FlexClip Review- Online Video Maker with Marvelous Templates

If you don’t have much time to learn a new program and you need a video quickly, this online editor is for you.

Video is the format par excellence in social networks because it allows it to be concise and capture the interest of viewers in the first seconds. Did you know that visual content is more than 40 times more likely to be shared than text?

Hence the importance of preferring this format when creating promotional or entertainment material . If you do not have the resources or the expertise in video editing, don’t worry, at Panda Ancha we bring you a solution so that you can achieve creative clips online and easily.

Video editing can be challenging, especially for those without much experience, as using software to edit media content requires a steep learning curve, time, and a lot of experience before learning how to handle it. So, this is where FlexClip video editor comes in.

What is Flexclip?

FlexClip is a short form online video editor that has everything a blogger or entrepreneur could need without having to use anycomplex software to use.

Established by PearlMountain in 2016, they sought to create a simple video editor suitable for beginners and the freelancers. The one for online editing , which makes it ideal for users of all operating systems. And if you prefer, it also has a downloadable version with extended features.

FlexClip Functions

FlexClip gives you the ability to do basic video editing, from cropping and adding text to recording voiceovers and adding watermarks.

There are main options: start from scratch or work with templates to create your video. It is easy to work with any of the options, as it has a very easy to understand interface.

You can animate photos and text, add filters, transitions, zooms, rotations, etc. And of course you can adjust the brightness, saturation, etc. The result depends on your creativity!

This platform also has a royalty-free library, so it has a large number of videos, images, songs and audio stored to use for free , and without having copyright.

Free Version or Paid Versions?

The free version of FlexClip allows you to edit videos with a one minute limit and up to 12 projects with a single archival video. This plan will not work for you if you want to use it long term, but it gives you the opportunity to explore its editing tool and see if it is the most suitable to be able to invest in it later.

If you are a blogger or social media content creator, you will love the Social Media video section , as there are a number of ready-to-use creative templates in each of the corresponding sizes.

Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, it gives you different options and post-production flexibility.

FlexClip Pricing Plans

Basic plan

This option has a cost of $ 9.99 dollars or $ 201.65 Mexican pesos, or if you prefer the annual plan, take advantage of the promotion of $ 5.99 dollars or $ 120 Mexican pesos per month.

The basic plan removes most of the main restrictions of the free plan . You can have up to 50 projects, custom watermark, no FlexClip introduction and higher resolution options. If you don’t care about the 1-minute limit and don’t need HD options, this plan might work very well for you.

Plus Plan

Its cost is $ 19.99 dollars or $ 403 Mexican pesos, although it is twice the price of the previous one, with this plan you can download 1080p videos . An interesting feature if you want to appear more professional and quality in the field in which you develop, but it is definitely not strictly necessary.

Business Plan

If you love using FlexClip and decide to use it in the long term as your main video editing software , the Business Plan will be your best option.

It includes everything mentioned so far, but it also removes that annoying 1 minute limit and expands it to a full half hour video. You also have unlimited access to your stock videos and can have up to 1000 projects. Its cost is $ 29.99 per month or $ 19.99 per month with an annual subscription.

FlexClip Pros and Cons


Easy to use with a simple and straightforward design interface

Large multimedia library

Can be used exclusively online

Lots of royalty-free templates and content

Screen and voice recorder

Customer service team


May be limited for more experienced editors

Free version with many restrictions


FlexClip online video maker is a good tool for starters.

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