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Vidnami Review:

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Vidnami Review

Our Final Verdict on Vidnami

Creating videos are hard. It requires a camera, mic, lighting, and other equipment. Even if you have the right tools to create video content for your business, it’s still time-consuming and expensive to do so.

Vidnami is a cloud-based video creation platform that uses machine learning technology to make videos faster. Even the software does a voice-over for the video.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to share their story but doesn’t have time to learn complicated editing software or expensive equipment. And it’s all done automatically – so there’s no more waiting around on someone else to do it for you!

For the last 2 years, I have been using vidnami. Honestly, I haven’t found a video creation software that is easier than vidnami. I usually take 4-6 hours to make a 10-minute long video. But now, I can able to make videos for my social media in less than 30 minutes using Vidnami.

Vidnami Review: The Pros And Cons


  • Create engaging videos from a written script
  • Save a lot of time
  • Text-to-speech voice included
  • No learning, editing skills care required
  • Works for both newbies and advanced marketers
  • 14-day free trial for a test drive
  • Learn from 10k active users of Vidnami via the FB group
  • Fantastic customer support


  • I don’t have any problems with this software. I am happy with it.

Still, reading? Awesome!

Do you like making videos but you don’t have any special skills? If so, then I suggest that you check out my review on Vidnami.

I am going to show you how you can make videos in less than 5 minutes. You will not need a camera, studio, or even a mic.

It’s no secret that videos are the future of marketing. There has been a huge increase in the number of people who watch videos online.

You might be thinking that you don’t have any experience making videos or doing video work. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it!

Vidnami can help you create engaging videos without any technical kinds of stuff.

The rest of my Vidnami review will tell you more about the software. It has tips and tricks that I use. Read this before you sign up!

What Is Vidnami Exactly?

“Vidnami” is an online-based video creation software platform (SAAS) that uses machine learning technology to produce amazing videos from a written script(script in the sense, it may be your blog post article or PLR article or your own written content).

Vidnami is different from other video creation software. It finds pictures and videos that go with what you have written in your script and it combines them to make an engaging video.

There are so many things you can do with Vidnami. The video production can be completely automated just from your script. However, you can manually adjust everything such as editing, highlighting the text, changing the background music, text-speech voice character, etc.

Noble Samurai team has recently [Feb-2020] re-branded this software name from “Content Samurai” to Vidnami”. People are still confused about whether the Vidnami and Content Samurai are different. The quick answer is, both are the same. The only thing they’ve modified is the software name (Content Samurai > Vidnami). Otherwise, You will have the same features and functionality of content samurai inside the Vidmani.

What You Can Do With Vidnami?

  • Turn your blog posts into engaging videos
  • Turn your PLR articles into videos
  • Make videos for any kind of social media
  • Make short or long video ads for your product & services
  • Make influencer type videos
  • Automatically transcribe your videos and add subtitles to it
  • Generate auto-voice for your videos using the text-to-speech engine
  • Make verticle videos for TikTok & Instagram and much more!

Vidnami Review 2021: An Overview

  • Product Name: Vidnami
  • Product Creator: Team Noble Samurai
  • Free Trial: Yes, 14-day Free Trial
  • Regular Price: $47/m
  • Discount: Yes, 25% Discount
  • Refund: 30-Day Refund Policy
  • Official Site:
  • Product Type: Video Creation Software
  • Skills: All Level
  • Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Vidnami Review: My Experience In Using It

When you first log in to Vidnami software you can see the dashboard will look like this…

Vidnami Review -The Dashboard

All your previously done video projects will be listed in this dashboard area. Either you can quickly edit them or you can create a new video from scratch.

Follow the below simple steps to create your first Vidnami videos.

Step 1 – Choose A Template

The very first step is to click the “CREATE A NEW VIDEO” button from the dashboard.

You will be asked to choose a template from the templates gallery. Basically, templates are themes. It imports pre-made text styles, text positions, engaging animations, color schemes for your video. Templates can be fully customized.

