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Prompt Engine Pro Review: Demo, OTOs, Bundle, Price, Benefits, Pros & Cons:

Welcome to my review of Prompt Engine Pro! I’m Partha, founder of My mission is to detailed insights into various products and services to help readers make informed decisions.

Today i am doing a Prompt Engine Pro review, an AI agency app that enhances ChatGPT, a popular language model. As the Creator Economy grows and people seek ways to generate online income, AI tools like ChatGPT become invaluable. With Prompt Engine Pro, individuals and businesses, such as marketers, freelancers, course creators, and content creators, can use ChatGPT to achieve 100 times better results.

Without Prompt Engine Pro, you may miss out on these advantages and settle for ordinary results. But with its innovative features, it becomes simple to harness the full capabilities of ChatGPT. Sounds interesting?

In this Prompt Engine Pro review, I’ll cover everything you need to know. What is the product? How does it work? What are the benefits, optional upgrades, and pricing options? I’ll also look at the pros and cons. By the end, you’ll have a clear sense of whether Prompt Engine Pro is worth the investment.

Let’s get started!

Prompt Engine Pro Review - SPS

Prompt Engine Pro: Essential Details to Keep in Mind

Vendor:Karthik Ramani
Product:Prompt Engine Pro
Launch Date:2023-Jun-21, 11:00 EDT
Front-end Price:$47
Recommendation:Highly Recommended
Main Sales Page:
Bundle Page:
Support:Friendly and Effective Response
Refund:30 Days Money Guarantee
Niche:Software/DFY Prompts For A.I.

The Prompt Engine Pro Review: Summary


  • AI-generated content for multiple niches.
  • Refinement options for better results.
  • In-built teleprompter for video creation.
  • Easy-to-use workspace for organizing prompts.
  • Customizable text editor for personalized content.
  • Commercial and agency rights for profitable content creation.
  • 10,000+ pre-engineered prompts for quick content generation.
  • Trending and frequently used categories for relevant prompts.
  • Detailed analytics for better performance tracking.
  • Text localization for global outreach.


  • While rare, there may be instances where the AI-generated content produced by Prompt Engine Pro requires minor adjustments.
  • Custom branding features are only available in OTO3, which means users will need to pay extra if they want to take advantage of this.

Prompt Engine Pro OTO, Bundle Links

There are two coupon codes available for Prompt Engine Pro. The first code is “promptoff”, which gives users an additional $3 off the $37 front-end price. The second code is “prompt50off”, which gives users a $50 discount on the bundle package priced at $347.

What Is Prompt Engine Pro All About?

Prompt Engine Pro is the groundbreaking AI agency app that can ignite your ChatGPT and unleash multiple revenue streams. It offers a plethora of features and benefits that cater to marketers, course creators, freelancers, agencies, content creators, affiliate marketers, bloggers, authors, and aspiring professionals alike. With Prompt Engine Pro, transform your ChatGPT into an automated profit-making machine, generating high-quality outputs with minimal fuss.

The app boasts over 10,000 pre-engineered prompts in more than 20 profitable categories, significantly enhancing your ChatGPT’s earning potentials. It works in harmony within the ChatGPT interface, making it easy to navigate and use. Additionally, the prompts are customizable to meet various requirements and goals, ensuring the perfect output each time.

To learn more about this incredible app, and how it can help you realize the full earning potential of your ChatGPT, continue reading my Prompt Engine Pro review below.

How Does Prompt Engine Pro Actually Work?

Here is a breakdown of how to use Prompt Engine Pro:

Step 1: Install the Chrome Extension.

Prompt Engine Pro Review - Install the plugin

To get started with Prompt Engine Pro, install the plugin (Chrome extension) via the ChatGPT interface. Once installed, you can begin to use the plugin immediately.

Step 2: Choose your category and prompt.

Prompt Engine Pro Review - Choose your category and prompt

Prompt Engine Pro features 20+ prompt categories, each with over 100 subcategories, offering laser-targeted results. Browse through the categories and select the one(s) that best align with your content objectives. Next, choose the prompts that most accurately match the content you are interested in creating.

Step 3: Fill in the blanks.

Prompt Engine Pro Review - Fill up the blanks

After you have selected your prompt, proceed to fill in the blanks. This customizable fill-in-the-blank format makes it easy to tailor your prompt to better reach your audience.

Step 4: Profit from AI-generated content.

Once you have completed filling in the blanks, ChatGPT will generate content tailored specifically to your chosen prompt. This content can be used in various ways, from creating blog posts to producing videos or driving affiliate marketing campaigns. Prompts can also be refined with options for length and type, while a text editor allows for additional customization.

