How to Convert WebP to PNG Images in Bulk

How to Convert WebP to PNG Images in Bulk

How to convert WebP to PNG Images in bulk for presentation, editing, or printing. In earlier days, converting WebP to PNG images used to be a tedious task. You had to find and copy different files and paste them one by one into the text editor, then use the appropriate paste option or you had to cut and paste the copied WebP image(s) into several smaller pictures in order to create a slideshow. So you have to copy all those pictures and paste them one by one again. It is so tedious, that even after spending half an hour of your time editing a WebP file, you cannot save it. In such situations, you would have to spend another half an hour getting the document saved.

Well, here is good news for you. You can convert WebP to PNG with ease. All you need to do is open a text editor, then start typing a desired WebP file and save it in a text editor like notepad. Then open the new text document and start converting it to png format with the help of simple toolbars available in MS office software like “word,” “notepad,” etc.

Open WebP to PNG Converter, select images to convert and click OK. Select all or particular WebP images in the text editor and hit the Next button. Now select PNG as the saving format and browse the folder and click Convert. The WebP image is now saved in a new folder in the desired location.

How to convert WebP to PNG images in bulk on the other hand requires some tedious process but the results are worth the effort. You need to visit a reliable site that offers free conversion services for WebP to extract all the images including thumbnails. After selecting the images, copy all the WebP format bitmaps to the application database (ADB) and open them with WinADB or MSCON. Open the extracted thumbnails and you will see a window similar to that of WinADB and MSN Explorer.

You will need to click Browse and choose the WebP to PNG Converter option. It is advisable to check the “Advanced” tab. Select “Batch Conversion Wizard” and put in the required number of images to convert. Now hit OK and wait till the “completed image list” is displayed on the screen. Check whether the converted image file is exactly the same size as the original one. If yes, then click the “Save/Remove” and then repeat the same procedure for the remaining images.

How to Convert WebP to PNG Images in Bulk

Another way of how to convert WebP to PNG images in bulk is to use the utility program “AffixIco”, which is available free on the internet. Simply download the program and install it on your machine. The application works well with both Windows and Mac OS X machines and offers a simple, straightforward and easy-to-use interface. It is also fast, powerful and flexible enough to cater to your image conversion needs.

In addition to the aforementioned two options, third party software is also available in the market to convert WebP to other compressed image formats. However, these tools are complex and requires technical knowledge. The most advanced tools are those that allow you to quickly convert a huge number of files with minimum fuss. Such software offer both text and raster versions of the same image file. Further, they offer the option of converting to multiple different types of formats, such as gif, ePub and so on.

The best part about these advanced tools is that they cost only a fraction of the amount that professional converters used to charge. Therefore, if you are looking to save time and money and yet want to convert WebP to other formats, opt for software that comes with a free trial period. This way, you get the feel of the tool and see whether or not it suits your requirements. The software will convert all your original files into the new desired format on the first try – for free!

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