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MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review:

If you’re in a situation where you’re looking to create an online business asset, but don’t have the time or skills to do it yourself, then you know the frustration of trying to find and hire a designer that can get the job done.

Not only do you need to spend the time and effort researching the right type of designer, but even then there’s still a good chance that it will take considerable effort on your part to explain what kind of asset you want to design.

It’s essential for you to be clear about what design output is expected from them, and work together throughout the entire process. In other words – creating a great-looking asset that actually converts isn’t as simple as it sounds!

But with MarketingBlocks, that’s all about to change. With this cloud-based software, you don’t need any technical or design skills – all it takes is one keyword and your asset will be ready in 3 quick steps!

Just enter the product name & description, select the type of asset needed and watch as the AI generates beautiful, original assets for you. And best of all – no more costly fees for complicated tools or expensive freelancers!

If you want to learn more about MarketingBlocks and how it can help you, let’s go through my detailed MarketingBlocks AI 2.0 review below. I will explain in detail how the software works, why you should use it, and how to get started.

First Tell Me, What Is MarketingBlocks?

MarketingBlocks is a cloud-based software that provides users with a way to quickly and easily create all the online business assets they need for themselves or their clients.

The software simplifies the process of creating online business assets such as landing pages, high-converting ads, marketing copy, website/e-commerce stores/blogs, graphics (banners, social media graphics), promotional videos (square, rectangle & story), stock images and videos, logos and more without any technical or design skills required.

All you need is an input of one keyword to get started. Once you have entered your keyword into MarketingBlocks, it will automatically generate a full suite of assets pre-loaded with content.

This includes everything from Landing pages to stunning graphics, promotional videos, and logos, plus you also get access to a commercial license with every asset you create.

With all these features combined, MarketingBlocks makes it easier than ever for businesses to create engaging online assets that drive customer engagement and sales.

So whether you are looking to create assets for yourself or your clients, MarketingBlocks can help you get the job done quickly and affordably.

With its powerful AI capabilities and automated asset creation process, it’s no wonder why many businesses choose MarketingBlocks as their go-to solution for creating online business assets.

How Does MarketingBlocks Work?

MarketingBlocks works in just three simple steps.

Step 1. Enter the product name & description.

MarketingBlocks Review - STEP 1 - Enter the Name and Description of your product or service

When you start using MarketingBlocks, the first step is to enter the product name and description. This information will be used by AI technology to generate assets that are tailored to your product’s needs. You can also add any additional details or preferences you may have.

Step 2. Select the type of asset needed.

MarketingBlocks Review - STEP 2 - Select The Type Of Online Business Asset

Once you have entered all the details, you can then select which type of asset you need. This could include banners, logos, videos, graphics, or other assets. MarketingBlocks will then generate a full suite of assets with content that is pre-loaded and ready to use.

Step 3. Generate original assets.

MarketingBlocks Review - STEP 3 - A.I. Generates 100% Original Online Business Asset

Finally, the AI will generate original assets based on your input of product name and description, plus any other preferences you may have included. The AI technology is designed to create high-converting assets with pre-loaded content in a fraction of the time it would take to manually create them.

What’s New in MarketingBlocks 2.0?

The team at MarketingBlocks AI has spent the last 13 months testing, improving, and implementing new technologies to create the most efficient and result-driven AI-powered app “MarketingBlocks 2.0”.

  • MarketingBlocks 2.0 now offers a 1-click AI website import feature to quickly bring in outside landing pages or websites for full customization options.
  • The improved AI-powered website builder can now create eCommerce stores in 1 click, with support for over 6 payment methods.
  • SEO Content Brief is a new AI tool that helps users outline and write articles that will rank highly on search engines.
  • Also available is the Longform Content Writer, which writes full blog posts, books, business plans, VSL scripts, courses and more in minutes using AI.
  • Use the new Text to Image tool to turn any text into compelling images and arts instantly using A.I., or use Image Eraser to remove any unwanted object from pictures with one click of a brush by painting over it..
  • MarketingBlocks 2.0 now has an AI Course Creator that can help create full blown courses in minutes, including brainstorming ideas, generating titles and outlines, and writing course descriptions and content.
  • The new AI Code Writer tool can help you write code or troubleshoot and fix a buggy code snippet.
  • The AI Business Model Canvas Generator can generate content for your business module canvas in 1-click.
  • The Grammarly Pro-Style AI Sentence Improver helps you write faster and communicate better using the sentence improver and simplify tool .
  • Use the AI Story Telling & Story Selling tool to write creative stories that catches attention & evokes the right emotions in your readers.
  • Other new features include: an additional marketing copy category, case study intro, freelance listing, testimonial rewriter, press release title & intro, growth ideas, persuasive bullets, product launch ideas, easy pitch, and many more!

