FaceDrip Review: Create, Host, Market & Sell Interactive Videos

FaceDrip Review

FaceDrip Review

It’s no secret that WEB 3.0 will soon become a reality due to the growing popularity of games, NFTs, and other similar things to the metaverse, which was the desire of many for many years.

Facebook has invested its entire business in the metaverse.

It has billions of dollars in resources that could turn out to become the most successful ever-running business because it will give people the ability to quickly transfer themselves to another location or even in time.

What is this all about to you?

Businesses and marketers need to create specific content that is unique and clearly explains who their customers are.

They need to identify different customer segments and then target them specifically.

This is done by understanding patterns of buying and consumption, as well as consumer behavior. Interactive Videoscan be a very effective way to do this.

But not every person knows how to make them.

That’s where Facedrip comes in to help you create, host, market interactive videos for web 3.0 in less than 60 seconds.

You can learn more about this application through my complete Facedrip review below.

What Is FaceDrip Exactly?

Facedrip is the very first artificial intelligence-powered interactive video-making application that comes with interactive & video marketing services that give you the fastest and simplest method to create and host, market, and sell interactive videos.

Basically, Facedrip turns any regular video into an interactive video. You can either record your video directly on the Facedrip app, or you can import a pre-recorded video from your device and customize it for maximum engagement.

The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It walks you through the process of making an interactive video by providing simple instructions and tips.

How Does FaceDrip Work?

Facedrip works in three easy steps.

Step 1: Create A Video

Facedrip review: Step 1 is to create a video

Select any video you’d like to create for any company, such as sales videos and vs ls, as well as demos of products, demos, affiliate review videos, training videos, and the list, which is endless. Utilizing the built-in video-making service to upload, capture using a webcam, or customize videos with a screen with interactive elements, and so on.

Step 2: Host Your Video

Facedrip review: Step 2 is to host your video

You don’t have to fret about bandwidth or storage space for your videos. Utilize the free hosting service that is already set up for you, which is beginner comfortable

Step 3: Market And Sell With Videos

Facedrip review: Step 3 is to market and sell your videos

Nurture leads by providing targeted follow-up content that is based on the user’s preferences and engagement information and includes links to your products and services you would like to promote right in your videos and also increase sales by letting your viewers buy items while watching the promotional video.

If you don’t know how FaceDrip works, watch this video to get a better understanding.

How Much Does FaceDrip Cost?

Facedrip is a front-end which is the main video creation and hosting service that starts at just $47 one time. It includes features such as 200 videos, 30 gigabytes of storage space, 50 gigabytes of bandwidth, direct uploads, the ability to record video and audio with screen sharing, the ability to record audio and video separately, Picture-in-Picture mode recording, and the ability to import videos in one click from an external source.

Users can also share private links for password-protected videos, customize colors and components, optimize videos for faster loading times and better image quality, live transcoding after recording, and more. There are a few upsells as well. Check out below.

FaceDrip Upsells and Its Pricing

Let’s check out front end offer details and all the OTOs of FaceDrip:

You must buy the Front End offer of FaceDrip before selecting the OTO’s. Otherwise, your account may not be created properly and you will not get your refund as well.

FaceDrip Upsell 1: Unlimited Upgrade

The first upsell for Facedrip is called the Unlimited Edition. This upgrade costs $97-$147/year. It offers features like:

  • Unlimited interactive videos
  • Free storage up to 250 GB
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited interactive videos emails
  • Unlimited email marketing campaigns & sms marketing campaigns
  • Send/share interactive videos via emails/social media
  • Set up video widget on your landing pages

and much more!

FaceDrip Upsell 2: Professional Edition

The second upsell for Facedrip is called “Professional Edition.” It costs $57. This offers features such as a complete CRM that handles deals, tasks, sales, clients, and workflows.

  • You’ll also enjoy AI-powered video marketing campaign automation. Plus, you’ll have real-time video engagement reporting on Slack, Salesforce, etc.
  • You can effortlessly connect and execute customer engagement across multiple channels.
  • Plus, you’ll have deep analytics to help you track video engagement and learn more about your audience.
  • Finally, automate video emails, video SMS, and follow-up campaigns. Plus, you’ll have detailed contact level reporting of email open, clickthrough rate, video watch rate, and CTA click rates.

