FireList Review – Is It The Best COLD MAILING Software Suite?

FireList Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to my honest FireList review (Not sponsored).

Through my FireList review, you will know exactly what it is, how it works, what the features and benefits are, the pros, cons, OTO’s & their pricing, and more. So that you can make a good decision if you want to buy it or not.

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What Is FireList Exactly?

FireList is a next-generation software product that automates the process of email warming for cold email marketers. It does this by warming up email accounts, domains, and IPs automatically. In addition to this, it offers a lot more features such as uploading an email list, designing customized templates, and line up warmup campaigns.

Why FireList And What It Can Do For You?

Developing a successful relationship with potential clients and customers is all about achieving strong connections and trust. While this may seem like an easy feat, the truth of the matter is that establishing relationships with your target audience can be difficult. On top of this, some business owners face common struggles such as:

– Losing touch with people on their email list

– Receiving more spam than they do emails from interested prospects

– Feeling like the sender reputation and sender score has gone down over time

– Not having any time to manage the operations of their company

The Solution: FireList. FireList is a next-generation cold email platform that helps you do just need! It offers you done for you strategies by using cold emailing to connect with your target audience. Additionally, this machine learning platform helps you achieve results without having any technical know-how or time!

You can use FireList to:

– Warm-up your cold email list

– Land your email in your recipient’s inbox every time

– Make dead email lists responsive again

– Improve your reputation and sender score

As you can see, FireList is the solution that will help you achieve results without spending too much time managing multiple tasks. Moreover, it works with all autoresponders in the world!

FireList Review

FireList Overall

When you want to warm up your cold list, designing a sequence of campaigns isn’t the only way. There are also other kinds of software in the market which charge thousands of dollars per month for that kind. However, FireList helps the users to warm the list without any technical know-how at all by providing reports on whether or not the emails are landing in spam.






OVERALL: 4.5/5

FireList Review – The Brand Overview

  • Product Name: FireList
  • Product Creator: Mintware
  • Launch Date: 2021-Sep-16
  • Launch Time: 11.00 EDT
  • Front End Price: $47
  • Bonus: YES
  • Refund: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Official Site:
  • Product Type: Software & Tools
  • Recommendation: Highly Recommended

About The Creator

Madhav Dutta and Dr.Sameer Joshi are two young but potential vendors on JVZoo, who have accumulated a lot of experience in marketing and coaching. This time these guys teamed up with Yogesh Bhatt to launch FireList.

Madhav’s launches are always considered remarkable by experts from all over the world and thus, it is no doubt that he has gained thousands in sales and users just love his products!

It would be a mistake if you mention Madhav without the masterpieces like Livenar+, Meetzippy, EverZippy, and Vidify.

Currently, the two vendors are the top 1% affiliate and vendor on JVZoo. This time, these two amazing guys have together launched an incredible product called “FireList”. I am so confident that you will love using this software.

FireList Review – What Are The Best Features?

  • Unlimited Emails and Contacts: FireList lets you add unlimited contacts and send unlimited emails per month. You can add your autoresponder/SMTP to FireList to send as many emails as possible.
  • Built-in Drag and Drop Builder: FireList’s intuitive drag and drop builder makes it simple to create emails and launch campaigns within minutes.
  • Import Bulk Mails Using CSV: FireList lets you upload your email addresses in a CSV format. It was never so easy to add contacts online.
  • Custom Workflows and Campaigns: FireList provide custom workflows and campaigns that make it as simple as having a cup of hot coffee to warm up your emails and lists.
  • Complaints, Unsubscribers Handling: FireList handles both the complaints and the bounced emails. FireList automatically handles unsubscribers.
  • Personalized Tags: FireList lets you send multiple personalized tags to your recipients so they feel you really know them. It also allows you to have a personal interaction with them.
  • Scheduling Emails Easy: FireList makes it easy to schedule emails so you don’t have the hassle of manually sending them to the recipients.
  • A/B testing: FireList lets you test your email campaigns, creating different versions and then sending them to your contacts. This will let you see which ones work best for you.
  • Segmentation & Tags: FireList allows you to segment your email list using different tags. This lets you plan your campaigns based on the segments and tags that you have created.
  • Custom seed list: FireList offers an inbuilt custom seeds list that you can use to warm up your domains and IPs. Once you are done, you can use your email list for more emails to your recipient’s mailbox.
  • Custom SMTP Incorporation: FireList provides custom SMTP integration to allow you to connect your SMTP with FireList.
  • Track Links/clicks: FireList allows you to track both the clicks and the links in the email that was sent.
  • Detailed reporting: FireList generates a detailed report on all the campaigns you have sent, so you know exactly what is happening and where it is landing.
  • Custom Email Templates: FireList provides custom email templates you can use right away to warm up your email list, domain, and IP.
  • Integrations: FireList is 100% compatible all autoresponders. There are no restrictions.
  • Get FireList and Save Thousands of dollars: Forget about monthly fees. FireList is a small one-time investment. Start warming up your email list, domain, and IP.

