LeadPal Review + BEST Fit Bonuses + Pricing and Good & Bad

LeadPal Review

New Lead Generation Software – create smart lead generation campaigns that allow 1-click optin of verified email addresses in just 60 seconds or less. Tired of struggling to grow your email list? That ends today. Finally, an easy way to quickly grow your email lists without any technical skills or list-building experience needed.

LeadPal Review


Are you collecting leads for your online business at the moment?

If you’re like most online entrepreneurs, you ‘re either collecting leads for your online business right now, or you know you should be collecting leads.

Unfortunately, lead generation is one of the areas where almost every online business could do better. Well, that’s because…

More Leads = More Opportunities To Sell and that means more money in your pocket.

There will be a new software going to launch on 8th august that builds you massive email list in a simple but effective way. It’s Called “LeadPal”. I will explain more about it.

LeadPal Review – Product Overview

Product Name LeadPal
Product Creator Able Chika
Launch Date & Time [2020-Aug-08] @ 10:00 EDT
Price $37 One-time
Bonus Yes, Best Bonuses
Refund Period 30-Days
Official Site https://leadpal.net/
Product Type Lead Generation Software
Skill All Levels
Recommended Highly Recommended

What Is Called “LeadPal”?

“LeadPal” is a brand-new cloud-based software tool that makes it easy to create a lead generation campaign & high converting reminder in 60 seconds or less. No one can deny that optin forms are important to building your email list, but there’s another hurdle to get a visitor to your website.

This is where the LeadPal comes in handy. With LeadPal, you can now use optin forms wherever your audience hangs. These links can be shared on forums, on social platforms, on solo ads, and anywhere that accepts links.

88 per cent of customers Admits that they have lied to on-line registration or subscribe form. When users optin use an existing social profile, there is a much higher likelihood that the data will be true. “With LeadPal” people won’t need to type a thing, they’ll just give you access to their existing credential. This eliminates false identities as these email addresses are authenticated by social networks.

LeadPal Review


LeadPal Demo

How does leadpal work? You need just 3 simple steps to get big results with LeadPal

  • STEP #1 – Create your lead campaign in 60 seconds or less
  • STEP #2 – Share your LeadPal link across the web, send ads to your opt-in link, or add LeadPal pop-ups to any website or blog.
  • STEP #3 – Require an opt-in for any content you choose, and get hot autopilot leads that have been checked.

Emails addresses without any technical skills required. Watch the LeadPal demo to see how it works exactly.

LeadPal Review – Why This Software?

Why most online business struggle to get results with their lead generation?

  • Getting traffic to your opt-in page takes a lot of time.
  • Some of the leads you get are a bug that reduces your lead profits.
  • Because your visitors need to enter their email address manually, many just won’t do it because they have a short attention span.
  • Setting up an opt-in page can be extremely time-consuming and require some technical skills.
  • Difficult to craft and collect perfectly timed email reminders to your undecided visitors.
  • You have to make sure that you comply with regulations such as can-spam and GDPR in order to avoid heavy fines.

What if you didn’t have to stress out about any of this? What if there was a simple push-button software that made it easy to…

  • Collect more leads
  • Boost the quality of the leads you get
  • Better engage your leads
  • And ultimately make you more money

Using “LeadPal” you can easily collect leads. These days popular websites make it easy for visitors to sign up with a click of a button to choose a social account. Why not collect leads using the same 1-click method? Just like this,

LeadPal Review

This is the reason why LeadPal came out on the market to help marketers.