FaceDrip Upsell 3: Agency Edition

The third upsell that Facedrip offers is called “Agency Consultant”. It costs $197 and provides features such as the ability to start your own video, email, and SMS marketing agency. You can also use their marketing tools, which have been created by experts. Additionally, there is a client area where you can manage your clients and charge the price you want. You keep all of the money you earn- Facedrip takes no commissions or cuts.

FaceDrip Upsell 4: VideoReel

The fourth Facedrip upsell is called “Videoreel”. For $37, you can create videos that are sure to grab people’s attention for social media and ads. You can choose from 175 templates and then customize them however you want. Once you’re done, the video will be ready to go! You don’t have to be a creative genius to create video content for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

FaceDrip Upsell 5: Whitelable

For $197-297, you can buy the Facedrip fifth upsell, which is called “Whitelabel”. This will allow you to create jaw-dropping videos and become a six-figure software seller. You will be able to re-brand and sell Facedrip as your own software while keeping all of the profits. You will also have access to a Whitelabel license panel inside the Facedrip dashboard, where you can add, delete and manage all of your customer’s subscriptions with just a click. Plus, you will receive customer and technical support for your customers, and pocket all of the profits!

FaceDrip Review: The Brand Overview

Product NameFaceDrip
Product CreatorSimon Warner
Launch Date2022-Mar-04
Launch Time11.00 EDT
Front End Price$47
Refund30-day refund policy
Official Websitehttps://getfacedrip.com/
Product CategorySoftware
RecommendationHighly Recommended

Who Created FaceDrip?

The creators of facedrip software

Facedrip is created by two internet marketers “Ifiok Nkem” (right side) and his partner “Simon Warner” (left side). They have been in this business for a while and decided to create this application to help people make better videos.

Ifiok Nkem is one of the top four vendors on Jvzoo. He is a very successful businessman who started with just $100 and built a multi-million dollar online business. His products have helped many people and include things like MD Franchise, VideoTours360, VidJack, ADA Bundle, ClientFinda, VideoTours360 Ultimate and so much more.

After they realized the potential of interactive videos, they decided to create an application that would make it easy for everyone to create and use them.

What FaceDrip Can Do For You?

  • Enhance video marketing with this one-click ai-powered app that allows you to bring your business up to the next stage in video marketing by letting your viewers engage in the actions you would like them to and with appropriate call-to-actions such as scheduling a demonstration button/visiting our website button, etc.
  • You can also design and send personal video messages that can be tracked via popular third-party platforms like Gmail, Outlook, Linkedin, SMS… Autoresponders like Aweber, ActiveCampaign… CRMs include Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and more. and many more.
  • Reach your customers without limitation which is why it has features such as the latest transcoding and encoding of video technology, text-to-speech services video translation, video transcription, and much more in one place.

