MusicMan Review – Easily Create Your Own Music Using A.I. Software

MusicMan Review (AI Music Creation Software App)

Welcome to my MusicMan review! You will get real value from this post. I will not waste your time for sure!

MusicMan Review
MusicMan Review

Our Final Verdict on MusicMan (

I always had trouble finding good music to use for my videos before. Sometimes I had problems with copyright issues when using random music tracks that said it was free to use. Musicman saved a lot of time when finding music for my videos. This AI program works like crazy. It is just amazing how it can make 100% original music tracks automatically, all the time, with no worries about copyright infringement anymore. It costs only one time with full commercial use. No monthly fee forever.







MusicMan Review: The Pros and Cons


  • 100% cloud-based app works on any device
  • Save time and money in commissioning a traditional composer
  • Create unique music tracks for the same input
  • Millions of combinations = unlimited choices
  • Find the perfect sound for your project in just 3 clicks
  • Never pay to download a music track again-get UNLIMITED downloads
  • Free from copyright issues forevermore with MusicMan software
  • Save money with unlimited audio downloads
  • No Restrictions on Your Usage
  • Sell Music to Clients or Use it in Client’s Videos
  • Unlimited Downloads and Rights for Commercial Usage


  • No significant cons found

Now let’s discuss more on this MusicMan software. After you go through my full MusicMan software review, you will make an informed purchase decision. Because I have explained everything from A-Z about this MusicMan software.

MusicMan Review: The Product Overview

Product Name: MusicMan (

Product Creator: Jai Sharma

Launch Date: 2021-Jun-06

Launch Time: 11.00 EDT

Front End Price: $47 [Worth The Money]

Bonus: Yes

Refund: 30-Day Money-back Guarantee

Official Site:

Product Type: AI Music Creator Software App

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

What Is MusicMan Software Exactly?

MusicMan Software Review

MusicMan is a powerful software that creates original music in seconds. Users can create unlimited combinations of different styles and genres, with the music automatically generated in just seconds.

This A.I.powered software auto-creates original & unique premium background tracks each time for use as video backgrounds, with an infinite number of downloads available within millions upon millions of combos to get freshly created mesmerizing musical accompaniments to any project or client every single second!

You can make 100% copyright-free unique and engaging music tracks in all categories.

  • Aggressive Music
  • Same Video with THEME Music.
  • Angry Music
  • Bodybuilding Music
  • Dreamy Music
  • Driving Music
  • Glamorous Music
  • GreenTea Music
  • Horror Music
  • Inspirational Success
  • Music
  • Inspire Music
  • Make Money Music
  • Nature Music
  • Raining Music
  • Romantic Music
  • Sad Music
  • Scary Music
  • Sea Music
  • Sentimental Music
  • Sexy Music
  • Space Music
  • Suspense Music
  • Technology Music
  • Wrist Watch Music

Why Music Man Software? Review

The music industry is a $38 billion dollar market – but you can’t get your hands on it. Music licensing is incredibly complex and most people don’t have the time or resources to make their own tracks, so they end up using copyrighted content in their videos instead.

Finding the right music for your videos can be a huge pain. The stock music market is flooded with low-quality, poorly produced tracks that sound like they were made by an amateur.

Your customers deserve better than that! You want to stand out from the crowd and make your video content look professional and polished without breaking the bank on premium licensing fees.

Musicman ( is here to help you solve this problem once and for all. This software will automatically create original & unique custom music in seconds so you don’t have to worry about finding quality audio ever again! Just put a few inputs and tell MusicMan to create unique music you like until you’re happy with how it sounds! Once you’ve created a track, download as many copies as you need forever at no additional cost!

MusicMan Review - The AI Music Software

Who Is MusicMan Software For?

