Micro Service Millionaire Review: Build a $10k Per Month Digital Agency

Micro Service Millionaire Review

Micro Service Millionaire Review

Hey guys, welcome to my Micro Service Millionaire review.

I am here to tell you about a new course that allows an agency owner to build a $10k/month agency by offering 4 microservices.

I’m sure this sounds very familiar because there are hundreds of courses on the web teaching how to make money with digital agencies. The difference? Well, everyone has something different to say.

But this course, it’s really what I’ve been looking for. It shows you exactly how to run a microservice agency step by step, and has worked out every detail.

The cool thing is that it doesn’t just give you the theory or some random ideas on how to make money with your services, but instead actually breaks down the whole process into very clear steps.

Also, I am gonna offer some high-quality premium bonuses if you decide to purchase this program through our website. Make sure to check my Micro Service Millionaire bonuses at the end of this post because it will help you get results fast.

Alright, without further delay, let’s get into it.

What Is Micro Service Millionaire Exactly?

Micro Service Millionaire Review

This is a course that teaches you how to run a digital agency based on microservices. In short, it provides you with 4 micro-services which are websites, email marketing, SMS marketing & social posting.

Say for example you charge $300/month to every customer and you sell 4 services, in the end, you will make a cool $1200 per month. But if you work with 10 customers at this $300/month with just 1 microservice, your monthly income is now $3k!

They claim that these microservices will be automated by 95%. So you set it up once and your clients will continue to pay you for years.

This sounds great but I know what you’re wondering, “Is it really that easy?” Will Micro Service Millionaire give you all the tools and resources to be successful?

In order to answer these questions, let’s continue with this Micro Service Millionaire review.

Micro Service Millionaire Review – The Brand Overview

Product NameMicro Service Millionaire
Product CreatorBen Adkins
Launch Date2022-Jan-25
Launch Time11.00 EDT
Refund30-day refund policy
Official Websitehttp://www.microservicemillionaire.com/
Product CategoryTraining & Course
RecommendationHighly Recommended

Why Use Micro-Services?

There are a few reasons why you might want to use micro-services:

  • You can work on different projects simultaneously and not get completely lost in the massive project you’re given.
  • Scalability: the ability to scale up massively without having to deal with each individual project you have.
  • Easy to train new employees: instead of wasting time training an employee who will just do one single task, micro-services give you the ability to train them and have them work on multiple projects at once.
  • To Enable Scalability – By delivering your services through software, you can scale your business more easily. You can add more services and users without having to worry about the impact on your infrastructure.
  • To Enable Independence – By using micro-services, you can break your system down into smaller, more independent parts. This makes it easier to maintain and upgrade individual services without affecting the rest of the system.

What You’ll Learn Through Micro Service Millionaire?

This program contains six-part training. Let me tell you what each part teaches you.

  • Part 1: The “Micro Service Bait and Bee Funnel”.

Many people find it difficult to attract clients. This “Bait and Bee” funnel uses a technique that gets prospective clients interested in your business. Then, once they are interested, it is easy to sign them up. The funnel also includes “the bee” which is a quick onboarding approach that keeps your new client happy and minimizes your workload during set-up.

  • Part 2: How to find the Perfect Micro Service Clients.

In this section, they are showing you how to find the perfect client who will be a good match for your agency and personality. They should also think that your service is necessary to their success.

  • Part 3: The Ultimate Digital Client Hook.

You’ll learn the unique way that will have your clients hooked to use your service.

  • Part 4: The Micro Service Sales Pitch.

In this part, they show you how to sell your service and negotiate prices. The pricing technique in this training is perfect because it will help maximize your ends while not alienating prospects.

  • Part 5: The 4 Special Micro Services They Offer.

This part is the real meat and potatoes of the course. They will break down each microservice so you can understand its function and see what it offers prospective customers.

  • Part 6: The “$10k/Month in 60 days” Roadmap.

In this part, they provide a clear plan to Sell 4 Microservices and Run a Digital Agency that brings in $10k/month.

Who Created Micro Service Millionaire?

Micro Service Millionaire Review: About The Author

Micro Service Millionaire is created by “Ben Adkins”. Ben Adkins is a powerful, engaging speaker who has helped countless people launch their own products. He knows how tiring it can be to want something so badly, and feel like it’s just out of reach.

After years of running his own microservice agency, there have been more ups and downs than he can count. But that experience led him to perfect the process and create resources that allow him to offload the work. This private workshop allows Ben to share that knowledge, experience, and key resources with you!

