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Mobileverse Takeover Review:

Making money online can be an incredibly difficult task, no matter how much you may prepare for it.

Many of the programs available claim to be able to help you earn quickly and easily, but often these claims fall short and leave you feeling disheartened after having spent time and money on something that doesn’t work as well as promised.

A successful online career relies heavily on finding the right system or program to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for a way to generate additional income with minimal effort, Mobileverse Takeover might be the answer.

Mobileverse Takeover is unlike any other program on the market. It allows users to create and rent out “Instant App Funnels” to business owners and make money from them.

These funnel-style applications are incredibly easy to set up and you have case study training inside this program.

In this Mobileverse Takeover review, I am going to explain exactly what the system is, how it works, whether this is a scam, what to look out for, and much more.

So make sure to stay until the end of this review as I have a lot to tell you about Mobileverse Takeover and how it can help you earn more money online.

What Is Mobileverse Takeover?

Mobileverse Takeover is a powerful system combining software and training that allows people to create and rent out “Instant App Funnels” and make money from them.

These funnels are like regular mobile apps, but the key difference is that they are designed to be downloaded on customers’ phones when customers scan a simple QR code either from their phone or from the client’s business website. 

Once the Instant App Funnels have been downloaded, users can send notifications directly to their client’s customers. This includes offers, discounts, news, and other information which can help increase sales and profits for local businesses.

By providing this service, Mobilverse Takeover users act as middlemen between local businesses and their customers, getting paid in return by the local business owners whenever they successfully promote their products or services through these Instant App Funnels.

The Mobileverse Takeover system grants its users access to over 200+ premium templates, enabling them to create customized Instant App Funnels for any industry or business in just a few clicks.

The Mobileverse Takeover system also provides extensive training and support so that users can learn how to effectively set up these Instant App Funnels for any type of business in order to maximize their success rate.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get with the Mobileverse Takeover system:

The Software:

  • 200+ high-converting niche designs
  • “Point and click” interface
  • Instant App commerce
  • Free cloud hosting for all the Instant App Funnels you create
  • Convert your existing website to an app

The Training:

  • Step-by-step case study training
  • How to find clients
  • How to close the sale

This is a great system for anyone who wants to make money by helping local businesses increase their sales and profits. With Mobileverse Takeover, you can get paid up to $500 for every successful Instant App Funnel and start earning money right away.

There are some real case studies inside the Mobileverse Takeover system that prove it works and can help you make money.

How Does Mobileverse Takeover Work?

Mobileverse takeover works in just three simple steps.

Step 1: “The QR Smart Flyer”

Mobileverse Takeover Review - Step 1: "The QR Smart Flyer"

The first step is to create the QR Smart Flyer. This flyer is a special QR code which you get from the cloud-based software in Mobileverse Takeover. You can then give this QRise to your client’s customers who can then scan it with their phones.

Step 2: The “Instant-App Landing Page”

Mobileverse Takeover Review - Step 2: The "Instant-App Landing Page"

The second step is the Instant-App Landing Page. Upon scanning the QR code, the customer will be taken to a special landing page which instantly downloads your client’s business onto their mobile phone as an app. This doesn’t require them to go through any app stores or install anything.

Step 3: “Push Notify Profits”

Mobileverse Takeover Review - Step 3: "Push Notify Profits"

The third step is Push Notify Profits which allows you to send notifications directly to your client’s customers including special offers, discounts, and news. This can help increase sales and profits for your local business clients. When these businesses make more money, you get paid up to $500 or more for every successful Instant App Funnel

On top of that, Mobileverse Takeover also offers training videos and tutorials to ensure you have the information needed to get started, comprehend it fully and make maximum profits. With Mobileverse Takeover, making money from Instant App Funnels is simpler than ever before!

If you don’t know how Mobileverse Takeover works, watch this video to get a better understanding.

What Mobileverse Takeover Can Do For You?

  • Mobileverse Takeover is used by businesses for marketing and promotional purposes, as well as to increase customer base and revenue.
  • The software makes it easy to create and send out push notifications to your client’s customers mobile phone that contains promotions.
  • Mobileverse Takeover provides a turnkey solution for businesses that want to grow their customer base.
  • The system can easily convert websites into Instant Mobile Apps.
  • Businesses using Mobileverse Takeover see increased sales & profits from the software’s features.