Vidnami Review - Choose Template

Vidnami has well over 170+ templates on all popular categories and niches. Also, the custom template feature allows you to create unlimited customized templates in your own way.

Step 2 – Write A Script

Just give it a video title and start writing your video script in the script area (for the demonstration, I have pasted my Vidnami review’s intro paragraph). Learn “How to Write a Copyright Free Script For Your Vidnami Videos”.

Vidnami Review - Name the video

Once your script is ready then click the “Create Scenes” button.

Step 3 – Edit The Scenes

Once you click create scenes, Vidnami will analyze your script first. After that, it breaks down the sentences from your script and creates a number of slides.

Vidnami Review - Edit the slides

For each slide/scene, Vidnami will add relevant background images/video clips on its own. It is an auto functionality, however, you have the control to replace any background image/video clip for each slide(if you like).

Vidnami has a built-in database of video clips and images that are completely free to use without any copyright issues. You just need to search using the keywords and start replacing the backgrounds for each slide.

You can able to edit the scene such as highlighting the text, merging two scenes/slides, hiding the text on slides, add a new scene in between each scene if you want to.

Once you are satisfied with the formatting just scroll to the bottom and click “Add Voice Track To Your Video”

Vidnami Review - End of the scene

Step 4 – Add Music & Voice

After clicking add voice track button, you will see there are four options. 1). No voice(Music only), 2). Auto-voice(text-to-speech), 3). Record your own voice, 4). Upload a voice track.


Either you can upload your own music or pick one from the Vidmani. If you choose this option, your video will be previewed instantly.

Vidnami Review - Choose a background music


When you choose the “Auto-voice” option, you will see there are so many text-to-voices in many languages.

Vidnami Review - Auto Voice Review

Currently, Vidnami supports the USA, United Kingdom, Australian country languages.

There are many text-speech characters/voices that come with Vidnami. Each one of the text-to-speech voices is unique and they produce human-like sounds.


Vidnami also has the option to record your own voice. Take a look  at the picture below

If you want to record your own voice, simply just click “Record your own voice” and allow your microphone. Then, click the “Record” button and start speaking.

Make sure to set up your microphone properly on your desktop or laptop.


With this option, you can able to upload any external voice tracks to your Vidnami videos. Either it may be background music or it may be other external text-speech voices or it may be professionally recorded voices from freelancing sites. The choice is yours.

Vidnami Review - Upload your own music

Out of all the 4 voice options, I am choosing an Auto Voice (text-to-speech) option and the character name is “Luke” and let it preview.

Vidnami Review - Preview Your Video

Step 5 – Preview Your Video


There are 30,000 copyright-free music clips available in Vidnami’s database. You can scroll below to choose one.

Vidnami Review 2021

I recommend you to choose background music if you have selected either “text-to-speech” or “record your voice” options in the previous steps. So that the final video will be playing with the text-to-speech voice & background music.


With Vidnami, you can show up your brand logo inside of your video.

To upload your brand logo, go to the Watermark section and click “Create New Watermark”

Vidnami Review 2021

Now you have to upload your logo image then, scale your image size, adjust the opacity(if you want to), and click “Save Watermark” at the right bottom. Once you do that, you will see an immediate preview of your logo watermark inside the video.


You can also adjust the speed of the text speech and you can adjust the volume of sounds. To get the natural sound effect from the text-to-speech voices, you have to slow down the text-speech speed from 100% to 90 or 85%.

Vidnami Review 2021


Not satisfied with each slide timings? Well, you can manually adjust (increase/decrease) the time of each and every slide. I usually leave it default. It works fine.

Once you have satisfied with the timings, then click the “Record Timing” option. After that, click the “Looks Good, Continue” option.

