SendSnap Review – 3-in-1 Multi-Channel Autoresponder For Marketers!

SendSnap Review – 

New 3-in-1 multi-channel autoresponder builds huge SMS, email & messenger lists for free & sells to them on complete automation! If you want 95% open rates, 90% clicks, your own wide-reach autoresponder with no monthly fees at all… Then go through my SendSnap review below.



Do you know that 1.3 billion people, 2 billion people on SMS, and 3 billion daily email users are on messenger alone?

On average, one person spends three hours a day checking emails, messenger, SMS, Whatsapp on the phone, and if you wait for them to get back to the PC and seriously check your email from those 400 emails, click on it and buy what you offer, then you lose the money on the table.

What if you can dominate these three networks of beasts and extend your presence under one hood where your potential customers are on all. Here’s the brand new cloud-based messaging app called SendSnap that combines the power of messenger, bots, SMS, and email with zero monthly fees.

SendSnap Review – The Product Overview

Product NameSendSnap
CreatorTom Yevsikov
Launch Date[2021-Feb-12] @ 11:00 EDT
Official Site
Product TypeMessaging Software
SkillAll Levels
SuggestionHighly Recommended


What Exactly Is “SendSnap”?

SendSnap is a brand new cloud-based software that combines & sends broadcasts and automated messages on the most powerful social media channels such as Messenger, Instagram, SMS, and email with zero monthly fee. Basically, SendSnap controls and manages your email marketing, SMS marketing, Messenger marketing, Instagram marketing all from one centralized dashboard.

With this SendSnap app, you can now expand your reach to potential FB messenger, email, SMS buyers from a single cloud-based platform in the simplest way without burning your cash on multiple autoresponders on a monthly basis. For multiple applications such as Aweber, Getresponse, ManyChat, MobileMonkey, or any other SMS network, you don’t need to pay $500 a month now. The last marketing tool you will need is SendSnap.

With SendSnap You Can

  • Import lists, leads, or contacts that are unrestricted
  • Build limitless campaigns for email marketing
  • Build limitless campaigns with SMS marketing
  • Build limitless messenger campaigns for Facebook
  • Let the chatbots run for you 24/7.
  • Sync and import all previous subscribers from previous chat platforms and inbox messenger with 1 click.
  • Use a predefined or custom tag to send personalized messages and emails
  • Accept orders with full inventory reports straight via messenger or SMS
  • Using bots to collect phone and email numbers and more additional details
  • Respond to support questions using the most engaging chat platform
  • To recover lost sales, add the bots to your site
  • Integrate to directly obtain leads with several autoresponders
  • Send or schedule news and updates to subscribers with non-promotional broadcasts
  • Generate or create messenger subscribers with new emails and SMS leads
  • Turn all of the people on your page who comment into messenger leads
  • Respond to comments on your pages automatically and post by keyword filter & a lot more.

About The Authors

Tom Yevsikov and Gaurab Borah

Tom Yevsikow is a 7-figure copyrighter and a repetitive vendor who developed high-quality software and training programs in market places such as JvZoo and WarriorPlus.

As you know, when he has been featured on over 300+ leaderboards and mostly TOP #3 positions.

Not just that but he got over 50+ POTD/WSOTD awards for his products.

Gaurab Borah is a good marketing friend of Tom, he is also a well know 7-figure entrepreneur who always loves to work with Tom and bring new technology to the internet marketing industry.

Both these guys are 7-figure earners. It means, all of their products really good.

I reviewed some of his products previously such as PointRank 2.0, Madsense Revolution, DropBlogr, Swypio, and my favorite one calledRanksnap 3.0“. Not just these he has a lot of quality products.

SendSnap creator developed all these software

This time these guys are launching SendSnap to the public on 22nd Feb 2021. I am so confident that, It will simply blow your mind.

How Does SendSnap Work?

SendSnap works in 3 simple steps to collect, nurture and sell to your customers.

