Super Affiliate AI Review – The Powerhouse Solution to Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

Super Affiliate AI Review: Demo, OTOs, Bundle, Price, Benefits, Pros & Cons:

Greetings and welcome to my review of Super Affiliate AI. My name is Partha and I founded, a website committed to providing honest and insightful evaluations of digital products and services. Today, I’m excited to review Super Affiliate AI – an intelligent tool that promises to transform you into a super affiliate in no time.

Do you wrestle with creating engaging affiliate ads and funnel content? Are you spending more time and money than you can afford on outsourcing work to human copywriters?

Super Affiliate AI could be the ultimate solution you’re seeking, tackling the challenge on your behalf. Save time, money, and energy today!

In this Super Affiliate AI review, I’ll give you everything you need to know about Super Affiliate AI. We’ll cover what it is, how it works, its features and benefits, any one-time offers (OTOs), costs for each bundle and the upsides and downsides. By the end, you’ll have the insight you need to decide whether it’s worth investing in. Let’s dive in!

Super Affiliate AI Review - SPS

Important Details Regarding the Super Affiliate AI

Vendor:Andrew & Chris Fox
Product:Super Affiliate AI
Launch Date:2023-Jun-20, 11:00 EDT
Front-end Price:$47
Recommendation:Highly Recommended
Main Sales Page:
Bundle Page:
Support:Friendly and Effective Response
Refund:30 Days Money Guarantee

Super Affiliate AI Review: TL; DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)


  • Rapid campaign creation (under 60 seconds)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Generates high-quality landing pages
  • Offers access to over 3000+ prompts
  • Provides keyword ideas for targeted advertising
  • Works with top affiliate marketplaces
  • Generates follow-up email sequences quickly
  • One-time payment, no monthly fees
  • Saves money on outsourcing
  • Access to hundreds of hot converting affiliate offers


  • With the front-end version you are limited to 5 campaigns per month
  • No free trial

Super Affiliate AI OTO, Bundle Links

What Is Super Affiliate AI?

Super Affiliate A.I. is an innovative software that leverages the power of artificial intelligence (A.I) to help you become a super affiliate in record time. With Super Affiliate A.I, you can create high-converting Facebook ads, landing pages, email follow-up sequences, YouTube ads, Google ads, text ads, headlines, and more with ease. The simple interface allows you to choose your target audience, niche, and parameters using drop-down menus, and the A.I generates content according to the specific platform’s guidelines. You can say goodbye to expensive copywriters or hours spent on manual research.

Super Affiliate A.I empowers you to build professional campaigns quickly – in less than 60 seconds – saving you valuable time and money. Affiliates can now enjoy unlimited options and incredible flexibility with this game-changing software. Continue reading my Super Affiliate A.I review to learn more about this amazing tool.

The Inner Workings of Super Affiliate AI: A Closer Look

Let me give you a rundown of how Super Affiliate A.I. works, step-by-step:

Step 1: Choose Your Campaign Industry


To begin, choose your niche or industry from a range of pre-selected options using the drop-down menus. Determine your target audience, and niche, and customize content tone, even by gender.

Step 2: Build Your Campaign with One Click


After making your campaign selections, hit the “Build” button and let the magic unfold. Super Affiliate A.I’s AI capabilities rapidly build the entire campaign within seconds. It provides you with copy for the landing page, email follow-up sequences, and Facebook ads.

Step 3: Copy, Paste, and Launch Your Campaigns

Super Affiliate AI Review - COPY, PASTE LAUNCH

Once the campaign is built, you can merely copy and paste the landing page content, email sequence, and Facebook ads anywhere you want to launch the campaign. Super Affiliate A.I. streamlines the entire process, making it easier than ever to launch your campaigns quickly.

Take a look at a demo of Super Affiliate AI

The Mastermind Behind Super Affiliate AI

Super Affiliate AI Review: The Mastermind Behind Super Affiliate AI - Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox is a renowned affiliate marketer who has revolutionized the industry with his groundbreaking product, Super Affiliate AI. An expert in the field with a proven track record of success, Andrew has helped countless people achieve their financial aspirations through his highly regarded products, which include Affiliate Millionaire, an all-encompassing guide for success in affiliate marketing, as well as My Super Affiliate Builder, a software tool that allows users to create compelling quiz funnels.

