Step 1: Order VideoCreator by Clicking here.

Step 2: You will get all my premium Bonuses that are mentioned BELOW. Please don’t forget to email me ( after you have done step 2. You will get my Bonuses within 12 hours.

My Exclusive VideoCreator Bonuses $4000 (FREE):

My Exclusive Bonus #1

1-on-1 VideoCreator support from me.

My Exclusive Bonus #2

My Exclusive Bonus #3

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My Exclusive Bonus #8:

Marketing Professionals Who Need To Generate More Leads! Local Business Owners Will Pay You For Making Their Phone Ring Day In And Day Out!

Whiteboard video fortune vol.2 is a mind-blowing package of 10 done-for-you whiteboard videos in 10 profitable offline niches that love to buy leads. I’m also giving you 10 blackboard videos with the same content. The videos are made with my special animation technique that is rare in the market. But more importantly, these animations convert visitors into live phone calls!

My Exclusive Bonus #9:

Brand New Local Consultant Kit Gives You The Authority and Credibility To Land High-Paying Offline Clients For Your Local Consulting Business! Small businesses in your area will happily pay you $1000s after you use these premium quality resources!

  • Brand New Local Consultant Kit Gives You The Authority and Credibility To Land High-Paying Offline Clients For Your Local Consulting Business!
  • Small businesses in your area will happily pay you $1000s after you use these premium quality resources!
  • Grow existing offline consulting business with more local clients
  • Create a higher level of credibility to land high paying offline clients for your current online consulting business

My Exclusive Bonus #10:

Sick and tired of trying everything but getting no results? Would you like a quick, fast, easy, “done for you” fix? Secret method banks stay at home dad $347.19 with just 10 mins work. No traffic, no website, and no list! Done for you business in a box. I’m going to give you ten done for your videos ready to sell. Plus my extensive video training course in which I reveal every step of this easy & lucrative business!

My Exclusive Bonus #11:

Experience the next generation of Video Marketing Tools – Create High Converting Animated Explainer Video in 60 Seconds!

  • Rely on PowerPoint and no add-ons or plugins
  • Create animated video in 60 seconds with just one button
  • Complete tutorials and tips included, for a fully expansive experience
  • No specialized training required to use Levidio Motion Pro
  • Exclusively uses PowerPoint so it is accessible to all

My Exclusive Bonus #12:

  • Create a high converting sales video in 7 minutes
  • Improve your voice to be more professional sounding
  • Become more confident when speaking with clients or customers
  • Speak effortlessly into the mic without any gaps

My Exclusive Bonus #13:

15 High Quality(Hd) On-screen, Step-by-step MP4 Video Tutorials With Private Label Rights That You Can Sell To Anyone!

15 high-quality on-screen, step-by-step mp4 video tutorials with private label rights! We recorded a series of 15 step-by-step, on-screen tutorials on how anyone can use photoshop and gimp to create graphics. These videos were created with end-users in mind: anyone who wants to learn how to create their own graphics – be it for their own use or create sellable, marketable graphics. With these videos, you don’t have to record your own (or even be an expert yourself) – you only need to start reselling these!

My Exclusive Bonus #14:

Want to profit with a new youtube traffic app? New Youtube software gets 23,439 “Cloned clicks” in 72 hours with free google & youtube traffic 100% newbie friendly| no paid ads | fast free traffic & sales machine included.

  • New youtube software – fresh video traffic app for 2020
  • Get 100% free traffic – from youtube and google
  • Built-in-lead generator tool – helps you find businesses, that will write you a check to help them get traffic! (dfy method)
  • 100% newbie-friendly – easy & quick set up, so you don’t need any special skills or knowledge to make profits

My Exclusive Bonus #15:

Newbie-friendly: cloud-based software legally hijacks other people’s videos & websites to sell anything in minutes. The new, all-in-one… dual video & website jacking software & profit system put your clickable links in other peoples videos & on other peoples websites…

  • Legally profit from any video & website (other peoples)
  • Use other peoples videos from youtube, Vimeo or mp4
  • Add multi instream/pre-roll video ads, live clickable CTA’s, opt-in forms & more
  • Share on other peoples websites, your websites & social media
  • Authority profit hacking: dynamic, clickable & cost-free

My Exclusive Bonus #16:

Get 50 Local Prospecting Videos Across 5 Service Niches And 10 Business Niches For Less Than 50 Cents Each!