  • Video creators: MusicMan ( software is the perfect tool for video creators who want to provide their clients with unique music tracks without having any special skills or training. With MusicMan, they can create a track in seconds and have it ready for use!
  • Agencies: MusicMan software is an essential app for agencies! MusicMan Software can help you find that Perfect Track and Make Some Profits A great thing about this is it doesn’t matter what type of agency you are, commercial rights allow your clients access to unlimited tracks from all genres so there’s something for everyone as well as an extra income stream.
  • Freelancers: Musicman software is perfect for freelancers who would like to close more orders in a short period of time. You already know you can create 1005 unique copyright-free music in seconds with MusicMan software, which means that your customers are always happy. So now all it takes is just 5X the profits!
  • Beginners: MusicMan software is the perfect resource for making money for online seekers and beginners. MusicMan comes with a pre-loaded D.F.Y Website, but it’s customizable to fit your needs! You can sell music tracks from this website without having to worry about anything other than branding them appropriately under your own name – don’t let these opportunities pass you by!

MusicMan Software Creator Jai Sharma

MusicMan Software Creators

MusicMan software app was made by Jai Sharma and his partner Rahul Gupta.

Jai Sharma is a famous entrepreneur who sells software. He has won many international awards and he is a speaker about new marketing strategies. He has been in magazines like Forbes, TheStatesman, TheAmericanReporter, International Business Times, Yahoo Finance, Disrupt Magazine, and Data Quest.

Rahul Gupta is a tech entrepreneur from Germany. He founded Webliska Inc., which made video hosting and management solutions. Rahul has been the architect of the best video encoding solutions in the world, and they have become companies that make millions of dollars!

These two guys have launched many successful products. They have made VideoMan, Postley, 10XDrive, and more. MusicMan will be another great product too.

What You Can Do With This Software?

  • Create better sales videos
  • Find the best music for client’s videos
  • Boost your YouTube subscribers and video views using fresh soothing music
  • Create music creation gig on Fiverr and Upwork – charging $500 to $1000 per project
  • Make your PodcastEPIC with powerful background music
  • Make your video ads more engaging
  • Get access to our done-for-you MusicMan service site – with 10k music inside – rebrand it with your own name – sell music – make your brand & profits.
  • Musician uses MusicMan tracks to take a cue to produce their next best music
  • At best: listen to Mesmerising music from Musicman to help you get good sleep at night
  • Create unique copyright fee music tracks in seconds
  • Create and use unlimited music tracks on your videos and clients’ videos
  • Sell unlimited music on Freelancing sites and Complete every order within minutes
  • Offer service at half the price of your competitors, get more orders, garner good reviews, and scale really fast for high profits
  • Reduce the risk of order volume reaching a point where it becomes too much work
  • Get access to an easy, fast and reliable platform for fulfilling orders without any downtime or delays
  • Increase productivity by using excess energy on other tasks while MusicMan handles your orders- no need to exhaust oneself from exhaustion
  • Take advantage of commercial licensing for marketing multiple services

How Does MusicMan Software Work? Watch The Demo Video

  • Step 1: Select – select genre, categories, set the mood, theme, and length of music tracks
  • Step 2: Let A.I. create music – A.I. will create music in seconds based on your choices. You will get different music every time, even with the same settings.
  • Step 3: Download – multiple music tracks are created for each project. Manage and download H.Q. Music tracks in one 1-click

Watch This MusicMan Software Demo Video to See How It Works

MusicMan Review: The Amazing Features

MusicMan Software Review - The Features
  • 1-click instant audio tracks
  • Generate unlimited music tracks
  • 1000 music tracks saved
  • Create 100 projects
  • 10 sound files per project
  • Play audios directly in the browser
  • Download unlimited audio files
  • Unlimited music track modification
  • 10 G.B. Cloud storage space for music files
  • Download as .Mp3
  • 1000 pre-sampled music tracks
  • 15 music categories
  • Create custom duration music
  • No copyright on your music ever
  • Download note sequences (.Midi) to re-modify them
  • Generate unlimited random tracks
  • In-built sound sync with the video
  • Mood-based music tracks
  • Free commercial license
  • Pre-generated music tracks library
  • Up to 30000 characters in a single rendering
  • Unlimited music tracks saved
  • Create unlimited projects
  • 5000 pre-sampled music tracks
  • 100 music categories
  • Create tracks matching your audio track
  • Create tracks matching your video music
  • Audio tracks mixing – interpolation
  • Generate endless music track
  • Unlimited music playlists
  • Organize generated audio tracks into collections
  • Embed them as playlists

How Is Music Man Software Better?