  • Step #1: Collect: You do the initial setup in this step, get familiar with the platforms, a few minutes is all it takes, and then simply launch the campaigns, where the program begins to collect and store the leads for you.
  • Step #2: Engage: You can use the automated campaigns in this step to grow your leads for you, warm them up, get them to trust you and like you, or you can simply send simple broadcasts via SMS, email, or messenger/Instagram.
  • Step #3: Convert: activate, engage, sell & nurture your leads for 24/7/365 traffic and sales chatbots & autoresponders.

SendSnap Review – The Feature Analysis

With SendSnap everything is unlimited, there are no feature limitations here.

– Unlimited Facebook messenger marketing campaigns,
– Post on unlimited profile using official Instagram API,
– Unlimited email marketing campaigns,
– Unlimited text message marketing campaigns.

SenSnap Review and It's Features

SendSnap Review – My Opinion?

Do you use email marketing/SMS marketing/FB messenger marketing and you don’t get your much-deserved share of this pie?

Then listen, the competition is aiming at the same audience and doing the same thing and the catch is there.

Most marketers make the most common mistake by restricting their marketing to email or messenger only and not enabling multichannel communication.

With SendSnap now, without spending monthly on multi-autoresponder and without handling multi-platform and any technical things, you can combine the power of FB messenger + email + SMS to scale your business and get more clicks, sales, and conversions.

If you are sick and tired of a lower rate of conversion and customer engagement and want an incredibly trustworthy tool at a one-time cost.

Expand your reach to your potential customers where they are most easily from the messenger, email, SMS from a single cloud-based platform without burning your money on several autoresponders on a monthly basis.

For multiple applications such as Aweber, Getresponse, ManyChat, MobileMonkey, or any other SMS platform, you don’t need to pay $500 a month now.

SendSnap is a must-have autoresponder for any niche, market, or business size whether it is e-commerce, retail, blogger, real estate, restaurant, and Cafe, travel. Medical care, video marketing, or e-learning.


SendSnap Review – Is This Worth Buying?

Let’s sum up, do some math, how much do you pay for the apps you use monthly?

  • $150/m for email marketing
  • $249/m for SMS marketing
  • $199/m for Chabot/messenger marketing

And apps like Aweber, Getresponse, ManyChat, MobileMonkey, or any other SMS platform can charge more than $800/m.

You can now handle anything without any monthly payments in a single dashboard like never before.

As it integrates with the new cutting-edge technology, this SendSnap app is like a PRO – saving you thousands!

To fully substitute every other autoresponder or marketing service, this is the ideal solution.

So, here is the crux of what SendSnap can do for you:

– 100% deliverability
– higher open rates
– more clicks
– 3x more e-com sales
– unlimited lead generation
– speak with 100s of thousands
– unlimited emails
– unlimited messenger chatbot/broadcast
– unlimited SMS
– give unlimited support
– available 24/7
– auto working bots
– multilingual
– no monthly pay
– 30+ features in just one-time tiny pay!

SendSnap has been creating news all over and people are literally going bonkers about it. Every single feature of SendSnap blows other autoresponders out of water that costs 98% less than the competition.

SendSnap Review-What Are The Upsells?

OTO 1 SendSnap Pro ($47-$67)

OTO 2 SendSnap Links ($47-$67)

OTO 3 SendSnap Reseller ($197 – $297)

OTO 4 SendSnap Stock ($47)

The Pros and Cons


  • Official API – SendSnap works with the companies, not against them!
  • The reliable platform you can work on for years without the worry
  • Affordable entry pricing for new customers
  • Ditch your autoresponder and messenger bots for this all 1 platform
  • Build huge lists from Instagram, Facebook, email lists, and sms lists and store get
  • Unlimited Facebook messenger marketing campaigns (90%+ open rates & sky-high engagement)
  • Post on unlimited profiles using official Instagram API (safe & sound, working with the companies, not against them!)
  • Unlimited email marketing campaigns (ditch your pricey autoresponder)
  • Unlimited text message marketing campaigns (98% open rates and 90% read within 3 seconds)
  • Never pay a monthly, one-time fee and you’re set for life
  • Software nurtures and sells to your leads on autopilot
  • The easiest way to get free traffic and leads in the market right now


  • Nothing so far

SendSnap Review: Should You Get It?