Top 11 Benefits of Using FireList Software

  • FireList is adaptable to any niche, business model, and industry because it has a flexible design system option for you to choose from.
  • You no need to worry about how to get high-quality email subscribers who will buy from you because FireList will work for you to pull your prospects’ email list and then warm up that cold list.
  • For the sake of organizing (storing), you don’t need to worry about where you are storing your email lists because FireList automatically stores your email lists in their secure servers.
  • Do not stress to deliver high-quality emails or reply to them because FireList has a delivery system that ensures that all emails sent via FireList are delivered. It also automatically sends a reply to the email that you send via FireList.
  • FireList is a one-time investment that grows with you.
  • It’s a complete B2C and B2B solution for internet marketers, business owners, affiliates, and product sellers.
  • You get all the support from the FireList team – just an email away!
  • It has an easy-to-use dashboard and reporting features as well as a user-friendly interface.
  • FireList is a cloud-based email marketing solution that will allow you to send and receive unlimited emails without any limit.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!
  • FireList is software that seamlessly integrates with every autoresponder you already use or will use in the future.

FireList Review – How Does It Work? Watch The Demo

Step 1: Connect. FireList automatically creates a series of campaigns and configures everything for you.

FireList Review - Step1_Connect

Step 2: Schedule. It sends the campaigns to a proprietary inbox network, which will help you improve your sender score.

FireList Review - Step 2_Schedule

Step 3: Engage. FireList will then make sure that all your emails are replied to from a secret system and then send a response back to all of those emails.

FireList Review - Step 3_Engage

Step 4: Track. Once the campaign has been sent, FireList will show you a complete delivery report so that you can keep track of your progress.

FireList Review - Step 4_Track_Your_Results

Watch This FireList Overview Video

Who Is FireList Best Fit For?

FireList is a must-have software if anyone is looking to grow their email list. All internet marketers should use FireList.

  • Email Marketer: If you are an email marketer who sends out emails to promote your products and business then you should warm up your email list.
  • Website Owner: If you own a website and trying to build a list of subscribers who might want to buy your online products or services, this software is for you. Just upload the email addresses from any autoresponder on your site to firelist and see those emails start landing in their inbox.
  • Bloggers: If you are a blogger and use ping-o-matics to help you bring more traffic to your blog from other sites, this software will warm up those email lists as well. Just upload the emails from your pingomatic account to firelist and watch those emails start going into their inbox instead of spam.
  • Affiliate Marketers: If you are an affiliate marketer and create campaigns to promote other people’s products, FireList will help you increase your conversions because those emails will stop going into their spam. And the best part is… you don’t have to do anything!
  • Traffic Sellers: If you are a traffic seller, FireList will warm up your entire list automatically. This is important because if you are selling traffic to other online marketers, there’s a good chance they might not even see an email of yours unless it goes into their inbox instead of the spam folder.
  • eCom Owners: If you are an eCommerce business owner, this software will optimize your cart abandonment emails so that the cart abandoners actually receive those emails and start checking out after all.

FireList Review – How Is FireList Better?

I find FireList to be one of the best and simplest cold email platforms for in-depth customer service and automatic email delivery.