With Prompt Engine Pro, generating high-quality content has never been easier!

Take a look at a demo of Prompt Engine Pro

Unveiling the Creator of Prompt Engine Pro

Karthik Ramani - The Creator of Prompt Engine

Karthik Ramani is a leading entrepreneur and creator in the internet marketing field. His cutting-edge products and solutions cater expertly to online businesses’ needs, gaining widespread recognition for their innovation and effectiveness. With a stream of hit launches, Karthik has become a hallmark figure in the industry.

Some of his notable products include “Social Mini Store,” “Social Marketing Suite,” “One Links,” “Social Directory,” “Lead Monster,” “Social Contest,” “Video Hub,” “Quiz Funnels,” “MemberHub,” “EverLesson (MemberHub 2.0),” “Augment Suite,” “Quizmatic“, “Massfluence,” “Rewardsly 2.0” (created with a team), “JusTap Evergreen,” “Plannero” (created with a team), “Competeup,” “Linkable DFY Agency Edition,” and “EasyLinks.” These products span various areas, including social media marketing, lead generation, video marketing, and membership platforms.

The quality, effectiveness, and user-friendly features of Karthik Ramani’s products are highly regarded, evident in his consistent success with product launches. His commitment to providing value to online marketers and entrepreneurs has earned him a loyal following and a trusted name in the industry.

Dive into the Features and Functionalities of Prompt Engine Pro

10000+ DFY Prompts:
“DFY” stands for “done-for-you,” and it refers to the collection of pre-engineered prompts provided by Prompt Engine Pro. With over 10,000 of these prompts, the app saves users time and effort by automating the creation of content across various profitable categories. This feature includes everything from email marketing templates to social media posts, video scripts to product descriptions. These prompts are an excellent starting point and can help to generate ideas and kickstart the creative process.

20+ Income Generating Prompt Categories:
Prompt Engine Pro offers users access to more than 20 categories, each designed to help generate revenue. These categories include affiliate marketing, content creation, product selling, email marketing, and more. The prompts available within each category are designed to help users create content that can help to monetize their skills.

100+ Sub categories to get laser-targeted results:
Breaking down each of the 20+ main categories into more specific subcategories helps users to refine their searches and find more targeted prompts. With over 100 subcategories to choose from, users can narrow down their search even further, ensuring that the generated content matches their needs and goals.

Easy-to-customize fill-in-the-blanks format for prompts:
One of the most impressive features of Prompt Engine Pro is how easy it is to use. The prompts are created using a simple fill-in-the-blanks format, where users can customize the pre-engineered templates to suit their needs. This feature takes the pressure off the users, so they don’t have to start from scratch while creating content.

Save prompts in the backend and organize in workspaces:
Prompt Engine Pro allows users to save generated content in the backend, making it easier to retrieve and use later. Users can organize these prompts into workspaces, with each workspace able to hold up to 100 prompts. This feature helps ensure that users never miss an opportunity to use quality content, even if they’re not ready to use it right away.

Refinement options to refine your results:
To ensure maximum relevance for users, the prompts generated by Prompt Engine Pro feature refinement options. Users can refine prompts based on the desired length and type, helping them to get the most out of their content generation experience.

In-built teleprompter to record videos using AI-generated content:
Prompt Engine Pro also comes with an in-built teleprompter for video recording. This feature allows users to record videos using the AI-generated content from the prompts. This can save users significant time and effort— no more struggling to come up with ideas for video content.

Detailed Analytics:
Prompt Engine Pro offers detailed analytics on prompts usage. This feature allows users to identify which prompts are working best for them and adjust their content generation strategy accordingly. This data-driven approach can help users achieve even better results and improve their income generation opportunities.

Prompt Engine Pro also offers Chrome Extension, Prompts Language Localization, Commercial Rights, Agency Rights, and OTOs. Overall, Prompt Engine Pro targets content creators, affiliate marketers, course creators, and any aspiring professionals looking to create a steady income stream using AI-generated content.

Prompt Engine Pro Review: Compatibility, Licensing, and Usage Rights Explained


  • Prompt Engine Pro is compatible with most operating systems and devices, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
  • The app runs as a plugin within the ChatGPT interface, making it easy to use for those familiar with the platform.
  • Prompt Engine Pro can be used with any language model, making it versatile and adaptable to a variety of needs.

