OmniBlaster Review – Should You Get This? An User Review

OmniBlaster Review – 

The Best 3-in-one Marketing Software Guarantees 300% More Profits
Using Combined Power Of Email With SMS And Voice Broadcasting

OmniBlaster Review


Did you know?

  • Most people don’t read newspapers
  • Most people don’t read posters
  • Most people don’t listen to the radio
  • Most people don’t watch the TV

Nowadays people have smartphones in their hand and checking emails, social messages frequently. If you want to profit from 2020 and beyond, you have to be smart and cover each and every opportunities. So, i found this tool and i like it so much.

What about access to a user-friendly software that ensures 300% more sales and profits.

Will that help you make more money in the next 30 days than you did In the last 3 months?

I think I don’t know what I am talking about as a freakin. You would probably laugh.

But you’d be curious deep inside and seriously hopeful – that I know what I’m talking about and it’s true … By ensuring that your marketing messages are read instantly to your potential buyers.

OmniBlaster Review – An Overview

Product Name OmniBlaster
Product Creator Victory Akpos
Launch Date & Time [2020-Jul-13] @ 11:00 EDT
Price $29
Bonus Yes, Best Bonus Available!
Refund Period 30-Days
Official Site
Product Type Email, SMS, Voice Broadcasting Software
Skill All Levels
Recommended Highly Recommended

What Is Called “OmniBlaster”?

“Omnibalster” is a new cloud-based ‘3-In-One’ marketing software that generates 300% more profits using the combined power of Email Autoresponder with SMS Sender and Voice Broadcasting.

That’s 300% more money in the bank in just 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Run quick Email, SMS & Voice Campaigns
  • Step 2: Generate instant landing pages in 1-click
  • Step 3: Collect easy payments via built-in PayPal checkout

The most effective way to currently promote anything online for massive sales and profits in this over-noisy 2020 is to combine email with SMS marketing and voice broadcasting. 100% tested and proven.


About The Author

Victory Akpos - The Creator Of OmniBlaster

Victory Akpos, one of Africa’s fastest growing digital marketers, has launched several 6-figure launches since 2017, and dozens of Top 10 leader board domination in the affiliate marketing business… He is an expert in mobile technology, product development and affiliate marketing.

He is also the co-founder of many renowned products such as AlterStore, Reach Influencer, Uduala eCom and Dropship Selling Academy. Many experts around the world strongly recommended them, and many consumers received positive reviews. You will know that this product is no exception if you read the rest of this review.

What OmniBlaster Can Do For You? – A Honest Review

Everybody answers 98 per cent of phone calls and, in the space of 3 minutes (office, on the farm, in school , at home, in the bathroom, etc.) 90 per cent of sms messages are read.

Listen! You will have to learn how to do it differently, and obviously more smartly, if you want to shine the competition and make more money online.

So I would now like to help you turn more than 3 times more visitors into customers so boost revenue by combining e-mail, SMS & voice broadcasting. Everything from a single platform.

You can send offers to your customers’ inboxes and phones – by hitting just one button – and make easy sales. With OmniBlaster you’ll instantly be able to:

  • Sell more ecommerce products, physical products, information products and software
  • Improve your affiliate promotions and make fat commissions effortlessly
  • Promote your events
  • Get sign ups
  • Make announcements
  • And so much more

With the free commercial license included. You can able to create unlimited email, SMS and voice broadcasting campaigns and sell it to local businesses and brands both online & offline easily for $300 to $500 each or you may run an agency business using this opportunity.

OmniBlaster simply switches on all three at the same time, and then applies the monetization strategies in the VIP training… finally, you will have a business that makes you money every day.

The Features Of OmniBlaster

  • Create & run unlimited email, SMS & voice campaigns from a single platform
  • Plug-n-play: a complete set-up that is ready to deploy for-profits
  • Instantly broadcast or schedule broadcast of messages, updates, discounts or announcements through voice, SMS, and email
  • Easily create responsive optin pages with shareable links that suck in free traffic from social networks and force people to buy through an automated voice, SMS and/or email campaigns
  • Easily create several sequences of messages and link these with your earlier created campaign
  • Generate an embed code to place on any existing website to capture leads into an email/SMS/voice campaign
  • Made point-n-click easy to serve marketers across all experience levels
  • Built-in PayPal check-out system for receiving instant payments
  • No coding or technical skills required. Fully web-based. Just login and profit
  • Seamless API integrations: Infobip, Twilio, Plivio, Nexmo, Clickatell, Mailgun, Amazon Ses, Elasticemail, SMTP
  • Run repeat campaigns to your own email and phone number list
  • Fully responsive: create & run cash generating campaigns on the fly
  • Save money on expensive and recurring email marketing service

How Does OmniBlaster Work?