LeadPal Review – The Features

  • Cloud-Based Software: LeadPal is securely hosted in the cloud so you don’t need to install or update anything. Just log in and set up a new campaign anywhere with an internet connection.
  • 1-Click Opt-In: There is no typing with LeadPal in an email address. Visitors will be able to opt-in to your list with a single click of the mouse.
  • Require Opt-in For Any Content You Choose: With LeadPal, you can require an opt-in to access any content you choose. This could be a lead magnet, an article, a video, or even a web page that you would like an opt-in to view.
  • Millions Of Verified Email Addresses: Visitors who opt-in by clicking on the Facebook , Google, Apple, Microsoft , Amazon, LinkedIn, Yahoo, or Twitter buttons, and LeadPal will automatically add their associated email address to your list. These emails are verified and are mostly email addresses of purchasers.
  • Create Campaigns In 60 Seconds: LeadPal was created with a focus on ease of use, and in just 60 seconds, you’ll be able to create a lead generation campaign.
  • Customize Lead Pages Without Coding: Easily customize the look and feel of your campaigns with no coding or technical skills required. It’s all ‘drag and drop’ simple.
  • Share Campaigns & Drive Traffics: Get more visitors and opt-ins by sharing your lead generation campaigns on social media, forums or anywhere that accepts a link with a click of your mouse.
  • Run Ads To Your Campaigns: Get even more traffic by sending ads directly to your newly created campaign links.
  • Smart Social Opt-in Buttons: LeadPal is a smart software tool that displays the social network button for accounts that are actually logged in to ensure that you get verified emails.
  • Add LeadPal To Any Blog Or Website: You can also add LeadPal to any blog or website for easy opt-in, and LeadPal will automatically follow up with visitors using this to boost your opt-ins and give you more leads.
  • Built-In Reminder System: Sometimes it takes to see something a few times before a person takes action, and that’s why LeadPal includes an automatic reminder system that will automatically follow up with visitors to boost your opt-in and increase your results.
  • GDPR Compliant: Never worry about compliance, LeadPal is 100% GDPR compliance.
  • Complete Analytics Are Built-In: Get access to traffic and opt-in statistics that show you how your campaigns run with a click of your mouse.
  • Everything Is Hosted For You: All of your campaigns are hosted on our side, so you don’t have to pay for hosting or worry about getting it setup.

LeadPal Review – How Does It Work?

LeadPal helps users grow their email lists by collecting verified social opt-in emails from platforms like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon , Google, Yahoo and Linkedin. This eliminates the collection of false and unverified emails.

LeadPal Review - How It Works

LeadPal Review – The Good & Bad

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Good Things” cons_title=”Bad Things” ][i2pros]Collect 1-Click veified email leads on Facebook , Google, Apple, Twitte, Amazon, Micosoft, Linkedin and Yahoo.
Connects & Syncs leads with majo e-mail tools such as Getesponse, Awebe, Constant Contact, Convetkit, Sendlane, Mailchimp, Zapie / Webhook & more …
Quickly gow your email list without any time-consuming coding or technical skills needed
Collect leads for visitos with just one click, i.e. moe opt-ins
Easily shae you unique opt-in links to social media , websites, foums and platfoms ads
Intuitive softwae that uses advanced moden technology to detect where someone has been cleverly signed to show that social icon fist.
Leads you get top-quality and 100% verified email addresses, which means that moe opens, clicks, and sales.
Use LeadPal to equie an opt-in to view a lead magnet or any content you choose
Add LeadPal as a pop-up to any website or blog, and LeadPal will automatically send emindes to visitors who opt-in.
Woks in any language and county[/i2pros][i2cons]Have Not Found Anything[/i2cons][/i2pc]

LeadPal Review – Things I Like From LeadPal

  • Newbie-friendly, easy-to-use cloud-based tool
  • Create 1-click opt-in lead pages for more leads
  • A large percentage of visitors turn away when they have to fill out a form to opt out of your offer … With
  • LeadPal you get a 72 percent higher optin rate.
  • Most users are constantly logged in to Facebook or Google, etc. So they’re just going to need a click to sign up for your list.
  • Quick sign-up / user adoption: People won’t need to type a thing, they’ll just give you access to their existing credential.
  • Eliminates false identities: because social networks authenticate individuals and generally do not allow multiple accounts, the likelihood of false identities goes down.
  • Require an opt-in for any content you choose (web pages, videos, lead magnets … anything!)
  • LeadPal shows the social opt-in buttons that the user is currently logged in to ensure that you always get the
  • BEST, verified email address added to your list.
  • Integrates and Syncs with all major e-mail marketing tools
  • You can run ads or promotions directly to your LeadPal opt-in link
  • You can even add LeadPal to any website or blog, and LeadPal sends automatic reminders to boost your autopilot opt-ins.