Through his innovative approach and unwavering dedication to providing practical solutions, Andrew has become a trusted name in the affiliate marketing community. With Super Affiliate AI, he continues to push boundaries and empower aspiring marketers with advanced tools and strategies.

Super Affiliate AI Review: Exploring Its Features and Functionalities

Here are the main features of Super Affiliate AI:

Access to Over 3000+ Prompts and Templates:

With Super Affiliate AI, you get access to over 3000+ prompts, templates, and pre-built campaigns that are proven to convert. These templates cover a wide range of niches and industries, making it easier for you to choose your target audience and create content that resonates with them.

1-Click Access to Top Affiliate Marketplaces:

Super Affiliate AI provides direct access to top affiliate marketplaces like JV Zoo, Clickbank, and Warrior+. This makes it easier to find and promote high-converting offers that are tailored to your target audience.

Create AI-Powered Facebook Ads:

Super Affiliate AI generates high-converting Facebook ads that are optimized for maximum reach and engagement. You can preview the ad copy and regenerate as many times as you need until you get the desired result.

Create AI-Text Headlines and Keyword Lists:

The tool creates AI-based text headlines and keyword lists to ensure your content is optimized for SEO and targeting in FB and Google ads. This feature saves time and effort in keyword research, and ensures your campaign reaches the right audience.

Generate Pre-Sell and Landing Pages Instantly:

Super Affiliate AI creates pre-sell and landing pages that are optimized for conversion and engagement. These pages are created in seconds, saving you time and money on website design and development.

Create Email Follow-Up Series:

Super Affiliate AI generates engaging email follow-up sequences that keep your subscribers hooked and interested in your promotions. These emails are crafted by AI, ensuring they are personalized, compelling, and persuasive.

Create YouTube Ad Scripts:

With Super Affiliate AI, you can create YouTube ad scripts that are tailored to your target audience. These scripts are optimized for maximum engagement and conversion, making it easier to drive traffic to your offers.

Access LinkedIn Clients and JV Partners:

Super Affiliate AI gives you access to high-quality clients and JV partners on LinkedIn, which can help you expand your network and promote your offers to a wider audience.

Super Affiliate AI Review: Compatibility, Licensing, and Usage Rights Explained


  • Super Affiliate A.I is compatible with various platforms and devices, including desktop computers, laptops, iPhones, Android devices, and tablets.
  • The software is web-based, which means it can be accessed through a web browser without the need for any specific operating system.
  • It supports popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Licensing & Usage Rights

  • Super Affiliate A.I is a commercial software that requires a one-time payment for access. There are no monthly fees associated with its usage.
  • The software offers different packages with varying capabilities and usage limits.
  • The Starter Level package allows users to build 5 campaigns per month, while the Pro Level package enables the creation of 20 campaigns per month. The Elite Level package offers unlimited campaign creation.
  • The software provides access to over 3,000 pre-loaded prompts and allows 1-click access to affiliate marketplaces like JVZoo, Clickbank, and Warrior Forum.
  • Users can generate AI-powered content for Facebook ads, landing pages, email follow-up series, YouTube ads, Google ads, text ads, headlines, keywords, and LinkedIn ads.
  • Super Affiliate A.I offers features like ad regeneration, ad preview, content re-spin, and the ability to save ads to a personal dashboard.
  • The software is designed to save time and money by automating the process of creating affiliate campaigns and eliminating the need for outsourcing or hiring copywriters.
  • Users have full control and flexibility over their campaigns, allowing them to customize various aspects according to their preferences.
  • The generated content can be copied and pasted into the respective platforms, such as the Facebook Ads Editor.
  • The software’s AI capabilities aim to match and even surpass human performance in generating content.
  • Super Affiliate A.I can be used to generate revenue by providing copywriting services to clients, creating campaigns for local businesses, or promoting affiliate products.
  • The software is user-friendly, employing a point-and-click interface with pre-loaded prompts, dropdown boxes, and easy customization options.
  • It is important to review the terms and conditions provided by the software provider to understand the specific licensing and usage rights associated with Super Affiliate A.I.