The MusicMan software is different than other apps because it creates custom songs every time you input the same thing. It’s not just a one-time pad where you input the same thing and get back the same result, but it creates new music with unique sounds that no one has heard before! This makes me feel like MusicMan was made exclusively for my tastes because none of its songs are duplicates – even if they’re created from the exact same input!

Other than the unique music generation feature for the same settings, has better features than the other apps on the market. Take a look at the image below.

MusicMan Review - MusicMan Software vs Others Apps

How to Make Money Using MusicMan Software App?

The MusicMan software also comes with commercial usage rights. You can sell music tracks to clients, or use them in clients’ videos – make profits!

MusicMan Review The Commercial Rights

And it also gives you D.F.Y music selling website pre-loaded with 10,000 tracks of your own choice and then Rebrand it as Your Own Brand; sell the Mp3s on this site either individually or bundled together at discounted prices – make money fast by promoting Yourself through this platform! Review – My Final Thoughts

Music is the backbone of good video. This music-pointer begs to be broken down so that you can take full advantage of it in your videos! Let’s start with why this music is important for a project: It sets the tone, evokes emotions, and immerses viewers in what they’re watching on screen.

Do you want to create a video that has high conversion rates? My secret is adding the right background music. I use the best background music because it helps set the tone and evoke emotions in viewers which can help convince them!

The best background music is the kind that pumps up people’s moods and syncs it with what they are watching. It makes engaging videos 10 times more appealing when great audio is paired alongside good visuals. Music may not be part of a video but without it, there would be nothing to help tell an emotional story.

We all know that you can’t just use any old song in your videos. You’re going to have copyright issues and it’s not the best way for people to see what makes your company or product special! But, there are tons of free music websites out there that offer great tracks but then again they might be overused by other companies as well which brings down their value. So how do we get around this? MusicMan software is the solution.

MusicMan software will create original and unique premium music in seconds! It can be used as background music for videos, with millions of combinations to choose from – use it wherever you need some quality tunes!

The Benefits of Using MusicMan

  • Automatically create quality music tracks in seconds
  • Get original and unique premium sounds
  • Use the track as background music for videos or download it to your computer
  • Choose from millions of combinations.
  • Never pay for an audio track again
  • Find perfect music and sound for videos in 3-clicks
  • No copyright issues ever again
  • Save cost-download unlimited tracks for unlimited projects
  • With commercial rights – sell music tracks to clients or use them in clients’ videos – make profits.
  • Special deal: get the D.F.Y website with 10,000 music tracks pre-loaded inside it – rebrand it with your own name – sell music tracks – make your brand & profits.

MusicMan FAQ

What Is Exactly

MusicMan is an A.I. software that creates original and unique music in seconds. Millions of combinations can be made to make sure there’s something perfect no matter what you’re looking for, with unlimited downloads available too! Forget about waiting for hours on end while an artist spends countless hours perfecting their masterpiece.

MusicMan Review - The Usage

Why Music Man Software and What Problem Does It Solve?

Everyone is tired of paying $100 per music track and has 100s of Good Video Editing Software to create good videos but NOT ONE music-creating app. Copyright issues on Videos because of the popular soundtracks as background music, which makes it feel bad watching any new video with the same beaten-to-death -overused audio. MusicMan AI-Powered software auto-creates original & unique premium tracks in seconds for you to use as background tunes that are free from copyright infringement, unlimited downloads, and millions of combinations.

How Does MusicMan AI Software Work?