Let’s move to the next section of my Mobileverse Takeover review to see my ratings for Mobileverse Takeover.

Mobileverse Takeover Review – My Ratings

Now let’s see a quick overview of Mobileverse Takeover through my next section of Mobileverse Takeover review below.

Mobileverse Takeover Review – The Product Overview

Product NameMobileverse Takeover
Product CreatorTodd Gross & Peter Beattie
Release Date2022-Mar-09
Release Time11.00 EDT
Front-end Price$37
Money Back GuaranteeYes, Up to 30-days
Official Website
Product CategorySoftware & Training System
Recommended or NotRecommended

Now let’s talk about who would be the best audience for Mobileverse Takeover through the next section of Mobileverse Takeover review below.

For whom is Mobileverse Takeover?

  • Business owners who want to create an instant app funnel for their business
  • Local business owners who want to increase sales and profits
  • People who want to learn about creating and selling instant app funnels
  • People who want to learn about hot mobile app niches
  • People who want to learn about how to find local business clients and close the sale
  • People who are interested in mobile marketing and apps
  • Anyone who is looking to start a local agency helping businesses with their mobile app needs.

Mobileverse Takeover Pricing and Evaluation

Front-end is the main product of Mobileverse Takeover. This main product has two pricing plans. “THE ROOKIE” LICENSE is $27, and “THE ALL-STAR” LICENSE is $37.


This plan comes with the “Instant App Funnel” builder. This is software that you can use to create up to three “Instant App Funnels.” You also get 25 high-converting designs to choose from, which you can deploy with just one click. Plus, all standard features are included.


This plan also gives you access to the instant app funnel builder plus you can create an unlimited number of “Instant App Funnels” for yourself or for clients.

You also get access to 200+ high-converting niche designs that are ready to deploy in 1 click, as well as case study training on how to build app funnels and sell them.

Plus, you’ll receive bonus training on hot mobile app niches and how to price your products and services.

You’ll also get priority email support if you need help with anything.

Mobileverse Takeover Bundle & Upsells

These upsells/upgrades are 100% optional, and you don’t have to get them to use the main features of the Mobileverse takeover that I mentioned before.

But these upsell have some advanced features that might be useful for you. Let’s take a look at all the upgrades available for the Mobileverse takeover:

Note: You must buy the Front End offer of Mobileverse Takeover before selecting the upsells. Otherwise, your account may not be created properly and you will not get your refund as well.

Mobileverse Takeover Upsell 1: Push Notify Pro

With this upgrade, you can send an unlimited number of push notifications from your Instant App Funnels. (FE users can send up to 5 push notifications).

This upgrade will also help you grow your recurring revenue by getting clients to upgrade to “Daily Deal Campaigns” which bring them even more customers.

This upsell costs $67 one-time.

Mobileverse Takeover Upsell 2: The YouTube Client Induction System

YouTube Client Induction System is a coaching program that normally costs $997-$5,000.

The author will help you design, build and launch a high-converting YouTube ad campaign that brings in new high-paying client leads on 100% autopilot.

This gives you instant credibility and positions them as the go-to expert in their niche practically overnight!

The price for this program is $297 one time.

Mobileverse Takeover Upsell 3: Takeover Arbitrage

The third upsell of Mobileverse takeover is the “Takeover Arbitrage” which costs $67 one-time.

This powerful website migration tool allows you to ethically steal clients from billion-dollar companies like GoDaddy, Wix, and WordPress in just a few clicks!

You can instantly clone any GoDaddy, Wix, or WordPress website and convert it into an Instant App Funnel. This is a HUGE deal!

To learn more about Mobileverse Takeover, read the next part of my Mobileverse Takeover review below. This includes information on some of the notable features and how they can be used.

Mobileverse Takeover Review – The Complete Features and Benefits

The “Instant App Funnel” Builder:

This is a cloud-based software that you can use to create “Instant App Funnels” for your clients or yourself. Depending on the plan you choose, you can create up to 3 or unlimited “Instant App Funnels.” The app funnel builder is easy to use and you can create a funnel in minutes. Simply choose a template, add your content, and you’re ready to go.