How Super Affiliate AI Can Benefit You and Your Business?

  • Save Time and Effort: Generate compelling affiliate ads and funnel content with Super Affiliate A.I is only takes under 60 seconds! No more manual research or brainstorming, let the AI do the heavy lifting for you. So, you can save valuable time and effort while making the most of your digital marketing strategy.
  • Eliminate Outsourcing Costs: No more spending thousands on copywriters and freelancers! With Super Affiliate A.I, there’s no need for human outsourcing. Keep your expenses low with our AI-powered solution.
  • Quick Campaign Launches: Launch your affiliate campaigns faster than ever before. Super Affiliate A.I’s user-friendly interface and automated tools enable you to create Facebook ads, landing pages, email follow-up series, and more within minutes. No more waiting days for content delivery or dealing with unreliable freelancers.
  • Versatile and Wide-ranging Application: Super Affiliate A.I works in thousands of niches and is suitable for various industries, including health and beauty, internet marketing, real estate, automotive, parenting, and many more. It offers flexibility and caters to diverse affiliate marketing needs.
  • Generate High-Quality Content: Super Affiliate A.I’s artificial intelligence technology generates high-quality content, including Facebook ads, landing page copy, email sequences, YouTube ad scripts, and more. You can trust the AI to create compelling and engaging content that resonates with your target audience.
  • Unlimited Revisions: Make unlimited content changes with a single click. Super Affiliate A.I allows you to revise and fine-tune your ads, headlines, and other content elements without any additional costs. Enjoy the freedom to experiment and optimize your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.
  • Opportunity for Additional Income: Leverage Super Affiliate A.I’s quick content generation capabilities to generate emails, ad copy, and other marketing materials for clients. You can offer your services on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, providing an additional income stream by reselling the AI-generated content.
  • No Monthly Fees: Super Affiliate A.I offers a one-time payment option with no monthly fees. Once you make the initial purchase, you gain unlimited access to the software without any recurring charges. It’s a cost-effective solution for building your affiliate campaigns.
  • Full Control and Flexibility: With Super Affiliate A.I, you have complete control and flexibility over your campaigns. Customize the tone, target audience, niche, and other parameters using the intuitive interface. The AI empowers you to create tailored and impactful marketing materials.
  • Stay Ahead of the Competition: By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Super Affiliate A.I gives you an edge over your competitors. You can quickly generate fresh ideas, explore new ad variations, and adapt to the evolving affiliate marketing landscape, ensuring you stay at the forefront of your industry.

Super Affiliate AI OTO and Pricing

The core product of Super Affiliate AI is the Super Affiliate AI commercial, priced at a one-time cost of $47. Post purchasing the front-end offer, multiple upsells or OTOs will be suggested to you.

Super Affiliate AI upsells are optional and not required to use the main features (front-end) of Super Affiliate AI. However, they do offer advanced features that may be useful. Incorporating them can boost the Super Affiliate AI’s functionality.

Let’s take a look at what the Super Affiliate AI upsells are offering.

Super Affiliate AI FunnelPriceFeatures
Front-End (FE)$39Access to over 3000+ prompts built into the software, 1-click direct access to JV Zoo, Clickbank and Warrior Affiliate marketplaces, ability to build 5 campaigns per month, create AI Facebook ads with full preview box and 1-click ad regeneration, create AI text headlines, keyword lists, YouTube ad scripts, landing page content, email follow-up series, and LinkedIn ads.
OTO 1 – Super Affiliate A.I. ‘Done For You Agency’$197 (one-time payment)Over 50 pre-built AI super affiliate campaigns, including Facebook ads, email follow-up series, YouTube scripts, keywords, and Google ads. 10 done-for-you videos to attract clients in the hottest niches, and 10 lead capture pages to help attract leads.
OTO 2 – Super Affiliate A.I. ‘Done For You Agency’ – Lite Edition$97 (one-time payment)This version includes a lighter version of OTO 1, offering a smaller selection of pre-built AI campaigns, videos, and lead capture pages.
OTO 3 – Super Affiliate A.I. ‘Prompt Bible’ Videos$47 (one-time payment)Access to a library of AI-generated video prompts with an unlimited number of keywords and key phrases in various niches.
OTO 4 – Super Affiliate A.I. ‘Campaign of the Month’$4.95 for 30 days, then $49/monthAccess to a new, high-converting AI-generated campaign each month, with Facebook ads, email follow-up series, YouTube scripts, keywords, and Google ads.
Bundle (FE + OTOs)Price variesIncludes FE and all OTOs for a discounted price, allowing customers to access all of the features of Super Affiliate AI at once.

