Imajely Review: Is This AI-Powered Design & Animation Software Worth It?

Imajely Review:

Creating stunning graphics and animations is essential for businesses today. But for those without design skills, it can be a major pain point.

You hire a professional designer and it costs you an arm and a leg. Try to DIY it yourself and you end up with amateurish, cookie-cutter designs.

It leaves you stuck choosing between breaking the bank or settling for lackluster visuals.

But what if there was a way to get professional-quality designs without the high costs or learning curve? A way to create captivating graphics and animations that capture attention and drive sales?

There finally is – thanks to game-changing new AI graphic design technology.

In this extensive review, I’ll be covering:

  • What this revolutionary graphic design software is and how it works
  • An in-depth look at the key features and capabilities
  • How easy it is for beginners to start creating pro-level visual content
  • Tons of examples showing the type of graphics and animations you can make
  • The pros and cons based on my hands-on testing
  • Who this technology is the ideal solution for
  • And ultimately, whether it’s worth investing in for your business and brand

By the end, you’ll have all the information to decide if this AI graphic design breakthrough is right for your needs. Let’s dive in!

What is Imajely?

Imajely Review - Explained

Imajely is an AI-powered graphic design and animation software. It allows anyone to create professional visuals with no prior design experience required.

The platform is marketed as the “world’s first and most advanced all-in-one design and animation technology.”

It uses artificial intelligence to help users:

  • Select from 500+ templates across 50+ niches
  • Design graphics and animations in a user-friendly editor
  • Publish and share creations in a few clicks

The goal is to empower businesses to make captivating visual content that converts. This can be used for your own marketing or offered as client services.

Imajely is a cloud-based SaaS product available on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

It’s sold as a one-time payment, unlike many competitors that use monthly subscriptions.

How Imajely Works

Imajely aims to simplify visual content creation into 3 key steps:

Step 1: Select a Template

The platform provides 500+ pre-made templates across 50+ niches like:

  • Social media posts
  • Logos
  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Lead magnets
  • Videos
  • And more

You can choose a template that fits your needs and customize it. This saves time compared to starting designs from scratch.

Step 2: Edit and Design

Next, the user-friendly editor lets you modify templates or create new visuals using Imajely’s design tools.

No technical skills are required. The software is beginner-friendly with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

It also utilizes AI features like:

  • One-click background removal to instantly isolate subjects
  • AI image generator to remix visuals into unique designs
  • AI assistant for design recommendations

Step 3: Publish and Share

Once your creation is complete, Imajely makes it easy to export, publish, and share.

You can download files in multiple formats or send them directly to platforms like social media.

Embedding and sharing functionality help you get visuals in front of your audience fast.

Imajely Editor Review

Imajely Review - Editor Review

The Imajely editor is the workspace where users bring templates to life.

My experience with the editor was smooth and straightforward. It has a familiar layout with layers, assets, tools, and more easily accessible.

Key Features

Here are some noteworthy features and capabilities of the Imajely editor:

  • Drag-and-drop interface to quickly access and arrange design elements
  • Animation timeline with keyframe control to customize motion graphics
  • Layer manager to edit visual hierarchy and stacking order
  • Alignment and distribution tools to neatly organize objects
  • Image filters and effects like shadows, glows, and blends
  • Masking and clipping to selectively hide/reveal portions of designs
  • Color picker to sample and match hues from images
  • Typography controls for text styling (size, color, fonts, etc.)
  • AI image generator to remix visuals into fresh designs

I was impressed by how much I could accomplish without any graphic design experience. The editor strikes a nice balance of providing advanced functionality while remaining intuitive.

Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, Imajely hits the mark. I found the interface clean and uncluttered. Controls are laid out logically, so it’s simple to locate what you need.

Within minutes, I could:

  • Import a template
  • Edit colors, text, and images
  • Add animations
  • Export a completed graphic

Everything worked smoothly without any lag or crashes during my testing. Performance was reliable even on large/complex files.

The learning curve is gentle enough for total beginners. Yet the editor offers ample capabilities to satisfy professional creators too.

Imajely Templates

One of Imajely’s biggest value propositions is its library of 500+ customizable templates. These high-quality templates help you skip starting from a blank canvas.

Template Library Breakdown

Browsing Imajely’s template selection, I found diverse options split across 50+ niches. Categories include:

  • Social media – Instagram posts, Facebook ads, YouTube thumbnails, Twitter headers, etc.
  • Business – Logos, business cards, letterhead, resumes, menus, etc.
  • Marketing – Flyers, posters, brochures, newsletters, infographics, etc.
  • Presentations – Pitch decks, product demos, reports, portfolios, etc.
  • Ecommerce – Product mockups, online ads, email campaigns, etc.
  • And more – Book covers, album art, wedding invitations, certificates, stickers, and many additional categories.

The library strikes a good balance between trendy modern templates and timeless classics. Design styles range from minimalist to bold and playful.