OmniBlaster Review - How Does OmniBlaster Work

OmniBlaster Demo

The Members Area View

After the payment, you will receive your login credentials from JvZoo. Use those data to login inside “OmniBlaster”.

OmniBlaster Review - Dashboard

OmniBlaster requires some settings. All the tutorials included under the training area.

OmniBlaster Review - Settings Menu

Now, you can create a campaign in few simple steps. Name your campaign, choose your list & save it.

OmniBlaster Review - Create A New Campaign

The Ways You Can Use OmniBlaster For Profits (Most Easiest Methods)


Insert any product image, sales videos, promo videos and links to your products directly inside your messages – directly inside your prospects and customers email and text message tab on their phones. Add special offers & personalized discounts to skyrocket your sales and conversions.


Make your affiliate promotions stand out when every prospect sees your personal messages every day on those 3 places. For them, this looks like the ultimate effort is being made — and your conversion and bank balance pays dividends.


Remember, OmniBlaster app gives you a guaranteed 300% more profits as it the power of email with SMS and voice broadcasting. With the free commercial license included. You can create email, SMS and voice broadcasting campaigns and sell to local businesses and brands both online & offline easily for $300 to $500 each.

Other than this, you can

  • Promote Your/Other People’s Pre-launch Webinars
  • Get Sign Ups To CPA Offers
  • Make Announcements

And so much more.

Who All Can Use This?

OmnibBaster works for everyone who’s selling something (irrespective of your niche…)

OmniBlaster Review - Who Is It For?

How Much Does OmniBlaster Cost? – The Pricing & Evaluation

For a limited time, you have special discount. So you can get OmniBlaster for only $29 (One-time).

With that onetime payment of $29

  • You can easily create responsive optin pages with shareable links that suck in free traffic from social
  • Networks and to capture leads into an Email/SMS/Voice Campaign
  • You can instantly broadcast or schedule marketing messages through VOICE, SMS, and email to sell anything
  • You can easily create several eMail/SMS/Voice Autoresponder messages and link these with your earlier
  • Created campaigns to sell more products

That’s not all my friend. There are so many advantages over other services.

Now lets compare this OmniBlaster software with some of the other competitors out there and see the benefits that no one offer…

OmniBlaster Review - A Comparison With Other Services

What Is Good & What Is Bad?

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”The Good Things Are” cons_title=”Bad Things” ][i2pros]Generate easy sales
Send-n-forget income generation
3-point contact with customers
Tested & proven system
No monthly fees ever
Newbie friendly, web-based app
No hosting, coding or design skills needed
Built-in paypal checkout
Experienced team working behind-the-scenes
Launch special introductory offer
Limited time bonuses
Premium customer support[/i2pros][i2cons]I am completely okay with this OmniBlaster system. [/i2cons][/i2pc]


I am so confident that you’ll get results with this software & training. The beta-testers results are nothing short of phenomenal. Try OmniBlaster for 30 days totally risk-free. If you put the software to use and for some reason, you don’t get results just open a support ticket and vendor will issue you a refund immediately. If you’re not happy they don’t want your money it’s that simple. So hurry, act now and lock-in your discounted copy right now before the price increases. Thank you for reading my “Omni Blaster” review today. Please leave your honest comments below.


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F.A.Q. About OmniBlaster

I’ve been receiving some questions about it and would like to answer them for you right now…


OH, I have seen that,OmniBlaster is a 100% cloud application that is going to operate on every OS. An internet connection to use the app is all you need. It works perfectly out of the box. Nothing to add, not even to upgrade.


YES! OmniBlaster works on all computers, smart phones and smart devices (iOS and Android). This means you can create, manage and deploy campaigns on-the-fly.


No special skills or experience are needed to get the done-for-you funnels up and running getting you free traffic & sales today…


Right now, No! The prices have been slashed and the monthly fee has been eliminated for a limited time. (But hurry the price will be increasing to $197 a month for latecomers)


Yes, you are covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk when you get this now. The only way you lose is if you don’t grab OmniBooster at the discounted price.

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