Super Affiliate AI Bundle

When it comes to purchasing Super Affiliate AI upsells, you have two options. After purchasing the front-end offer, you can either buy Super Affiliate AI OTOs individually or save money by purchasing the Super Affiliate AI bundle deal. The Super Affiliate AI Bundle is an exclusive one-time offer that costs $297 and includes the front-end offer and all Super Affiliate AI upsells.

Super Affiliate AI Review: Who Can Benefit from It?

  • Super Affiliate A.I is the solution that saves affiliate marketers time and effort when creating ads and content. With its user-friendly interface, generating engaging Facebook ads, landing pages, email sequences, YouTube ads, and more is a breeze.
  • Digital agencies are revolutionised by Super Affiliate A.I, enabling them to competently generate high-quality ads and content for clients at low cost. Its versatility serves niches across various industries, proving valuable overall.
  • Small business owners can take advantage of Super Affiliate A.I to create professional-grade ads and landing pages without key design or copywriting experience, targeting your audience on platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, and LinkedIn.
  • Freelancers and service providers amplify their offerings with Super Affiliate A.I by crafting compelling ads, landing pages, email sequences and more. Clients are impressed with more deals sealed.
  • Content creators, bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers can leverage Super Affiliate A.I to generate engaging content that their audience will appreciate. It streamlines the content creation process by providing prompts and ideas for blog posts, YouTube scripts, and social media posts. With the tool’s AI-powered assistance, content creators can connect better with their audience.
  • Aspiring marketers can explore various features and learn to create effective campaigns through Super Affiliate A.I. Refine your marketing skills, experiment with different ad elements, headlines, and keywords to reach more clients. Get started today!

Now you know who is Super Affiliate AI for. Continue reading my Super Affiliate AI review to learn more.

Pros and Cons


  • Rapid campaign creation (under 60 seconds)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Generates high-quality landing pages
  • Offers access to over 3000+ prompts
  • Provides keyword ideas for targeted advertising
  • Works with top affiliate marketplaces
  • Generates follow-up email sequences quickly
  • One-time payment, no monthly fees
  • Saves money on outsourcing
  • Access to hundreds of hot converting affiliate offers


  • Limited to 5 campaigns per month
  • No free trial

What to Use Instead of Super Affiliate AI


Elevate your sales game with FunnelGenius, the A.I.-powered tool that delivers high-converting sales funnels and ads in record time. Its easy-to-use interface and automation capabilities simplify the creation of Facebook ads, landing pages, and email sequences, while advanced targeting options and keyword research optimize your campaigns.


Copywriting made easy – that’s CopyAI. Generating compelling ad copy, landing page content, and email sequences using a variety of writing styles and tones, this A.I.-powered tool saves you time and effort by automating the content creation process. Whether it’s catchy marketing slogans or persuasive sales pitches, CopyAI has got you covered.


KlickXCopy is an AI-powered copywriting tool that boasts GPT-3 AI capabilities and proven copywriting frameworks for generating high-quality content that boosts sales. Craft engaging and persuasive content for various purposes, such as ads, emails, and social media posts, with ease. It’s a superior alternative to Super Affiliate AI, highly efficient for internet marketers, business owners, advertisers, freelancers, and content creators looking to revamp their copywriting and marketing strategies.

What Makes Super Affiliate AI Better?

Super Affiliate A.I is revolutionizing the world of affiliate marketing. Its robust A.I tools enable users to create super affiliate ads and funnel content in under 60 seconds, eradicating the need for costly, time-consuming human work.

The software boasts a user-friendly interface that uses a simple “point and click” functionality, allowing anyone to generate impressive Facebook ads, landing pages, email follow-ups, YouTube ads, Google ads, and more. The brilliant A.I-powered features dynamically generate headlines, descriptions, call-to-actions, and even subject lines, alleviating users from the “brain freezes” plague.