Licensing & Usage Rights

  • Prompt Engine Pro offers both commercial and agency rights, allowing users to profit from their AI-generated content.
  • The front-end version of Prompt Engine Pro costs a one-time payment of $32.
  • Users have the option to purchase the front-end product only or choose a bundle package that includes the front-end and all one-time offers (OTOs).
  • Users can use Prompt Engine Pro to generate content for their own personal use or for commercial purposes such as selling prompts on the Marketplace or using the app for client work.

How Prompt Engine Pro Can Benefit You and Your Business?

  • Income-Generating Prompts: Access over 10,000 pre-engineered prompts in more than 20 profitable categories; curated to support marketers, content creators, freelancers, agencies, course creators, bloggers, authors, and aspiring professionals make a living.
  • Seamless Integration: Prompt Engine Pro seamlessly integrates with the ChatGPT interface, providing users with a familiar and user-friendly environment to work in.
  • Easily Organizable Workspaces: The app offers ergonomic and easily organizable workspaces, allowing users to conveniently manage and refer to previous work.
  • Customization Options: Tailor the output of ChatGPT to your specific requirements, ensuring you get the desired results for your projects.
  • Built-in Teleprompter: With an in-built teleprompter, Prompt Engine Pro enables users to record videos using AI-generated content, streamlining the video creation process.
  • Opens Up Multiple Income Opportunities: With the power of AI and Prompt Engine Pro, users can tap into the growing Creator Economy, explore various income streams such as affiliate marketing, brand collaborations, ad revenue, selling products/services, creating courses, consulting, and more.
  • Agency and Commercial Rights: Prompt Engine Pro comes with agency and commercial rights, allowing users full utilization of the app’s features for their business or services to clients.
  • One-time Payment: Users can access Prompt Engine Pro with a small one-time payment of just $32, without any recurring monthly fees, providing excellent value for its price point.

Prompt Engine Pro OTO and Pricing

The core product of Prompt Engine Pro is the Prompt Engine Pro commercial, priced at a one-time cost of $47. Post purchasing the front-end offer, multiple upsells or OTOs will be suggested to you.

Prompt Engine Pro upsells are optional and not required to use the main features (front-end) of Prompt Engine Pro. However, they do offer advanced features that may be useful. Incorporating them can boost the Prompt Engine Pro’s functionality.

Let’s take a look at what the Prompt Engine Pro upsells are offering.

Prompt Engine Pro FunnelPriceFeatures
Front-end (FE)$37– 10,000+ DFY Prompts,
– 20+ Income Generating Prompt Categories,
– 100+ Sub-categories for Laser
-Targeted Results
OTO1 – The Prompt Engine Advanced$97– Advanced Features for Prompt Refinement,
– ChatGPT Response Export,
– Custom Prompt Creation
OTO2 – The Prompt Engine MarketPlace$67– Ability to Sell Prompts on Platform,
– Autoresponder Integrations,
– Review Systems, and Community
OTO3 – The Prompt Engine Business$67– Unlimited Client Accounts,
– Custom Branding,
– Team Member Access,
-Marketing Pack
OTO4 – The Prompt Engine Club$47– 1000 Additional Prompts,
– 25 New Prompts Every Month for 12 Months,
– Request Up to 5 Prompts in Any Category
OTO5 – The Prompt Engine MidJourney$47– Create Attractive Images with Large Collection of Prompts Specifically Designed for This Purpose
OTO6 – The Prompt Engine Reseller$197– Resell Rights for the Prompt Engine Pro Plugin,
– Access to Sales and Marketing Materials,
– 100% Profits

Prompt Engine Pro Bundle

Prompt Engine Pro has two upsell options to choose from. Once you’ve purchased the front-end offer, you may either purchase the Prompt Engine Pro OTOs individually or seize the opportunity to save on costs by opting for the exclusive Prompt Engine Pro Bundle, which includes the front-end offer and all the upsells at only $347. By selecting the bundle option you’ll be making a one-time purchase and have immediate access to the bonus products without any additional hassle.

There are two coupon codes available for Prompt Engine Pro. The first code is “promptoff”, which gives users an additional $3 off the $37 front-end price. The second code is “prompt50off”, which gives users a $50 discount on the bundle package priced at $347.

Who Is Prompt Engine Pro Best Suited For?