Let’s move to the next section of my MarketingBlocks review to see my ratings for MarketingBlocks.

MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review – My Ratings

Now let’s see a quick overview of MarketingBlocks through my next section of MarketingBlocks review below.

MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review – The Product Overview

Product NameMarketingBlocks AI 2.0
Product CreatorIfiok Nkem
Release Date2022-Dec-19
Release Time11.00 EDT
Front-end Price$47
Money Back GuaranteeYes, Up to 30-days
Official Website
Product CategorySoftware
Recommended or NotRecommended

Now let’s talk about who would be the best audience for MarketingBlocks through the next section of MarketingBlocks review below.

For whom is MarketingBlocks 2.0?

  • Startups who want to create a professional online presence without any design or coding skills.
  • Agencies & Freelancers who need a fast and easy way to create marketing assets for their clients.
  • Businesses who want to drive customer engagement and sales with engaging content and visuals.
  • Marketers who need high-quality, original content for their campaigns quickly and affordably.
  • Content Creators who want an AI solution that can help them write, design, and generate media for their projects quickly and easily.
  • Website Owners & Bloggers who need landing pages, graphics, videos, and other assets for their website or blog quickly and easily without any coding or design skills required.
  • eCommerce Store Owners who want to create a professional online store without any design or coding skills required.
  • Social Media Managers who need high-quality social media graphics, videos, and more that are optimized for conversions.
  • Students of Marketing & Advertising who want to learn about the latest tools in marketing technology.
  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs looking for a fast, easy, and affordable way to create high-quality marketing assets

MarketingBlocks 2.0’s Pricing and Evaluation

MarketingBlocks 2.0 Front End is main software that helps users create your marketing copies and other assets. With FE, you will get access to 10 projects, 40,000 copy credits, 100+ languages and some bonuses like a Skype Group, Mentorship & Group Calls to help you make the most out of your online marketing efforts.

MarketingBlocks 2.0 Bundle Deals & OTOs

MarketingBlocks 2.0’s OTOs/upgrades are 100% optional, and you don’t have to get them to use the main features of MarketingBlocks that I mentioned before. But these upsell have some advanced features that might be useful for you.

When it comes to buying MarketingBlocks upsells, you have two options. Either you can buy MarketingBlocks one by one after you purchase the front-end offer or you can can get all of the upsells at once by getting the MarketingBlocks bundle deal.

MarketingBlocks 2.0 Bundle is a special one-time offer costs $297 which includes both front-end and all the upsells of MarketingBlocks.

MarketingBlocks 2.0’s OTOs (Upsells)

  • Upsell 1: MarketingBlocks UNLIMITED (Recurring) $247/ yearOr $47 / month – features include unlimited credits and projects as well as removal of ‘powered by’ branding.
  • Upsell 2: MarketingBlocks CONSULTANCY $97 – this agency package provides everything needed to start a successful digital agency business including a ready-made website and irresistible proposal templates.
  • Upsell 3: ArtBlocks $47 – This AI app turns any text into compelling high quality images that look like they were created by a professional artist.
  • Upsell 4: AI Traffic SEO Content Briefs & Long Form AI Writer $67 – lets users outline and write the perfect article that will rank high on search engines in minutes instead of hours or days by using the top results for target search queries to curate SEO-optimized briefs.
  • Upsell 5: With MarketingBlocks 2.0’s Upsell 5 (MarketingBlocks Authority Builder), you can dominate Quora, Facebook Groups, and others like a pro with AI. The AI will write out intelligent, detailed and helpful answers that will help you establish authority.

To learn more about MarketingBlocks, read the next part of my MarketingBlocks review below. This includes information on some of the notable features and how they can be used.

MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review – The Top 10 Benefits of Using It

  • MarketingBlocks is quicker and easier to use than other similar apps, making asset creation a breeze.
  • The AI capabilities of MarketingBlocks result in high-quality, original assets that look great and convert well.
  • The software is cloud-based, so there is no need to download or install anything – you can start creating assets immediately.
  • You get a commercial license with every asset you create, so you can use them for your own business or sell them to clients.
  • MarketingBlocks helps you save time and money by providing all the assets you need in one place – no need to hire designers or search for different tools and templates.
  • The software is constantly updated with new features and designs, so you always have access to the latest trends and tools.
  • Assets created with MarketingBlocks are responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring they look great on any device or screen size.
  • The wide range of templates and designs available in the library ensures that there is something for everyone, regardless of their design skills or industry sector.
  • Assets created with Marketingblocks are SEO friendly, helping to drive more traffic and engagement to your website or store.
  • With its low cost, easy-to-use interface, and powerful AI capabilities, MarketingBlocks is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes looking to create engaging online assets quickly and affordably.