Customizing Templates

Importing a template loads it into Imajely’s editor for customization. From here, I could freely modify:

  • Colors
  • Imagery
  • Text
  • Layout
  • Stylistic flourishes

Templates are flexible as starting points. The end result didn’t resemble generic cookie-cutter designs.

I appreciated how changing text auto-resized containers to fit. This saved me from manually adjusting elements.

The AI image generator proved useful to create fresh backdrops and graphics. It adds creative flair that would be difficult to recreate manually.

Quality & Uniqueness

Upon inspecting templates closely, the craftsmanship impressed me. Design elements aligned precisely with balanced whitespace. Images were crisp and free of compression artifacts.

I didn’t encounter any amateurish clipart or weak compositions. The entire library exuded professional polish.

Better yet, templates felt unique. I struggled to find close matches searching elsewhere. This originality makes it easier to produce one-of-a-kind designs versus replicating overused templates.

Scope for Improvement

Imajely’s template selection provides excellent diversity for most use cases. However, filling a few gaps could improve it even further:

  • More geometric templates would allow creating on-trend abstract social posts.
  • Additional longform formats like brochure and magazine layouts could be handy.
  • Narrow niche templates tailored to verticals like real estate, law firms, non-profits, etc.
  • Larger libraries within categories so users can find 10+ relevant options. For less common niches, selection felt limited.

Still, new templates get added regularly based on user feedback. As the library expands over time, it will become an even more valuable asset.

Imajely Pricing

Imajely is sold as a one-time payment—no forced monthly subscriptions.

Imajely FE Offer

The Imajely front-end offer is the core commercial plan costing a one-time fee of $37.

It includes:

  • Access to the full design editor and all editing features
  • Ability to create unlimited projects
  • 500+ customizable templates in 50+ niches
  • Media libraries with stock photos, icons, shapes, etc.
  • Animated stickers and GIF integration
  • 1 GB storage for your own media uploads
  • Photo background removal (5 free requests per month)
  • Share access to projects with up to 5 teammates
  • 60 minutes of animation time per month
  • Export in multiple file formats (PNG, MP4, PDF, etc.)
  • Embed and share creations instantly
  • Commercial license to sell your work

This front-end covers all the essential tools most users will need to create graphics and basic animations. It’s an affordable starting point before considering the upgrades.

Imajely OTO Upsell Offers

If you purchase Imajely through the sales funnel, you will be offered several upsell offers (OTOs) to upgrade your account:

OTO #1 – Imajely Creative ($67 one-time)

The first upsell unlocks additional creativity features like:

  • Chroma key green screen video effects
  • Audio visualizers
  • Image reveal effects
  • Podcast cover generators
  • Tools to create 3D boxes, CD covers, QR codes
  • And more

OTO #2 – Imajely Elite ($97 one-time)

The Elite upgrade includes:

  • Video layers for animation
  • Share project access with up to 10 users
  • 120 minutes of animation time per month (double the standard plan)
  • 25 photo background removals per month
  • 5 GB storage for your media

OTO #3 – Imajely Template Club ($67 one-time)

This gives you access to new template collections added each month. It helps expand your library with fresh designs regularly.

OTO #4 – Imajely DFY Agency ($97 one-time)

Their Done-For-You agency package provides pre-made assets to launch your own agency including websites, proposals, contracts, and more.

Imajely Bundle Deal

You can access all features and OTOs together by purchasing the Imajely Bundle deal.

This offers the complete all-access package at a discounted one-time price of $297 ($247 with a $50 discount coupon code).

It represents the best value if you want access to the full toolset. But the front-end or OTOs stand alone well also based on your specific needs.

Licensing Options

Imajely’s commercial license terms are favorable for buyers.

Purchasing any paid plan grants rights to:

  • Use Imajely’s output for unlimited personal and commercial projects
  • Sell an unlimited number of your designs, animations, and other creations
  • Offer services to clients using Imajely without needing to pay additional licensing fees

The license conveys extensive commercial usage rights. You can even build a full service agency on top of Imajely without added licensing costs.

For solopreneurs and freelancers, this flexible licensing model makes the platform a smart value.

Imajely Ease of Use

Imajely aims to offer cutting-edge AI technology while remaining beginner-friendly. So how easy is it to pick up?

For a moderately tech-savvy user like myself, I found the platform smooth and intuitive. The interface Contains clear labels, helpful tooltips, and prompts guiding users.

Within minutes, I could:

  • Browse templates
  • Import files
  • Edit designs
  • Add animations and effects
  • Export graphics

The software is responsive with rapid rendering times even on large files. I didn’t experience any lag or crashes during testing.

Advanced features like the AI assistant further simplify the process. For example, the background remover tool instantly isolates subjects with one click. This saves tons of tedious manual


For total beginners, Imajely still remains accessible. The platform includes step-by-step video tutorials guiding users through core workflows.

Contextual help docs offer troubleshooting advice if you get stuck.

Additionally, the pre-made templates lower the barrier for non-designers. Tweaking templates feels more manageable than building full designs from zero.