Vidnami Review 2021

Step 6 – Generate & Download Video

After clicking the “Looks Good, Continue” button, you will be asked to generate the video. Click “Generate Video” and wait for the progress completion. It will take less than a minute or two.

Vidnami Review 2021

Once the progress reaches 100%, the download button will appear. That looks like the below image.

Vidnami Review 2021

Click “Download Your Video” and save it to your local computer.

If You don’t understand the above steps, you can watch this quick demo video to see how it works exactly.

Watch the full walkthrough video to see how Vidnami works…

How Good Is Vidnami Text To Speech Voice?

When it comes to text-to-speech voice, there are so many options.

I have been using text-to-speech software for years now and I find that, for the most part, they are all pretty much the same.

Then, I was introduced to Vidnami’s text-speech voices. It really stands out from the rest.

The first thing that sets it apart is its voice quality. It sounds natural which makes listening more pleasant than other text-to-speech devices on the market.

I mostly prefer to use Vidnami’s text-to-speech feature for most of my videos. Because I like it very much. No other apps produce voices like Vidnami. I can confidently say this from my previous experience.

Here are two sample videos created with Vidnami & its text-speech voice.

Text-speech-voice “Heidi” with 95% speech speed.

Text-speech-voice “Luke” with 100% speech speed.

There are some other text-speech voices included as well.

Vidnami Review 2021 – What Are The Best Features?

Vidnami is filled with a lot of features that enable you to need to create professional marketing videos


Vidnami has nearly a million Royalty-Free video clips, and a few million high-quality images to choose from. They’ve got everything you need to make your next project come alive with the perfect visuals.

From stock footage of people doing everyday things, like cooking or working out, to clips of exotic animals in their natural habitats.

You can find what you need quickly and easily with our search engine which allows users to filter by category or keyword.

If you don’t know what type of clip or image you’re looking for then just browse through keywords until something catches your eye!


Vidnami has over 100,000 copyright-free music tracks in all categories. Whether you need background music for your video or just want to listen to some tunes while working on your project, they have what you’re looking for.

With Vidnami there’s no more worrying about licensing fees or royalties – it’s all included with every purchase!


With Vidnami, you can upload your own custom images, video clips, and music tracks directly into the app.

You can also add text to any frame of your video to make it more personalized. It’s perfect for making quick edits on the go or creating something really special for someone else as a gift!


Vidnami has hundreds of professionally designed templates for Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, and more!

With Vidnami you can easily make your own professional-looking videos in minutes. You’ll be able to save time on creating content while still having the ability to personalize it with your company’s branding.

These templates are easy-to-use so that anyone can get started right away!


You can use AutoVoice to instantly convert your text to speech, or upload a pre-recorded voice track.

It’s perfect for making videos of yourself talking about anything from cooking recipes to how-to tutorials.

Whether you’re a YouTuber, vlogger, or just want to make a video for fun with friends, Vidnami has everything you need.

Upload your own voice track and use AutoVoice to instantly convert text into speech. Or record your own voice in seconds with our simple recording tool. It’s never been easier!


Vidnami uses AI to analyze your text and automatically select clips from your footage that will make a great video. The result? You can create videos in minutes, not hours.

The process of making a video can be time-consuming, but with Vidnami it’s as easy as sending an email.

New features of Vidnami in 2021

There are so many improvements and cool features that have been added to the Vidnami such as

  • Upload custom video clips
  • Format video clip
  • Insert video clips into slides
  • Represent video clips

In 2020, the noble samurai team has integrated over 30,000 copyright-free music tracks.

Wait, that’s not all.

Now you can create Influencer type videos with Vidnami’s influencer video templates.

These new Influencer Video Templates automatically add captions to your speaking video, and you can even drop clips and photos around your speaking head to demonstrate exactly what you’re talking about!

All you need to do is record a video on your smartphone or webcam, and upload it to Vidnami.

The machine then analyzes your video, listens to what you’re saying, and translates your speech to text automatically.