How is MarketingBlocks 2.0 Better Compared to Other Similar Tools on The Market?

Let’s compare MarketingBlocks 2.0 with other popular AI powered tools.

MarketingBlocks 2.0 
Review - MarketingBlocks 2.0 vs Other Similar Tools - A Comparison Chart

In the next section of my MarketingBlocks review, we will see the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons


  • Supports design and technical skillsets
  • Saves time and money
  • Creates high-quality assets quickly
  • AI-generated content is original
  • Commercial licenses included
  • One keyword input generates a full suite of assets
  • 13 months of continual improvement & development
  • Efficient and result-driven
  • 30-day money-back guarantee included


  • There is no trial version
  • No mobile app is available

Keep reading my MarketingBlocks review to learn more about MarketingBlocks through the FAQ.

Is MarketingBlocks 2.0 Better?

MarketingBlocks 2.0 is better because it provides a simple and straightforward way to create all the online business assets you need in just a few clicks. With its intuitive user interface, automated asset creation process, and powerful AI capabilities, it has never been easier to quickly create professional-looking landing pages, stunning graphics, promotional videos, and more – all without any technical or design skills required.

Not only is MarketingBlocks easy to use, it also ensures that every asset created is tailored to fit your brand. By entering a single keyword as input, it automatically pulls content related to that keyword into each asset for maximum relevancy and engagement with your audience. This means that you can easily stay on top of trends and changes in your industry without having to spend hours manually creating new assets from scratch.

The other great thing about MarketingBlocks is that it’s cloud-based, so you can access all your assets from anywhere at any time. And because it’s regularly updated with the latest features and technology, you can rest assured that whatever assets you create will remain relevant for years to come.

Overall, with MarketingBlocks 2.0, busy entrepreneurs and small businesses no longer have to spend hours creating custom assets or worry about spending hundreds of dollars on costly designers or developers. With the help of this innovative software solution they can easily produce high-quality assets that are tailored specifically to their brand in no time at all – helping them increase visibility, customer engagement and sales.

MarketingBlocks Review – FAQ About MarketingBlocks

What kind of assets can I create with MarketingBlocks? 

With MarketingBlocks, you can create a wide range of digital assets, from landing pages to stunning graphics and promotional videos. You don’t need any special technical or design skills – all you need is an input of one keyword to get started. The powerful AI capabilities of the software then automatically generate a full suite of assets pre-loaded with content.

Does MarketingBlocks offer any customization options for my assets? 

Yes! Even though the software’s automated asset creation process makes it quick and easy to get started, you also have the option to customize your assets as much as you want. From simple tweaks like changing fonts and colors to more complex alterations such as altering content on pre-existing pages, MarketingBlocks allows you to make your online presence truly unique.

How secure is data stored in MarketingBlocks? 

Security is paramount at MarketingBlocks and they take it very seriously. All data stored within the platform is encrypted using leading industry standards and all access is heavily monitored and controlled by role-based permissions that are easily managed through their intuitive user interface. Plus, multiple backups are taken daily ensuring all data remains safe and secure at all times. 

What type of support does MarketingBlocks provide? 

Answer: At MarketingBlocks, customer service is a top priority. They provide 24/7 email so customers always have access to help when they need it most. Additionally, they also offer extensive step-by-step tutorials and video guides on their website so customers can easily find answers on their own if needed.  

Do I Need To Install Any Software?

No, MarketingBlocks is completely cloud-based so there’s no need for any downloads or installations. All you need is a device with an active internet connection to access the platform and get started. Plus all of your data will be securely stored in the cloud, meaning you won’t have to worry about losing your progress if something happens to your device.  

Can I use MarketingBlocks on multiple devices?

Yes, you can easily access the platform from any device with an active internet connection so you’ll never be stuck when it comes to creating assets. Plus, all of your progress will be automatically synced and stored in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about starting over if you switch devices.

MarketingBlocks Review: Verdict

In conclusion, MarketingBlocks is an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use software that enables users to quickly and effortlessly create professional online assets with minimal effort.

As a cloud-based platform, it allows businesses to build their own unique marketing campaigns from the ground up in no time at all. With its cutting-edge AI capabilities and automated asset creation process, it enables users to generate stunning visuals, engaging videos, and high-quality content without having to hire professionals or use complicated design tools.

If you’re looking for a fast and effective way to create a successful digital presence, then MarketingBlocks is certainly worth considering. So what are you waiting for? Try out MarketingBlocks today and see how it can help you get ahead of your competition!

Now let’s see what bonuses you will get if you become a user of MarketingBlocks today!

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Step 2: Submit your payment receipt to my email id ( You will get all my bonuses to your email id within 12 hours.

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