LeadPal Review – Who Needs LeadPal?

LeadPal is easy to use, you don’t need to use any special technical skills. The leads you get are verified email addresses, which means you’ll get more open, you can quickly create campaigns on the fly.

Blogger: One of the best ways to monetize your blog is to use your blog to create an email list of hot leads that you can market over and over again.

Email / Affiliate Marketers: The most important asset for an email or affiliate marketer is its listings … The quality of your leads determines your opens, clicks and monetization.

Ecommerce: It ‘s crucial that you build an email list loaded with hot leads from people visiting your store. Remarketing to these leads guarantees consistent return purchasers.

Coaches & Consultants: If you’re selling high-ticket services like coaching and consulting, creating a hot, verified leads will quickly increase your profits and conversions.

Anyone Looking For An Easier Way To Build A Top-Quality Email List Loaded With Hot Leads: LeadPal takes everything that used to be complicated by building an email list and makes it easy to push the button.

LeadPal Review – Pricing & Evaluation

With LeadPal, you’ll be able to get

  • More leads
  • Better quality leads
  • Higher engagement from your leads

Because LeadPal will instantly increase your results from your lead generation and put more money in your pocket, the vendor originally planned to charge $47 a month for access. At $47 a month, you’d pay off your investment quickly, and then some.

Right now, you won’t pay anywhere near that. During this initial launch, the monthly fee was completely waived and the price was reduced. This means that you can get access to LeadPal for a low, one-time investment.

Also, when you get LeadPal right now, you’ll get access to over $759 in free bonuses. Social optins are the wave of the future, and the sooner you get started, the sooner you get big results. If you log in to the LeadPal members area within 20 minutes and you’re not thrilled by how easy it is to use LeadPal.


Social optins are the wave of the future, and the sooner you get started, the sooner you get big results. If you get leadpal right now, you’ll get free access to over $759 in bonuses. The price is rising very soon, and you will be charged a monthly fee for accessing this powerful software.

The Bonuses

My Custom Bonuses

How You Can Claim My Custom Bonuses?

STEP 1: “CLICK HERE” or click on any one of the buttons advertised on this page and it will take you to the official sales page.

STEP 2: Order the product from official website.

STEP 3: Send me you purchase receipt to below email id. You will get your bonuses within 24 hours.


In case if you see a message like below, check my name (Partha) and affiliate id (#764589) and approve the change.

Vendor Bonuses


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Learn how to generate qualified & relevant leads using the online price, roi & savings calculator. What you’re going to learn.

  • Why calculators are great for lead generation?
  • How to design an effective calculator?
  • How to promote and maximize traffic?
  • How to manage and follow up with leads?


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Leadpal Frequently Asked Questions


LeadPal is a brand-new smart lead generation software tool that is hosted in the cloud and makes it easier than ever to get hot, verified leads with a few clicks of your mouse.


It’s absolutely. If you like the idea of being able to require an opt-in for any content you choose and want to make it as easy as possible for someone to opt-in with a verified email address, then LeadPal is for you. With LeadPal, you ‘re going to get more leads that are much higher quality than traditional lead gene campaigns.


  • Email marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Service Providers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Solo ads prenuers
  • Ecom Store Owners
  • Anyone looking to build a hot email list


That’s the best part of it. You don’t need any special skills or experience to make a lead generation campaign with LeadPal. In fact, in just 60 seconds, you’ll be able to get a new lead campaign up and running.


You ‘re going to be able to get more hot leads that you can sell over and over for more money in your pocket. LeadPal will instantly boost your earnings per lead in any lead gen campaign.


Yes , yes. If you have any issues with LeadPal that our support team can not resolve, you have a full 30 days to request a refund.


Yes, LeadPal works for Mac, PC, Tablet and all mobile devices as it is a cloud-based application. They can be accessed anywhere in the world.


LeadPal is a WYSIWYG (Your content can be in any language) tool. LeadPal supports: English, Spanish, French , Portuguese, Mandarin (China), Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian. More languages are coming.


Yes, you have comprehensive guides and step-by-step video tutorials inside your LeadPal members area. Plus full support if you have any questions or need any guidance.

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