No more manually typing files … No more charging for transcription services … All happens automatically with a single button press.

Vidnami Review 2021

Vidnami’s Influencer Video Templates Demo

Vidnami New Features 2021:

  • First of all, they have changed the user interface very well in 2021. Previously it was boring, now it has been visually optimized very well.
  • When comes to performance, they have optimized the speed. Now the Vidnami is super fast, it renders videos quickly.
  • They have introduced the Influencer template feature as well. With this feature, anyone can record a selfie video ad tell Vidnami to put captions on the video. It does a very good job.
  • New massive update in Jan 2021:They has improved the asset finding feature as well. Previously Vidnami doesn’t pick the right video clip for the script. Not they have improved it. Vidnami’s improved A.I. gathers images/videos for multi-keywords as well. Say for example “Car Accident”. “Tree Cutting” etc. Vidnami finds the exact clips for these kinds of keywords.
  • New massive update in Feb 2021: Now you can turn on your webcam to capture your face directly right from Vidnami’s dashboard.
  • New massive update in March 2021: Now you can make verticle videos for TikTok, Youtube Story, and Instagram. There are dozens of beautiful templates that have been included.

How To Make Money With Vidnami?

The possibilities are endless using Vidnami video software. I have discussed a few of the best ways you can use this tool.


There are so many ways you can use Vidnami to make money. The number one way to make a profit using YouTube’s AdSense program.

Actually, you can create a YouTube channel and monetize with AdSense Ads. Make sure to check out the case study part to see how a Vdnami user generates over $12,000 a month using this software.


If you don’t want to earn with AdSense, I have some alternative ways for you to make 5X or even 10X more revenue than the AdSense income.

Yes, you can make more money than Google Adsense when you promote Affiliate or CPA offers. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there. They will pay anywhere between 50% to 100% commission for each sale you refer to them.

If you upload at least 2 videos per day to your YouTube channel on a consistent basis, your channel will grow and it will generate a lot of free traffic and clicks to your affiliate links. I am sure it will make your sales. I know affiliate marketing works.


Right now, I am busy with local businesses. I am banking some nice money from one of my local clients for my video service. You can also make money in this way also. To get clients, you can go to google and search local businesses around your city and make a call, tell them the potential of video marketing.

My client is getting hundreds of calls from the videos that I made and uploaded to his YouTube channel. Because each and every video has a phone number in the title, description, and thumbnails.

The possibilities are endless with Vidnami. Here is another article that teaches you step-by-step how to make money with Vidnami & Youtube.

Vidnami Real Life Case Studies


This channel called “Natural Cures” is one of the most successful channels out there that filled full of Vidnami videos.

Take a look at this. Nearly 3 million subscribers!

People watching, liking & sharing these videos around the internet. Not only this channel has millions of subscribers, but millions of video views too! and generating up to $12,000/month from YouTube ads.


This is my personal case study to let you know the potential of using Vidnami video software…

I have created two random amazon product review videos and uploaded them to my personal YT channels.

Video 1 –

Video 2 –

The videos got organic views instantly. Guess what?

People watched my videos and they have purchased the products from Amazon using my affiliate links (I have given links in the video description).

This is the result…

This is just an example to show you the potential of Vidnami videos.

Who Vidnami Is Suitable For?

Vidnami is one of the best video creation tools out there. It is the best suitable tool for

   ♥   Video creators

   ♥   Affiliate marketers

   ♥   Product vendors

   ♥   Local business owners

   ♥   Freelancers

   ♥   Bloggers

   ♥   Entrepreneurs

   ♥   Shopify owners

   ♥   Internet Marketers

   ♥   Social Media Marketers

   ♥   Newbies

Literally, anyone can use this tool to make amazing marketing videos in minutes.

What Users Say About Vidnami?

These are not some regular testimonials that you may be seen around the internet. These are real people and daily users of Vidnami software. Take a look at below to see what they are saying…

Vidnami Review From Real Users

The above are just a few testimonials. When you join the Vidnami Facebook group, you can able to see a lot.