  • Get 50 local prospecting videos with just one purchase
  • Save time and money by receiving the same quality as expensive video creation services but for a fraction of the cost
  • Quality rich videos that meet any industry’s requirements
  • Receive valuable information in each video like how to do business cards, direct mailers, brochures

My Exclusive Bonus #17:

Now You Too Can Boost Your Conversions By 300% With The Most Engagement Forcing Video Player Available For WordPress. Quickly Create Completely Customised Video Players With Engagement Triggers And Easily Embed Them Anywhere On Your Sites In Just Minutes.

  • Completely compatible: works with all major video platforms, video URLs, and direct uploads
  • Totally customizable: any size, any ratio
  • Easily add a multitude of engagement triggers
  • Lock your valuable content: force visitors to pay or optin to unlock your valuable content
  • Force engagement anytime: set your desired engagement triggers for your best conversion results
  • Unlimited: unlimited players, unlimited sites.

[+] VideoCreator Booster Bonuses:

BONUS #18: VidCompass App Commercial ($197 Value)

The Groundbreaking VidCompass app instantly translates your video descriptions into various languages to get you page #1 rankings worldwide. Only 20% of searches online are in English, so if you are not translating your videos, you’re missing out on billions of visitors. Get MORE traffic, leads, and sales instantly to all the videos you make with the VideoCreator app using this powerful app.

BONUS #19: VidRank Engine Commercial ($197 Value)

Uncover the keywords of influencer videos that get millions of video views in minutes. You can use the same keywords to rank any keyword, even the ones you create inside VideoCreator and rank on page one of Google and YouTube! You no longer have to waste time finding high ranking keywords, simply copy what is already working and get thousands of views to your videos. Use the “agency license” included to rank videos for your clients and charge them for your services!

BONUS #20: Campaign Cloner App Commercial ($197 Value)

Instantly find all the most profitable FB ads and video campaigns in seconds from your newsfeed. Clone them for ultimate results without spending hours on research or copywriting. This app instantly puts you on the fast track to success. This is a massive time saver when it comes to finding and creating your own high converting FB ads and video ads. Replicate and create the hot and trending ads you find inside VideoCreator within minutes to maximize results.

BONUS #21: Artificial Intelligence Logo Creator App ($97 Value)

Create professional eye catching logos and sell them to local businesses for $300 to $500 or integrate them with your VideoCreator videos in seconds. The unique built-in “artificial intelligence” engine that automatically finds the relevant icons, images & fonts and then generates dozens of variations of your logos in minutes. Select the one you like and download! Perfectly integrates with VideoCreator. Just import the logos created by the AI Logo Creator into VideoCreator and add it to your video templates. Save money and time, you never have to pay a designer to create logos ever again!

BONUS #22: Video Thumbnail Maker App ($97 Value)

Skyrocket your click-throughs and video views using this newbie-friendly video thumbnail maker app!

Attract more customers to your videos and boost traffic, leads, and sales. Perfect to get more results with the video you create with VideoCreator.

BONUS #23: Viral Meme Generator ($47 Value)

Choose from thousands of trending meme images to get more engagement and sales from your social media posts. You can also upload the memes into the VideoCreator app to make your videos stand out and get more likes/shares! This can be your secret weapon to skyrocket your traffic and sales from social media.

BONUS #24: HD Stock Video Bundle ($147 Value)

HD stock videos cost $150 to $300 each. Craft studio-grade professional videos using this huge collection of HD stock videos and backgrounds. You can even upload these videos into the VideoCreator app and use them in your videos!

BONUS #25: Royalty-Free Music Tracks ($147 Value)

Stop wasting time and money searching and paying hefty fees to find music tracks for your videos. Use this royalty-free music library that’s integrated with VideoCreator to spice up any video and explode your results!

BONUS #26: Skype Mentorship Group ($497 Value)

Copy your way to success without worrying about reinventing the wheel. Get instant access to case studies of other users who have been using AvatarBuilder to maximize revenues, leads and sales. Apply these strategies in your own business to get results fast!

BONUS #27: 21 Day VideoCreator Training ($497 Value)

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Stop paying hundreds of dollars to get professional voiceovers recorded. Use these 22 professional call-to-action voices in your videos inside VideoCreator to crush your competition and close more sales! You don’t need to pay a copywriter to write video scripts for you. Simply customize the scripts and create highly engaging sales scripts for your videos to skyrocket your conversions and sales!

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