200+ High Converting Niche Designs:

You get access to over 200 high-converting niche designs with “The ALL-STAR” license. These are ready-made designs that you can deploy with just one click. You can use them to create app funnels for any type of business.

The “Push Notify Profits” Module:

This module will help you send push notifications (with special offers, discounts, and news) DIRECTLY to your client’s customers. This will help increase sales and profits for your local business clients.

The Lazy App Academy:

This is a step-by-step case study training that will show you how to create and sell these instant app funnels for local businesses. You’ll learn everything from finding clients to closing the sale. You’ll also learn about hot mobile app niches that are in high demand.

Generate QR Code:

Generate a QR code for each of your “Instant App Funnels.” This will make it easy for your customers to download and install the app simply by scanning.

The ​Instant-App Landing Page:

Your local business clients can use this landing page to promote their “Instant App Funnel.” This will help them increase downloads and conversions.

Convert Your Existing Website to App:

If you have an existing website, you can easily convert it to an “Instant App Funnel.” This makes the process simple and easy. You’ll just need to add your website URL to this system and you’re ready to go.

Point & Click Interface:

The Mobileverse Takeover software has a “point & click interface.” This makes it easy for you to add content, images, and videos to your app funnels. You can also change the look and feel of your funnel with just a few clicks.

Instant App Commerce:

Easily sell products and services directly from your “Instant App Funnel.” You can add a shopping cart to your funnel and start making sales immediately. No need to set up a separate shopping cart system.

Connect Your Own Domain:

You can connect your own domain names with instant app funnels. There are a few reasons you might want to use your own domain name for your funnel. For example, using your own domain name can make your business look more professional.

​​Free Cloud Hosting:

You’ll get free cloud hosting for your “Instant App Funnels.” This is a great way to try out the Mobileverse Takeover system. You don’t need to purchase any additional hosting services.

That’s all about the features of Mobileverse Takeover. In the next section of my Mobileverse Takeover review, we will see the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons


  • Increase customer base and revenue
  • Attract new customers
  • Provide valuable content and offers
  • Turnkey solution for businesses
  • Increase sales and profits for local businesses
  • Step-by-step case study training
  • Easily convert website to app
  • No technical knowledge or experience is required
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • There are a few upsells behind the main offer
  • Not much training on how to get traffic to your app funnels

Can You Really Make Money With Mobileverse Takeover?

Mobileverse Takeover review - the proof

On the Mobileverse Takeover sales page, you can find Kyle—an individual who has achieved great success with this system. According to him, he was able to generate a $500 check from his client within 48 hours of implementing the system.

This is indeed possible and achievable through hard work and dedication. However, there are no guarantees that anyone else could experience the same success that Kyle did.

Mobileverse Takeover is just like any other marketing strategy (but real case studies inside). It will only be successful if an individual has the skills and knowledge to implement it properly and generate a good return on investment for their clients. 

Therefore, one may ask: does this really work? The answer is YES! While there is no guarantee of success when using Mobileverse Takeover, the system does have the potential to provide lucrative results for those willing to put in the necessary time and effort.

It is important to understand that success with this system requires more than simply following instructions. One must have a strong understanding of how each step works and why it must be done in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

The proper implementation of the Mobileverse Takeover system can lead to great success and profits for its users. With the right knowledge and skills, anyone can make money by helping local businesses increase their sales and profits.

So if you are looking for a way to make money quickly, then the Mobileverse Takeover system may be just what you need!

Keep reading my Mobileverse Takeover review to learn more about Mobileverse Takeover through the FAQ.

Mobileverse Takeover Review – FAQs

Why Use Mobileverse Takeover?

According to a study by, by 2021 the average person will spend 5-6 hours per day looking at their mobile phone. That’s almost as much time as we spend sleeping!

You see, businesses know that in order to reach their customers and do well in today’s “Mobile Economy”, they can’t just rely on what they did in the past.

They need to have a presence on their customer’s mobile phones.

This means having an app for their business that is right next to the other apps their customers are spending most of their time on every day.

But as we all know, not just any app will do. If you want your app to be successful, it needs to be one that your customers will love and use often.

This is where Mobileverse Takeover comes in.

A Mobileverse Takeover is a software and training system that allows businesses to quickly and easily create “Instant App Funnels”.