I’m a huge believer in building communication from the messenger, email leads, or maybe phone numbers with my audience.

The explanation is that each of these channels has its own advantages, and through all these channels you can connect with your customers or prospects, raising the chance of a deal, big time.

Every 10 minutes, people check SMS, email, messenger. So you need this if you want to make more sales!

The best part is:

  • you have a one-time fee
  • you have zero bounce rate (100% deliverability)
  • you have quick engagement (people can’t stand not answering the “ding”)

This is one of the best ways for you to step forward and raise your income by 2021.

Imagine that you’re done playing so many hundreds of dollars for autoresponders, SMS, emails, chatbots in minutes, all of this at a worry-free, low one-time price at your fingertips.

And from there on, all you’ll have to do is let the app gather and build your leads for you, or just do your marketing the way you’d do it, without the hassle, the monthly payments, or the terrible delivery.

Yeah, and it comes with full agency rights, so you can sell this to customers as a service!

If you have no list/subscribers/page for your own business, instead approach other companies that do and give them this.

They will gladly pay you because every business needs to expand its reach.

Now the decision now is yours.


SendSnap Frequently Aksed Questions


A. None of them have as many features as SendSnap have with some outstanding that nobody has

  • 3-in 1 autoresponder combines the power of sms+email+fb messenger
  • just a one-time low price saving hundreds monthly
  • send personalized messages and emails
  • accept orders right through messenger or sms
  • use bots to collect phone numbers and emails and more
  • connect your favorite sms API and send messages worldwide.
  • automatically reply to comments on your pages and post
  • use the most engaging chat platform to answer support questions
  • add the bots to your site or plugin integration to recover lost sales
  • integration available with multiple autoresponders to directly collect leads
  • 20+ more features that scale your business in few minutes


A. Oh, no worries. SendSnap will sync and import all your previous subscribers from previous chat platforms and messenger inboxes into your new dashboard with one click.


A. It is quick to use SendSnap, but there are many training videos on how to use the system. And even if you still have issues, these guys have a support team of experts to help you raise conversions by up to 250 percent.


A. Yes! It meets every business and marketer’s needs and extends your reach to 3.5 billion customers. If you are in e-commerce, retail, blogger, real estate, cafe and restaurant, travel, video marketing, medical care, or e-learning. It offers an integrated and omnichannel experience that works to close deals, get leads, and more customers 24X7


A. SendSnap comes with a Commercial License and is a strong autoresponder. If you have no list/subscribers/page for your own business, instead, approach other businesses that do and give them this. They will gladly pay you because any business needs to scale up its reach. SendSnap is only available for the next 24 hours at an introductory price… don’t miss this chance.


Yeah, it’s totally beginner-friendly, and for you, we’ve done all the hard work. There’s not a lot of manual work for you, SO. And you have a step-by-step free tutorial to get started with it.


No!! We have step by step tutorials for this so you don’t need to do anything else


Yes, you are covered with 30 Days Money-back Guarantee. There is absolutely no risk when you act now.


You have an infinite number of files to upload, store, archive, share, and host. Overall your files, there is a 250 GB total storage limit, but no limit on any individual files. You can quickly upgrade if you need more room, and all upgrades are just a one-time charge for early adopters. Charge just once.

SendSnap Review Bonus Tip: Some Of The Facts You Should Know

The 3 big giants you’ll be making money with today:

SMS marketing – main benefit: high open rates & high response rates according to one of the most popular & most trusted entrepreneur magazine forbes.Com

Email marketing when combined with sms marketing can get you up to 10x results! (simply because sms gets 5-10x better open rates)

sendsnap review

When you have leads on all 3, you will be unstoppable.


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