Facedrip Review: The Features And Functionality

  • Record Video, Audio with Screen Share: Facedrip has the ability to record videos and audio with screen share. This is perfect for creating product reviews, training videos, or just recording your desktop.
  • Import Pre-Recorded Video: If you have a pre-recorded video that you want to turn into an interactive video, you can easily import it into Facedrip and customize it for maximum engagement.
  • Video Hosting: Host your videos on the Facedrip platform and share them with the world. There is no branding, and you keep all the traffic and leads.
  • SMS/Email Campaign: Send out SMS or email campaigns to your customers and subscribers, and track the results.
  • Embed Your Videos: Easily embed your interactive videos on your website or blog and watch the traffic come in.
  • Chrome Extension: The Facedrip Chrome Extension allows you to easily import videos into the app and start customizing them for maximum engagement.
  • LinkedIn Integration: The Facedrip LinkedIn Integration allows you to quickly create and share interactive videos with your LinkedIn followers.
  • GIFs: Turn your videos into GIFs and share them on social media for maximum engagement.
  • Tags: Add tags to your videos for better organization and searchability.
  • Workspaces: Create workspaces to keep your videos organized and easy to find.
  • Call-To-Actions: Create multiple call-to-actions for your videos such as Whatsapp chat, Messenger chat, email capture, and more.
  • Virtual Background: Add a virtual background to your videos to make them more interesting and engaging.
  • QR Code: Add a QR code to your videos and watch the leads come in.
  • Bio-Link: Add a bio-link to your videos and drive traffic to your website or blog.
  • Customize Intro and Outro: Add an intro and outro to your videos for a more professional look.
  • Watermark: Add a watermark to your videos to protect them from being stolen or used without permission.
  • Customize Video Thumbnails: Customize the thumbnails of your videos for better click-through rates.
  • Visitor Analytics: Track the number of views, shares, and likes your videos receive.
  • Autoplay Videos: Automatically play your videos when a visitor arrives on your website or blog.
  • Create Playlists: Create playlists of your videos for better organization and easier viewing.
  • Trim Videos: Trim the length of your videos to create the perfect video for maximum engagement.
  • Export Videos: Export your videos to different formats for use on different platforms.
  • Password Protection: Protect your videos with a password to keep them safe from unauthorized access.
  • Private Link Sharing: Share your videos with specific people by creating private links.
  • Player Customization: Customize the look and feel of the Facedrip video player to match your website or blog.
  • Visibility & Privacy Controls: Control who can see and download your videos.
  • Customize Colors & Components: Customize the colors and components of the Facedrip video player to match your website or blog.
  • Optimize Videos, Images & Files: Optimize your videos, images, and files for better performance on the web.
  • Live Transcoding After Recording: Record a video, and have it automatically transcoded into different formats for use on different platforms.

Facedrip Review Ratings

FaceDrip Pros

Easy to use software

Facedrip is a user-friendly software that makes it easy for businesses and marketers to create unique and interactive content. The app also offers free hosting and marketing services to help you sell your interactive videos. Additionally, Facedrip comes with advanced artificial intelligence features to manage clients and sales with videos effortlessly.

Interactive elements

Facedrip has interactive elements that help you build and manage leads right inside the video. With this, you can capture your viewers’ information and keep them engaged with your videos. You can also nurture your leads and increase sales by providing targeted follow-up content that is based on their preferences and engagement information.

Built-in A.I.

Facedrip builts with advanced artificial intelligence features to manage clients and sell with videos effortlessly. This is done in a way that helps businesses save time and money. Additionally, the app’s features include importing lists and contacts from other platforms, creating conditional segments, and sending messages and SMS to specific customers.

Saves Time

Facedrip is designed to help busy business owners and marketers save time. The app comes with a variety of features that automate marketing and sales tasks. You can create videos, emails, and SMS messages quickly and easily with pre-written templates that are designed to help you increase engagement and conversions.

Free Hosting

Facedrip offers free hosting for your interactive videos. This helps businesses save money on video hosting fees while also having access to marketing and sales services that help with selling videos.

Marketing and Sales Services

Facedrip offers a variety of marketing and sales services to help businesses sell their interactive videos. These services include free hosting, video creation, and marketing services, lead capture and management features, and more.

Video SMS & Email Campaigns

With Facedrip, you can easily create video SMS and email campaigns that are personal, inspiring, and engaging. These campaigns help you stand out from the competition and increase conversions. Additionally, Facedrip’s data-driven visitor analytics provides valuable insights into how your videos are performing.

One-click video creation

With just one click, you can create videos with Facedrip. This makes it easy for busy business owners and marketers to create high-quality videos that are engaging and convert well.

Customizable video

You have the ability to customize your videos with Facedrip. This allows you to create videos that are unique and relevant to your target audience. Additionally, the app’s advanced artificial intelligence features help you manage clients and sales effortlessly.


You get data-driven visitor analytics, reactions, and reports. This information is valuable for understanding how your videos are performing and making changes that improve conversions.

FaceDrip Cons And Complaints

Sometime Video Buffers

There are times when the video buffers, which can be frustrating for viewers. Additionally, the app can be a bit slow at times. This could be because of the load on the servers.

Not Enough Integrations

Facedrip is missing integrations with other popular marketing and sales platforms. This could limit its usability for some businesses.

Some Features Are Still in Beta

Some features of Facedrip are still in beta testing, which means they may not be fully functional.

Who Should You Grab This?