  • Step 1: Specify Your Need – Select genre, and categories, and set the mood, theme, and length of the music track You are able to choose from a variety of categories or create an entirely new one that suits you best!
  • Step 2: Let A.I. Create Music In Seconds – The A.I. is designed to create music in seconds, you can have a unique music track each time for the same input.
  • Step 3: Download & Profit – Simply download these music tracks from the Music Man Software dashboard and use them for your video projects, or your client’s projects, and even sell them online for profits.

Does MusicMan AI Software Create Copyright-free Music?

Yes. Music Man Software creates 100% free, copyright-free music. So you no longer need to worry about copyright issues and the legality of music. You can do anything you want with it and Music Man will never charge an extra fee.

Does it Work On Both Mac & PC?

Yes, MusicMan software works on any device. You can use it on any device that is connected to the internet. Other software only works with specific devices or operating systems, but not this sophisticated technology!

Does Music Man Software Cost Monthly Fees?

MusicMan is currently available for the LOWEST one-time cost. However, after this offer ends we will charge a monthly fee. MusicMan offers its services at an affordable price with ongoing commitments. So you will get customer support and software updates.

What Are The Moods Can MusicMan Software Support?

  • Happy
  • Peaceful
  • Energetic
  • Jazzy
  • Romantic
  • Scary
  • Quirky
  • Angry
  • Aggressive
  • Dreamy
  • Inspirational
  • Chill
  • Glamorous
  • Bright
  • Dramatic
  • Ambient
  • Sentimental
  • Groovy
  • Upbeat
  • Beats & Loops
  • Funky
  • Humorous
  • Sad
  • Rocking
  • Suspense
  • Intense
  • Orchestrations
  • Dark
  • Sad & Sweet
  • Sexy Mysterious
  • Driving The Paintist

What Are The Genre Inside MusicMan Software?

  • Rock
  • Ambient
  • Pop
  • Atmospheric
  • Western Classical
  • Korean
  • Orchestral
  • Brazilian
  • Cinematic
  • World
  • Chinese
  • Holiday
  • R&B and Soul
  • Indian
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Latin
  • Hawaiian
  • Country, Folk
  • Novelty
  • Country
  • K-Pop
  • East Asian
  • Electronic
  • Middle Eastern
  • Classical
  • Children’s
  • Folk
  • African
  • Irish
  • Japanese
  • Holiday, Electronic
  • Dance
  • Techno Dance
  • Novelty, Jazz
  • Specialty
  • Electronica
  • Disney Themes
  • Old is Good
  • East Asian, Folk
  • Loops
  • Drums
  • Rap Music
  • French
  • Anime
  • Film Themes
  • Stadium
  • Holiday, Folk
  • Anthems
  • Hymns
  • Television
  • Cinematic Groove
  • Attilas
  • Internet
  • TV Themes
  • Christmas
  • Broadway
  • Karaoke
  • Video Games
  • Country Music
  • Christian
  • Miscellaneous
  • Various Artists
  • National Anthems
  • Top and Best
  • Motown
  • Unsorted

MusicMan OTOs & Pricing Details

The Front End: MusicMan Commercial ($47-$67)

  • 1-click instant audio tracks
  • Generate unlimited music tracks
  • 1000 music tracks saved
  • Create 100 projects
  • 10 sound files per project
  • Play audios directly in the browser
  • Download unlimited audio files
  • Unlimited music track modification
  • 10 G.B. Cloud storage space for music files
  • Download as .Mp3
  • 1000 pre-sampled music tracks
  • 15 music categories
  • Create custom duration music
  • No copyright on your music ever
  • Download note sequences (.Midi) to re-modify them
  • Generate unlimited random tracks
  • In-built sound sync with the video
  • Mood-based music tracks
  • Free commercial license
  • Pre-generated music tracks library
  • Up to 30000 characters in a single rendering
  • Unlimited music tracks saved
  • Create unlimited projects
  • 5000 pre-sampled music tracks
  • 100 music categories
  • Create tracks matching your audio track
  • Create tracks matching your video music
  • Audio tracks mixing – interpolation
  • Generate endless music track
  • Unlimited music playlists
  • Organize generated audio tracks into collections
  • Embed them as playlists