These are high-quality, mobile-responsive app funnels that are designed to increase sales & profits, grow your customer base, and provide valuable content & offers to your customers.

The best part is that anyone can use this software to create these app funnels – no technical knowledge or experience is required.

How is an “Instant App Funnel” different from a regular mobile app?

Great question! Regular mobile apps are designed to work on one type of phone (like an iPhone or Android phone). They need to be approved and distributed through the app stores, which can be expensive.

But an instant app funnel is so much more than a mobile app. It’s kinda like a mobile website, mobile app and a sales funnel in one. You can create them in minutes with no coding skills.

Instant app funnels can be accessed and downloaded from any device (desktop or mobile) regardless of operating system (ios, android, doesn’t matter)…all without going to the app store.

Instant app funnels are a way to get people to your mobile app. You can use “QR smart flyers” to get people to download your app, and then you can rank high in the search engines.

People will also be able to buy products and services through your app with push notifications.

Yes, this is a new technology and it’s growing fast. That’s why we’re so excited about it!

What is the “Lazy App Academy?”

The Lazy App Academy is a step-by-step case study training that will show you how to create and sell these instant app funnels for local businesses.

You’ll learn everything from finding clients to closing the sale. You’ll also learn about hot mobile app niches that are in high demand.

How do I generate a QR code for my “Instant App Funnel?”

Great question! You can generate QR codes for each of your “Instant App Funnels” using the Instant App Funnel builder software.

This will make it easy for your client’s customers to download and install the app simply by scanning.

The store/business owners can take a printout of these QR codes and stick it on their storefront, website, or any other place where they can get eyeballs.

I already have a website. Can I use that for my “Instant App Funnel?”

Yes! You can easily convert your existing website to an “Instant App Funnel” using the Mobileverse Takeover software.

This makes the process simple and easy. You’ll just need to add your website URL to this system and you’re ready to go.

Do I have to meet clients in person?

No, you don’t have to meet clients in person. In fact, most of your work can be done online. You can use the software to create funnels, send push notifications, and more.

Can I use this for my own business?

Yes, you can use this for your own business. You’ll be able to create “Instant App Funnels” for your own products and services. You can also use the software to promote your business and increase sales.

Can I use this for multiple businesses?

Yes, you can use the software for multiple businesses. You’ll be able to create “Instant App Funnels” for each business. You can also use the software to promote your businesses.

Will Mobileverse takeover help you find clients?

Yes, there is training on how to find clients inside the software. You’ll learn how to get clients in all kinds of industries, including local businesses.

How many Instant App Funnels can I sell?

With “The All-Star License” you can build and sell an unlimited number of Instant App Funnels for an unlimited number of clients. You are limited only by your own abilities.

put in the hard work required to make this system successful for your business.

Who is The Creator of Mobileverse Takeover?

Mobileverse Takeover is a new project by Peter Beattie and his partner Todd Gross. They both have been in the online marketing space for more than 15 years.

“Peter Beattie” is the creator of the world’s first cloud-based software that creates “Instant App Funnels” for local businesses.

“Todd Gross” is a well-known internet marketer, and his skills are in video marketing and product creation.

Together they have created a powerful system that will help you increase your customer base and revenue for your local business clients.

Is Mobileverse Takeover Worth It?

After going through the Mobileverse takeover system, I certainly think that it is worth it.

This only costs $37-47 and you can get started today.

The Mobileverse Takeover system is packed with valuable information that can help you increase your customer base and revenue for your local business clients.

Plus, you get software that makes it easy for you to create instant app funnels. You can use this software to create a funnel in minutes.

Simply choose a template, add your content, and you’re ready to go.

If you look at these types of systems online they usually charge at least $997. And you don’t even get the software to help you create the funnels.

Overall, I think that the Mobileverse Takeover system is definitely worth it.

Mobileverse Takeover Review – Conclusion

I hope my Mobileverse Takeover review was helpful to you.

After closely examining the system, I highly recommend it for anyone wanting a dependable and straightforward way of earning money – all you really need is to get started today!

Ultimately, if you apply the system correctly then there’s no doubt that you’ll be generating income in no time.

If you have any questions or queries on my Mobileverse Takeover review, feel free to ask me in the comment section or contact me through Skype (sarathi2405partha). Thanks for reading!

Mobileverse Takeover Bonuses

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