Super Affiliate A.I is versatile and works in thousands of niches and offers infinite content generation possibilities. Users can bid farewell to bad freelancers, long turnaround times, and exorbitant outsourcing fees in return for a one-time payment structure with unlimited revisions.

With Super Affiliate A.I, marketers gain faster turnaround times, cost and time savings, and unparalleled content quality that propels their campaigns towards success.

Getting the Most out of Super Affiliate AI: Tips for Effective Use

The aim of this section is to assist users in maximizing the effectiveness of Super Affiliate AI. Despite the AI tool’s impressive features, there are still ways to harness its full potential and guarantee that users receive the greatest return on their investment. Shall we begin?

Thorough Market Research Is Key

Before launching any campaign, it is crucial to research the market thoroughly. Although Super Affiliate AI provides an option to select the target audience, niche, and gender, users can go even deeper. Take some extra time to analyze market trends, competitors, and customer pain points. This information helps create more detailed campaigns, compelling ad copies, and higher-converting landing pages.

Crafting Optimized Landing Pages

Super Affiliate AI instantly generates landing pages and email follow-up sequences. However, user-made improvements increase conversion rates. Create user-friendly pages by focusing on clear messaging, catchy headlines, and strong call-to-actions. Use the AI’s keyword suggestions to optimize SEO and search engine ranking.

Standing Out with Unique Ad Copies

Although Super Affiliate AI generates ad copies, users can add a unique touch to stand out from competitors. Experiment with different ad formats, images, texts, and colors. Try to create headlines that evoke emotions and grab readers’ attention.

Leverage Social Media Platforms

Besides generating Facebook ads, Super Affiliate AI offers LinkedIn advertising choices. Access high-quality clients and JV partners by leveraging the platform’s advanced filtering options. Create compelling ad copies to reach a specific audience.

Consider Super Affiliate Bundle

Opt for the Super Affiliate AI bundle package that includes both the Front End and One-Time Offer for maximum value. This package includes Done-For-You Agency services, videos, lead-capturing pages, and more. These services help users take full advantage of the AI tool and create high-converting campaigns with minimal effort.

Now let’s move on to the next section of my Super Affiliate AI review to learn more about Super Affiliate AI through the frequently asked questions.

Super Affiliate AI Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Can Super Affiliate AI generate ads for unconventional niches?

Absolutely! Super Affiliate AI offers a user-friendly interface with pre-selected drop-down boxes that allows you to select your target audience, niche, and gender. You can also customize your content’s tone, ensuring it fits perfectly within unconventional niches.

How does Super Affiliate AI compare to outsourcing and turnaround time?

With Super Affiliate AI, you can save a lot of money on outsourcing fees and reduce turnaround times by generating landing pages, pre-sell pages, and email follow-up sequences in a fraction of the time – and with ease.

Does Super Affiliate AI come with a monthly fee?

No, it does not. Super Affiliate AI requires only a one-time payment and has no monthly fees, making it a cost-effective solution for affiliate marketers.

What marketplaces does Super Affiliate AI work with?

Super Affiliate AI works with an array of top affiliate marketplaces (such as JV Zoo, Clickbank, and Warrior), giving you access to hundreds of hot converting affiliate offers with just one click.

Can Super Affiliate A.I. guarantee my campaign success?

While Super Affiliate A.I. equips you with powerful tools for crafting high-quality content and ads, your campaign’s success hinges on a multitude of factors, such as target audience, niche competition and marketing approach. Though Super Affiliate A.I. generates engaging content, overall success ultimately depends on how well your marketing strategies align with your unique goals.

What measures does Super Affiliate A.I. use to ensure the generated content is unique?

With advanced algorithms and prompts, Super Affiliate A.I. creates distinctive content each time. The AI-driven system analyzes large data sets and generates unique content based on specific parameters. However, individual brands should always review and customize to ensure that its content aligns with its voice and stands apart from its competitors.

Will Super Affiliate A.I. replace human copywriters and marketers entirely?

Super Affiliate A.I. was developed to assist copywriters and marketers by automating select aspects of content creation. While it does save time and money by generating high-caliber content quickly, it should never replace human expertise and creativity. Optimal strategy development, campaign optimization, and personalization should all be provided by well-experienced professionals.