Vidnami Review 2021 – My Opinion?

I hope you understand how important video marketing is.

I highly recommend you start publishing videos on all your social channels. If you are shy and don’t want to show your face in front of the camera, let’s start using Vidnami from today.

To be honest with you, Vidnami is one of the best software tools out there to create professional marketing videos using the latest A.I. technology. I saw any other tool to beat Vidnami. Don’t think I am hyping this software.

Using Vidnami will save you a lot of money. Also, it requires no camera, no 3rd party video editing tools, no studio setup, etc.

All you need is Vidnami.

Vidnami Pricing & Discount Details


  ⊕  Everything On The Monthly Plan Has Plus
  ⊕  No Credit Card Required
  ⊕  Create Unlimited Videos
  ⊕  Keep The Videos You Make
  ⊕  7-day Risk-free Try Before You Buy
  ⊕  No Vidnami Watermarks


  ⊕  Create Unlimited Videos
  ⊕  125,000,000+ Royalty-Free Images
  ⊕  40+ Stunning Video Templates
  ⊕  30+ Popular Fonts
  ⊕  Auto-intelligent Image Selection
  ⊕  Automatic Text To Speech Technology
  ⊕  Automatic Sync Of Audio And Visuals
  ⊕  Automatically Bolds Keywords, Adds Transitions & Animates Text
  ⊕  Full Motion Video Backgrounds
  ⊕  Landscape & Square Videos
  ⊕  Customizable Templates & Branding
  ⊕  Upload Your Own Images, Videos, Voice Tracks, Watermarks & Your Own Music


  ⊕  Everything On The Monthly Plan Has Plus
  ⊕  25% Discount From The Monthly Subscription
  ⊕  Create Unlimited Videos
  ⊕  Keep The Videos You Make
  ⊕  Charged Monthly
  ⊕  This is One Of The Best Price


  ⊕  Everything On The Monthly Plan Has Plus
  ⊕  30% Off Monthly Subscription
  ⊕  Create Unlimited Videos
  ⊕  Keep The Videos You Make
  ⊕  Charged Annually
  ⊕  Best Price Available!


Hopefully, my review will help you make a good decision. I’m sure you’ll realize when you’re using this Vidnami that it’s completely a mind-blowing solution that’s very much needed for your online business.

In particular, your investment will be secured by a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, so it’s time to boost your sales and grow your business.

Important Note: If you purchase through my link, I will give you my best support. Feel free to contact me ANYTIME when you encounter any troubles in using or fail to contact the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):

Vidnami F.A.Q.

[ Q1 ]. Does the free trial require credit card details?

No. Vidnami will not ask you any payment method for their free trial. This is completely risk-free to try for 7-days.

[ Q2 ]. What are influencer video templates?

Influencer video templates turn your selfie videos or any other regular videos into attention-grabbing videos using the latest editor. You can watch this video to see how it works.

[ Q3]. Can I use all images, video clips, music tracks in Vidnami without any copyright issues?

Absolutely! Vidnami comes with a built-in database of over a million+ copyright-free images, video clips + 30,000 music tracks. If you have fear of using these things, Vidnami will give you the source links for all the assets used inside your video. So, you can give credits back to them. This is 100% whitehat way.

[ Q4 ]. Can I upload my own images, music, video clips to Vidnami?

Yes, you can upload your own music, images, and video clips also. Just drag and drop your files into the upload area of Vidnami.

Vidnami Bonus

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You can get my amazing bonuses (mentioned below) by completing just two steps below:

Step 1: Signup to Vidnami by clicking here.

Step 2: You will get all my premium Bonuses that are mentioned BELOW. Please don’t forget to email me ( after you have done step 2. You will get my Bonuses within 12 hours. Note: I only offer my bonuses to paid users.

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