Here’s a list of individuals who stand to benefit from Prompt Engine Pro and how they can leverage its features:

  • Marketers: With customizable prompts across various categories like copywriting, lead generation, and social media content creation, Prompt Engine Pro empowers marketers to craft engaging and persuasive content with ease.
  • Course Creators: By generating course outlines, lesson scripts, and video courses using the built-in teleprompter, Prompt Engine Pro ensures a seamless course creation experience, with high-quality content delivery every time.
  • Freelancers: Prompt Engine Pro offers a wide range of ready-to-use prompts for freelancers in fields like content writing, video scripting, copywriting, and funnel building. It makes fulfilling client requirements a breeze, giving them more time to focus on their craft.
  • Agencies: For content creation and marketing services, Prompt Engine Pro is an invaluable resource for agencies, enabling prompt-based content generation and scaling operations with ease. The included agency and commercial rights offer more revenue potential for agencies.
  • Content Creators: With its extensive collection of prompts across various categories, Prompt Engine Pro empowers bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and social media influencers to create compelling content for their respective platforms with ease. The app’s built-in teleprompter makes video recording seamless.
  • Affiliate Marketers: The app also offers a range of prompts tailored specifically for affiliate marketers, enabling them to create compelling product reviews, email sequences, and social media posts. By leveraging its features, affiliate marketers can enhance their marketing game and increase their earning potential.
  • Bloggers and Authors: Bloggers and authors can leverage Prompt Engine Pro to overcome writer’s block and generate high-quality content consistently. With prompts for blog topics, article outlines, eBooks, and more, Prompt Engine Pro makes the content creation process a breeze.
  • Aspiring Professionals: The app’s customizable prompts and refinement options make getting started in a particular field or the creator economy a breeze for aspiring professionals.

Now you know who is Prompt Engine Pro for. Continue reading my Prompt Engine Pro review to learn more.

Prompt Engine Pro Review – What People Are Saying?

Prompt Engine Pro Review - User Reviews

Pros and Cons


  • AI-generated content for multiple niches.
  • Refinement options for better results.
  • In-built teleprompter for video creation.
  • Easy-to-use workspace for organizing prompts.
  • Customizable text editor for personalized content.
  • Commercial and agency rights for profitable content creation.
  • 10,000+ pre-engineered prompts for quick content generation.
  • Trending and frequently used categories for relevant prompts.
  • Detailed analytics for better performance tracking.
  • Text localization for global outreach.


  • While rare, there may be instances where the AI-generated content produced by Prompt Engine Pro requires minor adjustments.
  • Custom branding features are only available in OTO3, which means users will need to pay extra if they want to take advantage of this.

Alternatives to Prompt Engine Pro


ChatCompose is a robust AI-powered chatbot platform that can help businesses turn their ChatGPT into a potent revenue stream. By providing diverse pre-engineered prompts and customization options, users can engage with customers, generate leads, and offer personalized recommendations.


AIPRM is an alternative to Prompt Engine Pro, offering the best prompts from a marketplace of engineers.

It simplifies generative AI tasks for small businesses, saving time and eliminating the need for technical skills while providing cost-effective plans and high-quality content generation.

AIPRM empowers businesses to compete with big brands by leveraging its prompt library. Available as a free Chrome extension with a premium plan for additional features, AIPRM is trusted by over a million users for generative AI content.

What Makes Prompt Engine Pro Better?

Prompt Engine Pro offers several advantages over using ChatGPT alone. First and foremost, it is a time-saving and effortless solution, providing 10,000+ pre-engineered prompts across 20+ profitable categories. By opting for Prompt Engine Pro, users avoid the hassle of writing prompts from scratch.

Instead, they can simply choose a category and sub-category to generate customized prompts that cater to their specific product or niche. Additionally, the app offers refinement options, allowing users to further fine-tune their answers to achieve desired outputs.

Another noteworthy feature of Prompt Engine Pro is its built-in Teleprompter, which is particularly useful for content creators, course creators and marketers who want to leverage AI-generated content for video production. This convenient add-on makes the process of creating videos quick and easy, which can help businesses reach their marketing goals in a more efficient manner.

Prompt Engine Pro has a user-friendly interface that comes with organizational features like workspaces, which allow users to manage their interactions with ChatGPT. Users can save their prompt results and easily retrieve them from their workspaces for later use.

What’s more, Prompt Engine Pro offers commercial and agency rights, leading to multiple income opportunities for professionals across various industries. In terms of pricing, Prompt Engine Pro offers a one-time payment option of just $32, making it a cost-effective alternative to other prompt-generating solutions.

Now let’s move on to the next section of my Prompt Engine Pro review to learn more about Prompt Engine Pro through the frequently asked questions.

Prompt Engine Pro Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Can Prompt Engine Pro help me generate content for my stand-up comedy routine?

Yes, Prompt Engine Pro can help you generate jokes and one-liners that will have your audience in stitches. Simply choose the “Comedy” category and use the prompts provided to create custom content for your next performance.

Is it possible to use Prompt Engine Pro to create chatbot conversations?