Facedrip is the best app for:

  • People who want to create interactive videos for the web 3.0
  • People who need to manage leads and customers with video
  • People who want to increase sales with videos
  • People who want to nurture leads with interactive videos
  • Businesses who want to create product demos
  • Marketers who want to create affiliate review videos
  • Trainers and webinar presenters who want to rerun their sessions
  • Bloggers who want to add video content
  • Small businesses who need an all-in-one video marketing solution
  • People who want access to advanced artificial intelligence features

How Facedrip Is Better?

There are many video creation and marketing apps on the market, but none offer the combination of features and services that Facedrip does. Additionally, Facedrip is designed to help busy business owners and marketers save time and money. The app comes with a variety of features that automate marketing and sales tasks. Here is how Facedrip is better compared to other apps.

Other tools either provide you with video editing or video hosting services but not both. With Facedrip, you can quickly and easily create videos and then host them for free. This helps businesses save money on video hosting fees while also having access to marketing and sales services that help with selling videos.

Secondly, Facedrip also has a video page builder that allows you to create custom pages for your videos. This is a great way to increase conversions and stand out from the competition. The app’s video page builder is easy to use and allows you to create custom pages in minutes. If you want this feature alone you need to pay extra for it on other video creation platforms.

And finally, Facedrip’s one-time pricing is just $47. This is a great deal for businesses that want to Create and Sell interactive videos.

And there are so many unique features that can be found on Facedrip that are not found in other video creation and marketing apps, such as the ability to create videos in one click, the A.I. management features, and the video page builder. Overall, Facedrip is a great choice for businesses that want to create high-quality interactive videos that convert well.

FaceDrip FAQ

1. What is Facedrip?

Facedrip is an all-in-one app that helps you create, host, market, and sell interactive videos for web 3.0 in less than 60 seconds. Unlike other video hosting platforms, Facedrip does not brand, and you keep all the traffic and leads.

2. How does Facedrip work?

Facedrip works by allowing you to import videos into the app, customize them for maximum engagement, and share them with the world. You can host your videos on the Facedrip platform, send out SMS or email campaigns to your customers and subscribers, embed your videos on your website or blog, and share them on social media.

3. What are the benefits of using Facedrip?

There are a few benefits to using Facedrip. You can save time on video editing and hosting, and you will keep all of the users more engaged with your videos. You can also track the number of views, shares, and likes your videos receive.

4. What type of videos can I create with Facedrip?

You can create presentations like videos, tutorials, review videos, and more with Facedrip.

6. How do I share my interactive videos?

To share your interactive videos, you can embed them on your website or blog, send out SMS or email campaigns to your customers and subscribers, and share them on social media.

7. Are my videos protected with a password?

Yes, your videos are protected with a password to keep them safe from unauthorized access. You will have no trouble sharing them with specific people by creating private links.

8. Who can see my videos?

You can control who can see and download your videos. You can make them visible to the general public, or keep them private for specific people. You can also choose to share them with your friends, customers, or subscribers.

FaceDrip Review: The Conclusion

According to research, 88 percent of marketers have found that they can set themselves apart from their competition by using interactive content. Interactive content is 4-5 times more likely to get attention than static pages. 93% of respondents believe that interactive content is moderately or extremely effective in teaching the consumer, as opposed to 70% for static content.

4 out of 5 companies purchase expensive and complex video tools that they don’t always have the time to learn how to use, or the skillset to create new and innovative videos. With Facedrip there is no need for any of that. The app takes care of everything for you, from start to finish.

This is your opportune time to jump on the video bandwagon and start creating videos that will help you sell more, get more leads, and increase conversions. With Facedrip, you can create videos that are interactive, interesting, and most importantly, effective. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

FaceDrip Bonuses

You can get the following bonuses for free. Just do these two steps.

  • Step 1: Get Facedrip by clicking the link below.
  • Step 2: Simply forward your purchase receipt to my email ID (bonus.spsreviews@gmail.com). Or you can contact me via Skype (sarathi2405partha). You will get all my bonuses within 12-24 hours.


Here is how you can claim my bonuses:

Step 1: CLICK HERE or any one of the above/below buttons to get Facedrip from the official website (If you have already ordered skip this step).

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