The easiest thing about assembling a new email campaign is inputting your Domain, your IPs, and your cold list. Firelists is fully automated so you don’t have to worry about not just warming up your account but also following up on emails with the best time frames per industry, without having any technical knowledge or specific tactics outside of using their wizard toolset which lays it all out for you in plain English when you’re starting out with the auto wizard.

Alongside this, they provide an online help center to make sure that if anything goes wrong (which won’t) after setup, there is always somebody to help you fix it. FireList is the best solution that I’ve found for my business and their pricing seems like a no-brainer once you see all of the features they provide for this cost (and more).

FireList Review – The Pros And Cons


  • It will help you to land your email in your recipient’s inbox
  • The fire list helps you to achieve success without having any technical know-how.
  • You can create your email list as well as design templates as per your requirements as well as line up warmup email sequences and follow up for delivery to make sure that they don’t land in the dreaded spam folder but right in your prospects’ inbox.
  • Moreover, it does all this fully automatically!


  • It’ll be hard and take a lot of time and effort to manually do what a fire list does.

FireList Upgrades & Pricing Details

The Front End: FireList Gold ($47-$297)

FireList Gold gives you access to the features below:

  • Unlimited Sends per month
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • 5 Sending Servers
  • Custom SMTP Integration
  • SMTP Relays Integration
  • Double Opt-in
  • 3,000 emails/minute Throttling & other 20+ features.

Upgrade 1: FireList Premium ($67-$97)

FireList premium the OTO1 which gives the user access to 21+ Premium features.

The Features are listed below:

  • 45 Custom Business Seed List
  • AI Driven Email Drafting
  • AI Driven Email Language Checker
  • AI Driven Email Auto Tagging (10 Tags/Mail)
  • AI based IP Warmup Process
  • AI based Domain Warm Up Process
  • AI Based Domain Health Checker
  • AI Based IP Health Checker & other 20+ features

Upgrade 2: FireList Unlimited ($147)

FireList Unlimited gives you access to complete FireList dashboard without any limits.

These are some of the features of FireList Unlimited:

  • Unlimited Sends Per Month
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • 10 Sending Server
  • Custom SMTP Integration
  • SMTP Relays Integration
  • Double Opt-in
  • Intuitive easy to use Drag and Drop email Builder
  • Custom Branding on Unsubscribe Page and Emails & +15 other features.

Upgrade 3: FireList Reseller

Get reseller accounts of your own, which you can sell your customers – either at a one-time or (better still) at a recurring fee. Resellers get their reseller dashboard, from where they can create and manage accounts. 3 Reseller packages will be offered based on number of accounts (and price):

  • Lite: 50 accounts ($147),
  • Pro: 100 accounts ($197),
  • Ninja: 300 accounts ($247)

Upgrade 4: FireList Masterclass ($247)

FireList Exclusive email marketing training gives you an access to the special training created by us.

Some of the pointers covered in training are:

  • What An SMTP Server Is
  • What An Email Autoresponder Is
  • Introduction And Importance Of Mailzapp
  • What Domain Verification Is And How To Actually Do It
  • Why IP & Domain Reputation Is Important
  • What SPF Is
  • What DKIM Is
  • What DMARC Is & more.

FireList Review – Is It Worth Buying?

FireList is definitely worth buying for $47. Because it’s an easy-to-setup, fully customizable email sequence builder. The features are outstanding and innovative, not to mention the ease at which you can set up your campaigns. And best of all? You get step-by-step training on how to warm up your list so that every email lands in their inbox as well as how to use fire list in your business to achieve success.

Remember, this is a one-time payment and you don’t have any monthly fees after buying this product. If you want an email marketing tool that will help you save time and money, then I HIGHLY recommend Firelist for all of your Instagram Email Marketing needs!

The Conclusion Of FireList Review

Cold emailing is a great way to reach out and establish relationships with your target audience. With FireList, you can warm up your cold emails so they don’t go straight into the spam folder. It does this by creating delivery reports that let you know what percentage of people are receiving them in their inboxes which means more sales opportunities for you! In addition, it works seamlessly with all autoresponders on the market today. If you want to start sending effective campaigns from day one without any hassle, try FireList now!

FireList Bonuses

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