Competitor platforms often have steeper learning curves with less hand-holding. But Imajely makes AI-powered graphic design achievable even without experience.

What Makes Imajely Unique?

Imajely Review - Create designs in minutes

With AI graphic tools booming lately, what sets Imajely apart from the pack?

Based on my testing, these capabilities make Imajely a stand-out choice:

All-In-One Functionality

Imajely consolidates design, animation, and collaboration features into one integrated platform.

Competitors usually separate these into disjointed products. But Imajely lets you handle graphics, videos, teamwork, and more from the same interface.

The unified experience streamlines work rather than constantly switching between apps.

Keyframe Animation

Unlike tools reliant on canned animation presets, Imajely offers deep keyframe control for custom motion design.

This professional-grade animation timeline sets it apart from basic options lacking robust controls.

You can craft complex animations not possible in simplistic apps.

AI Image Generator

Imajely’s AI assistant creates fresh graphic elements on demand.

Just describe what you want, and the AI will generate 100+ design variations fitting your instructions.

It remixes visuals into novel designs that human designers would struggle to conceptualize.

Free Photo Background Remover

The instant background remover produces professional results with one click.

Competitors offer this feature but charge additional fees for extra requests.

Imajely provides 5 free removals per month even on the cheapest plan.

Commercial License Included

You gain full commercial usage rights out of the box with Imajely.

But other tools only permit personal use unless you upgrade to the highest “Pro” tiers costing 5-10X more.

Imajely’s affordable pricing includes commercial licensing making it a smart value.

Imajely Review: Pros & Cons

Based on my hands-on testing, here are the main upsides and downsides I experienced with Imajely:

Imajely Pros

  • Beginner-friendly even for non-designers
  • Powerful AI features simplify graphic creation
  • Animating is intuitive with keyframe timeline
  • 500+ customizable templates included
  • One unified platform for design & animation
  • Commercial license included on all paid plans
  • Reasonable one-time fee compared to monthly competitors
  • Step-by-step tutorials and contextual help

Imajely Cons

  • More geometric and niche templates could expand library
  • Tooltips sometimes provide too much information for newer users
  • Photo background remover limited to 5 free requests per month
  • Advanced features like AI generator produce inconsistent results occasionally
  • Software currently desktop-only with no mobile app

Considering the reasonable price point, Imajely clearly delivers immense value. The pros far outweigh the cons for most use cases.

Even the downsides reflect minor room for improvement rather than deal-breaking flaws.

Who Should Use Imajely?

Imajely can empower various users including:

  • Freelance designers and agencies – Produce higher volumes of visuals for clients in less time. Make more money without burning out.
  • Small business owners – DIY visuals for your brand’s marketing rather than outsourcing expensive design work.
  • Bloggers and influencers – Create on-brand social posts that help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Marketers – Quickly produce infographics, ads, and graphics that boost engagement and conversions.
  • Entrepreneurs – Get stunning visuals for your landing pages, ads, logos, presentations, and more without hiring a graphic pro.
  • Educators and students – Design sleek learning materials and lecture slides.

Imajely works for any individual or organization wanting pro-level visuals without the difficult learning curves of traditional design software.

Should You Use Imajely?

Imajely isn’t the right choice for every use case. Some instances where alternatives could be better:

  • For mobile design – Imajely currently lacks a mobile app. Competitors with phone/tablet capabilities may suit mobile-first designers better.
  • For print graphics – Advanced image editing capabilities for high-resolution photo retouching and CMYK print projects.
  • For teams managing high volumes of assets – Robust digital asset management systems may work better than Imajely’s 5 user collaboration limit.
  • For 3D and CAD design – Dedicated 3D modeling and engineering software better suits architects and industrial designers.

But for creating everyday digital graphics, social posts, simple animations, and general visuals, Imajely hits the sweet spot.

The average small business owner could probably satisfy ~90% of their design needs using Imajely alone.

Complemented with a few additional tools, it can be the cornerstone of an effective toolkit for non-designers.

Imajely Review Verdict

In my experience testing the software extensively, Imajely provides tremendous value.

The combination of 500+ templates, easy-to-use editor, and AI design features can help almost anyone create pro-level visuals.

Despite packing advanced technology, the platform remains accessible for beginners. And the one-time payment grants extensive commercial license rights.

For solopreneurs, freelancers, small agencies, and businesses wanting great visuals without complexity, Imajely is a wise investment.

It epitomizes the next evolution of AI opening professional design capabilities to everyone.

While not a panacea for every graphics need, Imajely occupies an enticing middle ground. It is:

  • More powerful than basic graphics apps – Robust tools for animation and AI creation
  • More user-friendly than expert software – No professional design skills required
  • More cost-effective than hiring designers – One payment grants unlimited use

For under $40, the capabilities unlocked are difficult to beat.

Overall, Imajely delivers on its promise: letting anyone easily create pro-level visual content with AI as your co-pilot. It earns my wholehearted recommendation for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other non-designers.

Just visit their website to learn more and give Imajely a try for yourself.

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