Absolutely! With the “Conversation” category, you can generate dynamic dialogues and get your chatbots talking like humans. This feature is a game-changer for businesses looking to automate customer service and support.

Is Prompt Engine Pro only for content creation, or can it also help with content strategy?

Prompt Engine Pro is not just for content creation; it can also help with content strategy. The app offers a wide variety of pre-engineered prompts, totaling over 10,000, across various profitable categories. By choosing the right prompt and category, users can generate content that fits their content strategy.

Can Prompt Engine Pro generate content in multiple languages?

Yes! Prompt Engine Pro has a feature called “Prompts Language Localization,” which allows users to generate content in multiple languages. This feature is especially useful for creators who work with global audiences or have a language-specific niche.

Can the prompts be edited after they have been generated by Prompt Engine Pro?

Yes, the prompts generated by Prompt Engine Pro can be edited to suit the user’s needs. The app features a text editor that allows users to customize the content provided by AI. Users can also refine their results using refinement options such as length and type to get the desired output.

Does Prompt Engine Pro work seamlessly with ChatGPT?

Yes, it does. Prompt Engine Pro runs within the ChatGPT interface, providing easily organizable workspaces to save interactions and offers refinement options to obtain desired outputs. It also features an in-built teleprompter, enabling users to record videos using AI-generated content.

Prompt Engine Pro Review: Is It Worth Purchasing Prompt Engine Pro?

Yes, Prompt Engine Pro is definitely worth buying for anyone looking to boost their income from online sources. With over 10,000 pre-engineered prompts across 20+ profitable categories, this AI agency app not only saves time but also offers refinement options to get highly relevant outputs.

In terms of pricing, Prompt Engine Pro offers a one-time payment of $32, which includes commercial and agency rights, allowing users to profit from their AI-generated content. The chrome extension, 100 workspaces, and 10,000 interaction history/ workspace are some of the other features that make Prompt Engine Pro highly attractive.

Moreover, the app allows for text editor customization and localization, teleprompter integration, and detailed analytics, giving users an unmatched degree of control and flexibility. The fact that it can be used across a wide range of sectors, from content creation and affiliate marketing to course creation and authors, indicates the high value it brings to the table.

Regarding the OTOs, while they are optional and not crucial, they do offer users more customization options, such as custom prompt creation, access to a marketplace for selling their prompts, and unlimited client accounts with custom branding.

Overall, Prompt Engine Pro is a highly useful and valuable tool that can help alleviate the confusion surrounding the multiple options available in the crowded AI industry. Its easy-to-use prompt engine, in-built teleprompter, and customizable features make it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to maximize their online earnings.

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Prompt Engine Pro Bonuses

Now let’s see what bonuses you will get if you become a user of Prompt Engine Pro today!

Prompt Engine Pro Review - Bonus

If you decide to purchase Prompt Engine Pro through my link, click on any of the buttons on this page and you’ll get all the bonuses (which are listed below) for free.

Once you get Prompt Engine Pro through my link, please email me at and I’ll be sending out my bonuses within 24 hours.

So don’t forget to check out my Prompt Engine Pro review bonuses – they will save both your time and money while helping you make the most of your experience with Prompt Engine Pro.

Bonus 1: 1 on1 Support From Me

SPSReviews Bonus 1: 1 on1 Support From Me

If you have any questions regarding Prompt Engine Pro, I am here to help. I have extensive knowledge and experience in this field, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me with your queries. I will be able to provide you with detailed responses that include facts and figures, as well as advice on best practices. My aim is to ensure that you are completely informed and comfortable when making decisions related to Prompt Engine Pro. Since I am a full-time blogger, I am available 24/7, so please do not hesitate to contact me (I will give you my Skype ID) whenever you need assistance. I look forward to being an invaluable resource for all your Prompt Engine Pro needs.

Bonus 2: I will Find You a Discount For Your Next Purchase

SPSReviews Bonus 2: I will Find You a Discount For Your Next Purchase

As a special bonus of Prompt Engine Pro I will go the extra mile and put in extra effort to find you the best-discounted price possible for your next product purchase. With years of experience in this digital product review space, I have a vast knowledge of many vendors and marketplaces for different products. When you choose to purchase Prompt Engine Pro through my link, I will scour the internet and explore every nook and cranny to locate any potential discounts that are available. If you plan on buying any other tools or products in the future, feel free to reach out to me prior to committing to a purchase. I am more than happy to dedicate time and energy to researching all available deals so that you can get your money’s worth! This is my appreciation for trusting me and buying Prompt Engine Pro through my link.

Prompt Engine Pro Additional Bonuses:


Here is how you can claim my bonuses:

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