Prepostseo Review: Best Content Editing and Optimizing Tools

Prepostseo Review – Best Content Editing and Optimizing Tools:

Content writing and optimizing is not child’s play. It requires an excellent grip on English linguistics. In today’s world, every website owner is trying to sit on higher slots in search engine result pages. A high ranking means high traffic which ultimately leads to sales. But, without quality content and its optimization, it is not possible.

Therefore, editing content for making it optimized according to the search engine guidelines is necessary. Whereas making it optimized is not as easy as it sounds. Hence, people use online tools to edit and optimize their content.

In this review, we have come up with a platform named “Prepostseo” with multiple content editing and optimizing tools. We will be reviewing the tools available on this platform unbiasedly.

Prepostseo has content editing and optimizing tools like; a paraphrasing tool, rewriting tool, plagiarism checker, grammar checker, text summarizer, and readability checker.

So, without making you wait further, let’s jump into the in-depth analysis of’s content editing and optimizing tools.

What is Prepostseo?

Prepostseo is a multi-purpose platform to help people from various fields. It has over 95+ free tools from multiple domains. Among them, a few are used for content editing and optimization, and some are dedicated to finding and resolving SEO-related problems. 

Moreover, it also has domain analysis tools with website management tools. Summing up, it is a whole package for persons from every domain. Above all, these tools are available for free to a certain extent and are accurate enough to resolve your problems.

PrePostSEO Review – Best Content Editing and Optimizing Tools

Here are a few best tools for content editing and optimizing that are available on Prepostseo. You can use them in making your content optimized.

Paraphrasing tool is considered an essential utility for editing and optimizing content. Paraphrasing means rephrasing the content by changing the words and phrases in it with their most appropriate synonyms. Prepostseo does have a paraphrasing tool in it. This tool is one of its main utilities.

We have tried paraphrasing text with this tool and the results were amazing. It offers four different modes to alter the tone of content; advanced, simple, fluency, and creative. The results from all these modes were different and really efficient. Moreover, it also offers paraphrasing content to and from 18 languages.

Their paraphrasing tool allows one to upload content via a document or Google drive. Although the copy/paste option is also available. After paraphrasing, the rephrased content can be extracted easily and freely. Moreover, you can paraphrase up to 2500 words in one session.

Prepostseo’s rewriting tool allows users to rewrite unlimited content for different purposes. People usually got confused between rewriting and paraphrasing tools, let me explain the difference. 

Paraphrasing is changing words and phrases without changing the intent. It may also include restructuring sentences or adjusting their length. Whereas rewriting is about picking the idea only and writing it in your own words. It may include adding synonyms but in rewriting, the rewritten text looks completely different from the original one.

Similar to the paraphrasing tool, this tool has the same modes but works differently. It not just changes the words but also rewrites the sentences in a new way. It lessens the chances of plagiarism and enhances the readability and flow of content. 

The same goes for uploading and downloading content. It provides you with three content upload options with two download options. Their article rewriter is available in 15 languages. It means you are not restricted to rewriting content in English but can also rewrite it in other languages.

Plagiarism can ruin all your hard work. It is discouraged and considered a crime. Hence, plagiarism detection and removal are important in content optimization. Prepostseo also provides a free plagiarism checker that allows users to check the content uniqueness with less effort.

It is an AI-based plagiarism checker which matches your text with a wide range of content available online in the form of articles, blogs, research papers, and much more.

You just have to put the content in the input box and hit the ‘check plagiarism’ button. It also has the option to upload files via local storage or Google drive. Their plagiarism checker allows you to check the plagiarism of up to 1000 words without completing any registration process. However, the word count can be increased by making an account or buying a subscription.

After plagiarism detection, it shows the exact percentage of plagiarized text in your content with the source details. Besides this, their plagiarism checker also provides a detailed plagiarism report in the end for free.

Grammar checker is another amazing tool that can help edit and optimize content. The online grammar checker by Prepostseo can help you improve content quality by detecting grammatical errors. These errors may include misspelled words, wrong punctuation marks, and incorrect parts of speech. 

This grammar checker can check grammatical errors in content from 31 different languages. Moreover, it also has a feature of auto language detection through which you can fetch grammar mistakes from multi-language content.

There is no limitation on word count in this grammar checker. It offers one to provide content via DOC, DOCX, TXT, and PDF files along with copy paste option. Prior to changing, it gives suggestions. You can see the suggestion and correct them manually. However, it has a one-click correction option too. With a click of a button, all types of grammatical mistakes can be removed.

Its text-highlighting feature is also very handy. This grammar checker highlights different types of mistakes in different colors. It highlights spelling mistakes in red while highlighting grammar, syntax, and punctuation mistakes in yellow.

The text summarizer by Prepostseo helps you to generate summaries of lengthy content within no time. It can summarize the content from 12 languages with the required word limit setting. You can give this summary generator a piece of content and restrict it to make a summary with a maximum specific word count or percentage.

Similar to other tools of Prepostseo, this tool also allows one to upload content via document files. In the upper left corner, it has a feature named ‘show bullets’ and ‘show sentences’ by switching on these features, the summarizer will generate the summary either in bullet points or in short sentences rather than in paragraphs.

The summarized content can be downloaded in a document file or can be copied to the clipboard with a click of a button. A summary at the end of any article or blog is very important in terms of optimization because it guides the users about the content without reading it thoroughly.

Readability is considered a major component of content optimization. A highly readable piece of content tends to perform better in search engine rankings. Google likes content that is understandable by an 8th-grade student. Hence, to improve the readability of your content, you can rely on this Prepostseo’s readability score checker.

It thoroughly checks the entire given content and provides its readability score as shown below:

The best practice is maximizing your readability score however a score between 60-70 is considered good. This readability checker can give you a lot of information about the content such as readability score, the total number of unique words, sentences, syllables, etc. Moreover, it also tells you about the keyword density of the given content as shown below:


We have reviewed’s editing and content optimization tools in this post. This platform has such great tools which make or help in making your content optimized like:

  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Rewriting tool
  • Plagiarism checker 
  • Readability checker
  • Text summarizer
  • Grammar checker

Hope you enjoyed reading this! Try out these tools yourself and tells us your opinion regarding this review.

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