==> Learn More

OTO1: MusicMan’s VideoMan Video Hosting ($297-$497)

  • Video hosting, streaming & management
  • 20 GB storage space
  • Add up to 20,000 videos
  • Upload/publish videos
  • State-of-the-art transcoding/encoding video technology
  • Create projects
  • Create playlists
  • Embeddable playlists on any website
  • Embed video on any website
  • Domain embed restriction
  • Seo-friendly embed codes
  • Keyword shortcuts
  • Video hotkeys
  • Visibility & privacy controls
  • Password protection
  • Private link sharing
  • Customize video thumbnails
  • Custom end screens
  • Related videos
  • Player customization
  • Customize colors& components
  • Add your own branding
  • Optimize videos, images & files
  • Playback speed control
  • Video schema implementations
  • Visitor analytics
  • Resumable video uploads
  • Video player enhancements
  • Bring your own videos
  • User profile & channel
  • Import videos in 1 click from an external source
  • Import videos from google drive
  • Import videos from dropbox
  • Import video from one drive
  • Import videos from Box
  • Import videos from Instagram
  • Full AWS S3 support
  • Cloud videos support
  • Video editing with timelines
  • Drag and drop videos, images & audio to timeline
  • Join videos
  • Trim videos
  • Clip timestamps
  • Video recordings and life
  • Record video, and audio with screen share
  • Record audio and video
  • Record video
  • Record audio
  • Record screen share
  • Pip mode recording
  • Direct upload to VideoMan cloud
  • Live transcoding after recording
  • Millions of stock media assets
  • Millions of premium HQ stock videos – find perfect video footage for your video
  • Millions of premium HQ stock images – create the perfect thumbnail for your video
  • 100s of appealing background music – find perfect background music for your video
  • 189 text to human-sounding voices – 30 different languages
  • Thumbnail creator – image editor

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OTO2: MusicMan’s VoiceMan ($37-$67)

  • 65 languages, over 400 voices
  • 1-click text to speech
  • Standard and neural voices both
  • Speech synthesis support
  • Amazon AWS Polly TTS service
  • Google cloud text-to-speech service
  • Microsoft azure cognitive text to speech
  • Insert pauses
  • Output volume controls
  • Speaking rate control
  • 1-click .Mp3 downloads
  • TTS voice manager
  • Sound previews before rendering

==> Learn More

OTO3: MusicMan Agency ($297-$497)

  • Create and manage up to 300 clients
  • Use up to 2000 G.B.
  • Manage unlimited campaigns of clients
  • Create invoices
  • Boomerang videos
  • Get 100 video templates
  • Get 5 new templates every month
  • Premium fonts pack
  • Video storyboards
  • 24/7 priority support

==> Learn More

Conclusion: MusicMan Software Review

MusicMan is a game-changer in the music industry. This is an awesome A.I. software that creates original and unique music tracks for any mood with just 3 clicks, meaning you’ll never have to worry about copyright infringement or using old background soundtracks again!

You can download unlimited songs on your computer from their website too- it’s perfect if you’re looking for something specific like “driving” or “relaxing” but don’t know where to start searching online. I hope this has given you some insight into how powerful really is and what they offer- I would love to hear your thoughts below!

MusicMan Bonuses

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MusicMan Vendor Bonus #2: Dropshiply ($260k Launch Product)

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MusicMan Vendor Bonus #3: Viral Dashboard ($100k Launch Product)

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  • 100% Beginner Friendly, ZERO Coding, Design, or technical skills!
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MusicMan Vendor Bonus #4: Traffic Cloud ($200k Launch Product)

In 3 clicks, you can get traffic to your website. You can do that with free software.

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MusicMan Vendor Bonus #5: MessengerMix

MessengerMix is a Facebook auto-reply and marketing tool. It is a combination of our three tools – Over $400k revenue in 3 Launches, Funnel Messenger, Shot Messenger, and Sellin Messenger.


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  • Auto Comment
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  • Unlimited Pages
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