Can I resell the content generated by Super Affiliate A.I. to clients?

That’s the beauty of Super Affiliate A.I.! Users can resell content generated by the software as email sequences, copy for landing pages, and other marketing materials. It’s all possible with the speedy and convenient content creation tools provided by Super Affiliate A.I.

Wrap-up: Is It Worth Purchasing Super Affiliate AI?

Super Affiliate AI is an undeniable game-changer for affiliate marketers. Why spend hours or thousands on outsourcing and turnaround time, when this powerful AI tool can help you build super affiliate ads and funnel content in just 60 seconds? Plus, bidding adieu to human work means no more money wasted on human error.

Operating with JV Zoo, Clickbank, and Warrior- all top affiliate marketplaces, Super Affiliate AI enables access to hundreds of hot, converting affiliate offers with one mouse click. From email follow-up sequences to keyword ideas, the software’s super-fast technology delivers high-quality results in droves. All you need to do is select your target audience and niche using the pre-selected drop-down boxes, and the software customizes the tone of your content to your preference. Its user-friendly “point and click” interface is so easy even beginners can use it.

And let’s talk about value; nothing beats Super Affiliate AI’s one-time payment of $39, affording users over 3000+ prompts built-in, along with 5 campaigns per month and access to features like A.I FB Ads, text headlines, keyword lists, YouTube ad scripts, landing page content, email follow-up series, and LinkedIn ads. Monthly fees and hidden costs, say “bon voyage!”

Super Affiliate AI’s advanced technology and algorithms enable it to build quality instead of just quantity, giving you the best possible results in record time. The software is constantly updated and improved, guaranteeing more added benefits in the future.

To sum, if you’re a marketer looking for an AI tool that can help you construct high-quality super affiliate ads and funnel content quickly and affordably, Super Affiliate AI is indeed worth the investment. Its impressive features, and unparalleled value for money make it a top-choice for all affiliate marketers.

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Super Affiliate AI Bonuses

Now let’s see what bonuses you will get if you become a user of Super Affiliate AI today!

If you decide to purchase Super Affiliate AI through my link, click on any of the buttons on this page and you’ll get all the bonuses (which are listed below) for free.

Once you get Super Affiliate AI through my link, please email me at and I’ll be sending out my bonuses within 24 hours.

So don’t forget to check out my Super Affiliate AI review bonuses – they will save both your time and money while helping you make the most of your experience with Super Affiliate AI.

Bonus 1: 1 on1 Support From Me

SPSReviews Bonus 1: 1 on1 Support From Me

If you have any questions regarding Super Affiliate AI, I am here to help. I have extensive knowledge and experience in this field, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me with your queries. I will be able to provide you with detailed responses that include facts and figures, as well as advice on best practices. My aim is to ensure that you are completely informed and comfortable when making decisions related to Super Affiliate AI. Since I am a full-time blogger, I am available 24/7, so please do not hesitate to contact me (I will give you my Skype ID) whenever you need assistance. I look forward to being an invaluable resource for all your Super Affiliate AI needs.

Bonus 2: I will Find You a Discount For Your Next Purchase

SPSReviews Bonus 2: I will Find You a Discount For Your Next Purchase

As a special bonus of Super Affiliate AI I will go the extra mile and put in extra effort to find you the best-discounted price possible for your next product purchase. With years of experience in this digital product review space, I have a vast knowledge of many vendors and marketplaces for different products. When you choose to purchase Super Affiliate AI through my link, I will scour the internet and explore every nook and cranny to locate any potential discounts that are available. If you plan on buying any other tools or products in the future, feel free to reach out to me prior to committing to a purchase. I am more than happy to dedicate time and energy to researching all available deals so that you can get your money’s worth! This is my appreciation for trusting me and buying Super Affiliate AI through my link.

Super Affiliate AI Additional Bonuses:


Here is how you can claim my bonuses:

Step 1: CLICK HERE or any one of the above/below buttons to get Super Affiliate AI from the official website (If you have already ordered skip this step).

Step 2: Submit your payment receipt to my email id ( You will get all my bonuses to your email id within 12 hours.

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