Why Micro Service Millionaire Is a Good Program?

Micro Service Millionaire Review

The usual agency services require a lot of time, resources, and money from start to finish. This includes things like designing the website, building the software for it, hosting, marketing… You get the idea. All these tasks take a lot of your time and resources away from doing the actual work you should be doing: Selling!

The Microservices Model is a great way to provide your customers with more value. Since the software will do the heavy lifting, it’s way easier to make websites, email marketing campaigns, or social posts at once instead of 1 by 1.

Since all the work is done by the tools, you just need to sign more clients and stack them for years. So you get paid a fixed price for a fixed amount of output. No more worrying about how much work you did, or what to charge next month. It’s all there in black & white at the end of the day, and that’s exactly how it should be.

How Does Micro Service Millionaire Work?

Micro Service Millionaire works in just 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Get this course

To get started, you just need to purchase the course and learn how to run your business.

Step 2: Decide which 4 Micro Services You Want To Sell.

At this point, you’ll want to decide on what four micro-services you want to offer potential clients. The more niche services you offer, the better off your agency will be! Then you’ll find customers and sell them on your services.

Step 3: Put Your Services To Work And Generate Revenue!

Once you’ve sold the 4 Micro Services and onboarded your client, you’re free to start working and building a profit. You can build an agency that runs like clockwork and helps people around the world succeed with their online businesses and websites.

If you don’t know how Micro Service Millionaire works, watch this video to get a better understanding.

What I Liked About Micro Service Millionaire

The unique selling point of this course is that it focuses on selling 4 services instead of one to maximize revenue. They give you a clear plan to achieve success, which is one of the best bonuses you could ask for from any program!

There are many other features of this product that I like, so let me share some of them with you.

  • Simple and straightforward videos.
  • The unique selling point of microservices is perfect for those who want more clients 
  • They offer clear instructions on how to create your own agency
  • The course includes tutorials on four unique services which help you find your niche.

What I Did Not Like About Micro Service Millionaire

There are some features that didn’t work for me, but this is normal since people have different learning styles. The three things I did not like are as follows:

  • They use a lot of clickbait-style titles which personally annoys me, but it is not a deal-breaker.
  • They claim you can make $10 per month which may not happen for everyone.

Who Should You Grab This?

Micro Service Millionaire is the best program for those who are looking to find more clients and create a high-profit business. The course is also great for those who want to work on their own schedule without having to worry about the 9-5 grind every day!

If you are looking to make money online as an agency owner, I highly recommend this product.

So if you have been wondering how to start a digital marketing agency from scratch and want a complete guide with step-by-step instructions, then Micro Service Millionaire is the perfect program for you!

The Top 7 Benefits Of Micro-Services

Microservices are beneficial in many ways, including the following:

  • More efficient – it’s just plain easier to have one person do marketing tasks instead of each person needs to know how to do marketing.
  • Easier to Maintain – microservices also make your business easier to maintain because you can quickly upgrade individual services.
  • Easier to scale – additionally, because each service is separate, you can add more services or users without worrying about the impact on your infrastructure.
  • More Secure – microservices make it easier to keep your software secure as changing one section doesn’t affect the whole system.
  • Less Stressful – when you know what sections of your business are weak or need attention, you can make changes without affecting your business as a whole.
  • More Focused – another benefit is that microservices allow you to be very focused on what services and products work for certain customers and eliminate tasks that don’t fit in with your company’s goals.

Micro Service Millionaire Review: The Verdict

Micro Service Millionaire is excellent for those who want to build an agency that scales up automatically. It helps you create a viable business plan with clear instructions and tutorials on how to manage four services at once. Their course is not perfect but it does provide a unique selling point that could help you grow quickly! I highly recommend this product to those who enjoy getting their hands dirty and being proactive.

I hope you enjoyed the Micro Service Millionaire Review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Micro Service Millionaire FAQ

How Much Does It Cost?

Micro Service Millionaire has a reasonable price point considering everything that it offers. The 6 part course is a total value of $2,000. However, they are selling the entire course for just $47.

How Much Money Can You Make?

I think it is very reasonable to expect to make around $10,000/month from this business model with 5 clients per month. In fact, that’s exactly how much money the founders of Micro Service Millionaire are making with their agency.

Is Micro Service Millionaire a Scam?

No. This is not a scam and the information inside the program is solid and actionable. I honestly believe that if you use these strategies, you can create your own $10k/month digital marketing agency within 30 days.

Micro Service Millionaire Bonuses

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